Seeing the bigger picture

ColloidalSilverSingapore1We are now in a refining phase in the Mayan Wavespell calendar. In the first four wavespells since February the thirteenth 2013 ~ where we started a new 260 day cycle ~ we were in the Red Castle of the East ~ the dawn and awakening, connecting to the earth and grounding ourselves to forge a new path.

Now for the next four, we are in the White Castle of the North where the energy is clear seeing of the truth and refining our energy to clear our energy body. If we choose we can do this holistically and see the bigger picture ~ Mind, Body and Spirit and experience limitless transformation 🙂 This fifth wavespell of the 260 day bigger cycle is Red Skywalker. This energy is all about bringing heaven to earth. As a number five it is the fifth element which is in light ~ mastery and in shadow ~ struggle. Throughout our lifetime we do the rounds with these spaces over and over with different aspects of ourselves.

Each wavespell has thirteen days and if we choose we can work with the energy to bring us more awareness of where we are on our path. It is simple to tune in each day and connect to the energy with whatever time we have available. Each time we do this we create an energetic change within us.

Today we are on day three of this uniting heaven and earth in our day to day life. Heaven is within. It is a belief system that we live. Blue Electric Eagle is today’s energy and this is all about seeing the bigger picture.

Our ego mind gets stuck in a rut and only knows what it knows… is driven by the past and what it believes was a “good” or “bad” experience. It is driven by the emotional mind and feelings and it doesn’t “do” logic. When we become aware of this and how our ego belief system is often steering us down a very limited path that we have often revisited ~ we are at a choice point to see our pattern and do something else.

In our ego driven western society we are led by the head and are often misled. We have lots of mind linked institutions that are coming from an ego viewpoint and this is a patriarchal masculine pattern. Take Science for example. When we understand how the Science community works we can see that it is very much a pattern of control and selective seeing. It is driven by funding and is often tainted by that funding. Much of the research that is heart led and for our conscious evolution never sees the light of day because the companies that provide the funds are interested in profit and in the world of health that is in people being unhealthy 🙂 Many amazing inventions are hidden, bought out etc as they do not fit the money model. That is changing now as part of our turnaround towards  more feminine patterns.

As we move into the Aquarian Age , we are becoming more individuated and self-reliant and asking more questions. Anyone who has been around for a few years and has a free spirit, questions what our society is “sold” and many people are now becoming more switched on as to what is the motivation behind our Governments and institutions that are ego pattern led.

Most of the big money making industries are invested in war and so to thrive ~ wars have to be created ~ there has to be a threat ~ and so this is created. This also reflects our collective consciousness as we haven’t healed our childhood experiences and past history ~ until that happens they continue to exist because they are what we believe to be true and create learning for us.

When we bring this down to a simple pattern without any political storytelling we see a pattern.

When we look at our bigger picture of history we see that ego fear pattern playing out over and over with different countries.

This was highlighted last week with a programme by Horizon on BBC2 where scientists are using data to see patterns for crime prevention in the USA ~ The Age of Big Data

In the same way we repeat our patterns and they can only repeat if we have the energetic beliefs to support their existence.

Since learning about energy therapies in 2007, I have started to question a huge number of my beliefs and what I have been educated about through the media, my school education and my peer groups general understanding. It felt very unsettling to begin with as my ego didn’t like me messing around with it’s deeply rooted belief system. When I read things that were a quantum leap away from my understanding I literally felt sick ~ it was a step too far. I have learned to take little steps now wherever possible ~ sometimes we get pushed over the edge by universal events 🙂

It is key to our personal evolution that we remain open to new learning because our world is changing so fast….. so creating flexibility patterns that allow this is essential if we choose to move forward. We are in the emotional and electrical evolution.

At this time of year we are in a very masculine focused energy ~ Aries and as I am writing this we are in Aries moon with a new moon coming on Wednesday.

The more we learn about the heavens in terms of what the Sun sign is and what energy it brings, the Moon sign and whether it is waxing or waning and what the planets are doing …….the more we can tune in and if we know about our astrological chart we can see how that affects our individual energy circuitry. We can work with more awareness. In this waning moon time it is a great opportunity to let go.

If we have lots of clutter then that is a pattern of holding on. If we have lots of chaos in our lives then there is an imbalance in the opposite polarity which is order. There is no “good” or “bad” about this ~ it is what it is . If we have a lack of order then we will struggle to create flow. At this time of year we are in Spring which in the Chinese wheel of five elements is Wood. The opposite polarity of this is Autumn and in this system is Metal.

To allow more flow now we can see where we can create space within and therefore space without ~ what are we holding on to? What have we been experiencing since Autumn and the Scorpio gateway in October, that is seeking release in us so we can truly experience new beginnings?

I have a new blog that has just started: Seed of Sacred Living

I am going to be sharing my journey into new ways of living in terms of food and growing that food. I have been a gardener since I was knee high to my Grandad and pottered around his garden listening to his love of nature. He had lots of AA books ( Automobile Association) and Readers Digest  and shared his journey in learning about all the wildlife that came into his urban garden. He had a pond and a greenhouse and I remember sitting on his back door step watching the hedgehog family visiting to snack on food he put out for them. Lovely memories .

I have recently acquired some books on the vibration of food with a high science quota of information so I can understand more about food in this way. I have known for a long time, that most food we have been educated to believe is healthy in the UK has simply been a marketing plan with no basis in truth.

As I am currently working with addictions using energy therapies and have lots of food addictions ~ sugar, chocolate and old ways of eating, it is fascinating to learn about the mood changes that come with lots of different foods such as meat ~ very addictive and stimulating with the same pattern as nicotine and caffeine. Also eating anything that is from an animal and therefore anything the animal has taken into it’s energetic being is passed to us. Although this may now be common knowledge after the huge fears that came with Mad Cow Disease and salmonella in eggs on a broad basis, we soon forget the bigger picture ~ what manure are we using on our veggies ? What vibe are our veggies growing in? Reading a book about the electrical in all living beings and how we create different electrical polarities to regenerate is fascinating stuff. Will be sharing more of this as I learn how to integrate it in my day to day experience. All living beings respond to the love vibration and when we merge with that being through consuming it ~ what vibe do we choose? Many products marketed as being healthy ,vibrant … that true? If the person involved in the growing and packing process is there reluctantly and feeling miserable about it, undervalued etc……how does that transfer to the goods? Everything is connected 🙂

I have often felt a dissonance from people I know who are vegetarian/vegan/have knowledge of energy therapies and ancient practices such as tai chi ~ because……

they aren’t a vibrant picture of health and don’t walk their talk. Many people I know have gone down this avenue from a fear based intention and I understand this.

What I have learned is ~ back to the bigger picture~ it’s the whole deal that works.

If we have a belief system that is largely fear based then we cannot receive from the universe. Imagine our cell receptors that are limiting our experience because of times in the past when we have been hurt and so our feminine in circuit is being filtered.

It doesn’t matter how much juice we drink or how much yoga we do ~ we have beliefs that block our circle being completed. Let’s say we have had a bullying experience as a child and it was around girls ~ if we haven’t cleared that emotionally our ego is still of the belief that girls are unsafe and the universe has to bring us that reality. If we look closely at our life experience we will see we are still living that in some way in our relationships today.

The older we are the bigger that pattern ~ it becomes a black hole that has energetically increased with each matching experience. This results in an imbalance and in ph terms this is acidic. 

When we have too much acid, the metaphor ~ eats away at us ~ is inflammatory ~ is blistering ~ and if left unchecked will create dis~ease. It is impossible for someone who has this pattern to create wellbeing on a long lasting basis because being peaceful and harmonious isn’t a match for their underlying vibration.

Eating high vibe foods and being out in nature will help counterbalance this ~ the key is to let go of the acidity emotionally. Letting go of the vitriol changes the vibe of the organs in the body. At the moment it is a great time to cleanse the liver and gallbladder. The liver is where anger is processed and the gallbladder ~ bitterness and bile. Again a prime example of this is the gall~bladder being unable to process fatty foods and dairy ~ it is not an energetic match if we are holding bitter vibes. Coconut is a great way to heal and allow nurturing ~ matches breast milk in many ways. Tapping on our bitterness and bile creates a shift on the inside.

One of my key dis~ease areas that I have written about before ~ my teeth. Since my teenage years I have had teeth removed to make space, braces that damaged enamel and a series of enamel veneers, crowns , metal removed and currently plastic crowns allowing a shift in my central governing channel.

Much of our modern health systems in the West have no awareness of ancient wisdom which has been available for thousands of years in the East ~ as it would be   🙂 East awakening ~ West transformation through death 🙂

Trying to explain to a dentist about this often falls on deaf ears and this is key to my own journey about why I am experiencing this with my teeth. The key areas for issues is connected to the bladder meridian which is being “pissed off” 🙂

This is also the area of the throat chakra and ingoing of the breath ~ where I receive from the world and my feminine intake. It is also linked to my nose and what gets up it 🙂 and my knowingness 🙂 My Lilith in Aquarius.

I really have an issue with close mindedness and a lack of respect and gentleness in relationships. It is a major issue I have at the moment where I am experiencing that in my life and….

it’s an opportunity to heal it. This is the journey we are all on and how our universe pattern of opposites creates 🙂

What I find difficult to swallow is arrogance of ego led individuals who believe if it cannot be measured or proven using their ways of doing that……it doesn’t exist.

The pattern of limitation and immaturity.

My first injury to this part of my face was as a child on someone else’s bike ( that I “should’t ” have been on. It was too small and I didn’t know how to work the brakes) I was going down a hill on my street and my mum was coming round the corner in a car. I put the front brake on, skidded down the road…..on my face. I went to hospital and had stitches and although I have done lots of tapping on this there are more threads to be healed and more learning…..Lots of experiential revisiting too.

Many people I have encountered in health industries and many people I have had as client’s with trauma from receiving care from individuals in this sector, have emotional trauma because the individuals had no empathy for them. They felt brutalised not just by their physical trauma but by the lack of kindness and compassion  that was there for them.

When I work with EFT with this we go back to that event and we release the emotion that has been frozen in time. Then when that space has been energetically desensitized and decluttered a bigger picture view can often be seen because the hurt is no longer there distorting the picture. It is important that the first part takes place before moving onto the second part of the process……… which is seeing why that may have been happening for the other party ~ the ego loves to go to this place straight away to avoid feeling the pain however when that happens the avoidance pattern means no healing and that frozen space remains 🙂

When it is truly cleared we are in a different energetic space ~ this is the process of forgiveness .

We can then see that often people in medical service have developed strategies to allow them to work with people in pain all day ~ which often means they have never  been a touchy feely person because early in life they had experiences that prevented that ~ or they learned to layer armour in their training and probably both as it was simply their energetic pattern expanding. To do their work they have to work with the clock ~ look at the none sense of junior doctor’s in A and E ~ yet we spend millions on uniforms 🙂 madness……

The more we look with our eyes open the more we see the madness all around 🙂 How many people do you know who want a war machine? Although we speak out and march and protest……it still goes on. It is time to see how to really create a change in our world in a different way ~ from within ~ by looking at our patterns and changing them.

When we have no need anymore for parental control……it will cease to exist ~ may take a few generations yet……

The key for our evolution now is to explore balanced ways of having relationships with others that aren’t motivated by fear.

If we aren’t living a balanced life ~ and for most of us that is impossible if we are plugged into western ways of living and working ~ we start to take steps towards that holistically.

Exploring new ways of being is key and often that means revisiting old ways paradoxically.

Back to the metal element . Today I am researching colloidal silver to use for treating my gums. This is today’s picture. I am also using ph balanced water to drink and salt based toothpaste. The toothpaste also contains essential oils ~ myrrh is a key one for healing this pattern.

Teeth and gums are about decisions made and how we bite into life. If we are having root canal issues ~ deep root undermining.

How often have we trusted “professionals” and experienced emotional and physical wounding? No blame intended ~ simply being discerning. As an individual they see life according to their learning……and that often isn’t a match for ours on a well-being basis ~ it is always a match for us vibrationally and….an opportunity to raise our vibe 🙂

It is time to become a professional on ourselves. Anything is possible now as all knowledge is available via the world wide web and the more we learn to use our intuition and balance our masculine and feminine, the more we live in harmony and create heaven on earth.

Please feel free to feedback on your experiences on the blog. I am very interested to hear about anyone’s experience with colloidal silver.



Love power


As a holistic therapist working with people who want to create change I look at the bigger picture

Mind Body and Spirit to create harmony and more love power.

My passion is energy coaching for creating powerful change very quickly. As a Leo and a fire initiated sign I love to transform energy and I like it sooner rather than later ~ fire energy is fast. As I transform my own ego and intend to move into maturity at midlife on the inside as well as the outside, I have learned to temper that instant fix . I have learned over the years from experience, that a quick fix is often a solution that is temporary and without firm foundation. Often the compulsion to fix is a key gateway into a pattern of an ego trip…… and by that I mean a strong impulse to empower ourselves by taking back something we feel and believe we have lost because something was denied to us as a child that felt confusing and disempowering. Something was taken away and so we felt taken from. Here is where we can look to transform that ego place and connect to our inner child. We are an adult now or we are in a different space now and we can keep the learning and let go of the fear.

I believe life is intended to challenge us……. and that we can overcome every situation and grow and thrive as a result of each challenge.

If we choose to sit with this compulsive feeling instead of acting immediately ……and explore it and resist the impulse ~ wanting some ” thing ” now is always an ego pattern ~ we can let the heart and soul guide us as to what is really seeking release and let go of headless chicken style living  and often drama fuelled desire ~ the opposite of peaceful living.

Today I have had lots of awareness “plops” ~ insights…..eurekas in other words 🙂

As I expand my consciousness and learn about new worlds I see different perspectives and the more I tap for myself and with clients the more these flow. I am so grateful to everyone co creating with me right now.

Getting out into the world to synchronise is also key and another jigsaw piece of the puzzle right on time  ~ a Dion Fortune workshop by Ian Rees who has a room right next to mine at  The Old Clinic ~ my room being The Heart Centre in Glastonbury …..didn’t know he was a specialist on this amazing woman who lived and is buried in Glastonbury. Perfect timing and Ian did a guided visualisation which fitted perfectly in with the learning I am processing about the Qabalah at this time. He explained the Tree of Life in terms of the planets in the universe and how they are reflected in our inner world and the journey of the soul. On my cookie trail I have read Moon Magic and Sea Priestess by Dion Fortune  ~ see if you feel drawn to do the same. It was part of my journey that brought me to The Isle of Avalon.

Creating Love Power with Tapping

If you visit other blogs and forums you will often see comments in the therapist and EFT world in particular about  something stopping people from completely clearing an issue ~ it could be called procrastination, secondary gain ( a client has a reason for being ill that keeps them safe ~ for example: this could be an income directly resulting from their illness and reliant upon it).

For those not familiar with an EFT , Emotional Freedom Technique framework ~ and how it works generally here is a brief summary of how that could look in a session:


Using a specific framework the client speaks of their issue that they want to resolve that is causing them to feel something different to harmony and love.

Leaving a well paid job.

Quick measure to start the process so we can see whether we are able to reduce the feeling  ~which the client feels anxious about every weekend when Monday looms closer and explore what it means :

How much does the client want to leave that job at this moment on a scale of 1 to 10 ?  10 being I totally want to leave asap.

Answer: 8

  • Eft works at it’s best when very specific rather than very general …..sometimes it takes time to get to a focus. Layers to unwrap 🙂
  • Let’s say the client wants to leave their job and become self-employed because they are not happy with their colleagues or what they do, however there is a climate of few jobs so their intellect tells them that isn’t a good idea ~ to leave without first establishing another form of income.
  • Now if we look at the metaphor ~ the pattern, they are leaving an often co-dependent system of being employed ~ rarely does a job function in balance in terms of number of hours worked, pay that equates to that effort, travel, environment and stepping out to create their dream ~ going on an adventure and this means going into unknown territory and facing challenges on their personal quest.
  • On some level the client is ready for change. This is a very big shift and lots of things are going to need to come together and align to make the shift…..and that person has their own unique formula for that according to their position on their life path and personal timeline.
  • If they work only with what they know because of where they have been so far…..they cannot move forward because……that knowledge and energy circle….pattern is born of that past situation
  • To create a new future ……new energy codes are required
  •  We cannot “pre-programme”  because that happens during the change step by step as the universe co creates bringing other people and events together at the perfect time to co create ~ spiral pattern. Most people haven’t been educated in this process because it isn’t an ego framework or one that most of our society is based on.
  • What we can do is let go of anything that is coming up to be released that is fear from the past to let them move forward
  • Changing focus onto  oneself and being internally referenced  so the focus is to enable more core strength, heart based self confidence, trust in oneself and personal ability.
  • So in a session we can start with where the person is now……..and where they want to be ~ and being as real with that as possible as to real life structure, money, dependants and so on
  • We can look at what the client wants to create in the future and we can put a time frame on that creation…..and be open as to how that is achieved as well as taking grounded structured steps in the real world such as buying a website, going on any professional qualification courses etc and taking action
  • Once we start to tap the emotional and past reasons will come up ~ often totally not what the client expected. Some will be very early childhood events that created beliefs where the child didn’t feel loved and nurtured in the way they needed. As these are released at the perfect time the client starts to change their energy and creates a different experience.
  • We may in a first session start to get that number 8 of anxiety down to a much lower number by identifying pattern matches and releasing them . In some very simple EFT scenarios we can completely clear a phobia for example, a fear of public speaking .
  • Whatever is synchronised in a bigger picture will clear ~ often we find a pattern match related to the time of year that the client may not remember ~ once we start tapping though it comes up. There is absolutely nothing to worry about as we always have the answers for ourselves and EFT demonstrates this and allows it to come up and reveal the magic of our universal matrix and soul journey. As soon as I connected to it I knew that and had a recognition of heart wisdom for me.
  • So we can clear what comes up that is ready and when the client is ready for the next stage they get in touch and in the meantime they can use EFT for themselves and build their own skill.
  • Sometimes this means a big life event has to happen that connects them to their destiny and this may not make sense in a mind way~ however each personal life journey is connected to many threads and the ripple goes out and echoes in eternity ~ it may not make sense to us now ~ it is part of the bigger picture and is often revealed later as we evolve through our emotional evolution.
  • Everything that is in our world has a reason.

I now call this a choice point . It is a gateway where we get to choose which direction we go in at this point. Often this is a cycle repeating itself and when we start to look in more depth it can be stunning to see just how we replicate our pattern and it is beneath our conscious awareness ~ until it isn’t. When it is time it rises to the top of our cosmic soup so we can work with it consciously.

This is what I love about the key initiation quest for developing NLP `

the difference that makes the difference

This is when there are enough pieces of the jigsaw puzzle present to create a synergy that is a magnetic force and it starts to pull the other pieces in

The picture becomes clear and we have reached a completion of a cycle.

The mind has a logical viewpoint and perspective ~ Spock persona

We don’t live in a linear world and we don’t function without emotion ~ although I guess we all know someone who seems to and remains locked away in their ivory tower, impassive, impermeable and unmoveable ? Love don’t live here anymore ?

A person living this way has all their ego defences reinforced with a moat and a drawbridge because ……..there has been wounding

Life events often defy logic and it is only when we look at the bigger picture and the pattern we can see there actually was a reason and it may not be a happy one ~ and it is where that person needed to go to create learning. We often have to go into deep dark places to come out and see the light ~ it’s the polarity journey . It is the contrast and it is necessary for our collective human evolution.

The more I have learned about bigger picture frameworks ~ such as astrology and the Mayan calendar and the more I can see how this framework plays out.

What I love about emotional freedom technique is you don’t need to know how it works for it to work. Often when we tap what comes up for release isn’t what we think the issue is about 🙂

I have used EFT with a huge range of people and the easiest clients to work with are the least “educated” usually children or people more in touch with their body and their feelings ~ open , touchy, feel, flexible pattern people.

People who are in this energetic space allow whatever seeks to come up to come up and it does ~ very easily.

Lets say a child has a phobia about spiders.

I know from working in this way that it is rarely about a spider incident that has caused trauma ~ it is about the pattern. What pattern the spider emulates and therefore how it is a pattern match for other emotional traumas. These may seem insignificant for an adult analytical mind but for a child there is a very different reality. Our emotional mind distorts reality . When the true nature of the distortion is released ecologically then the spider is restored to it’s place of neutrality and more freedom is allowed for all beings.

Our planetary patriarchal pattern has created many emotional wounds around our sacred feminine ~ the majority of people have experienced lack of love from their caretakers as our world generally doesn’t live in a sacred, sensitive world.

We are now in our emotional evolution creating balance ~ from within.

How the Mayan Wavespell calendar

can assist us with allowing our sacred feminine in ~

We are currently in the White Wizard Wavespell and today is Blue Planetary Night

This is day ten of  a thirteen day energy spiral of self ~ empowerment and being the change we want to see.

Over the past nine days we can see how we have been in our world and whether that has been from our heart or our head and how we are following our sacred path. Today’s energy is seeing what we have manifested as result of that……

and you may want to look at what you have created to let the magic flow through you as the key focus…..rather than simply what tools you have created to do that. How is what you are creating allowing you to shine from within purely for you rather than about others?

The previous wave spell was Red Dragon ~ this is the first wavespell in the Tzolkien calendar and it started on February 13 . This wavespell was about surrendering to what our goddess energy is showing us ~ heart, feminine, now, intuition, creativity….. and whether we are living our dream and being the true star that we are.

On the tail of this we are now working with the next step ~ putting that into action by letting the magic flow through us.

Notice how in the flow we have been feeling and where we have some sticky bits ~ the square being shaped into a circle ?

Love Power Documents to empower

I have created some documents to share as part of my dream and self-empowerment process and here they are  below.

If you feel called to explore them from the beginning with Step one , please message me and I will send you the first document.

They are evolving in thirteen steps.

The wavespell documents show the thirteen steps and again gratitude to Tracey Gendron who has amazing resources on her website ~ the energy of them stays the same however depending on what wavespell we are in the nature of the energetic code or flavour changes. These changes create transformation within us if we work with them consciously and the time is in alignment with our life cycle.

Working in this way experientially and energetically is the heart path rather than purely intellectually which is the mind and ego path

All is explained in more depth in the documents.

For working with the challenges in depth:

Kalma Karma Purification

For a daily  practical love process:

Daily Love Synchroniser

The New Moon in Pisces is coming up on Monday so time to share the love and we can only truly do that from the heart when we have let go of any personal energetic stories where we believe ourselves to be unloved or separate from our universal mother love.

We have to love and nourish ourselves to be the love we want to see. The astrological wheel has come to full circle . We start a new one with Aries and the fiery energy of initiation on March 20th.

Love to you cosmic dreamers.

Let’s get our ships out of harbour and set sail.


Here is my newsletter with my dreams for this year. Hope you enjoy and maybe I will see you on one of my adventures.

Barefoot Newsletter 2013

A beautiful film about The Tree of Life

Day Five of the humanity wave of change. Yellow Overtone Warrior

Wishing you a joyful September and an abundant harvest.

Today’s picture is the Mayan calendar and anyone familiar with astrology will see it’s significance.

This is a stargate – if you have seen the film and the series you will be familiar with the concept that this is a gateway to travel through space and time.

Our ancestors were stargazers who recorded the movements of the planets in the heavens and believed them to be Gods.

The Sumerians built huge ziggurats to achieve this.

As they recorded the information as to the position of stars and planets, they noticed what affect that had on their climate , crops, water tables etc and this information allowed them to see that what was happening in the heavens affected the earth.

As above, so below.

They created charts and astronomy and astrology became a science.


In the Mayan energy wave today we have

Yellow Overtone Warrior


Yellow Human Wavespell

When we expand our awareness and consciousness we can see that the many different methodologies created by mankind , all have a similar message.

They are all interlinked with an energetic golden thread.

In the same way as what is above is replicated below…….

As it is within us so it is without…..

We see in our outside reality a reflection of the inside circuitry.

When we raise our awareness of this then the magical connection really expands.

Many of the myths of legend have been created to appeal to our ego sensibilities and have been dramatised as such.

They have reflected where our group consciousness is at

and if we are in an ego child space of needing to be parented and controlled through fear

we see how the stories

and actual daily life

reflects that

In Stargate the film, there was an evil alien who sought to harness the world’s he visited and enslave the people to do his bidding through fear.

They far outnumbered him yet were so overcome by their fear they were powerless to act…..

until his actions became to big to ignore.

So it is with our unconscious mind.

It will live through fear and control until a bigger threat comes along that it perceives even more dangerous than it’s present course of action

and so it allows change to happen.

All of this is a metaphor for our sacred journey

We can choose another route

to live from love instead and move towards things rather than away from them

remembering our true essence

commiting to the creation of our dream

that we are always guided if only we allow it

most people do not

letting their fear ego run the show

we are creating a tipping point as more people wake up to who they really are

Today’s energy is all about connecting to our core star

the pentacle

working with our humanity

and the

five elements

and creating the magic within by clearing our channel so we are a clear space to receive and connect with the magical energy grid of all that is.

Emotional Freedom Technique creates this clear channel.

The more we have done our inner work and let go of our story and the more we are in

our open heart space.

The more we have connected to the sacred cycles and use the tools our ancestors have given us

the more we time travel

the more we can see where we can journey to

who with

and what the next step on our path is

we may not know how

or why

it is enough that we are having a wonderful time on a cosmic adventure

and paving the way of our emotional evolution.

If you haven’t really connected to your divine message yet

and are stuck on a repeating groove

thinking that you have a need to do xyz before you are ready

that another qualification under your belt will give you the edge

that you haven’t got the tool yet to accomplish your mission

this is your ego talking

you have everything you need within you

the only person who is stopping you

is you

if you are ready to let that resistance go and be pro active

instead of being reactive when the bigger nudge comes along

then you are among the few seekers who are ready to do what it takes


face your own shadow

that is all it takes

change the inside and the outside changes

as above

so below

as within

so it is without

let go of banging the drum

and be the rhythm

Love to you today and your love space.