Red Serpent Wavespell


Red Serpent Wavespell begins :

13 days of awakening to where we are in relationship

with 10 portals of human evolution beginning on day 2

Friday February 08 2019

The Blue Castle of transformation begins :

52 days of alchemically working

with what began on the first day of the spiral 26 October.

What were you doing around the time of Halloween ?

Red Galactic Moon begins :

28 days of integrating where we are aligning with authenticity

and being the beacon of light

Healing past relationship experiences

so we can truly stop projecting the past onto the present


be free of

our ancestral timeline  repeatedly playing the same old horror stories 

This is key to understanding how we work as a human being


how to change the old script

The spiral ends with

A Supermoon in Virgo at 0 degrees


Chiron goes into Aries just as we go into Pisces Sun
10 days of portals ~ wow ~ intense learning.


My Mum is a Red Serpent ~

key for my matriarchal line 

I have lots of family members in this tribe 

It was her 13 year cycle in 1961

Key codes for me and my history in this 

Wavespell :

Saturday 09 February Blue Electric Hand

When I was 20 in 1986 and was living in Greece 

The day of Alchemy and shaping our destiny

I am doing a Tapping workshop

so perfect as this really clears the old script 


Day 8 

Yellow Galactic Human 1990

February 14

when I was 25

and had just entered the relationship

with the father of my children

the previous year of 1989

which was

Red Electric Serpent 

This is the day of integrating

the last 13 day Wavespell of Yellow Human 

which for me was covering my years of 1970 to 1982


healing those experiences and storylines

This is also Valentines Day

so let’s focus on healing and loving ourself

and releasing any

out of balance relationship patterns

of co dependency 



The last day 

Red Cosmic Earth on February 19 

Is a Supermoon at 0 degrees Virgo ~ article by

Chiron goes into Aries ~ article by

My first born is an Aries 

so synchronising these events for me and my birth experiences 

Sun goes into Pisces ~ article by

1995 for me when I became a mother for the first time at 30

also my

Saturn Return 

A huge shift to awakening to my place on the earth


learning about what was actually happening

with the medical world



as I was opening to a whole new way of being 

Recommended films this week :

Heal ~ on Netflix

Thrive ~ on Youtube 

Anything by Gabor Mate ~ lots on Youtube ~ he explains so well

If you would like to explore your patterns and codes please get in touch

Have an amazing 13 days of evolution

The Universe is holding all the structure of transformation now

so we can reveal who we really are


what we came here for 


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