White Dog Wavespell

The last Wavespell of 2019


of the decade



Film links I have mentioned in the video:


Charlie Wilson’s War :

The Laundromat :

All The Money in the world :

Trust :

Another fabulous metaphor series for human evolution:


The New Moon In Capricorn



Solar Eclipse


Boxing Day

4 degrees Capricorn :

Footprints in the snow.
You are following your own footsteps. In the last previous lifetime, you set into motion a very full karmic momentum, which only got to midstream. This time you first recapitulate the previous patterns and then set out where they lead. All of it, every step, feels fated, inevitable. It is an uncannily strong inward impression. Yet in order to permit the soul of this lifetime some measure of autonomy and freedom, this knowledge is held in the superconscious mind, and you can then cast about as though nothing had happened before. Except that the inward instincts direct you in a predetermined course, and the lessons and the scenes are so very familiar. When individual karma is this strong, the truth is that you must go through what you have set yourself to take on. And inwardly you know it, while outwardly you tread lightly, whistling in the dark, hoping that heavy feeling does not mean what you know it means, for better and for worse.

Blue Spectral Hand ~ what we want to let go of


Shape our Destiny


embody our Avatar

We begin a magical New Year and New Decade


Red Self Existing Skywalker

A Galactic portal Day of Human Evolution


therefore Year

Are you a human being who is free and self existing

Creating Heaven on Earth

yet ?

What is your story ?

Are you editing it through getting clear ?

Creating Heaven on Earth

yet ?

What is your story ?

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