Day Nine of the humanity wavespell Yellow Solar Sun

We have completed the first nine days of this Yellow Human Wavespell and today’s energy is Yellow Solar Sun

For anyone who doesn’t understand what these posts are about I will try my best to explain ๐Ÿ™‚

The Mayan calendar is an ancient synchronised calendar that is in alignment with the great cycles of our universe.

It encompasses many different methodologies for measuring the cycles of our universes creativity pattern.

When we work with it we are working with our God and Goddess selves and our Mayan ancestors have gifted this to us knowing how we will be using it at this transition time.

We are now moving into the Aquarius Age when we are recognising who we really are……

Magical Manifestors

We are realising that our world is a projection of our belief systems and that each of us has different slides ๐Ÿ™‚

The universe is like a giant energy mechanism

a huge spiral

there is no time……hence the forecast for the end of time this year when the calendar ends.

It is simply an opportunity to recognise that the calendar most of our world uses today

is a man made device that works out of alignment with universal energy waves and the true dynamic of our reality

so if we follow this structure of the Gregorian calendar

then we struggle to go with the flow

and experience synchronicities

because we are on man’s timetable ……

our ego mind….

rather than God and Goddess timetable…..

divine heart wisdom

the sacred geometry of the all seeing Architect

that we are all a part of….

only some of us aren’t aware of that connection yet….

and some of us thrive in that not knowing…..

those who are still sleeping beauties

are lining the nests of the those who are in the patriarchal playing pool

and the price of that slumber is very high….

whoever said that ignorance is bliss……?

This is changing as more and more people create the hundred monkeys effect

You don’t need a phd to be able to participate in working with the calendar.

This is part of the shift we are making.

You could say that we have lived in the age of reason ……or unreason if you look at how most of our society’s basis is barking mad

and now we are moving into the emotional evolution as we wake up to the fact that we are emotionally driven beings

Our whole life is directed by moving towards things or moving away from things…. based on our past emotional experience with the thing in question

If you look at the financial crisis of 2008 you will see what I mean.

It didn’t make any rational sense because it was created by a handful of people’s emotion of greed and thrill seeking .

All junkies need a bigger fix and a bigger thrill and this is well documented in the lead up to the crash….

and is still going on…..

So where we are all headed is working with our emotions instead of stuffing them into Pandora’s Box

and then seeing our fears and shadow sides showing up in our world like a Nightmare on Elm Street.

All of this knowledge used to be hidden from the masses and used by a select few for thousands of years.

Now it’s going mainstream because the time is right ๐Ÿ™‚

So how do you use it?

Experientially by learning it through being it and simply taking little steps

Your intuition will guide you to explore a further step when you are ready.

Keep it simple.

Every day there is a particular energy and you can see what it is here by putting in the date and if you put in your birth date or any date of interest you can see the Mayan energy for that day –

this is only one of many decoders I use and I like it because it is very simple:

Galactic Signature Decoder

Each day is part of a thirteen day wavespell that has it’s own energetic cycle to take us through and you can see where you are on the cycle by seeing what number it is

today is number 9.

If you look on the wavespell link at the top of the blog ( Yellow Human Wavespell)ย  you will see all the thirteen days and the first day is the type of wavespell it is.

That sets the tone for that thirteen days.

It is taking us on a sacred journey and through a process.

Just like tarot the numbers are important because they take you through a sacred geometry numerical process.

Each step builds on the previous.

Day 9 you see a completion,

day 10 what you have manifested in this cycle ,

day 11 it’s time to let the wave crash and let go of anything that isn’t serving your creation process so you can liberate yourself,

day 12 is sitting back and reflecting on how you are in balance and how your personal holy trinity creation team is standing up

and Day thirteen is party time of basking in the afterglow ready for the whole process to start anew with a different energy flavour.

It’s the universal lifecoach if you choose to use it and watch yourself and your circle of creation

who shows up…..

how much love you are creating…..

or not…..

what may require some inner energy work to let go ofย  an old way of relating so you can create more love next time around.

If you are in the flow you are open to hearing your inner voice and follow gut instincts

You are the person standing in an empty hall waiting for the stranger to arrive

and knowing that they will

while your friends are at home shaking their heads because they believe in the rational

you are the mad woman or man

you cannot explain to them

and more and more you are unable to explain how an old woman in a bookstore whispered you an angelic message

you know you have to go to fishponds to get your car because it is a number eight day and it’s a symbolic connection

you sit in the square seeing who arrives knowing it is written

you know you have to be in the Abbey at 12 and haven’t a clue , you just trust that you do…..

and the magic happens….


The universe has a different love language and all we need do to hear it

is clear the space

By clearing any emotion that is showing up today that isn’t love

It really is that simple

It’s time to chuck out the chintz and clear the decks

Time to face our fears

let in the light by feeling our dark

and in the gloom is the secret we are all searching for

hidden treasure.

Each day we check out the energy

Tracey Gendron has the most amazing resources to help you to learn ๐Ÿ™‚

You don’t have to put anything on hold while you are learning.

Ask the universe for help and you will receive it

because the universe is you and me

We are amazing.

If you want me to help you get started please message me and I will do your Mayan Sign for you and your Starcode

You can skype with me to see how this bigger picture works for you right now

and I can show you how tapping helps you get in the flow with where you are at on your cycle

I have got a bit of a wait at the moment on this

I offer all of this as a free consultation as it is my intention to help people get in the groove.

My gift is working intuitively to facilitate awareness as I see patterns and use a lifecoaching format.

I use Emotional freedom Technique to let go of old hurt so we can free flow with our wonderful lives.

This is energy coaching and it is so powerful…

and simple

everyone can do it

I love sharing this

EFT is one of the most amazing empowerment tools for our Aquarian Age

ofย  doing it for ourselves.

Here is the last Living the Heart Workshop I did

lots more info on there

Wishing you joy and love on this Shiny Flowering sun day.

Wow what a beautiful day in Glastonbury and I visited the Chalice Well gardens

I am so blessed to live here and do what I love

Loving the sun

I am a Leo with lots of Virgo in my chart, Taurus Moon and Aquarius Rising.

I am a blue solar hand

The more we know about our energetic blue print the more we can co create and live our path.

The more we can create heaven on earth by opening our hearts.

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