Day 12 ~ Yellow Crystal Warrior

    Day 12 ~ the day of crystallisation Yellow Crystal Warrior in Red Serpent Wavespell   What has become crystal clear today guided by the New Moon in Gemini ?   Lots of links for your perusal today. These links are often to other people’s websites 🙂 Simply hover your mouse and see where they […]

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Day 11 ~ Blue Spectral Eagle

Day 11 ~ Blue Spectral Eagle   This is dark moon time and the energy of Blue Eagle is the shaman ~ the sensitive ~ beyond any linear timeframe ~ rising up to see the bigger picture. The day 11 in every wavespell is the letting go day. Yesterday you saw what was manifest and….. […]

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Day 10 ~ Manifestation

Day 10 ~ White Planetary Wizard Manifestation Day  What you are seeing in your world today is the result of your dreams, beliefs and desires and …… in terms of intimacy and loving the skin you are in…… How has that featured today? More about White Wizard tribe from Resonant Truth I started my day […]

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Day 9 ~ Completion

Day 9 ~ Completion  Red Solar Skywalker day How do we bring heaven to earth ? Over the last nine days we have been through an intimate dance vibe with our cosmic partner ~ the universe. If you have chosen to work with awareness and consciousness you may have got some amazing clarity about what […]

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Day 8 ~ Integrate

Day 8 ~ Integration Day in this Red Serpent Wavespell  Yellow Galactic Human: We are in the 7th portal day in a row ~ wow what a ride. How is it feeling for you ? Are you getting some clarity around what is standing in the way in terms of your beliefs and creating intimacy […]

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Day 7 Blue Monkey

  Day 7 ~ Divine child Blue Resonant Monkey Day ~ what is resonating ? in the Red Serpent Wavespell : We are at the top of the pyramid today in this intimacy sacred spiral.  It is the pinnacle where we are closest to our god and goddess energy. Imagine a world without ego seeking […]

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Red Serpent Day 5 ~ Red Moon

  Day 5 Red Overtone Moon Day   Day five and we are coming alive radiating sacred feminine  Lots of insights from yesterday after a spell in dream world  ~ it’s feeling really trippy in Glastonbury in this Pisces Moon and portal day ~ the veil is very thin. Today we lay another energetic layer […]

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Shining Star people ~ Day 4

Yellow Self~Existing Star Day ~ Day 4 of the Red Serpent Wavespell and things are hotting up now ~ aided and abetted in my world with a gorgeous picture of Ryan Gosling. Beautiful physique aside the eyes have it for me ~ this is his star attraction as that soul light shines out here and […]

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Red Serpent ~ Day 3 Electric

          Day 3 Blue Electric Hand  of Red Serpent Wavespell Trying to keep it simple and struggling with Moon in Aquarius 🙂 I want to include everything……so exciting. Bear with me I am doing my best lovelies ❤ Big shifts happening ❤ This is my Mayan sign ~ Blue Hand ~ […]

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