Seeds of love

We are on the twelfth day of the Red Skywalker Wavespell ~ Yellow Crystal Seed Day.

I am sharing a quote shared with me today ~

“Let us not look back in anger or forward in fear, but around in awareness.”

James Thurber

If we are ready to move forwards and into a space of maturity we look and learn from our past ~ or we can play the blame game.

There is a certain woman who is being honoured or slated today ~ The Iron Lady Margaret Thatcher.

Perfect synchro for Cancer Moon. All our nurturing feminine issues πŸ™‚

How have we changed in the UK since she was the leader of government ?

For something that happened such a long time ago……there is still a huge amount of vitriol being expressed and lighting up our energetic universe.

Have we moved on ? How is life different in our society today ? Not much that I am noticing. People are still having a good moan and rant…..

Haven’t we learned that this doesn’t actually change anything?Β 

If we are ready for a change then let’s take responsibility for how we all create our way of living everyday and truly learn…..

create something new by changing what we do.

Margaret Thatcher was a strong personality……no matter how strong…..she didn’t achieve what she is being blamed for single handed……

In reality that would be impossible and so we can see ~ if we are being honest ~ that if we hold her responsible for everything “bad” at that…..quite significantly long period of time……

We are using her as a scapegoat to avoid taking responsibility for our role in society at that time.

I am no paragon of virtue…..yet he without sin cast the first stone ~ seems like a good rule of thumb for fairness?

In a hypocritical society.

Of course we could say the same about Adolph Hitler and blame him……for all the atrocities that no one else got their hands dirty with…..really?

Out of interest for my own awareness I have checked out their Mayan signs.

Margaret was a Blue Crystal Night ~ learning about co creation rather than co-dependence as a number 12 . Blue’s create transformation through death…..and if we look back in a couple of hundred years from now we may see how her energy created a shift ~ at the perfect time in our evolution ~ that is those of us who choose to be conscious and see the bigger picture and how we learn from every episode in our evolution.

Adolph Hitler is also a blue and it was a surprise for me to learn that he was a blue galactic hand ~ blue hand generally being regarded as a healing energy sign ~ however as I said before ~ who are we to see the intricate structures being woven in divine time? Being a number eight ~ all about integrity and integration.

I am not seeking to justify or honour anything about these individual’s behaviour ~ simply seeking to share an awareness of what that has created to raise our understanding and consciousness as beings that learn experientially ~ often this involves great pain and suffering.

So few manipulate so many because the masses are unconscious……and that is meant to be otherwise it wouldn’t be so…..there is nothing wrong with our world ….it is simply reflecting where we are.

If we are to move away from that pattern then seeing clearly how it came into being ~ because it matched our majority collective unconscious beliefs , especially around personal responsibility and victim patterns ~ Β to change our future we change from the inside and then this changes the outside. The majority of our population aren’t yet tuned in to this understanding because ……we aren’t ready to feel our personal pain and get over it ~ to renew our selves now.

It is the soul process.

What do we achieve in reality when we vent our spleen?

We let some steam off ~ for our ego.

What any of us project onto any change bringers ~ is a reflection of our own shadow is all.

Margaret Thatcher is simply an archetypal pattern for each individual to have their own individual pattern match ego dance with.

Does she represent your Mother? Grandmother? A teacher who was mean to you? Someone who pushed your buttons as a child?

At the height of her time she was in a space that took a while in the making …….an ancient pattern……and it is still here :-)It shapes into different forms with a new spin doctor is all.

If we are to create new seeds of loving relationships then we all have to take responsibility for creating these new plants.

New frameworks to support their growth.

This takes people who are willing to own their behaviour and their part in the collective and learn about new paradigms.

Blame allows our shadow ego to avoid focusing on itself ~ it’s a smoke and mirrors routine ~let’s crucify that person and that regime and what we resist persists…..

The inner wounded child hates change .

How many people who were adults during the 80’s are still doing the same thing ~ and moaning about it ~ standing on their soap box ~ doing the same things and wanting everything to change ……

and haven’t changed themselves?

Still doing a job they hate…..

Still in debt…….

Still hanging out with the same group of people they don’t really like?

Living in the same village they grew up in?

Going to the same club/pub/golf course……

It’s a pattern……of denial and living in fear ……of change

I lived in a South Yorkshire community in the 80’s when I returned from living in Greece. I learned a lot from that. There were a lot of similarities to Greece and many mindsets too. There were lots of rigid beliefs around roles women should play for example……I didn’t like most of those 😦

Margaret was in one aspect…. the ball breaker who came head to head with many individuals…. who were at the height of their ego trip…..and with all these individuals we can see how their ego had expanded to a black hole proportion……..this balanced the weighing scales for the number of individuals who totally handed over all their decision making to others…..and then muttered over their beer about it……beat their wives up instead…..beat their friends up……displaced their anger instead of confronting the people fairly and honestly about their situation …..with a view to changing it. I have never met a miner who said they loved their job….and I knew a lot of them. Sadly some drank themselves to death rather than make a change.

Some people hated being miners….they thought they had to do it……some people chose not too and left to seek something else.

At the time of the strikes my parents had a small business and it was affected adversely by the power cuts ~ many people were and they weren’t asked how they felt about that by the striking people or included in a vote about it……… Is that not bullying aggressive behaviour? Is that fair or inclusive ?

How many lived in fear when the lights went out? The huge amounts of rubbish? What did any of the riots achieve……I don’t remember a positive from it .

Our history shows that we become the behaviour we abhor in order to overcome our fear ~ there is another option ~ dealing with our fear and creating new models of relating to each other.

When the pits closed some had redundancy money……some set up a new business…..some drank it…..the pub benefited πŸ™‚

The villages and the people are still there. Some are still victims, some are survivors and some ……a minority…..are thrivers because they saw potential in the change and took it.

Some people behaved badly and people died as a result ~ and just like every tragic story in history some of the people who murdered others were part of their own community who felt justified in doing that because they had a certain set of rules.

All this rage has it’s price and as long as someone feels they are justified at imposing their rules on another…….

Someone suffers…..

and in turn everyone suffers.

This is the root of bullying.

When you look closer at what came before the explosion point you see the pattern ~ it isn’t about the big event where the explosion happens…..the seeds are planted many years before that. If you look at Adolph Hitler’s family pattern you can see how so many infant deaths and family tension between him and his father started an avalanche . People who shared his pattern shared his vision.

We all have this shadow on some level because we are all human beings.

Narcissistic behaviour ~ avoidance of looking at our stuff

This behaviour only ever comes from fear…..

So what I am saying is…..

If we now face our fear ~ because it is simple to do and the tools are there to do it ~ we let go of it.

We let go of making other people responsible for our pain and we take our power back

When we engage with others free of rage there is no opposing force so resistance ends.

We do not have to accept bullying behaviour and we can let go of adding fuel to the fire that builds into rioting and war.

Many people crave drama because their own life is empty of colour and meaning for them ~ hence the huge reliance on soaps. It is possible to let go of that but only if we are ready to go for the hero’s journey and be our own hero rather than waiting for someone to rescue us.

I have just watched Secret State on channel four and for the first time in many years saw “debates” from the houses of parliament.

It reminded me of Β how it’s like a school playground for goodness sake ~ these people get paid good money to have childish digs at each other ~ oooo I’m cleverer than you ~ and they are running our country ~ now ~ because …..Some of them fall asleep……and that’s ok….. On TV…… Because you need a big ego to feel you can run a country ~ or pretend that you can as a front for the bank ~ and this is no different for any political party.It’s the next step up from putting business in the direction of friend’s at the golf club ~ which is where most ego creativity happens in truth and has always been so. The little clique’s so evident in our town’s and villages throughout the UK. If you face fits…….

We can see the pretence of difference now in the political parties ~ opposition ~ all the same stuff ~ ego. I love the outcome ~ I also know it ain’t likely to happen anytime soon because…….it isn’t a match for where we are. We are still letting the banks’s do whatever they wish because we aren’t ready to hand over our future based never never pattern and the security of our credit card……so it will take another big push to slide the collective off the cliff…..unless we learn to leap before we are pushed….which takes an evolved being.

Pretty thin on the ground……a rare species πŸ™‚ More are being birthed through adversity by busting out of the cocoon and seeing the matrix at last.

Here’s a wonderful film all about that ~ heading into the dark space :

Peace brings peace and peace begins with me.

No person or time is all bad. There were many wonderful things in the eighties. From our adversity we find strength to create new ways of being.

These change makers in our midst show us where we can bring light and although we may resist letting go of what we know…..

we can find that if we open our hearts and be vulnerable instead……the change always brings us new possibilities.

There were dark times in the eighties ….

and there were wonderful times too……let’s let the wounds go….

truly, deeply, emotionally and energetically because if we don’t…….

Nothing will change. It isn’t someone else’s job to parent us or our world… is ours.

What are you doing to create a difference?

4 thoughts on “Seeds of love

  1. I was hearing today some people talk about how mining communities near Leeds had never recovered. But like you say, and I can totally believe it, you never heard a miner say they loved their job – I can’t believe anyone would love doing that. But people just didn’t and still don’t have the courage to make a change.


    1. This is why we have the opposite experience ~ to know what our heart truly desires so we can move towards it. There is no need for anyone to suffer πŸ™‚ Thanks for your feedback Andy


  2. Yes, I remember the 80s as a harsh time, but also probably the last time we had an explosion of creativity in music and fashion. And yes, we all have to look at the man in the mirror (to quote another often reviled man).


    1. Thanks for your comments Ray. I totally agree πŸ™‚ The harsh times gave the opportunity to balance them with amazing heart vibes ~ soulful music, outbursts of adventure and magic with the New Romantics and spikey punk , mods and rockers revisited and Michael. One of the most talented amazingly creative people and yet that isn’t what most people will remember about him. So many of my memories include the Jackson family music and Thriller was life changing ~ the video world began πŸ™‚


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