Red Cosmic Earth

17 September 2017


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The 13th Day of Red Serpent


Lunar Moon day 26

Time to shift our perspective and ground
Ending ancestral wounding

Leo Dark Moon at 26 degrees:

LEO 26
A fire burns at the bottom of an old well.
Deeply, foundationally held away, asocial and centered upon individual treasures of ancient vintage, you are hostile to close approach. You need leverage and control, and are driven toward extreme autonomy, remembering the way it has always been. Deep in there, warmly radiant, you focus on keeping alive what has gone out upon the surface–a karma of caretaking the mysteries. But your personal expression veers toward crusty, hard-edged, protective, and guarding behaviors that can become obsessive and almost paranoid. Your rigid commitment is to holding steady and outlasting sympathetic cycles and contexts, with a note of fierce conviction that this is all that counts; nothing must moderate or minimize or relativize what has been agreed to and made an iron law.

We are approaching the dark half of the year

New Moon in Virgo approaching

Magickal time for healing our ancestral wounds


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