Day eleven of the humanity wavespell. White Spectral Wind.

The Avalon mists are returning as the season changes.

Another beautiful day here and the landscape is revealed little by little as the sun’s heat dissipates the shrouds of dew.

Todays energy of White Spectral Wind sees the energy wave dissipate too

and only two more days of this refining wave before we move into blue transformational energy….

are you ready to ride the wave of change?

So today we can let go of whatever isn’t serving us and in the next wave we can create anew with that learning.

When we work with our universal energy we can see so much more clearly how we are going with the flow…..or resisting it.

Just like the morning mists hide the landscape so our thoughts and ego chattering mind can mask the true beauty of our innate beingness and cut us off from being the pure love that we truly are.

Of course this mind mist is simply something we have created and when we decide to take the responsibility for our part in creating it….

we take our power back….

and we can uncreate it …

wow have fab is that?

When we let go of our fear ofย  seeing ourselves clearly…

maybe because we might not like what we see….

then we are at a great point of magical creation in our life.

We are what we are….

let’s take those rose tinted spectacles off and look at our bare bones now ๐Ÿ™‚

Often we only come to this place at a time of crisis because we are so immersed in the mist we cannot see the top of the mountain.

We are in the dark forest and cannot see the stars….

they are always there when we decide to raise our head and search to find them again.

In learning about NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming , I learned about how a group of people in the 1970’s started to study several people who excelled at their chosen field and what specific methodology or quality they had that allowed them to achieve excellence and shine their light.

What was their difference to others that made the difference?

Many fields were chosen….

Linguistics – Gregory Bateson… what comes out of our mouths reflects our inner world and beliefs

and how if we start to consciously focus on our language ….such as affirmations

we can start to create a change

by being mindful of that which we speak

in an energetic universe that works by vibration and resonance when we create a sound we are creating a vibe….

how does the sound of a baby crying resonate in you?

God is in the word

when we use our words in a respecful way we create sacredness

One of the other areas was shamanism and Carlos Casteneda

When I was training in NLP I was also training in EFT – emotional freedom technique

the similarities with using EFT and shamanic training are uncanny when used as a personal peace procedure.

To train to become a shaman one has to let go of any conditioning and belief system that is based on fear , close-mindedness and linear limitation of our western world so we can clean the slate and be open to how our universe truly is….

rather than how many scientific approaches would have us believe it is….

If you have read any of the links I have pasted you will see that the skeptic groups who have commented on them have no regard for energy or processes that are outside of their rational thought process

even acupuncture that has been documented for around 4000 years and probably goes back way before then…

only there aren’t any written records to “prove” that……

and if you were to ask the aforesaid skeptics about their personal life experience

there will often be circumstances that have happenedin their lives

that have created a belief system

where everything they believe now has to have a water-tight explanation that can be measured and tracked, put in a tube and accorded a tick box….

and that is cool….

for them

however each to his own….

and let others have their view too

and for me…

let’s be open to what we do not know…

to what is magical…

to our divine creative process and what is immeasurable

A balance is great news in terms of well-being

and so the more we let go of around fear, the safer we feel and the more well-being we create.

When we return to being a child again…in terms of our fear being very low

we become curious and can have so many more adventures…

and the universe will match that space and co create with us.

Taking responsibility for our environment is key and today I have been playing the scientist.

Well sort of…. I have bought a fish tank water tester kit that tests the ph of water ๐Ÿ™‚

ย Some fish are sensitive souls who like to have a stable environment and only thrive in a ph balanced environment

and fish metaphysically represent our feelings.

I am a sensitive soul …

believe it or not ๐Ÿ™‚

and I like to be aware of that with what I interact with in my environment.

I have noticed alot of changes in me physically since coming to Glastonbury.

I know the water is very different in Somerset to West Yorkshire and synchronistically I have been asked to collect some water for a friend to use.

The water here is quite hard.

So an opportunity arises to explore and create a focus.

I have collected Chalice Well water which is a high ph in the 9’s on my scale…..and maybe higher because that is as high as my simple test goes.

White Spring is the same

as is my tap water and my filtered water in my fridge.

So all the water I am using is in that area of alkilinity ….

It has really explained the wonder of the local water and it’s healing potential to me.

Here’s a link that explains more about the effects of drinking high alkaline water on your body.

Water webpage

Water video

It is really helpful for me to understand how I can drink water in a different way now because I have had issues with digestion.

Partly that can be my intake and how I intake.

Also holistically my area of focus is on how the emotional body affects our ph in our physicality.

How what we are feeling creates our reality inside and out.

This is often overlooked because it is very new learning for most people.

If we are very acidic then we are resonating with the vibration of imbalance towards the anger scale

ph neutral is the love zone of middle place.

Whenever we are having issues around stomaching, digestion, nourishing ourselves, over nourishing ourselves our unconscious is simply seeking to create balance so we will be attracted to a ph opposite.

If we have alot of acid we are attracted to alkaline foods and I have been drinking alot of Mango juice.

As always the holistic view is to look at all areas of life and work with each of them.

Mind, body and Spirit

This is the balance of our outer and inner circle.

All the info I present is simply that……info

I have found that the more I learn the more I realise how much I have to learn or unlearn ๐Ÿ™‚

Please use it as you will wherever you are on your journey.

Wishing you joy and love on our letting go process so we can speak our truth and share from the heart.

See you later alligator.

If you want to know more about creating a ground zero inner space

you know where I am

and I love sharing x x x

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