Blue Storm Gateway


Big post today as I am going through my own personal

Mayan 13 day Blue Storm energy spiral and have been having an intense time of

death and


I like to explain things from my personal experiential eye point as it truly comes from my journey. I include other websites and intellectual info which are highlighted and give gratitude for all the amazing people that allow me to live my soul journey and co create in this way 🙂 Anything I offer on my blogs is purely my filter and where I am on my path and offered from the heart. 

My intention is to raise conscious awareness through sharing my conscious expansion ~ I am not a saint, I didn’t have a mystical experience of any great significance ~ I am an ordinary woman living an extra ordinary life and if you are not feeling that this is true for you , maybe this will inspire you to finally take the plunge, shake of your shackles and commit to the heart path. Living the journey with your heart wide open ~ it isn’t the easiest path on the surface ~ it is the most wonderful roller ~coaster ride that allows us to be the real deal , no frills , does what it says on the tin ~ human being with the stardust silver lining. When we celebrate the sacred essence of ourselves we unveil the sacredness in all of our experience. We go through Ishtar’s gate. Yesterday was Blue Solar Hand Day. Number 9 Completion of a cycle. This is my Mayan Sign.

Much of the mystical and spiritual can seem daunting and out of reach to us ~ mere mortals ~ when we start this journey of life we go through lots of earth shattering experiences that can leave us feeling battered and bruised. Our heart is wrenched out and roughly handled, our wild spirit often loses it’s lustre and the spark can sputter and  seem to go out.

Right now in this balsamic moon time of Taurus solar eclipse we can feel stuck between a rock and a hard place seeking oblivion ~ getting out of our mind/head/into our shed,closing the curtains on the grey skies, shattered promise of summer ( in the UK ~ brief sunny days and now rain and wind) and the towering shiny project that seened so enticing and has fallen….in a heap of rubble. Bitter sweet.

Our energy reserves blink low and all doors that were open seem shut ~ Lilith showing us a new way forward now. We may be going through vinegary vile landscapes where everything that sated us now seems to have lost it’s flavour ~ ashes in the mouth. All ego illusions fade whilst the true beauty of our earthly paradise awaits us if only we will go outside of this Eden enclosure into the wild forest.

This time of year happens annually and if you look back you will see a repeating time of challenge. Certain planets change in their heavenly path bringing new potent potential for transformation with a slightly different flavour. 

I am revisiting the wavespell of my birth which matches this year and next year  in it’s Mayan sign although differs in number ~ Yellow galactic seed which starts on July 26. Galactic is number eight ~ which is all about integration of our magical mystical selves that we connected to this year at the top of the mystical pyramid ~ highest point to heaven Blue Resonant Storm Year. It is a catalytic year and this 13 day spiral is a catalytical portal to transcend our addictions and ego masking behaviour.

When we look at was has happened to us at this time in the past, a pattern emerges and if we choose we can see how we can have understanding and healing . We can let go of anything holding us back now. I record my events as and when I get insights and I designed this document for this purpose: My Karma Wheel

The Mayan calendar on the surface seems daunting in it’s complicated wordly genius  on a mind level……and many websites have no guided tour of where to start.

It put me off when I first came across it ~ although I knew that the message it brought for me was timely ~ I only took what I needed and I invite you to do the same.

As it is a synchronising heart matrix it allows us to connect to real universal time as and when we are ready to go there at the perfect time for us. I have created one myself ~ so I could learn through the creating 🙂 It is here if you wish to use it.

At that first meeting of my Mayan sign in 2010, it was a validation of the changes I had made for myself after I got a course correction in 2009 and was no longer able to continue with property renovating, due to my financial status of persona non grata as my property world fell apart . My Tower of Babel had collapsed and I was ready to pay attention and get on track to follow my guiding star ~ this event of a sat nav re route ,was all written in my Starcode ~ my natal chart. I didn’t know that then ~ and my inner critic did a fair job at criticising me ~  and only became aware of that last year at an astrology camp in Glastonbury 🙂

We don’t get anything “wrong” , there is no panic to learn it all and know ~ our universal self always has us on track ~ it may not make any sense to our mind and ego ~ hence fear of what it doesn’t know ~ the more we start to trust and learn heart language and experience and the more we hone our ability to work with awareness.If we knew everything at the start ~ what would be the point? We can’t play the game if we know all the game plan.

I am a Blue Solar Hand and I was born in the Blue Storm Wavespell in the year of Yellow Crystal Seed.

This thirteen year cycle started in July 1954 with Red Moon which is all about awakening to the cosmic beings that we truly are . It was also the start of the escalation that leads to the Vietnam War ~ which on the face of it may seem terrible ~ yet brought a huge awakening about war and anti war ~ the Hippy Movement .

Synchronistically it is also the thirteen year initiating cycle we are now in and if we look to

the wider world we can see how we are being challenged with extreme right wing attitudes

such as control of our seeds and our natural world. This is our alter ego showing the

polarity of the passive opposite . When we embrace our anger and own it and dissolve it

these radical opposites can come together in peace ~ by doing our inner work and being

peaceful within.

Our childhood bullying feelings released ,we no longer have a need to fight oppressors ~

and so they have no need to create an energetic match in the outer world.

Our fears from the past are creating this reality.

This is very evident on Facebook and where I live ,where often the key focus is on fear based campaigns and paranoia ~ it is balanced to be aware of the world and to take part in shaping it ~ overly focusing on protests and things that you can actually do nothing about fuels this aggressive yang incoming pattern ~ which starts our body balancing it with yin ~ colds, overwhelm and upset stomachs.

If we become more self aware and work on our own issues we can become more energised and heart based and as a result the whole world changes…..because we change.

Home is where the heart is 🙂 Peace begins with me ~ I cannot control the world ~ I can control how I relate to it. Many people put the focus on their project as that is what we are educated to do ~ be of service. When we focus on ourselves our service truly is coming from the heart there is a different focus and authenticity and we are truly following our path of shining from love ~ instead of solar plexus ego base.

If you want to know what Mayan sign you are you can message me or simply use this decoder.

When I first learned about my sign, through a client I synchronistically met on a coaching from spirit group online , I was at the start of a thirteen year cycle ~

blue hand. I already really felt this in my heart and it was great to have validation ~ when you are heading into the unknown and feeling a tad wavery about it ~ the ego is feeling very nervous 🙂 ~ this is how this information can assist. Our mind likes to know and so if we can include our mind in our team it boosts our power team’s ability by speaking to each team member in a language it can relate to. Knowing more information about your bigger picture through your Mayan Sign and your Starcode really can illuminate and give clarity.

Astrology is the language of consciousness ~ it is all about our heavenly influences.

I am not an astrologer ~ I have many friends who are and I can create a power team of consciousness by regularly checking in with them to keep myself in the loop and understand how the planets are influencing my behaviour ……we are always in the loop on an unconscious level and always going with the flow of the universe ~ maybe reluctantly like a toddler dragging it’s heels ~ when we move into working consciously with intent it has a whole different outcome.

It empowers us to remember who we really are. We are amazing creators who are here to shine and explore.

When we are still living very much in ego world ~ artificial times and systems ~ playing roles that are really ego masks that we formed in childhood to fit in with the majority ~ the unconscious ~ we are often placed in situations of resistance and disempowerment.

We are moving towards remembering the true nature of all that we

truly are ~ a spiritual being in a human body on a holographic

playground designed for our soul evolution

Each person has a shared vision  ~ we see the playing arena of the background and the terrain. Our mind puts different meaning onto it based on our beliefs. If you look to the media world there are lots of illuminating spins on this such as Avatar and Total Recall

When we enter our body we have a loosely based script and a set of parameters to work with. Around midlife ( generally speaking) we really take this up a notch and start to experience Uranus Opposition ~ this in when the planet Uranus is in the opposite place to when we were born and it’s energetic pull initiates our kundalini to start to rise and surge through our chakras. We often see this as a midlife crisis and if we are still heavily invested in the ego world of beliefs we are living in 3d of materialism. We start to age noticeable and this enables us to create choices ~ do we seek to hold onto our youth and match our ego driven world?

Do we seek to transform our shadow issues and roles and masks and accept our circle transformation ……to become more heart centred, wise and mature inside with our beliefs and therefore manifest outside in our reality.

The paradox is when we do this, our body, as a natural part of that process….. does not age .It regenerates. We make choices and change our behaviour to align with our true state of being.

If you look at ways on offer to keep ageing at bay ~ botox is paralysis ~ a pattern of freeze frame ~ staying the same ~ stuck. Putting a potentially lethal substance in our body like Mercury in our teeth. Our ego reasoning has no sense as it is the child that seeks instant gratification and doesn’t look at the bigger picture.

What does our ego seek to seem to remain at the same age for? 

Denial of……..

Fear of…….

If we look to drown our sorrows or seek oblivion……..

convince our ego we have done well because we have ticked the boxes of success……..until the next new model comes out, until the next new partner doesn’t “do” it for us any more, the wine quota is getting bigger, each new shiny thing we seek has less of an impact for a shorter time. Our crusades get bigger, we seek to please even more and yet…….

When the chips are down…….when the mask is off and we are at home faced in the full length mirror in the harsh light of day……

and what we see doesn’t feel good

What then?

The ego has lots of masks to wear ~  a huge theatre of  embroidered robes to hide behind ~ all of which had the intention of keeping us safe as a child ~ only we are not a child now and maybe we are ready to let go of living in a cocoon that is so safe it is strangling our true spirit?

I learned a new ego mask this week that I hadn’t thought of before in that way ~ Stockholm Syndrome.

The child who is a true dependent has to rely on it’s caretakers and so finds a way to do that ~ which often means not seeing that person as they really are because that would be emotionally unsafe and cause psychological conflict. If a child cannot escape their situation then somehow their psyche has to manage it . To be with a person who has extreme anxiety 24/7 feels very intense and so the psyche reframes and finds a way to empathise and avoid the issue ~ they can also become a scapegoat and lose their identity becoming whatever the carer wants them to be which has repercussions in adulthood. This is the belief system that keeps attracting the same experience ~ until it is healed and transformed.

Conditioning in our society often means we cannot allow ourselves to be honest within our family for fear of being outcast and labelled disloyal and so these patterns of dishonest relationship and repressing shadow emotion continues generation after generation. It is a huge energy drain and carries a heavy vibe. It is very valid as a child and historically many moons ago , if you were outcast from your tribe it could mean death and this can be something we are still carrying encoded in our DNA.

I have been working a lot this week on Mother issues ~ Taurus Isis energy. How we come into this world through the gateway of our mother and take on all her dna ~ as well as our father’s and their ancestry which is now entwined within us. We also bring our past life experience and begin a new circle where we left off . In our Mother’s womb everything she experienced during our time there we took on and the emotions she felt. At midlife this can really be highlighted as we seek to follow our spiritual journey in a different way and achieve a different independence from this experience by letting go of it. We are not our mother or her generation and all her beliefs served her and that time ~ now we can re~evaluate what we accepted as a foetus and a child and see how that process can be our catalyst for our butterfly emerging.

The birthing process for each segment of our life often means revisiting that birthing tunnel . I have had huge learning from revisiting my births of my babies. If you haven’t done this using EFT and letting go of any emotional and physical trauma , I highly recommend it ~ often our birth experiences do not match our expectations and so we feel a certain way because of this.

When we go into new areas of life we are re~ calibrating and going into the unknown. EFT helps assist us through this birthing process like gas and air. It eases the way and lets our inner child be heard ~ which is all it wants ~ then we are free to move forward into new ways of being.

If we don’t do this process we are stuck in the past on many levels and in a world of post traumatic stress triggers.

On the third day of my wavespell  ( 04 May) ( co creation day ~ what is seeking to be electrified and amplified ) Red Electric Dragon Day ~ I visited a lovely sound ceremony in Glastonbury at the open day of St Anne’s B and B in Glastonbury. It was a beautiful day ~ Moon in Pisces at the border of Pisces in the Glastonbury Zodiac and some lovely people there including John and Colette who own the house and run lots of workshops there . We went in the Yurt and used tuning forks to experience different planetary vibrational sound on our body. It was amazing especially using a star pattern ( merkhaba) on different body points and finishing on the heart. I used the Moon, Venus and Mars ~ hit my knee too hard and got bruised 🙂 I loved the chimes that we played with ~ I would love some in my garden ~ they come in four elements and I was so surprised that the one for Air was a heavy tone ~ heavy vibes from thought 🙂 My assumption was it would be higher and lighter ~ the earth ~ terra ~ I perceived as the most melodic ~ like a child’s laughter. You can explore them :Koshi

On day 4 of my wave spell ~White Self ~Existing Wind ~ the go ahead for a new project more info here.

Seed of Sacred Living Centre

If you are a blue sign in the Mayan then you are a transformer . Blue Hands in particular have an energetic signature that is a gateway ~ soul midwife patterns, shadow workers and moon priestess energy. As a generalisation you are a catalyst and an empath. You are a truth teller and you see ~ Seer ~ because you are heavily balanced in the realms of intuition, third eye and spirit realm. When you were a child you could feel the emotions of those around you ~ and knew that what they were saying didn’t match what they were feeling. You are highly sensitive and know things ~ the more you allow this to develop and the more you will shine.

The drawbacks to being empathic is that you will often have been shot as the messenger. People didn’t want to hear your truth because it revealed their dishonesty. You can see their fear and are therefore a threat to their shadow. You may have experienced a great deal of abusive behaviour and will not become the abuser. If you have Aquarius energy in your chart ~ take heart ~ most people think you are an alien because you speak of something they cannot see ~ until they remove their veil ~ through healing their shadow , which is based over the solar plexus ~ they cannot open their heart because they are too afraid to feel any wounding they have experienced and so often live in their head and use their intellect as a shield. They may choose this throughout this life to assist other people with their position of contrast.

Glastonbury, as the heart chakra of the world is the galactic portal for living in the intellect. I don’t know if a survey has ever been done on the most esoteric, spiritual experts per square metre but Glastonbury has to be in the world’s top ten hotspots for walking talking books.

There used to be a very common saying when I was growing up in the North of England ~ Sunday Socialist ~ meaning that someone who pertained to be of the Socialist belief only actually lived it on Sundays ~ in other words a hypocrite who was selective about their principles when it suited them 🙂 I feel this has now become evident as the Sunday Spiritualist . People who can recite chapter and verse on psychology,karma,the universe and the meaning of life , astrology, their issues and……

that is as far as it goes……

There is no integration and they aren’t living it in any way ~ it is outside of their energetic being. It’s an app on their iPad. 

This is another ego defence mechanism and is so often a sledgehammer used for bullying and manipulation. When someone is speaking out about the other person’s behaviour being in some way unacceptable they are often told it is the speaker’s projection …….they are really the one with the issue and so honest discussion is avoided and a scared ego protected…….and the opportunity for intimacy is lost at that time.

The knowledge is used as a way of controlling another and dis-empowering them and so the circle is broken. The sacred form of the knowledge is used by adepts who haven’t gained it experientially and so have no heart wisdom of it’s worth ~ like a masters degree bought on the internet. No mastery involved through living the learning and integrating it.

Many people I have experienced are in this place of ego dancing and it is such a passive aggressive dance ~ which often sucks life force out of you and so feels like a stagnant circle ~ no possible resolution because that other person immediate cuts your feet from under you and states it is you that is the bully and reminds them of…..a time in the past, it’s your issue, and often knocks the wind out of your sails for days….

as you question everything about yourself and part of you believes this to be true …..

maybe because your self esteem is low  ( great universal timing and an energetic match to reveal this so you can learn 🙂 )and your biggest fear is becoming the behaviour you abhor …..

and if it were true ~ this picture they are painting of you ~ to avoid the issue you are bringing up about them ~ a deflection of smoke and mirrors ~

then you wouldn’t be doing the self-enquiry would you?

Ways to avoid the mind battles with yourself and other people:

Instead of using you ego defence mechanism of analysis ~ which I bet you are well versed in ?

Forget mindfulness as the leading player if you want to follow the heart path.

Turn up the volume on


Allow yourself to feel what you feel. Don’t spin it, don’t place meaning on it. Simple go in your heart and feel what your body is sharing with you.

It as a super ~ sensitive spaceship that is totally in tune with your source energy and is showing you when you are loving and accepting yourself in your behaviour which is guided by your thoughts and beliefs.

In terms of the law of attraction it is often portrayed as a tool you can use to beam up some quality living ~ my take ~ it is your heart magnet and is showing you your emotional needs ~ the universe brings you what you need 🙂

If you need something then there is a pre~ supposition that ~ you need something 🙂 ~ nothing right or wrong about that 🙂

What is driving that?

The universe is always bringing us our beliefs and often that is what we need rather than what we want 🙂 Most people judge themselves and find themselves wanting because other people have told them so….so they believe it.

Until they decide not to…… and then when they focus on being enough as they are with all their foibles ~ there is a dramatic shift. Next step really feeling it and integrating it so it is written on the inside like a stick of rock.

I love myself unconditionally as I am now

The Universe starts reflecting that back to you and the simple things give you total pleasure because you don’t need anything to do that.

If you try and short cut that process ~ using a diversion, manipulation technique such as making yourself hate something using an NLP technique for  example ~ recoding your love of it so you no longer do ~ that will totally work.

However…….. if it isn’t sustainable and using a bigger picture view ~ your “need” for that mood shifting substance hasn’t been addressed and let go of……guess what ?

It will mutate and show up in another form.

The ego believes it can “control” the universe and from it’s very limited perspective ~ direct the show.

Mmmmmmmm ok 🙂

Duality and 3d ego framework of co ~ dependency.

Another way ~ state the ego will and go out on the adventure and work with the universe instead of trying to change, control and master it. Learn from exploring content. After all why wouldn’t you want to explore your inner universe ?

Overriding our personal starship is possible ~ just because you can……..doesn’t mean that is something that is a positive and actually is often a quick fix to make something fit that is an inconvenient truth 🙂

When we avoid our challenges in life and the emotions we don’t feel we “should” have because they don’t match our values ~ the black hole simply gets bigger and our behaviour expands. 

In extreme cases this is where the ego distorts and takes on narcissistic sociopathic and psychopathic pathological behaviour ~ as the saying goes ~ the quiet ones are sometimes the ones who have the biggest anger issues.

We develop ego masks and methodology to avoid feeling pain and when we do this the emotional energy has to go somewhere because it is not flowing.

If we are a sensitive soul in this passive way ( everyone is sensitive, they simply choose different behaviours to armour that sensitivity to survive and for some that means being the bully that bullied them ) by the late twenties and early thirties this ego mask will often barely contain the volcanic lava ready to erupt….

because instead of speaking out…….

~often because in the past when speaking out about the anger that we felt in other people  ~that they were trying to hide and insisting they weren’t feeling (because of their ego mask ) ~ was offloaded back onto us ~ to stop us speaking truths that the angry person didn’t want to hear ~ so over many events this changed to a new way of relating ~zipping it and swallowing it down

Time to unzip it and let it out .

People who don’t let it out often hold it in the form of ME  ( all about me not getting my needs met)or Fibromyalgia,  ( I will become a chalice for pain and hold it) amongst other dis~eases and lose their fire and Spirit because rage is blistering away. The Rage fire requires lots of fuel .

The Mojo has fallen into a deep sleep of despair. Sleeping Beauty waiting for the Prince’s kiss to awaken ~ youthful masculine energy ~ Aries. Spring has sprung which is why it is such a powerful time for rebirth. When that youthful male energy comes free from ego it is a powerful heart path. When it comes from unclear ego land ~ it has a hidden agenda ~ the dark side 🙂

This anger vibe then goes on to fan the flames of inflammatory illness and we see arthritis and cancer .

The emotion that isn’t being released remains in the spaceship of the body and is so dense and heavy lift off is out of the question and the sat nav is a spinning top as all destinations seem futile. Going round in circles.

People appear passive and all that time their rage energetic black hole is increasing in density with each event that pushes their bullpoo button ~ sensitives have amazing perception and this is why people who aren’t ready to look at their shadow issues avoid them like the plague.

Sensitives don’t do small talk and are often labelled intense and asked to chill out, change the channel, on the receiving end of passive aggressive behaviour ~ “oh can’t you let it go”…..

Red flag to a bull ~  often this is a manipulation technique. Why would anyone who is coming from a place of integrity want to let something go that matters to them and is connected to their deep value system ? Another person who doesn’t relate in this way may not understand that…..and that is ok…..that is their understanding. Co creating relationships are a place of no person in the relationship having to be less or more ~ that is co-dependency and two halves make a whole. The co creative pattern is a triangle ~ 1 and 1 make 3 🙂 This is the holy trinity ~ and we can see a metaphor of two people creating a beautiful relationship garden together ~ each contributing their own plants and design and so an authentic Eden is born that comes truly from the heart and love.

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing,
there is a field. I will meet you there.

When the soul lies down in that grass,
the world is too full to talk about
language, ideas, even the phrase each other
doesn’t make any sense.


Of course we can make any choice at any time ~ if we choose to be something we are not then without a shadow of a doubt there is a high price to pay and we get sick.

If you are trying to relate to something that does not match your deep values then it is not going to work in the long term ~ you will learn along the way and get great clarity . I had a very imbalanced relationship in my early twenties and I got very sick ~ if I hadn’t experienced this ~ and my logical mind had a huge question mark at the onset ~ I wouldn’t have an understanding as to where I am today . My partner insisted on me changing myself and becoming his ideal image  ( something reflected back to me as I had tried to do with others before in a lesser way and now I got to sample extremis )and I complied like the people pleaser I was ~ good girl.

I got psoriasis on my face to stop me wearing the make~ up that he loved ~ the mask and my flawless face. I started having panic attacks, my eyes lost their ability to focus, I became jittery and nervous. Eventually I developed tunnel vision and cancer of the cervix and still stayed in the relationship because he threatened my family and home if I left him. I believed that it would have to be on his terms and so I made plans to try and extricate myself. That was speeded up when he physically attacked me and I was walking around feeling ashamed and humiliated with a black eye for all to see. Even though I made up a story everyone knew the truth. He found a shinier protege and so I was released. Someone who was more perfect than me 🙂

I have been at the sharp end of this co ~ dependency and I have worked with many women and men who are on different stages of the spectrum. My relationship took me on a journey of learning about mental health and how little knowledge my doctors had as to my fight, flight and freeze emotional mind keeping me safe . Their solution ~ valium . That made me feel even worse as all the issues were still there and I was in a bubble of no feelings. Purgatory. I believe this is where many people are in the UK now. A living hell of inauthentic living kept at bay with alcohol, recreational drugs and anti~depressants with a good dose of soap operas thrown in. As with the Devil card in tarot ~ we can take off these chains at any time because they are of our own making.

I have always shared my experience about this ~ I am not ashamed of my mental ill health ~ this taboo subject ~ when I shared my story with others they felt safe to share theirs ……the veil was lifted and isolation and fear broken down.

We often choose relationships in all different ways to experience this learning ……until we have had enough of it……and move on to pastures new often to find our flock and be around people who are actually willing to relate from the heart and have the integrity to do what it takers to get there. That is a great energy match.

My way of working with this is :

  • Focus on an outcome you want to create that sets your heart on fire and be open to your universal self showing you new ways to do that
  • Allow yourself to start a process of authenticity ~ it could be that you do that purely with yourself to begin with
  • Allow yourself to know who you really are ~ can be tricky at first 
  • Allow yourself to know what feels good for you in terms of relating
  • Allow yourself to feel ~ no meaning required ~ gets you back to original birth setting of letting emotion be your guide
  • Allow yourself to discover a bigger picture  of who you are ~ get some empowering info that illuminates your soul purpose
  • Allow yourself to ask for help and be vulnerable ~ when you are ready 
  • Allow yourself to be discerning about your patterns and people in your circle ~ are they supporting you now?
  • Allow yourself to get real and do what needs to be done to take the next step with a tough love approach

Use EFT to create change ~ I don’t know of anything else that can do this process

It is a combination of mind, body and spirit . Ancient wisdom using meridians that are mapped in the acupuncture framework.

Make time each day to hear yourself and tap on what arises 🙂

If we all do this every day our world will change .

This is the emotional evolution ~ to love and accept and allow our emotional selves.

One of my favourite TV programmes as a child was Star Trek. I found a lovely blog today that shares great leadership points.

Everything we were attracted to in childhood was no coincidence and created our outlook, ideas and values today ~ we beamed in at the perfect time in history to evolve ourselves and thus the whole of humanity and all we need do to create that change is ……

heal our shadow and love ourselves

let go of our limiting beliefs

and in the process expand our consciousness

and boldly go where we haven’t been before…………..

When we live our heart’s desire there is no stopping us as each

obstacle that we learn from and go through creates more power and

energy for us to go warp speed. It is what we are here to do.

Today is a galactic portal to be the star that we truly are ~ Yellow Planetary Star Day.

I am going to see the new Star Trek.  ~ Into Darkness  🙂 I have always been a fan of anything that seems mad or spooky and I celebrate this.

It is the Aquarius rising in me.

My North Node is Gemini ~ today we are in Gemini Moon and New Moon energy bigger picture of Taurus.  Time to shape our relationships and share our space with our higher selves. Do you know yours?

Time to take the bull by the horns ~ let go of the bull poo and liberation into new beginnings from the heart.

As we go through blue hand gateways we allow harmony to manifest into yellow star energy ~ if we do what it takes to harmonise ourselves. This blue storm year is potent for planting new seeds free from fear ~

Are you ready to bust out of limiting spaces and go through your back holes to seek new universes beyond ?

If you wish to work with your wavespell to illuminate your journey please get in touch. 

It is truly mind blowing and woo hoo ~ liquid light. Anything that the ego mind perceives to be a fault is shown in a whole different light ~ and it isn’t what we think it is ~ this is the miracle of tapping and EFT ~ it reveals the true heart wisdom.

Love to you and your journey ❤

We have some major gateways coming up later this month. More in my next blog.

Here is my website:

Barefoot Holistics

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  1. I love your style of writing, Jo. Imaginative, but clear. And thanks for a timely reminder about coming back within ourselves so we don’t feel the need to fight a world we can’t control. I’ve done that for a long time!


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