Day 12 of the wave~ Yellow Crystal Warrior

We have completed a cycle and now we are building new relationships with our own conscious way of relating

if we are aware of  being conscious of course

and the majority of people aren’t.

Yellow crystal warrior day

How are you spending your day?

Are you kung fu fighting or building bridges of the heart.

Today I have been very busy in having a huge clear out in alignment with the new moon and the autumn equinox tomorrow.

Magical gateway and one of the most powerful of the year as the wheel in the UK turns into the dark time.

Are you aware that you are a part of the infinite web of crystalline energy and that everything you emit is a signal that spins out?

What ripples in the pond are we creating

Gladiator quote:

What we do in life echoes in eternity

We are all part of cosmic creation yet most people do not take any responsibility for how their actions are shaping the planetary reality

The majority of people do not want to take responsibility for their own lives….

then complain when they do not like how other people create their lives for them…

or blame them.

This is the popular way of being on our planet….

totally unaware that there is no one “doing this to us”…

we are doing it to ourselves

and that may be a truly shocking statement for some people

and very hard to swallow.

When we are ready to see it….

voila there it is shown distinct and this is the key thing……

when we are ready.

I am  highlighting a video today that I do not entirely share the viewpoint of…..

because there is a strong element of fear rather than love


please be aware that there is disturbing footage throughout and especially towards the end

which I wish hadn’t been in the film because it’s got some fab information without the disturbing stuff.

Ego likes disturbing stuff….

It has some excellent sharing too

It gave some new insights for me about  things and some I find feel they fit for my way of seeing the world.

Alot of what is in the content is in my posts about the planets and archetypes, so that was a synchronisation for me too…..

sharing awareness that all our demons are inner ones and if we don’t change the inside then the outside doesn’t change.

Even in all the seemingly imperfection perspective of how mankind is playing out their drama at the moment

as the guy says it simply is what it is

and it is where we are

Kymatica Movie

the majority of people would rather resist and fight others than look at themselves and until that changes……

the resistance will continue

I do not feel there is any conspiracy…..simply repeating patterns

and now a change is starting.

People are waking up to being co-dependent

We are always creating a healing response for ourselves

this is the whole dynamic of the emotional mind….

only what the emotional mind chooses to do is so very often insane 🙂

It will go to great lengths to keep us “safe”

Each dis-ease is the next step on the healing process.

When we cut ourselves our body creates a scab to heal and it’s the same on the inside.

When we are out of balance as our planet is now….

off on a patriarchal child rant of fear and paranoia

the ego needing bigger and bigger energy fixes

we are very much in our masculine acidic energy and this means our internal ph is way down around the 4’s

this is cancer

what is eating away at us, that we cannot stomach, that we cannot cure or fix because it is outside of us and we are getting more and more stressed…..

so the body internally goes into acidity and starts to eat itself…..

the immune system then seeks to fight the enemy within and sends an army to deal with it

the cells start to multiply and are out of control and a tumour is formed

and ultimately this tumour is there to heal the wound

do you see ?

We create it unconsciously

and the great thing is…

we created it

we uncreate it

by letting go and being in the flow

Some people I have shared this with are very resistant

and somehow think I am being offensive in saying it

because they haven’t let go of their fear and their ego does not want to take responsibility

I am not saying anyone is a bad person or judging them

and it is my intention to share this amazing empowering perspective with people

so they can learn and empower and let go of limiting beliefs

how can that be offensive?

Somehow they mistakenly believe that I am saying that it is the ill person’s fault which is untrue

It’s no one’s fault

It is simply what happens

and here is the tricky thing about this conversation

If people haven’t done their inner work and let go of when they have been hurt by being judged then their ego will judge others

everything we have ever experienced we are

until we let go and change how we feel about our past

When people say they understand universal law

and they haven’t created ego transformation through feelings

then all that they know is what they think

and that is simply being a talking book

they are not changed through experientially letting go of their ego wounding

we are all on a cycle of this and the more resistant we are to the world and other people the less inner emotional transformation we have done

we all have access to the christ consciousness and the buddha wisdom because they are us

everything in the universe that has ever been or will be

is us

the only difference between us and others is life experience and how much inner alchemical enlightenment of our shadow we have done…..

and this isn’t an elite school of learning

everyone can do it….

and yet most people would rather die – literally…

we have to do what most people fear the most and that is….

look at ourselves

and anything we do not like

learn to love

and when we all do that…..

we will be sending out that vibe of love, appreciation and respect


of ourself

and our ego is then a gentle guiding friend that lives in the now

because all the past pattern matching files of red alert have gone

At Tai Chi yesterday my teacher gave me a great insight when we were practising standing in the first pose

He said

“To think we have to access memories”

so we go back into the old files and then we project them onto the future

Standing in an ancient pose of magical practise to balance the masculine and feminine and let the energy flow

the intention is to let the mind quieten by being in the body

and the stance of the body is key to balancing the three bowls of energy

this is also the triple heater meridian which is the warlord of our flight, fight or freeze mechanism

and takes energy flow from all areas ready to attack when triggered….

and remember these triggers aren’t logical and Dr Spock wouldn’t be impressed with their reasoning 🙂

The more you have wiped the memories of any emotional intensity and defragged your hard drive

integrated the parts that have gone way out into cyberspace and brought them into the inner sanctum once more

and the more we can open up to inspiration because we are in the love zone ready to receive from the collective unconscious

we are free from the ego mind running it’s fear script from when we were 5 or 6 which is when many of our major beliefs and patterns were formed.

We live in an energy universe and we are always balanced by ourselves

we are the universe

when we balance ourselves within

and let go of our shadow

become comfortable in the skin we are in

and work with our ego

recognise that if we are full of fear

it’s ours

it isn’t anyone else’s

and no one else can take that fear away

instead of building walls

let’s tear them down on the inside

rip off the shields and protection and open wide

what do we need to protect ourselves from…..?

Only ourselves of course.

Love to you today with your warrior of the heart manoevres 🙂

If you are ready to work consciously with your ego then Sunday is a good day to start with the new wavespell

White Magnetic Mirror

Mirror Mirror on the wall……

If any of these are your Mayan sign then this wavespell has your name on it…..

It’s your special energy spiral to work with.

White Magnetic Mirror
Blue Lunar Storm
Yellow Electric Sun
Red Self-Existing Dragon
White Overtone Wind
Blue Rhythmic Night
Yellow Resonant Seed
Red Galactic Serpent
White Solar World-Bridger
Blue Planetary Hand
Yellow Spectral Star
Red Crystal Moon
White Cosmic Dog

If you wish to see how EFT can help you with this energetic wave then please message me and we can skype

over the next thirteen days on a particular cosmic co -creative day


Day Six of humanity energy wave. Red Rhythmic Earth

Still feeling the full moon energy of heightened sensitivity?

Lots of inspired ideas flowing in now if we are ready to receive and feel the flow.

If we are balancing our masculine and feminine within then we are grounded, clear and connected.

Our roots run deep and our base chakra is open like a flower allowing our divine gaia energy connection.

As the highway of energy flows it has unlimited capacity and sharing…..

Broadband capacity is matching that in our outer world.

Anything that is excess to our requirements, that is surplus to our energetic beliefs

runs direct into earth where it becomes inert to us

our cup floweth over

It is essential to our well-being that we filter our choices

and what is intended for us,

synchronistically at the perfect time

otherwise we become ungrounded and off with the sacred feminine

in the fairyland world

and we lose our way

that is a choice that is outside of right and wrong

it is outside of balance too and sometimes we go out of balance….

to come back in

all roads lead to Rome

If we are ready to walk the heart path and in doing so to open our heart by allowing ourselves to be vulnerable

then this is the place of emptying our cup

It is time to defrag our inner hard drive in order to integrate our love space

I use Emotional Freedom Technique to do this

Whilst working with the sacred geometry that each person arrives with

If you are feeling there are too many choices you may be procrastinating


unsure of which to pursue

in which case wait until you are clear

and your heart guides you

it is only the ego that seeks instant gratification……

fears loss, fears scarcity

when there is truly a myriad of beautiful avenues awaiting our perusal

Today is  Red Rhythmic Earth in this Yellow Human wavespell

This shows how we are balanced in our inner space and how we choose to live.

Are we the awakened dreamer listening to our divine guidance?

Do we act on it?

Are we still working mainly with our ego linear world and bound to it’s demands?

Each part of our body has an energy centre

A chakra

This is connected to the planets.

Our golden thread that connects all heavenly beings of light.

The base chakra is Saturn. This is our basic structure and how we feel we belong. Our tribal beliefs. This is found in the perineum area.

The sacral chakra is just below the belly button. This is connected to Pluto and is our one to one relationships with the sacred and the divine. Our creativity centre of birthing.

The third chakra is the solar plexus and connected to the sun and Mars

this is just below the ribs and is also known as

Heaven’s Gate

This reflects our love tank levels – are we operating from self love, self esteem and sharing……

or power tripping, energy vamping, needing to prove ourselves and competing……

Are we coming from a place we have travelled and sharing the experience

or selling an intellectual concept…

a talking book?

Are we empowering ourselves and others

or selling a dependency device ?

More info about the seven gates here:

The fourth chakra is the heart and ruled by Venus

This is the Rainbow Bridge

Great info and reading Barbara Hand Clow

The fifth Chakra is the throat and ruled by Jupiter and Mercury

Are we speaking loving truth from our heart

or venom from our fear…..

are we afraid to speak out because the status quo will go ?

The sixth chakra is the third eye and the inner, intuitive eye that comes from balancing the masculine and feminine use of our eyes and perception.

It is the all seeing soul eye in the middle of our forehead.

Are we seeing clearly from a place of wisdom?

This is ruled by Neptune

The seventh is the crown chakra at the top of our head and is ruled by Uranus

Are we allowing our divine connection to radiate and illuminate

or cutting ourselves off from our source energy

maybe looking to connect through others instead?

Great website on planets and chakras

Each chakra is twinned :

Crown and base

Third eye and sacral

Throat and solar plexus

all to open the heart

Anatomy of the Spirit by Caroline Myss explains the process so wonderfully.

When we reach midlife it is time to open our rainbow bridge and this happens with Uranus being in the opposite place to where it was when we were born.

It pulls our kundalini energy up our spine and in the process opens the chakras. This is often known as the mid life crisis 🙂

All this work happens emotionally inside to take us through the process of self-love and self forgiveness by letting go of what we believe to be

our shadow selves.

If we have low self-esteem then no matter how we try to be successful in life on the outside we will never feel it on the inside

because inside we still have a belief that we are not enough

and so seek the enough balance outside.

No matter how we seek to address this through various means

and many are very generic……..

If we do not work with our unique inside structure

we cannot open our rainbow bridge

we have a special secret code

that is known only by us

How magical is that?

Walking the path means visiting our shadow places inside.

No amount of  pure positivity will create that space.

Time to visit the dark goddess and stir the secrets of  our primal beingness.

Balance is the key.

Here is a wonderful site for opening the energy gates with Quigong.

I am looking for someone who practices Enlightenment Quigong near Glastonbury so I can learn it.

Please get in touch if you know of someone.

Love to you today beautiful earthly dreamers.

Day Five of the humanity wave of change. Yellow Overtone Warrior

Wishing you a joyful September and an abundant harvest.

Today’s picture is the Mayan calendar and anyone familiar with astrology will see it’s significance.

This is a stargate – if you have seen the film and the series you will be familiar with the concept that this is a gateway to travel through space and time.

Our ancestors were stargazers who recorded the movements of the planets in the heavens and believed them to be Gods.

The Sumerians built huge ziggurats to achieve this.

As they recorded the information as to the position of stars and planets, they noticed what affect that had on their climate , crops, water tables etc and this information allowed them to see that what was happening in the heavens affected the earth.

As above, so below.

They created charts and astronomy and astrology became a science.


In the Mayan energy wave today we have

Yellow Overtone Warrior


Yellow Human Wavespell

When we expand our awareness and consciousness we can see that the many different methodologies created by mankind , all have a similar message.

They are all interlinked with an energetic golden thread.

In the same way as what is above is replicated below…….

As it is within us so it is without…..

We see in our outside reality a reflection of the inside circuitry.

When we raise our awareness of this then the magical connection really expands.

Many of the myths of legend have been created to appeal to our ego sensibilities and have been dramatised as such.

They have reflected where our group consciousness is at

and if we are in an ego child space of needing to be parented and controlled through fear

we see how the stories

and actual daily life

reflects that

In Stargate the film, there was an evil alien who sought to harness the world’s he visited and enslave the people to do his bidding through fear.

They far outnumbered him yet were so overcome by their fear they were powerless to act…..

until his actions became to big to ignore.

So it is with our unconscious mind.

It will live through fear and control until a bigger threat comes along that it perceives even more dangerous than it’s present course of action

and so it allows change to happen.

All of this is a metaphor for our sacred journey

We can choose another route

to live from love instead and move towards things rather than away from them

remembering our true essence

commiting to the creation of our dream

that we are always guided if only we allow it

most people do not

letting their fear ego run the show

we are creating a tipping point as more people wake up to who they really are

Today’s energy is all about connecting to our core star

the pentacle

working with our humanity

and the

five elements

and creating the magic within by clearing our channel so we are a clear space to receive and connect with the magical energy grid of all that is.

Emotional Freedom Technique creates this clear channel.

The more we have done our inner work and let go of our story and the more we are in

our open heart space.

The more we have connected to the sacred cycles and use the tools our ancestors have given us

the more we time travel

the more we can see where we can journey to

who with

and what the next step on our path is

we may not know how

or why

it is enough that we are having a wonderful time on a cosmic adventure

and paving the way of our emotional evolution.

If you haven’t really connected to your divine message yet

and are stuck on a repeating groove

thinking that you have a need to do xyz before you are ready

that another qualification under your belt will give you the edge

that you haven’t got the tool yet to accomplish your mission

this is your ego talking

you have everything you need within you

the only person who is stopping you

is you

if you are ready to let that resistance go and be pro active

instead of being reactive when the bigger nudge comes along

then you are among the few seekers who are ready to do what it takes


face your own shadow

that is all it takes

change the inside and the outside changes

as above

so below

as within

so it is without

let go of banging the drum

and be the rhythm

Love to you today and your love space.