Day 12 of the wavespell . Blue Crystal Night

So we have completed a cycle – number 9 and now have three on top and today’s energy is all about co-operation.

Number 3 the holy trinity and how we co create within and therefore without.

Blue Crystal Night

When we are in balance with our masculine and feminine energies within we have a clear divine magical child energy of being open and curious.

The picture today is taken last night in Glastonbury Abbey during the party in the park.

It was a stunning backdrop and a beautiful venue.

Many different performers there singing and acting.

Dreams are the most important aspect of living consciously both in paying attention to what you dream whilst asleep …..

the unconscious where we travel into many dimensions of our universal self to explore past, present and future and unlock our personal mystery of our path to more love.

Having a dream to set our hearts on fire and create the magickal energy that attracts our destiny and inspires our universe to co create

and living the dream.

Today I am off to River Cottage which I love and find very inspiring and want to create a version of my own.

I have been invited by my friend Alison Sutton and I am really excited as to what adventures we are going to have today 🙂

Wishing you joy and love with your dreams today.

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