Yellow Solar Human



Hecate by William Blake 

Yellow Solar Human 


22 October 2017

The Gateway


Yellow Seed Wavespell

and a

human evolution portal day 


Gateway as it is a number 9


Again lots of revelations on a personal level for me over the past couple of days 

around patterns 

especially my personal patterns

which is the key to understanding The Mysteries

First it is essential to 

Know Thyself 

Then all the other doorways unlock from there


My Burner Day 

What does that mean ?

Not sure exactly as I am learning as I go experientially 

Here is what I have found :

Each Wavespell is 13 days 

52 days in 4 Wavespells = A Castle 

Which is also the age that the Mayan Sign of your birth repeats

Our Galactic Signature and the Creativity Code

we are here to embody and create with

as a Human Being carrying a Spiritual Being 

I have mapped my birthdays and each one is aligned to a year

of my human experience Today I noticed some new information:

that for every Burner Year of mine~ It is A Crystal Year on the planet 

A Burner Day occurs every 65 days

from our birthday

So there is an additional 13 day process 

Which is also the same in the Mayan 260 Day Wave 

Red Castle

White Castle 

Blue Castle

Yellow Castle 

Green Castle

Sharing my journey of Burners:

Red Solar Earth ~ 1991 
when I went to London in Nov Wetherspoons age 26

White Crystal Wizard on the planet 

White Solar Wind ~ 2004 ~ age 39 
One of the Venus Transits on the planet
Article here:
Blue Crystal Storm on the planet
I stopped smoking and I had a big estrangement within my family
Blue Solar Hand ~

when I was born in 1965 


in 2017 when I was 52 ~ a 13 Clear Sign

Yellow Crystal Seed on the planet ~ Red Skywalker Wavespell
the current Mayan Year we are in

Yellow Solar Human ~ when I was 13 ~ 1978 ~ a portal year 

A teenager 
Red Crystal Moon on the planet

All Crystal Years on the planet

So today I am in my Flowering Burner and seeing where I am as a Human Being 

How my conditioning and coping mechanisms are coming off now 

slowly over time 

to reveal the true being I am 

freer of co dependency code 

freer of conditional love 

freer of culture conditioning 

Moving into balance of the masculine and feminine within me 

As I alchemically heal and shape my destiny 



I watched the film


again last night

It gave me more insights

Each time we go around our Solar Return we change 

The starry skies connect to our inner cosmic codes 



new learning and awareness


for those intending it be so 


Knowing thyself is key 

Know your Astrology 

Know the planetary happenings 

Know your Mayan Code

Then travel this life with awareness of what is happening to you

Why you are here at this time 


What your Mission Impossible is 

So you can accept it through accepting yourself 


move into a position of empowerment as a result 


I am honoured and privileged

to do other people’s charts 


code readings 

It is so wow and creates an access into the bigger picture 


everything is interlinked  

I did a reading for two dear friends yesterday 

and their path together 

Their Astrology

Their combined Mayan Signs


when they met 

Truly Magical and Synchronistic

Led me on an intuitive Cookie Trail

The next 260 Day Spiral is:

February 08 2018

Galactic Moon Day 2

Waning Moon in Scorpio

at the Aquarius Meridian time of 1am 

23 degrees of Scorpio:

Inside Degrees Website

A collection of dolls. 
The inside of things takes charge when the ego-self is out of the picture and we are free to go with our fancy. The outer side of things becomes purely symbolic, just one way to do it. When the formative soul has its way, the world is recreated in a different image. Eliminating the usual mental considerations, the formative soul sticks to how things feel inside, and pushes for a world that matches the inner pictures. Becoming bound up with subtle and hidden layers of existence and tuned out of what is obvious and straightforward. Deeply driven to move out beyond the known into other realities. A resourcefulness that knows no bounds. Able to turn anything back into what it was meant to be. In the process, you crack through every kind of consensus agreement, becoming an outlaw, fused with core existence and drawing the energy out of empty forms into what is here. When you can feel the magic and know it is real, it is the touchstone to make it all real again.

What is coming through for our experience 

during the current Scorpio Gateway 

is key now

as we will be integrating it then 


Last degrees of Scorpio and beginning of Sagittarius Moon as I write this:

An umbilical cord. 
Definitely completely attached, but what you are attached to changes drastically. Each time it is to the source of sustenance. If at first a mother, womb, an elemental past, it can easily become later on a great teacher, a path, a journey. You are still thoroughly, personally hooked into the sweetness, the juice, the power. Yet as the levels shift, as the attunement deepens, you go from destructive enmeshment toward incredible openings. And as you learn to cut loose from each last thing and to move toward the next greater thing, you become adept in the rough process of inner soul work. You have an extraordinary aptitude for taking the most binding and heavy-duty circuits and moving into and through them, grasping hold of the guiding influence of ever-greater circles of allegiance. Leading eventually toward mutation and evolutionary breakthrough of the first magnitude.


A very dark sky, but no rain. 
Holding over yourself karmic matters. The probation of the soul. Intent is all. A karmic dilemma of long standing. An advanced stage of the warrior battling the self. A gloomy foreboding. Self-mistrust. Holding back at the edge with a heavy heart, with a desperation to break through. Yet you have an eerie capacity for denying yourself what is sought. Inwardly frightened, even terrorized. The imaginative dimension takes charge and death saturates it. There is an anticlimactic feeling when it should have happened, it could have happened and yet, it cannot and will not. Karmic crystallizations of will. Nothing truly moving onward until you experience complete surrender, radical self-overcoming.


A woman, manacled in solid gold chains.
Vividly attached to your own personal limitations, idiosyncrasies, and karmic backlog, you are identified within the strict circle of familiar difficulties, dilemmas, issues, and problems. Habituated to a thick atmosphere of being surrounded and enveloped by all the places you have hung out forever. Immobilized in your will and truly feeling incapable of overthrowing the past. You feel chaotically fascinated by and deeply saturated in patterns, syndromes, and subconscious escapes. Yet in the fiery midst of this very enchantment, you can go free if you inwardly come to a place where all the old spells no longer work and your resurgent spirit simply refuses to confound itself any further.

The Resonance of Blue Hand

is on

Valentine’s Day 

Blue Hand in it’s pure form 


To reveal how we can see our bigger picture


shape our destiny with

the first Wavespell in the 260 day cycle

awakening us to

what the Great Mother is bringing us 

Before I came to live in Glastonbury I created an 

Open Your Heart Retreat

at that time of year

I will be creating another one for this amazing time 

Watch this Space 


Going over my experiences around Valentine’s Day more recently 

I had two events around wounding


2016 and 2017 

One in Red Skywalker Wavespell

One in Red Earth Wavespell

Both Red Wavespell’s awakening me to

What creates Heaven on Earth

What creates Feeling safe on Earth 

I revisited times in my past with conscious awareness of what creates the opposite to that for me 

A wake up call 

Key experiential learning for my 

Book of Shadows 



Have you started yours yet?

Mars has gone into Libra today 

My placement 

Here is an article by CIA 

Lots of workshops coming up

in my locality for you to get involved in

Connect with me on Facebook too ~ lots of videos on there

Here is the latest one and sorry but I still have not figured out how to do this with a pic yet 😉 


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Sublime nine ?



Day nine ~ the completion of the loop. Yellow Solar Human

We are now in the Yin part of the spiral and this pattern is evident in many areas ~

First seven steps we are climbing the stairway to heaven and……yang going out.

This is revealed in the beginning of  our life journey on earth until around 30. Then we have our Saturn return.

We are on the masculine cycle and outer world focus, sending our energy out and shaping and moulding our structural holograph on the earth ~ finding our way and letting our ego lead us.

At the age of 40 ~ ish we have our mid life experience ~ a Uranus opposition ~ and this is where our life can ~ Can not will it is a conscious decision and active process ~ if we choose ~ become our spiritual journey in a powerful way ,as we allow ourselves to receive from our higher self and transform our ego ~ to create our own personal freedom, step off the hamster wheel and become strong in our core by going within.

So ~ back to the smaller pattern of the wave spell ~ on the 7th step of each spiral we have reached the pinnacle of our personal pyramid and are in the land of the Gods ~ able to listen to our godself ~  if we clear enough space and turn down the volume of 3d living ~ the material and all it’s associated patterns.

The heart path is the 4th dimension and so to reach this place within ~ the first step remember ~ cannot be achieved from outside no matter how many workshops and intellectual cramming we do ~ this part of the journey is not entered into by a written exam ~ it is heartfelt and experiential.

To go beyond duality and opposites, polarity and debate ~ we decide for ourselves what the “right” thing for us is. One size does not fit all. We are on our own individual quest for ……

Loving ourselves, bringing ourselves to centre, calling our spirit and energy back in from wherever far lands it has gone to to escape the here and now

and our body reveals whether we are in alignment with our true nature by whether we are flowing and full of vibrant health.

If this is not the case then there is an inner script that is motivating an exterior way of being that requires a re~write and that is always a past ancient history waiting to be brought up to date 🙂

Today we complete the past eight days and eight years and so on……

  • What is seeking completion now?
  • Have you got any ideas as to solutions?
  • What can you do differently now to go with the flow of this transition time?

If you are a number 9 then you are here to complete for yourself and if it is the perfect time for you…..

to assist in helping other’s complete their cycle at this time of end of days.

End of the old ways of being .

This is my number and now I understand that I can see my life’s journey and events through different eyes of perception.

Here is my solution using my coaching framework:

The ego will out ~ especially in Glastonbury.

This is the land of Glasto Goggle Vision and the place of the Rose Tinted Spectacle Spectacle 🙂

This is the space that shows the ego in full technicolour and people flock here for a fix ~ me included 🙂 I was enchanted by the place as it showed my my illusions and fantasies…..

and eventually came down to earth with a bump.

Glastonbury is a beautiful place and simply creates a hall of mirrors that reveals our shadow side as equally as our higher self….

the mastery is seeing that. 

Are we being The Fool in truth ~ the open hearted, curious seeker and space and time traveller…..

or The Devil card stuck in ego land of addictions and illusion.

Depending on what outcome we choose to create for ourself is the key ~

  • do we choose to get lost and live out our fantasy that we cannot do in other places when we are not visiting the Glasto theatre ?
  • do we choose to look at what that fantasy story is and our heart’s desire and allow ourselves to integrate this aspect of ourselves in every day life no matter where we are and with on this planet ?

Two different ways of being 🙂

If you find your ego is still playing the blame game and wanting to rant I offer you this ~

It is what it has learned to do over a period of time is all ~

after all, watch any film, soap opera or drama and you don’t see many people sitting down calmly discussing ways to co create do you?


our media is mainly focused on the drama ~ acting out and full throttle emotional exchange at top notch.


I find this exhausting now having partaken in this for several decades ~ it isn’t doing it for me and wears me out ~ just don’t want to put my energy there.

I want to move on and do something different 

Experientially I know it doesn’t create anything other than ego posturing because that is what it is ~ and so why expect it to create something it is not 🙂

Same pattern as making wars creates peace ~ total none sense.

It creates death and money for the tank makers.

Here is what my new methodology is and I have used it on a few occasions. It can be difficult to do in some areas as most people won’t have a clue what I am talking about  and …..

this is the challenge.

If you are ready to try it please do and feedback on the blog 🙂

  • To move forward on our relationships we have to let go of being stuck by and bound by anyone else’s ego patterns ~ first and foremost our own.
  • First of all we can focus on the outcome we want to create ~ how do we choose to relate to this person, system  etc
  • I choose to honour and respect others and allow them to be them without sacrificing or diminishing myself ~
  • I am me and open to new learning and ways of relating
  • They are them and hopefully the same ~ if not it’s a non starter in that respect
  • I am not seeking to change the person or get them to agree ~ I am intending to be openly heard and communicated with
  • If the other says or does something I have an emotional response to for any reason and this triggers me I am going to say that

Ideally at this point of being triggered or seeing that they have been triggered ~  I would stop the inter change and go away and tap on it ~ otherwise the past will simply repeat in some way because I am/ they are in that energy of the past and that includes:

  • the feeling of it
  • the beliefs of it

When I have tapped and released this event I will be in a clearer space and this is the gift of the meeting and the trigger ~ an opportunity to clear a past ego trip 🙂

If they can do this we are both clearer  ~ may not be the case with many people yet


If the person is open and knows how to we can tap together and this allows sharing and intimacy.

We can see each other’s inner worlds if we are ready to allow that

This can be a way down the path and take a while to get to.

You can actually have fun with it if appropriate as often triggers are so child like and come from two year old learnt behaviour of wanting our way simply for that reason ~ like a clown you can emphasise it with humour and emphasise that which is normally hidden because of conditioning. If you are experiencing shadow emotions you can actually play them out shouting :

I have been triggered and pull funny faces ~ tag the other person ~ and point a finger gun at them saying they’ve been triggered.

This can of course have the opposite affect so be aware because the other person ~ being triggered even more can turn into a dark star and obliterate you from the world stage. Caution is therfore advised and maybe only try this out with people you know well and have agreed to this state of play.

If you use this playful strategy with the intention of avoiding those shadow emotions , then that is of course a smoke and mirrors deflection that will simply keep you were you are. Comedy is often used as a passive aggressive strategy for anger and notice how some stand~up’s have a powerful volcano simmering under those rapid fire one ~ liners. This scenario is the inner brat performing for an ego stroke and that will expand because the void can never be filled by someone else or something else ~ nothing outside can get close. Most of our society is being puppeted by passive aggressive strategies.

My intention is to create free flowing dialogue from the heart and let go of duelling ego living.

The whole world has the same agenda ~ to be loved and respected for who we are.

When we are ready to own that instead of projecting our shadow experiences onto the other “bad guys” ~ maybe we can all sit together and play happy families for real.

What do you think ?

Love to you today divine beings .

Let’s create some seed liberation strategies for the new year coming that let our true seed selves hang out free from fear fetters.

In this way we can generate deeper intimate relationships that feel good and empower all.