Day 4 of the yellow human energy wave of change. Self Existing Eagle day

It’s a beautiful blue eagle day in Glastonbury and the summer has returned.

A solitary buzzard has been flying around the land towards the Admiral Hood monument and our verbena plants are covered in butterflies and bees.

I have been sat in the garden this morning tapping with a new perspective that came to me last night and more of that later.

What a way to start the day with the wonders of nature all around. This time last year I wasn’t here and I didn’t know about this place or that it was in the Taurus part of the Glastonbury Zodiac – I didn’t know about the Zodiac even.

The Glastonbury Zodiac

I was spending this time in 2011, in a quandry because the house I thought I was going to rent , and had made arrangements during Mercury Retrograde .….against my wishes however exactly as the universe planned… had fallen through and I had rented out my house in Huddersfield.

However I knew that I was meant to be here and so as a family we decided to go for it and plunge into the unknown.

We had burned our bridges and there was no turning back.

We were trusting and following the cookie trail at the Virgo time of Faith.

We stayed at the beautiful Dreamtime House in the Pisces part of the Zodiac – again without knowing consciously – it was sychronistically available.

Pisces is the energy of dreams and consciousness.

So we set off  with a good dollop of fear and came to the sacred land of the Goddess like the fool in tarot.

With only a week to go to being homeless and all our furniture in storage we kept the faith and kept going out to connect to the landscape wherever we were drawn and felt pulled.

When we first saw our house it didn’t fit our preconceived tick list as it was split into three and yet when we let go of needing to make it fit our old boxes we could see the potential and that actually it was ideal.

We have learned so much from trusting that it was exactly the perfectly matched place for us and our law of attraction.

It is giving us the next steps on our creation process of our sacred journey.

What I have learned to do is to let go of living in the past

and trying to create my future

based on what my mind believes to be the way forward

based on what it has already experienced.

We are at a paradigm shift now even more than ever before

Often we feel at a loss when we don’t match up to “perfection”

When our ego mind is fixed on pattern matching previous formulas for success

such as our family belief system

our ancestral beliefs

our society’s opinions

all of our group tribal mind structures.

The secret to living the heart path is letting go of any need to base our lives now

on other people’s view of the world….

the clue is there…

other people

It’s time to turn everything on it’s head and watch the sands of time flowing in a different direction

This is what happens at mid-life when we alchemically transform our hurts into love

When we open our soul eyes

If we are truly seeking love and abundant living

then we fall in love with love

and ourselves

letting ourselves be truly unique

taking responsibility by standing on our own two feet and letting go of balaming anyone else for where we are at

When we take this simple step everything changes

When we own our choices we liberate ourselves from any need to follow anyone else or anything else and that is when the universe expands

The universe loves a lover of life

Our god and goddess self are here to guide us as we plunge into the dark night of chaos and not knowing

Our ego on the other hand implores us to be sensible and safe

to stay within the known of it’s limited learning.

When we stay with what our mind knows then when we limit our lineage

deny our shaman ability

domesticate our wild side

stay on the linear and box ourselves in

It is blue moon day today with a full moon in Pisces and wow it has been an intense week for me

So many things are happening that it’s been a rollercoaster ride of learning

As a Leo and a fire sign this is the nature of the beast …

full tilt initiation of what is possible now and the next three months are going to bring great change for us all.

I had no awareness of the Mayan calendar in the way I have now….

using it as a universal lifecoach.

In the past couple of months this has crystalised for me and I am shaping some great alchemical tools that will help me transform my energetic structure and of course to share with my clients as lifecoaching tools.

Today’s energy of Blue  Self – Existing Eagle is all about flying high and having the ability to see the bigger picture that surrounds us now.

Being self-reliant, self-empowered and disciplined.

Seeing what structures we have created ……how has that worked out?

What do we want to create now?

What is our dream and our vision?

My New ThreeYear plan is to create a centre for Sacred Living

I am on Year Five of my last plan and Glastonbury wasn’t on it…..

I use a plan to create a starting point of focus for my mind to work with so I can use it in a grounded way and it isn’t written in stone.

We don’t know what we don’t know…

As I look at the garden that is here now ….

which was simply a block of concrete and a solitary rose, rosemary and lavender

and is now full of flowers and vegetables and fruit….

I am inspired and excited at where this creativity will be in another two years.

I now have the time to grow food and enjoy doing it, to cook food and learn new recipes

and eat food with my family

a few years ago I was on a hamster wheel of living a lesser life of consuming and so much was in the way of actually living.

I had lost sight of my true nature and flavour and was trying to make everything fit into a square …

all the clues were there

in all my pictures, my fabrics,my clothes……


If you feel you would like to explore the universal life coach and my perspective please get in touch.

I offer my insights as a warrior of the heart

who loves sharing my experiences to support others

on blazing a trail

of  heart opening energy

using laser light focus

Energy coaching brings a whole different flavour to transformation

especially when aligned with universal cycles

It goes deeper and gets to the true heart of things

by changing the energy and beliefs that create our experience

If you would like to explore tapping – Emotional Freedom Technique

here is a fab way to start with my following the cookie trail videos

My insight and tapping for today

is the conditioning I have experienced over my lifetime and also it is in my dna from previous lineage since the beginning of time as I guess maybe true for you.

We have learned to get our needs met from outside of ourselves with


emotional eating

to fill us up

to reward ourselves

to give and receive love

to define our status

to define other people’s status

to start our day

we are reliant on it

dependent on it

what if we could let go of  “the need”

because we are enough and we let go of “needing” reward ,defining,comforting and so on


to relax us, change our mood, take the edge off, turn down the volume, take off the parentalcontrol, be fun,be in our body…..

what if we could do whatever alcohol enabled us to do… ourselves

different places and different allowing for alcohol


to be a rebel, to have me time, to vent our anger, to know we were different, part of a group, outside of a group, stick two fingers up,

in the 50’s it was sold as the way of well-being in the USA and UK

in the UK now if you smoke you are often seen as a pariah….a polar opposite

different countries have different beliefs…

what are they in yours?


to feel loved, to belong, to fill us up, to feel needed, to feel alive, to be a rebel, to be in our body, to let go,

different beliefs for men and women

If you choose to tap please take full responsibility for your own emotional well-being in doing so

Tapping set up:

Even though I may have a belief that I may “need” to put something in my body in some way to feel good, look good, be free, be relaxed,reward myself in some way I am choosing to let that belief go now taking the small steps in a way that is safe for me

I learned this in the past and that was then and this is now.

I choose to believe now that I am enough and to let go of any need to feel loved by my relationship with something outside of me.

I am choosing to focus on loving myself from within.

I am choosing to create a feeling of being whole

by recognising that feeling comes from within.

and I truly and deeply love and accept myself.

Then on the points:

I am enough

I am letting go of a need for anything

I am the love I seek

I am free to be me

I am loved

I am accepting myself as I am

I am creating loving beliefs about myself now

I am choosing to be free of any need of anything or anyone else

If we tap on this every day our mind will show us where we can let go of learning in the past that isn’t in alignment with this

and the universe will bring us people to dance with so we can see how we feel about what they do and say

and let go even more.

Love to you today high fliers.


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