Red Spectral Serpent

sekmet image

Pic Sekhmet artist unknown 



Red Spectral Serpent 

A Clear Sign

The day of letting go

in the

Blue Eagle Wavespell


pic by Chie Yoshie





As I write this the full moon in Leo

is approaching






artist unkown




along with

Lunar Eclipse 


Article by Astrology King 




As we near the end of the 260 day cycle



I have written some cross referenced blogs this week

that you can use if you choose

to work with conscious awareness

These Red Serpent Codes are key for relationship

Red Serpent is key for awakening to kundalini and it’s power

Love is the key to set us free



This is a very powerful year for us
Letting go of anything in our relationships that is limiting our life in thriving 
Being the planetary server that we are 
All the Red Serpent Days will be key for revealing relationship status
They happen every 20 days 
We start a new 260 day spiral on 08 February
in Aquarius.

Here is an interesting article



The Secret Language 

Pic by Chie Yoshi
The next Red Serpent
will be 
12 February 2018

Artist unknown

Red Dragon process ~

what the Great Mother is bringing us 

We begin the initiating Scroll ~

5 Wavespells

showing us where we are in relationship

to the new code

seeking embodiment

through personal healing and clearing

The 8th Moon 
Galactic Moon 
Key time to see what is happening for you around
Valentine’s Day 
The Solar eclipse in Aquarius is on the 15th:
Article by Astrology King :
Next up is :
Red Crystal Serpent ~ day 12 of White Wizard Wavespell
04 March 
Seeing how self empowered we are
Seeing how we let the magic flow through us
Pic by Chie Yoshi
Next is :
Red Rhythmic Serpent ~ day 6 of Yellow Sun Wavespell
24 March 
Spring has Sprung in the Norther Hemisphere
We are now in the 9th Moon 
Red Solar Moon 
Gateway to authenticity
being the beacon of light
Having gone through the 13 days of Blue Hand 
clearing some inner space 
to assist with birthing our avatar potentiality
we reach the
Clear Sign process

of seeing how much light we are able to hold
as a direct result of healing our shadow 
The next scroll begins on 01 April
Red Skywalker and our conscious process
artist unkown

This 13 day process is the most powerful process as it has

13 clear signs
Red Cosmic Serpent 
on the 13th of April
The 10th Moon now
Planetary Moon
We see what is manifest based on our journey since July 26 2017
Artist Chie Yoshi
What is seeking to shift in relationship ?
Blue Storm Transformational Wavespell
Red Resonant Serpent 
03 May 
Spectral Moon 
The 11th Moon of Letting go anything that is inauthentic 
A human evolution portal 

Artist Chie Yoshi

What is resonating that feels a healthy vibe ~ expand
What feels anything other than joy ~ let go of emotional wounding episodes
Feelings are the key to set us free
The next Scroll begins 
Relationship status
Red Magnetic Serpent
23 May 
Red Spectral Moon Day 22
Master builder number 
Entering into the central column 
10 days of human evolution 
If we choose this is a very aligned time for learning and transforming ourselves 
Red Galactic Serpent
12 June 
Crystal Moon
the 12th Moon of revealing our clarity
We are in the central column seeing our holograph reflected
Dreamcatcher by Ivan
02 July 
Cosmic Moon 
We leave the centre and go out 
Yellow Seed Wavespell
Revealing our actual Starseed status 
Free of the ego mask coping mechanism
Red Lunar Serpent 
New Learning 
Shadow revealed 
The next Scroll begins 
Red Earth 
How are we feeling connected and aligned to the earth ?
22 July 
Red Solar Serpent 
The Gateway for relationships
A portal day 
11 August 
The Conscious Dreamer process of 
Blue Night Wavespell
Red Electric Serpent 
Magnetic Moon
We start a new cycle of 13 Moons
Red Magnetic Moon
also a New Mayan Year
on the 26 July 
Red Cosmic Moon
A dynamic year of shift 
Artist Chie Yoshi
31 August 
Lunar Moon 
The Second Moon
New Learning and shadow
Yellow Warrior Wavespell
Where we are on our path
Red Planetary Serpent
Seeing the manifestation of our relationship internal process revealed on the outside
20 September
The Alchemy Moon
Red Electric Moon
artist Chie Yoshi
next Red Scroll process
Red Moon
Seeing the manifestation of what began in Magnetic Moon time in July and August
In the Green Castle of the heart
Red Self Existing Serpent 
The structure of being self existing
so that spirit can flow 
White Wind Wavespell
also a 

Burner Day on the planet 


Behind the trees by Ivan 


A day to burn off the shadow to be free

returning full cycle to today’s energy
Red Spectral Serpent 
10 October 
artist unknown
The 13 Clear Sign

Blue Eagle Wavespell

seeing what is seeking release so we can be a planetary server
Healing personal Harm
be clear and free
creating harmony
Mastering our constructed “self”
to be in alignment with our higher self 
Artist unknown ~ EFB 


Red Solar Serpent



Red Solar Serpent in the Red Earth Wavespell


This is day two of the new Year and day nine of this wavespell.

Completion day


This is one of the key energetic signatures for growth this year. It is a galactic portal day today ~ a powerful gateway where we can access all that ever was and is ~ we are free to unfetter ourselves from this lifetime and connect to the noosphere to weave with the threads therein.

To connect to this powerful wavespell that recently occurred on May 28th this year is another powerful way to work. Whatever was coming up for you then is something to stir into your cosmic cauldron today if you wish to whip up your relationship mirrors.  My Red Serpent Wavespell blog for this year

I have chosen Lilith today as my picture ~ she is featuring in a big way in our astrology at the moment and if you know what your Lilith moon info is this can help you become clearer about what sacred feminine energetic signature you are working with in this lifetime.

As our planetary sacred feminine has been suppressed so it is within each one of us and this is what we are birthing individually so that collectively we create change.

The key notes of feminine wounding are the way forward ~ healing and creating new relationships with our feminine aspects.

Lilith has been portrayed as a wayward woman in many texts ~ she who would not be suppressed.

Many religious doctrines have their ruling on how dangerous wild women are ~ because they are in their power and a powerful woman who is coming from an inner energy heart space is not to be trifled with 🙂

Women who run with the wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes is a great read.

Women hold the connection to the cosmos with their moon cycle and intuition in a way that men do not and so over thousands of years this has been feared instead of honoured in many areas of society due to the patriarchal swing of things 🙂

This womb wisdom is now being restored and circles of women are reconnecting and remembering by plugging in to their cosmic sisters.

The Goddess is returning like sleeping beauty awakening and so to fully allow that true sacred feminine coming from love rather than wounding we have a dance to do with our personal Lilith expressions 🙂

Some conscious raising questions you can use if you choose:

How do we “do” relationships?

How do we see women ?

How do we love our bodies ?

How do we feel about our gentle feminine aspects?

How do we nurture and mother ourselves?

Do we look to others to do that ?

How do we let our body and chakras show us where we are flowing and where inner work is required ?

Do we embrace our sexual selves?

Can we get naked and look in the mirror and love what we see ?

Can we get naked with others both in body and in presence without any adornment or mask?

Do we allow our true selves to be seen?

Do we play roles ? Who with ?

Have we been burned in relationship?

Do we feel we have ever been truly seen by another?

Are we still modelling our parents in some way?



This time next year how do you want your life to be ?

Who is going to be in your world ?

How are you going to be relating?

Are you going to be behaving differently ?

Are you going to be even more open hearted ? Softer ? Vulnerable ? Open to loving ? Ready to receive whatever the goddess is bringing you by matching her within?

Are you ready for rapture of your heart ?

Ready to light that fire and let the kundalini rise at the perfect time ~ remember that when it is the perfect time it happens effortlessly with Uranus opposition  when this planet pulls up your liquid fire .

If you are around 38 ~ 42 this is a major life transition that happens and what we are often believing is the mid life crisis  ~ it is our soul show firing up.

Wherever we have an unresolved feminine Lilith event this looms large at this time.

As the kundalini rises up our spine it highlights each chakra and all our lower chakra issues are the key. Working below ground in our personal tree of life allows the upper chakras to energise and only when we do this process energetically and heal these areas ….

does the enlightenment process happen within

bringing our shadow to light.

When we are in love the whole world radiates. On a personal relationship basis this honeymoon period of intensity tends to last around 18 months. 

To do this from within without another creates a lifetime experience of heart connection to everyone and everything free from any neediness and not dependent of having conditions met.

We are free from conditions as we are truly unconditional with ourselves.

We do not need something outside of ourselves to create happiness.

So …..

Are you ready to dive in and create a new world for yourself ?

You have everything you need to do that ~ all that is required is that you focus inwards.

Lilith is the gateway to love.

Love to you today and your loving potentiality.