Initiating the journey with the Wavespell

Initiating the journey with the Wavespell


I began my journey with The Wavespell on 02 November 2011 with a calendar very much like this one 

I have just been researching images for this blog

which has been really interesting and new learning for me .

I cannot find a calendar that incorporates both the coloured Castles and the Portal Days.

I made my own calendar as a journey for myself to actually do the process


learn how to do it on my Mac

My calendar does not have numbers of the kin on it

Each calendar offers a personal perspective of the creator


their unique learning process 

The Colour Castles 

Show the process of each 52 days with 4 Wavespells

This is shown in the first image above

The Galactic Portal Days 

The black squares are portal days of human evolution

Special learning days throughout all time and space

that have key codes for new beginnings 


My Mayan Calendar 

This is large 

There are 6 parts of A4 paper

You can download it here :


You can print it out and laminate it 

If you want me to offer that service I charge £5 for materials

and offer a local service

If you want me to post it to you I will have to find out the charges

Next Steps :

Once you have a calendar to work with

I recommend that you put a piece of blue tac on it

and move it every day

and enquire intuitively as to what you can learn

that is in flow with the Universal Code that day

We start the cycle at Red Magnetic Dragon

at the top left of the calendar

and then move down the first column to

Yellow Resonant Sun 

Both portal days

This is a key 20 day process

Then go up to the next Red Dragon step at the top :

Red Galactic Dragon and again move down to Yellow Magnetic Sun 



If you forget a day or your blue tac falls off 😉 

Here is a decoder you can use to calculate the day for you :

and then you can find where you are

I have a blog page for various decoders too ~ check out the menu 



Wishing you an amazing journey of discovery and connection 


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