Red Moon Spiral


Pic ~ Ix Chel Moon Goddess 



Red Moon Spiral

This is the spiral as it appears in the 260 day Wavespell


The Red Moon code appears every 20 days


if you follow this with conscious intent

you will see and experience

your authenticity expand in awareness

If you go deeper and do healing work

with your emotional mind

you will experience a shift

in your holographic experience


here on planet earth

These frameworks cross over in time connections

and so you can explore

how they relate and correlate as and when you are ready to 


130 days

from the initiation of the spiral

takes us to :

Blue Monkey Wavespell ~

our divine child revealed in it’s transparency 



Artist unknown




Then we go out

to the world


see our manifestation

with the materialisation

of who we are

in embodiment 





Red Castle ~ Awakening 

1. Red Dragon Wavespell  ~ Red Solar Moon ~ the initiation Gateway to truth and authenticity ~ Code 9 ~  Neptune and Mercury ~ accessing our God and Goddess self ~ Spirit ~ co creation with our human self and spirit expanding as we heal our human being shadow ~ aligning with what the Great Mother is bringing us

13 Moon calendar time period : March 07 to April 03 ~ Pisces and Aries ~ the ending of the old wheel and beginning of the new ~ Spring Equinox 

2. Blue Hand Wavespell ~ Red Electric Moon ~ code 3 ~ the alchemy ~ shaping our destiny here on earth through healing whatever is arising in the here and now ~ emotional triggers reveal this old wounding story

13 Moon calendar time period :September 20 to October 17 ~ Alchemy ~ the Autumn Equinox ~ Persephone goes into the Underworld ~ Virgo and Libra ~ Coming into balance with the sacred feminine 

3. Yellow Sun Wavespell ~ a Clear Sign process ~Red Planetary Moon ~ Code 10 ~Pluto ~ Healing the shadow process reveals our light body ~ embodied

13 Moon calendar time period : April 04 ~ May 01 ~ Aries and Taurus time ~ see what we have manifest as a result of our inner work and sovereignty over the last 9 Moons ~ the magickal day on St George’s Day 


Spring and Autumn

is the key time period

showing the initiation of


in Aries


shadow refinement

in Libra

The twin pairing of the I


the We

How I experience the world

because of how I have experienced the world

determines how we relate


when I change and heal

my way of seeing the world

then how we relate also changes 



White Castle of refinement 

Working with

what is already experienced

in the

Red Castle

to the next level


4. Red Skywalker Wavespell ~ 3 Clear Signs in this process of the human being ready to Create Heaven on Earth through themselves ~ Red Self Existing Moon ~ Code 4 ~ Mars ~ Portal day of human evolution ~ Unveiling what is hidden bringing the unconscious to consciousness to be free and clear of co dependency and toxic relationship

13 Moon calendar time period : October 18 to November 14 ~ Libra and Scorpio ~ All Hallows Eve period ~ A time for death and rebirth to be free of co dependency patterns ~ at this time the structure is revealed for how self existing we actually are ~ rather than how we think we are ~ the ego often has delusions and illusions around our reality ~ are we still playing out old ancestral wounding ways of being ? They are deeply ingrained and what we are here to rework to rebalance the masculine and feminine within

5. Blue Storm Wavespell ~ Red Spectral Moon ~ part of Red Moon tribe and a planetary energy ~ the emotional evolution ~ healing the amygdala response           Code 11 ~ Pluto ~ healing the shadow experiences and ancestral patterning

13 Moon calendar time period : May 02 to May 29 ~ Taurus and Gemini ~ Sacred feminine in relationship ~ what is seeking release to be free of old conditioning ? Taurus is the time of manifestation and as we are now in a Uranus in Taurus cycle on the planet for a long time ~ this is so key ~ Gemini can be surface until we go deeper into the healing of it’s twin energy Sagittarius 

This time period is that of the triple Goddess energy

and the current 260 day cycle

that began on 26 October 2018

Taurus and Scorpio

Intimacy issues


power struggles

The material and the soul connection



Blue Castle of transformation

Healing our Red Castle


White Castle Experience 


6. Red Serpent Wavespell ~ Red Overtone Moon ~ Mastery of relationships ~ Code 5 Asteroid belt ~ Heal relationship and intimacy wounding ~ experience different relationships ~ Portal day of human evolution ~ Asteroids bring new consciousness

13 Moon calendar time period : November 15 to December 12 ~ Scorpio and Sagittarius ~ Death and rebirth through healing relationship and intimacy issues 

7. White Mirror Wavespell ~ Red Crystal Moon ~ Code 12 ~ The central column of the Tzol Kin ~ Seeing how clear our amygdala is ~ how our heart is clear and loving ~ through our reflection experiences on planet earth ~ Neptune ~ deep esoterica wisdom accessible and lived when delusions and illusion are cleared

13 Moon calendar time period : May 30 to June 26 ~ Gemini and Cancer ~ Co creation in relationship and mothering and nurturing ~ Summer Solstice ~ Seeing how clear we are free of egoic wounding distortions

8. Yellow Seed Wavespell ~ Jupiter ~ mastery of the mask ~ Red Rhythmic Moon ~ Code 6 ~ portal day of human evolution ~ Leaving the central column and coming out of the initial process to see how we are embodying our true star seed self free of our ego masks of conditioned behaviour

13 Moon calendar time period : December 13 to January 09 ~ Sagittarius and Capricorn ~ fire and earth ~ healing and discipline ~ getting into the Rhythm of Spiritual journey guidance 


Yellow Castle of Manifestation

Seeing our creations manifest

through our conscious


unconscious choices 


9. Red Earth Wavespell ~ Uranus ~ What is coming to light ~ what is seeking to shift ~ where do we need to be on the earth ~ this is the code for 2018 to July 24 2019 ~   Red Cosmic Moon ~ Code 13 ~ Healing our ancestral patterns around feeling safe on the earth allows a different earthly experience ~ wiser and aligned with spirit path of embodying the new conscious dream 

13 Moon calendar time period : June 27 to July 24 ~ Time to shift into a new place of authenticity ~ Looking over the 12 Moons ~ What is ready to align ? Cancer and Leo time 

10. Blue Night Wavespell ~ Red Resonant Moon ~ what is resonating with truth and authenticity  ~ Saturn ~ The conscious dreamer code ~ Code 7 ~ A Portal day of Human Evolution . How we feel is the key to living a life full of love and connection free of fear ~ key code transformation. Feel fear ~ heal the source and then access the source in a freer way.

13 Moon calendar time period : January 10 to February 06 ~ Capricorn ~ the disciple ~ the masculine conditioning ~ what is feeling true and loving .

Having the discipline to do the work and align with truth.

Time period of  Summer and Winter Solstice ~ Cancer and Capricorn ~

Mother and Father Codes 


artist Amanda Clark


The Green Castle

See our heart’s freedom from past wounding


11. Red Moon Wavespell ~ Code 1 ~ Red Magnetic Moon How are we living from truth free of old conditioning 

13 Moon calendar time period : 26 July to August 22 ~ Leo Sun and the start of the Mayan Year . What we experience in this initiating energy is what we will be working with over the 13 Moon Calendar . Heart energy creating.


12. White Wind Wavespell ~ Red Galactic Moon  ~ code 8 ~ Uranus bringing transformation to our inner Saturnian patterns so we can liberate ourselves from the labyrinth of human suffering ~ Ariadne’s golden thread 

13 Moon calendar time period : February 07 to March 06 ~ Aquarius and Pisces energy ~ Seeing our bigger picture patterns and solutions in Aquarius and healing our emotional wounding in Pisces ~ Integration 

13. Yellow Star Wavespell ~ Red Lunar Moon ~ Venus ~ Being the loving mature human being free from our shadow ~ being the star we truly are ~ open to new learning and healing 

13 Moon calendar time period : August 23 to September 19 ~ Virgo energy ~ Seeing the harvest of our solar year and the bounty of the sacred feminine ~ seeing what worked for us in a healthy way and discernment around our choices ~ having set an intention in Magnetic Moon ~ the new learning comes in 


Time period of Leo and Aquarius axis ~ heal our heart and be clear and find solutions for our bigger picture soul journey and embodiment 

Time period of Pisces and Virgo ~ clear our emotional body to become healthy

and discerning free of emotional distortions and corrupted codes 

Core heart alchemy and healthy human potentiality 


The planetary codes are :


Mercury ~ is being revealed more as we heal our shadow 

Neptune ~  in Red Dragon and White Mirror Wavespells 

Let go of delusions and delusions of our ancestral wounding 

Earth ~ Blue Hand Wavespell ~ shaping our destiny on earth ~ it is why we are here

Pluto ~ transform the shadow ~ Yellow Sun and Blue Storm Wavespells 

Mars ~ Red Skywalker Wavespell ~ the healed sacred masculine ego on a mission to create Heaven on Earth within ~ the Buddha process of the awakened conscious human being 

Venus ~ What the calendar is all about ~ what we value and love from a place of inner maturity that comes from healing ~ Yellow Star and Blue Monkey Wavespell

Uranus ~ Bringing light from within and the inner work ~ learning from Saturnian Codes of Creation in our personal life and becoming wise and walking the talk White Wind and Red Earth Wavespell

The Asteroid belt bringing in new conscious awareness ~ Red Serpent Wavespell

Jupiter ~ mastery and expansion of mature ego to reveal the true star seed ~   Yellow Seed Wavespell 

Saturn ~ seeing the framework and evolving consciously with it’s template ~ our mission in life Blue Night Wavespell ~ the conscious dreamer code











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