Moon awakening



Today is the start of a new thirteen day Mayan wavespell that connects us to the essence of the thirteen year cycle our planet is experiencing.

We are in Red Magnetic Moon

This started on July 26 2006 and when you add 2006 you get 8 which is the number of integrity and the picture of the hourglass nebula which chose me for today’s blog.

I followed the cosmic cookie trail and this beauty is what showed up for me.

This wavespell we are embarking on today takes us through a spiral of thirteen steps to reconnect us to our sacred feminine energy and awareness.

Remembering who we are and why we came here at this time to be a cog in a wheel of transition and the cosmic hourglass literally being turned on it’s head…….

we are now going in a different direction and turning around from our patriarchal path having learned so much along the way 🙂

I have so much to share over my journey in the last few days

and yet today as I am in my balsamic energy zone

I do not have the resources to beam it all out.

When I do I will 🙂

Newsletter coming soon.

Now is the time for me to take it easy and go within to clear and prepare for the sharing ahead.

The light is returning for all of us as we are at the pinnacle of this pyramid.

We are in number seven year

blue resonant storm

and the year of the mystic within us

Now is the time of the disciple

a time to be disciplined and discerning about our what we see in our circle now

who we are

how we have created this nest of our own making

and a time to sit with that

and how we truly feel about it

When we are prepared to be real about our deal we get to choose

when we are in denial the default setting is more of that illusion and fantasy because this is the true meaning of karma

In this time of raising consciousness and allowing more light

It is time to focus on the conscious

being present

and letting go of the spin doctors

all that energy brings is dizziness and vertigo

because we are out of balance.

The more clearly we see our soul now

the more we love and accept ourselves

and in this process is our liberation

the ego loves instantaneous glittery sparkle

and fake adornment

it loves Christmas for the shining facade of a paid for paradise

We cannot buy our stairway to heaven

it is an inside job

and so simple

Let’s love the skin we are in and love and in the doing love each other

and remember our sacred magic and inner fire.

Love to everyone who is sharing my journey with me .

Deep gratitude for all that we share with each other.

Here is a full moon picture coming up on December 28th.

Being brave and being true to our selves is the way to pure joy.

Hugs xxx

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