Solar Heart Power



Yellow Solar Sun Day

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As always I create these blogs that are so much more than the personality of me ūüôā

This universal dance we are in affects all of humanity and this is completing today in day 9 of 

Yellow Human Wavespell

Just a reminder that we are counting down to the last few days of the

White Castle of refinement and revelation

in the Mayan Wavespell

and all heaven and hell let loose as we go for the burn in

The Blue Castle of fire

this begins on the 12th of February

52 days of transformation


one of the biggest energetic signatures of the 260 day cycle that started on the day of death ~ Hallow’een¬†

Ten portal days to transient Time and see the code with

Red Serpent Wavespell


Which is all about loving the skin we are in and letting the kundalini serpent rise

transforming how we relate first and foremost to ourself ~ our ego and higher self and who is running our relationship code at this time


who is driving our bus ?

our angry inner child looking for oblivion to escape from day to day life ?

the transformed mature personality who has alchemically been enlightened through a process

that allows it to know itself

see the patterns

see the journey

and “get it”¬†

get that it has created the whole experience to know itself and when at last it does

it knows it has a choice and it makes the choice that serves the whole universe ūüôā

and has a sense of humour ūüėČ

In this continuing snake spiral our evolving self is like a smorgasbord

with bits of personality popping up here and there like a misshapen cartoon 

a wonky spell off Harry Potter

and sometimes we may look and appear bedraggled 

as we pull ourselves into an integrated shape


Maybe you have encountered a Gorgon or two on your travels ?

Maybe they are still insisting that you….



game ????

Are you willing to still

sell your soul ?

Are you willing to say

hell no

not this time ¬†ūüôā

This is the time of Gorgon Test and as we start to  shed our winter coat 

and rub the slumber from our eyes

a remembrance that this is a purification time in the Northern Hemisphere

out of the darkness and preparing for the light quickening and returning

Dark deeds are afoot in our world with worldy agendas that we may be unaware of

that don’t even enter our head because we are not she of the dastardly plan

the machiavellian method

the black art of evil 

which I say with a wicked chuckle and a glint in my eye

Evil is simply the polar opposite of live

It is the code of entropy and death


I am keeping the vibe as light as I can and I mean no disrespect or dishonour to anyone at the hands of  these energies and strategies  who are suffering because of it

Hugs to you if you are having a difficult time


believe me when I say that I feel deeply for all of life on planet earth

the intention of this blog is to share as much light as I can at this waxing moon

and to share solutions and information if I can

to those ready to hear

and ready to act on it

I do what I can as a simple woman

as a human being

and a flawed one at that

Living a death structure is what happens when people ignore the very basic codes of light that have been present in word and faith structures for thousands of years

We are all doing the “best’ we can and sometimes that is an extremely sh*t best

Doesn’t matter whether we are educated, rich, poor , old, young. ugly or beautiful in whoever’s eyes

world in an eye

the truth is

we all make choices that do not serve us or the wider world

because we do what we know

and that is where most of humanity is just now 

acting from a place of not knowing and dependent on a system that has a plan 

and that plan isn’t a happiness and health plan for the majority

that code does not make money for the corporates

We buy to feel happy

We get sick because we are not happy and live in a sick society

Money is our God

and people count for….

what exactly ?

What do you see in your neighbourhood that is a framework that loves and values people ?

It is pointless to judge people’s behaviour because of that great leveller

and the more we go through the process the more we realise how pointless it is

we let go of it

because we know it is all part of the code

that gets us to see ourselves and know how the universal code works

In a nutshell that is what it is all about ūüôā

The code


I am intending to share bite size chunks with you as I do not have the time to devote to sharing this as I have to make a living

If I could I would spend more time and this is the conundrum we all share just now

How to keep home and hearth together and live with integrity ūüôā

How to live our dream and get ourselves out of this corporate net that is strangling our communities

These plans are coming thicker and faster and it is truly shocking…

however when you come to know thyself you realise the ego has no mercy

no compassion

it is a killing machine

and left to it’s own devices it has always been a ruthless and unmerciful warrior that can always qualify it’s murderous actions¬†

Look to history and see what atrocities have been committed in the name of our Creator

Remember that the only way an ego can know itself is through the reflections of others telling it who it is and validating it’s existence

Once we start to transform our ego and our shadow

our ego starts to do this less and less because….

we know ourselves from the heart process 

When doubt about ourself shows up ~ there is more inner process opportunity available ūüôā

I have no religion and never have to be

absolutely clear on that matter

I am attempting to explain what I have learned using words and words are 

limited and subjective 

and as much as I intend to communicate clearly

I am me and you are you

and you will see and interpret this with your code and understanding ūüôā

Just this simple understanding can bring an amazing awareness for people who are struggling to

relate and create a way of living from difference and respect

I have been reading lots of books about code over the past few weeks and this is input into my energetic field

creates a cauldron of creativity 


Anything that comes out of my mouth is a cosmic blend of all

with my filter 

Just like whatever comes out of a computer has had to go in ~ be inputted by a human being and so there is always a

ghost in the machine as a result ūüôā

“I” don’t take credit for anything as I know

that all that has ever been or will be 

is what I access 

and I blend it into my own smoothie recipe is all


I do not intend to diminish my personality

or elevate it

I love the fact that I am a number nine and that this is what I am here for and….

yea I finally get myself

well sort of 

I accept my weirdness and celebrate it.

The Code for living in love is simple

and so you may be disappointed to hear

If listening with an egoic untrained ear ūüôā

that this code has been around in plain sight and spoken of

in places of religion

for a very long time

It has got lost in translation for many

and sometimes the people who have shared it have done that on purpose…..

what a surprise 

If you are open to truth

you may be cosmically ecstatic like I was

when the lightbulb moment occurred and 

I had an epiphany moment.

I am so glad that I kept going with the work I feel passionate about 

even though so many times I could have given up because so many people would rather die


than take responsibility for their life and beliefs and 

instead of being open to new ways of living

and heart opening emotional therapies

rather than saying they are afraid of what they don’t know

they would rather crucify you and your beliefs

Yes it’s an age old story and now‚Ķ.

now at last the light is returning after being so deeply lost in the wilderness of patriarchy we are all coming to an awakening point

The Code for living in sustainability

in truth

in honesty

in harmony

in joy‚Ķ…

Drum Roll

Is written in the ten commandments 



It really is that simple in one sense

because the truth is always really simple

When we live in a way that is in total alignment

with love 

and that means upholding a truthful and

honest relationship with everyone and


what is created by that code of living

that code of conduct

has no conflict

and when we live without conflict

we live in joy

I have lots more to share about what I found on my journey through these books and how to use these codes to unlock the secrets within us

and will be sharing them here as and when I can

and in the events I am creating this year

The time has come for us to complete these circles and cycles

learn from them

know the true meaning of karma is the code

Do this

Get that

and realise how simple it is to see how we have created something 


our beliefs

our thoughts

our actions

and most importantly to let go of being led by our head

to let our heart 

guide us

with our emotions 

to bring ourselves back to the garden


Are you ready to reveal your Heart Code

Unfurl your wings

see your code

unplug from the ego matrix

align direct to source

and power up ?

There is a Cosmic Code that we receive and

this is what is unfolding ~ this is the Universal

Programme that is beaming down for our new


We each have a personal code 

When we decide to switch on and become pro active and listen to our heart

we are initiated


When we start to work with our ego we

know ourselves from the inside out

the veils drop from our eyes

we start to see things differently

when we work with this transformation process every day

what we focus on 


when we focus on opening our heart

we let our higher self in

and we allow our code to reconnect to the Christ Consciousness

we switch on our illumination process

this is our free will

When we decide to get our free will to go for our heart’s desire

our universal players come and play

show us how

we let go of the old

 we create the new….

the redemption song

Be the shining light in your community and sing out your voice to the heavens

Sing of what is true and shiny bright light

to shatter distortion and corruption

with your resonance

our co dependent way of life has seen our resources diminish so that we are reliant on 

structures and support systems that

do not care

do not love

are the anti thesis of right relationships

and self ~ empowerment

and now it is time

to reclaim our land

and our beautiful earth space

one person at a time

doing their reclaim 

calling their spirit in

Sagittarius ~ The Horse energy 

is so much more‚Ķ…

it is the place where star’s are created literally

and we are of the stars

we have the same structure

the same holographic code

and the ability to create new codes

that reflect our times

Woo Hoo 


Up an Coming sharing light events

Please click on the links for more info:

Shine Love Magnet Friday 15 February in Somerset

Shine 12 February in Hampshire

Shine 15 February in Yorkshire

and if you haven’t got one near you why not create one and connect to us ?

I have also got an Art of Alchemy with EFT  Weekend  in Somerset on 01 March ~ you can take part wherever you are in the world if you wish to use Skype

Come and learn more tools for your journey that work with code

More info here

and coming soon more info about the big 9 year heading our way and what it means….

Red Solar Moon Year 

I am doing a retreat in the heart chakra of the world

and the Glastonbury Zodiac

Come and connect and let’s weave some magic

If you want to work one to one with me please get in touch 

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