Day Seven of our Mayan Humanity wave. White Resonant Mirror

As we go further into the lunar moon of the Mayan calendar we are connecting with our challenge this year.

This is the new doorway process that is taking us into unknown territory and learning

White Resonant Mirror

Yellow Human Wavespell

There are very few people on our planet who are awake and aware and ready to face their challenge as we are only a few years into the wave of the  Aquarius Age.

Most people are still playing the blame game and believing we are all the same and see the world through the same eyes.

The general consensus is that we “should” do xyz to be a “good” person and that there is a competition on as to the way forward to be the best of the best of the best.

In schools in the Uk this is very much the ethos generally and pupils are deemed to be “better” if they behave a certain way and are bribed into conforming.

If they show any emotion at school ….

which is a naturally ocurring phenomena and highlighting whether they are following their well-being or not……

What are our future generations learning?

Pretty much the same old same for generations.

What examples are we setting?

and as of yet there is nothing being developed in the way of education in the mainstream….that I know of and please let me know if this is different for you….. about our emotions and how they are the most important guidance system we have

The messages are getting louder though as many children are developing “disorders” “behavioural difficulties” and the like

As in the majority of our society the general consensus is to blame substances, parents, physical illness, media etc for this

instead of looking at a solution based focus

which is to become very aware of our emotions

how we create them inside of us as a reaction to a trigger outside of us

based on our inner beliefs

to take responsibility for our internal sat nav system

and create new ways of relating

This is a challenge in a system that does not cater for the individual and free spirit

in my personal experience very little has changed in the past 50 years in education in the UK

Working with young people who have been affected by anger issues in their home and again at school

young people are still being managed outside of the mainstream.

I believe this is the foundation of dyslexia,dispraxia and conditions like ADHT

They are emotional defence mechanisms.

Our most important life tool of emotional guidance for personal awareness is overlooked and ignored

as it is not in the interests of our money making society to be well.

We have a huge system that is geared to us being in need of medication

living in a limbo land of the pleasure bubble that does nothing to evolve us

it keeps us on the treadmill of not looking at what is giving rise to this pain.

I have worked with people who have been on Lithium for 40 years for one emotional outburst.

Paolo Coehlo was institutionalised by his parents because he was “different” and wanted to become a writer.

What we could be doing instead is listening to the truth that is being communicated by our young people so we can all evolve

and create a generation of humanity that have let go of dishonest living.

To do that the adults involved are at a great place if they are resonating with a clear channel.

I have worked with many organisations that are connected to young people and have great intentions.

Most people who are wanting to create change are part of the energy dynamic and this is where the tricky bit lies.

We are all creating our world based on our beliefs and unless we change our beliefs then the world doesn’t change.

If we carry on doing what we have always done and expecting the outcome to be different….

that is insane – Albert Einstein

Catch 22.

I know many therapists who believe that they change the world by changing others and do not do any personal inner work.

What is that all about?

What inner work have you done on yourself today to create change?

How are you setting an example ?

This is the most fundemental step that we all have to take if we truly want to see a change.

Every day we have a new beginning and a new possibility .

If we are creating that new beginning in ourselves then we create a clear space.

Whatever is showing up for us today

Is us

It is our resonance

It is our mirror

It is a reflection of our life experience in some way

Many people have not cleared enough past issues yet to see how this reflection is not “bad” it isn’t part of the blame game and it isn’t a way of putting yourself or anyone else down.

If we are feeling that then here is where a thread of creating love can start.

Instead of believing everything we see in others is something inherently bad about ourselves

we can see this is a learned conditioning

here’s the paradox

the blame game itself is simply something we use as a deflection so that we do not feel responsible

it’s an ego defence mechanism designed to keep us emotionally safe

and it is often used by adults who have grown up in a narcissistic behavioural family

to avoid focusing on looking at what is really going on in that family

and how to take action to get out of relating in that way

which can be very sticky when it is what we have known our whole life.

It starts early on with the child hurting itself and the mother/father/carer blaming the object rather than accepting the situation

and letting the child learn that life hurts at times, that’s ok and crying is ok because that helps the pain be felt and expressed and released.

How often do we shut up our children because we don’t like how their emotion affects us, affects other people.

Here is the merry go round we now find ourselves revisiting.

All the times in the past when our inner child has been shut up.

Many of my clients come to me with a simple goal – public speaking for example.

We start with what they want to achieve and how they feel.

When we use emotional freedom technique we tap and talk about how they are feeling right now.

Then their mind opens up as to what is stopping that happening now…..

and we time travel back to anything that has happened in the past

where they have experienced a hurt around that

such as when they were eight and were ridiculed by a teacher in class

or they had a death in the family and no one was there for them emotionally

or they were always told they were stupid for speaking out against other family members…..

this isn’t about blaming anyone it’s about letting go of needing to do that because we are ready to feel it now, let it go and move on

it’s about letting that hurt out that has been within all that time and creating new ways of relating now

so it’s safe to speak now

When we do that new things are possible now

and we heal our families past

and we create a new family belief system now

and the ripples go out in our cosmic vibe.

The only way we can create change is to be the change

by truly meeting our own challenge and speaking out for new relationships

with our emotional selves

By becoming a clear channel ourselves

Inside out.

Everyone can learn how to tap for themselves.

It isn’t a quick fix for life

It’s learning a way of being and creating peace for ourselves each day

Many people who experience it expect a quick fix like popping a pill because that is what they are used to

It is powerful and it works when used in a holistic way

We are our own healer and whilst other people can help us do this it is us that creates the change

How many EFT people out there have tapped for themselves today?

Whenever we have an emotional issue about anything we have a history with that.

If you have an emotional reaction to anything I have said today and/or you feel that you have an issue with me because of that…..

Here is what I offer you

You do not know me 🙂

You know a pattern match for me, what you believe I represent


here is my gift for you today.

Focus on how you feel

Tap on that

Follow it back through time

See where it goes in your past

and let it go.

Then see how you feel about me.

I am simply a messenger.

Your choice whether to shoot me or hear the message 🙂

This is the gift we all bring for each other.

When we let go of all the hurts in the past

we are clear and free to be exactly who we want to be right now

We are open pure and clear beings of love in action

and this is reflected in our law of attraction.

The secret is in us.

Love to your love vibes today.

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