Day Three of the Yellow Human wavespell. White Electric Wizard


An amazing day of magic today

Today’s energy is all about letting the magic flow through us instead of believing that it is dependent on a tool or a way.

I had a magical tarot reading yesterday with the very talented Shoshana Horobin and to my surprise she used the never seen before by me, Aleister Crowley Thoth Deck.

Today I have used a picture from the deck which was the summary for my reading.

I highly recommend you experience a reading from this deck with her as it has so many more layers than your average deck… indeed has Shoshana ❤

The last reading I had was so spot on.

I have had quite a few connections with Aleister just recently and will expand on that later in a larger blog.

I don’t know why I was surprised to see a connection to him – following the magical cookie trail still leaves me blown away, in fact it’s increasing as I use this wavespell as a sychroniser every day.

So this day is very important in this wavespell as it shows how clear we are as a manifestor , magician, high priestess, goal setter …..

Yellow Human Wavespell

White Electric Wizard

whatever your choice of terminology it shows how in tune we are with our heart and following our bliss.

Our conditioned world has us believe that we “need” advertising

we “need” a webpage

we “need ” business networking

and whilst all of this may assist us in getting our name in lights,

enlarging our shop window and getting ourselves out there

if we are not magnetically switched on inside and shining our light with a passion

we will not connect and fuse with the magical web

no matter how many gizmos and gadgets we have….

the connection of all that is is where it’s at

Many people are still of the belief that building our own Disney Magic Kingdom with the castle is the way to true success

and will climb every mountain, buy every seminar and climb on anyone and everyone’s back to reach

the top…….

only to find an empty space that feels exactly the same as the first goal they ever reached after the newness smell wore off

To be magnetic and align with the heavenly bodies that are cheering us on behind the teams

We do the opposite of most things we have been taught on planet earth

To be a magical pass person in the flesh

all the way through


we need to align with the chemical alchemy of pure love

pure heart


turning knowlege into wisdom

by being the High Priestess and Magician rolled into one

a love machine with values

who is facing their personal challenges and being clear in their intention

to totally let go of all the mind muddles

and create an inner chalice of abundance

Most people still believe that if they go on a course they become a master

They have a piece of paper and have learned some practical stuff.

This is where the journey begins.

Mastery takes how ever long it takes to become the learning

then we have integration

then we are ready to be clear channels

ready to receive direction

from a bigger picture architect

It takes discipline to walk the path

and an intensity of desire

a burning

a thirst

following the scent

with faith and courage

How has the magical world beyond the veil revealed itself to you today?

Did you feel empowered ?

Are you still looking for the magic to be created outside of you?

This is the time of self-empowerment.

When we work in alignment with our soul selves

we always succeed

Love to you today magical people




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