Yellow Seed Wavespell



Yellow Seed Wavespell

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Pic by Pawel Jonca

This transformative Wavespell is fast approaching

on March 23rd

and is one of two powerful energy signatures

that has ten portal days

These ten days allow us to go beyond any limit of mind and connect to what lies beyond

Some know this as the noosphere

Some the realm of Angels….

Other dimensions beyond our earthly realm of time and space

What I am learning is that each of these concurrent energetic codes

holds the key to being free

from our personal karma wheel

The more I go with this Wavespell Flow and work by intuitively connecting with it

the more is revealed to me

as I use it to clear my fear

the limit of our mind construct ~ the labyrinth

So I can evolve and grow and expand into more of

my star seeded mission




As a human being we are the same in many

aspects to all other plant life on earth

We follow the seasons

We are in tune with the cycles

our bodies follow

the passages of the planets

The more we raise our consciousness to this and be the process and the more powerful our soul transformation becomes

The ancient people who are still following their knowingness ~

know exactly how this works 🙂

Those of us who were born into the Western World who had forgotten this wisdom

are now remembering it

as we reconnect to our sacred feminine



letting her be manifest within us is key


Each one of us has our own unique inner journey to do

to heal our hurt hearts

and learn how to

mother ourselves

nurture ourselves

heal our body and soul through

right relationship

Winter Solstice 2010 Caged Lantern dreamstime_3847365

It is the time for the thaw in the Northern Hemisphere

to shed our layers

let the sun warm our skin

let the language of love enter in

and remove all the thorny fences we have grown

to hide our rose garden

time to find the secret paths

pull away the dense unfettered growth of protection

and reveal our beautiful Eden space

that fecund

free space

full of fertile ground

ever lasting

ever ready to try again

to love again

to bear fruit from once fallow ground


I am writing this on the vernal equinox

Spring Returns in the Northern Hemisphere

Aries Sun ~ the Ram arrives full of youthful male energy 

Waning Scorpio Moon and day 11 in the Blue Monkey Wavespell

Day 11 is letting go of what no longer serves us

so we can be free and truly transparent as the divine child we really are

aware of the monkey mind that believes it is who we are….

and instead reveals where we are led by our head ….

and how we can

transform that now if we are ready to

bring ourselves into balance within


Time to awaken from our slumber


with Aries our hero and heroine’s

journey begins


Whatever our heart’s desire has been yearning for throughout

the month of Pisces dream time

we are ready to take up our challenge

to close that gap between where we are now and where we want to be

This takes action




self~ development

leaving old circles so we can enter new ones

As Einstein says

To find a solution for the challenge in the circle it was created is….


new learning

new energy circuit required

and most important

the healing of the heart

as the heart is the magnetic attractor that keeps

repeating old events for us to 

revisit and heal

once we become aware of our patterns we can see this


so today on Red Spectral Dragon Daystgeorge

Pic by Raphael 

We can learn to ride the snake

instead of being a dragon slayer

once we realise the potential beyond the veil

the magic all around

we understand a whole different way of life

and can access it

free from any co dependency

this takes time of course 🙂



Here is my blog about The Mayan Wavespell

as a brief overview.

It is very complex the Tzolk’in

as you would expect ~ after all it is revealing

the divine matrix.

Just like learning to walk, learning a new language,

we learn slowly and take our first small steps

over time it comes easily

we reach a tipping point and then….

it is like second nature and the magic grows

Just like a new plant in the ground

It needs to go down and create strong roots before the top growth starts

by the third year the growth is substantial and sustained 🙂

Each numerical day has a code like the tarot



Sacred Geometry

So what does the Yellow Seed Wavespell

code create ?


Day 1 ~ the initiate ~

the intention of allowing ourselves to be the true star seed that we are before we learned conditioning and conditioned behaviour ~ before our ego created our story of who it thinks we are rather than the true being. We can set an intention on this day to allow ourselves to really connect to this within us. I use Thoth Tarot and set a specific intention .

This is Yellow Magnetic Seed

Day 2 ~ the challenge ~

having heard our intention, the universe brings us a response to reveal our next step on our dream journey. This is beyond our veil, hidden and new learning should we choose to accept our mission.

This powerful day is the snake ~ Red Lunar Serpent.

This is all about relationship and loving the skin we are in

~ intimacy ~

which is the antithesis of all the indoctrination we are subject to in the western world :

Consumer greed, numbers count, build your list, sell  your soul

and manipulate rather than be honest

Spin doctor ~ 

which is death to the star seed and the maker of masks

Remember that in cosmic law if there are rich people

there have to be poor people to balance 

this is what we are moving away from.

For an elite to exist there has to be an underclass 

there is no other way for these extremities to exist

If you haven’t watched Hunger Games 1 and 2 yet they bring this message

and this is happening right here right now

We have to be the change we want to see and let go of living the ego artifice

Ironically these films have brought huge revenue for an elite few 

wolves in sheep's clothing

This Wavespell took place on the 12th of February and is the other powerful

Wavespell of ten portals

This combination is the cosmic union ~ the alchemical marriage day


The Alchemy Day is Day 3

White Electric Worldbridger Day

The death of worlds ~ the circles I spoke of at the start.


We let go of the old. 

We transform and heal our ego shadow so our ego matures

and understands it’s true role as part of our transformation team

rather than the sole leader 

If this is your personal Wavespell it is your

life journey

and your star seeded mission

to be the real deal

I am working on a lot of Mayan Signs and Starcodes still so have a two week wait on that if you want me to do yours.

It is a free service I offer.

As it is free I have to prioritise my paid work which is for energy coaching

as this is what keeps me in seeds

for another of my passion’s which is growing my own food

using ancient wisdom and energy therapies.

Check out my blog for that here:

Seed of sacred  living 

It will soon be blossoming with the next steps 🙂

If you are willing to wait please message me your time, date and place of birth.

If you wish to check out your own

here is a decoder:

Here is info about the Wavespell ~ look for your sign and the start of it is your Wavespell ~ click on it.

As always deep thanks to all the websites

I link to as they have paved the way for my learning.

If you wish to work with me please

reserve your space now.

I will need to do your info for your energy code and we can chat on tea

Free Consultation

Then we can create a plan for an  outcome you wish to create

I have lots of ways to work ~ all of them involve emotional transformation

and I use EFT as my primary transformational tool and share how to do that for you with you 🙂

Love to your Spring sap rising 



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