Heaven on Earth ~ 9


Red Skywalker Wavespell

Red Solar Dragon


Completion of a cycle

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This is the day we look back over the last nine days to complete

What is seeking closure through exposure to

the light ?

What next steps can you take within and without to bring heaven to earth ?

What is the Great Goddess bringing your attention to since there first step on this 260 day cycle on


What is your light mission ~

should you choose to take it

this time around ?

If you are a nine your are a completer and all about the bigger picture pattern. This is my tone and why I create these blogs and love my work as a holistic therapist specialising in esoteric coaching.

In other speak

Alchemist, Hermeticist  and Seer

Great blog link about that here:

Hermeticist blogspot


On January 01 we have a Gregorian Calendar

New Year

This is Day 11 in this Wavespell

Blue Spectral Night

A day of dissolution

This is the energy of the entire year

Letting go of our nightmares and ego dreams

On July 26 2014 we end Year 8 and begin Year 9

Red Solar Moon

Completion of this 13 Year Cycle of Red Moon that started on the same day in 2006

Red Magnetic Moon July 26 2006

What were you doing then?

What was new ?

What is still with you that is expanding…..

that you choose to keep ?

That is seeking dissolution

red moon1

The mountain path of spiritual evolution is the Capricorn energy signature

We rise naturally to the light like every flower

We seek the sun

unless we are a shadow dweller

who fears illumination from the light

due to some misunderstanding ….

the process still happens with or without the consent of our will

our choices are reflected in what is showing up…


what keeps our love balloon from rising  may seem like an outer plot

other people wanting to burst our bubble

when we start to see clearly we realise that they are the givers of the rungs

their arrows giving rise  ~s

of the ladder forged in silver to climb



sticks and stones may break my bones

but words will…..

only hurt if there is a hurt on the inside to match

Only we can bring ourselves down

Emotional baggage



come from out thoughts and beliefs

release these and the sand bags go overboard

the balloon goes above the clouds

into the blue beyond and sunshine


We may run into storm clouds


they become less

the more we integrate

the more new places

we access

with new awareness and language

with our regenerated circuitry

and our capacity to love expands

we release our fear

and transform it 



Be Do Have

Live with an open heart 

and yes we will suffer…..

and the flip side?

Our love will lift us higher


move mountains too 🙂


My Thoth today


Truce time ~ rest and regeneration space for me


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