Sacred Journey Day



Wow what a day. How has yours been?

It is Day 12 of the white wind wave spell and so today we can see a crystallisation of our sacred journey with Red Crystal Skywalker

Who or what was your angel connection today?

Who did you meet?

Did you have any profound plops ( the noise it makes when a penny drops )

Where has your cookie trail taken you today and did you see the signs along the way?

I had a lovely day in The Heart Centre  doing aromatherapy reflexology 🙂

The room is curtained in pink satin and today although very cold, the sun shone and the sky was a beautiful blue.

The room felt and looked radiant.

I have just bought some bean bags and used them for the first time this week for reflexology treatments instead of my couch.

This has changed my perspective as I am now sat on the floor looking out of the window.

Outside there is a tree and today was the fluffiest puffed up sparrow I have ever seen.

As I get into the groove of the treatment I was letting go more and more of my mind chatter and going into the zone…….

this is why I love doing these treatments ….

Be Do Have

To create relaxation for our clients we become relaxation 🙂

The synchronistic blend I used today had top and middle notes of eastern flowers such as Ylang Ylang and Jasmine 

with lower notes of Sandalwood 

adding a touch of rose from some heart chakra opening

and a special Star Child (One of my favourite shops in Glastonbury )  blended oil of lughnasadh to bring balance

pure heaven.

Each drop of essential oil carries an energetic vibration that weaves it’s magic all by itself

and along with the gentle loving touch and methodology of pressing the feet , energy blocks and tension simply fall away.

If you haven’t experienced one yet I highly recommend you do

It is one of the most wonderful bodywork therapies I know

total bliss.

There are many roads to Rome and some of them simply involve

allowing ourselves to receive

So one of the key groups I am choosing to create this year is a holistic hang out for therapy friends to share healing days

in the past I have been to lots and I love them.

If you haven’t tried one yet why not set one up in your area?

You can have supercharge healings ….

imagine four people simultaneously sending you love with massage and reiki ?

Imagine that out in nature?

In a herb garden on a summer’s day surrounded by bees and butterflies

and after grazing on a light lunch

 fresh veggies and fruit picked and eaten within minutes.


How energised will that feel?

I love using energy therapies and living this way of life and once it was only a dream………

I have had so many inspired aha moments this week and tomorrow I will write a longer blog to share that

The mind is willing tonight and the body is saying it’s time to go into the zen zone

and dream.

I wonder what my sparrow angel was singing to me?

More of that tomorrow……

I will leave you with a video that shares two loves of my life

Louise Hay and Tapping.

Empowering people to let go and allow more joy.

Love to you.

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