White Worldbridger Day

Damage to one of the Priddy CirclesHad a magical day today and I wanted to share it as many people are going through this transition time and meeting lots of challenges.

I feel the more we share our times of challenges and how we personally transit through them the more we raise awareness.

Throughout my life I have always shared my perceived failures and times of trauma with the intention of being authentic

and open to sharing what is often considered taboo

with the aim of letting some light into our collective dark corners of Pandora’s box.

Once you start to reveal yourself I find others do too

and what once had some power through it’s hidden spell of secrecy

loses it’s ability to still our hearts and shake our foundations

as we realise we are not alone or deficient

we are simply human….

and we all have the same stuff going on in some way.

This is why I love EFT circles because we all want to be loved and respected

and we each have answers for each other.

At this time of transition we are finding new ways of being so that we evolve

and the catch 22

requires that we go into unchartered waters…..

when we are trying to stay sane in an insane world

and fit in to some extent….

albeit reluctantly

so we can function with the unnatural rhythms of our society deeming that we all migrate from a to b

in the middle of the night

all at around the same time…….

Can you imagine looking onto this from another planet?

May seem a little barking…….?

Maybe an onlookers dialogue could be:

look at them all stuck in queues every day

feeling ill

having done this for years

and they are still doing it?

and they think they are superior to the bears hibernating in caves…….

I can imagine our planet earth being of universal entertainment for observing the ridiculous can you?

And it feels like we so have to do it ……..and we don’t have all the answers yet and we have to eat and live

We cannot get off the merry go round.

So we do what we don’t want to do

The universe has it’s universal plan of enlightenment that our soul self is privy to

and is always communicating to us to re programme our code

so that we get to achieve our stellar mission.

If you feel like your game of life setting is on hard at the moment….

and believe me it is in Glastonbury intensity for me 🙂

then take heart because the more we go with it

and I mean go literally some of the time….

It requires some action and change of habits

and doing something differently….

the more magical it becomes

as we start to clear the way to somewhere else

a real place of being

instead of a fantasy purely in our mind’s eye

One way I believe our higher universal soul self really gets our attention is to ….

break things

that really works like nothing else

especially with personal transport.

We have one car and we are out in the sticks with four people needing to get into town and a sporadic bus service.

Last year our car broke and we had an easy synchronistic transition to another.

Just before Christmas that same car developed a serious gear change issue and loud noise and as a result we have been on an adventure .

It’s an adventure my ego doesn’t like 🙂

We have gone down several avenues and as always revisited Christmas past like Scrooge

with seeing our relationships,

values, beliefs and patterns around cars, mechanics, car sales

You get the picture I am guessing having probably played it out yourself.

The bigger journey has taken us following a stone circle cookie trail

As we have travelled the landscape we have been to new places and I am guessing that

as in the past we will be revisiting them for different reasons

Everyone has their own map of the world and their own way of relating

and the trick is harmonising if possible so we can co create

strike a bargain that works for all parties

and the third gear that was struggling to engage in the broken car.

What I have learned over the years is that I have difficulty in communicating with certain styles of relationships

and now I choose to intend what I want as a priority

after years of not allowing that because I was afraid to ask for what I wanted

or didn’t know

or thought that the other person would know more……

I have learned to be persistent and keep asking question, refining and learning until I create the outcome I want if possible

and be discerning about if the other party can match that

without sacrificing themselves

and I want to be open to what the universe is bringing me because…..

I don’t know what I don’t know.

It is a difficult combo to master

and today in the Telling our truth wavespell we are on number 5 of the snakes and ladders board.

White Overtone Worldbridger is the bringer of the new dawn through allowing our spiritual selves to speak.

This morning I was following the cosmic cookie trail and seeing what the universe delivers in my inbox and world wide web.

I found links to many things and one of the key things was a tarot book  which led to a book about the women involved in The Golden Dawn who weren’t really given a lot of publicity:

Women of the Golden Dawn by Mary K Greer

When I started to read their story I was understanding the way of the initiators and what goes with the creating new paths

and often the people who go out on a limb are usually ridiculed and challenged

by the ones who are afraid to follow their footsteps 🙂

What have been your learning curves?

Love to you on your journey

Our new car was sourced today and at the time I was focused on a nearby stone circle called Stanton Drew

It ended up being too far to go to in the time slot we had and yet another circle showed up on my sat nav

The garage was in the middle of nowhere and so when we got home I started to look on the internet and I found lots of stuff about these stones

Priddy Circle

Priddy Rings

Priddy Henges

Priddy Nine Barrows

Standing with Stones

Pete Glastonbury – local photography 

This has just been in the news because the landowner where the circles are

has just been fined for damaging one of them last year

My ego mind has an immediate reaction to that…….

and my spirit now has another…..

as I have learned that if my car hadn’t broke then maybe I wouldn’t have needed to go to this place and how else may that have happened?

How else do we create change if we don’t challenge what we feel are inappropriate systems and relationships

How do we learn to relate differently if we don’t speak to each other and learn about each other’s maps of the world

How do we learn if we stay in our cave……will it take a landslide to bring the roof down?

Will we end our lemming journey over a cliff ?

To the universe it doesn’t matter because it is all our personal choice and our soul school

So the sooner we choose to face whatever shows up and accept it with grace

and the more magic we get to see

Because the journey is rarely what we think it is

and it is always exactly what we need

even though it may not be want we think we want.

I haven’t a clue why I am being shown this

and will keep you posted 🙂

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