Day ten of yellow human wavespell. Red Planetary Dragon Day

Yet another beautiful day in Glastonbury where it still feels like summer .

As a fire sign I love the sun and although I like all the seasons , I love the lazy feel of warm long days outside in nature.

I haven’t done any Tai Chi or Quigong for a while and have been looking for a teacher in my new home.

Today I finally got my act together and went to Yuri Leitch’s class .

It was lovely to feel the energy flowing and I love the impact on my physicality.

It seems gentle and not too strenuous on the surface….

I know from the last time I did it, that it has a profound impact on your body and stamina.

Coming to class today was a breeze.

Will I have the same resolve on a gloomy day in December amidst my  layers of woolly jumpers though?

All I need to do is remember the afterglow and that may spur me on

Do you remember the porridge adverts in the UK where children set out on frost mornings full of the radiant breakfast ?

Today winter seems far away.

The sunbeams shone in the room and the zen music sounded blissful and afterwards I ate fruit and watched the group in the park.

They did the long form and it is so graceful to see.

Then they followed with swords.

My legs were already shaking from my small efforts so I decided to take it slowly and build up my strength.

So what was the synchronicity today on this number ten of the wavespell?

It’s Red Planetary Dragon Day

The moves we were learning were six sealing and four closing….yes ten

Tai Chi and Quigong are magical ways of working with the energy body and keeping it in balance.

Yuri described the changes of how our hands were placed and moved as the seasons in terms of the way their alignment represented yang or yin energy

masculine and feminine

with the yang being summer being outside and the sun and winter the yin and retreating within

Being in balance is giving and receiving and doing both without any strings attached

that is the circle of abundance completed.

It is very important in this year especially to be able to receive guidance and clear our vessel

our temple space….

our body 🙂

This balancing is also true of bellydancing where the movements are geared to working with the chakras and discharging energy into the earth with the shimmy…

akin to Hawaiian dancing too

Yoga of course and the Magical Passes practiced by Carlos Casteneda and the Art of Tensegrity.

The key to balancing the mind, body and spirit is to have some of these body magical work outs involved at whatever level of fitness we can manage.

Most importantly is to have fun with them and enjoy the whole process.

I used to love my nights out bellydancing with my friends and the music is wonderful.

Shakira...who can resist dancing to her music ….

I also have lots of interests in common with Yuri such as the Glastonbury Zodiac on the landscape and Katherine Maltwood’s part in bringing that to people’s attention

He was discussing Hornblotton Church with another student and is visiting it soon and this is the next place I am including in my Samhain Retreat .

I haven’t visited it yet . It is on the Scorpio part of the Zodiac and a few miles away.

When I do I’ll let you know.

What was your manifestation today?

What came about as a result of your intentions over the past ten days?

Hope you are having a love filled day whatever you are creating.

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