Red Moon Wavespell

Red Moon 13 day cycle

Gateway today
Red Solar Earth
What is coming to light ~ Uranus ~ around your values ?

What is being exposed as bullsh*t ?
Taurus Moon in full moon energy today…

A crown turns into goat horns. A remarkable instinct for the next lesson. Finding it, learning it, and drawing everything out of it that you can. Specialised in destiny activation and interested in nothing else. Purposively driven to take up karmic lessons all the way. Wildly given over to what is taken on. Working the territory as hard as you can. Making way for something new by wearing out the old. Assigned to tough situations, yet knowing it is appropriate. Super strong, and especially tenacious and relentless. In deepest essence, sacrificing yourself so that something can happen here that is going to take a lot of doing. And inside it all, you are curiously resigned to whatever arises, not very concerned because long range results mean everything here. And a moment’s or a lifetime’s discomfort is a small price to pay when destiny is truly involved.

Halloween Divinity codes: ~ Yellow Galactic Warrior Cards:

Realm shift
The Lovers:…

Todays cards :
White Dog ~ next solar gateway of White Wind Wavespell
This will be in the dark moon of Scorpio ~ just before the Supermoon in Scorpio on the 15th…
Mars turns direct on the 14th in the UK
Great article :…

Next webinar : Illumination of the holograph 02 November 2020 at 7pm London time :…

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