Workshop for Women

Karmic Patterns


Past Lives

Sunday 18 April 2021

1pm to 3pm UK time




Are you ready to explore your Cosmology ?

Do you have awareness of your Mayan Cosmology?

Have you had your natal chart done?

This workshop is for :

Explorers who are ready to work with patterns in their chart on a deeper level

Curious seekers ready to find hidden treasure as to family dynamics

Key Focus:

North and South Nodes in the chart ~ the Dragon Nodes and how to discover the hidden past stories

Ceres Asteroid and her link to your karmic story as a woman

How to decode your Mayan Circle ~ your bloodline and initiating influences as a child and how that shows up over and over again for your conscious evolution

This is taking place on a powerful astrological day and in the heart of the Tzol Kin so expect revelations and breakthroughs in your awareness

and understanding on your soul journey

What you will need to take part:

Your key family members that were a strong influence in your life e.g Mother, Father, Siblings, Grand parents, influential family friends , childhood friends : Their dates of birth (you do not need times or places for this workshop , this info can be useful in future)

Use this Decoder to get their Mayan Signs :

Contact me with your time/date/place of birth so I can create a chart for you

This is an experiential transformational workshop


First hour we will focus on the Mayan Cosmology

Second hour we will focus on Astrology

Third Hour we will focus on karmic blocks and use EFT as a group to release and rewire them

Please be aware that I will need time to do your chart and answer questions if I haven’t worked with you before

This will be a small group of 13 people maximum so please book early to ensure your space

This will be on Zoom


Karmic Patterns and Past Lives

3 Hour Workshop on Zoom


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