Day Two of the Yellow Human wavespell. Red Lunar Skywalker


This Yellow Human Wavespell is all about our humanity and free will.

What choices are we making now ?

Today is Red Lunar Skywalker Day.

This is the energy of our challenge.

Our challenge arrives to help us to grow through learning.
This is where we meet the edge of our known territory and another person/event/circumstance arrives to reveal where we can expand our consciousness.

Each person relates to the world uniquely because each life experience has been formed uniquely.

We all see the world differently as we have learned to walk our path or resist it.

Each person is here to be their own personal legend and ripen and flower.

At this time of our world cycle we are moving into an exciting space of revealing our true godselfs and many people are awakening to that now.
It’s the time when all the secrets are being shared and the veil is being lifted for all to see ……

However we have to choose the challenge and see the gift it is.

It is a portal and a gateway opportunity for each individual and all of humanity.

Today is a portal too.

This is the challenge zone now as we move towards our dark half of the year in the UK.

As above and so below. Within and without.

As we partner up with our planets and our sun and moon energy we connect to the cosmic dance.
We are an awakened cog within the wheel and our energy enlightens the process.

This is what the Mayan calendar is truly about …..

Working with synergy and alignment of our universe and going with the flow.

Instead of becoming afraid and resisting the process we can embrace it because it is taking us higher and freer than we have ever been before.

We can recognise who we truly are …..
awesome magical beings with so many groovy gifts to share in an abundant loving world that always gives to us

or we can believe in the illusion of our lesser self of story land drama and victimhood

whatever we choose to believe….

it’s the truth.

Most people avoid the challenge because they believe they do not know how to go through it.

The universe always matches us where we are remember and our godself cannot send us anything outside of our capability and beliefs…..
That’s the universal law.

Time for us to step out of the cocoon of low light living and step up to own our magnificence

This world we live in is an earthly paradise and the only thing that stops us from entering and living heaven on earth is our beliefs.

We keep ourselves seperate.

Imagine ourselves living the true nature of the Mayan calendar.
We are unbound from linear time.

No clocking in and clocking out

We align with nature and it’s bio rhythms living lightly on the land

We live in sacred geometry structures that create pure energy from nature without any need to ravage the earth

There are no shareholders invested in greed and non contribution to society

Parasitical leaseholds have expired and are non renewable

Our need for staus has gone as we know who we are and our egos have transformed

we have let go of proving and competing

so we have no “need” for an outward show

We grow our own food and each takes a part in that and it’s a labour of love.

Sacredness has returned to our lives

We have let go of consuming

We are present

Nature and our wellbeing are beautiful simple pleasures that are more than enough

Our lives are filled with joy as we live in harmony with everyone and everything

the circle of life fulfilled


What is showing up today to bring us into balance within ourselves?

If we have lots of aggressive people outside of us challenging us… are we being passive and repressing anger and assertiveness – our alter ego is showing up so we can take a look πŸ™‚

If we have lots of fantasies and indulgences that we hide, secret hidden behaviours maybe that we are ashamed of, a rebellious nature that sneaks out at the weekend or when no-one else is around πŸ™‚
When was that behaviour first created? What was it a balance for ?
Maybe someone else being very controlling with us?
Maybe we have learned to put on a mask and act out a role

It is a great opportunity toΒ  repattern our route

change our internal sat nav and head in a new direction πŸ™‚

We can bring that rebel into balance and be authentic everyday instead of letting our shadow out at the weekend πŸ™‚

I use EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique – to go with the flow.

Everyone can do it.

It’s a universal tool that is perfect for facing the challenge.

Tap along with me and start to create your own place of sanctuary within

That is The Secret.

It’s an inside job πŸ™‚

Love to you today with your challenge.

If I can assist you with your sacred journey in any way please feel free to ask.

It’s what I do and I love being of service to seekers of the heart path.

It’s truly magical





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