Day out of time ~ Blue Spectral Night 25 July 2017



Pic by Mariana Pavlova


Day out of time 

25 July 2017

Blue Spectral Night


The most recent Conscious Dreamer Wavespell


07 March to 19 March 2017


I did a workshop for

The Positive Living Group in Glastonbury

on day 2 of


Blue Night Wavespell

Yellow Lunar Seed 

I wrote this blog about it



This 260 day Wavespell is a way to work consciously with intent

with these spirals of

human evolution


the more conscious awareness you have

of your own cosmic codes and patterns

the more you can really become a master at weaving within worlds

and shaping your destiny

which is why this amazing tool is here at this time

for exactly that purpose


why we are here at this time for exactly that purpose


it is time for humanity

to raise the game plan

and work powerfully

to transit the old ways


create new loving and respectful ones

This is not an easy task

This is not without tears

This requires discipline and determination


schooling of


Spiritual Warrior

After mapping and working co creatively with this codex and matrix for 6 years


also with Astrology  

I absolutely know that nothing is random through mapping my own process


that of many other people

I have been honoured to co create with

I also know experientially

that everything is designed for human evolution

with an energetic framework

which can be a very challenging view for the egoic part of our personality

which may believe that it is confined and limited


yes in certain ways that is true

It is a template that has been crafted by a very different consciousness

to the human mind


paradoxically is in fact limitless

once the individual decides to embrace that


trust the process


go with it

releasing any resistance to what is presenting for their transformation

then miracles can commence

Resistance is the edge

of the comfort zone

of the conditioned mind 

Choosing to create love and compassion as the soul purpose of this journey

brings the beauty path

at times this is the opposite

revealing the prima materia for conversion


this is always within the self

Blue Night’s planet is Saturn 

Saturn in Sagittarius on the planetary transit right now

to reveal where we are in our great adventure

and what is seeking healing for us

so we can access the star gate

of literally the place where stars are made

remembering that we are made of the same building blocks of the starry skies


Where Saturn is in your chart is key


understanding it’s structure in your journey

will reveal enlightenment for you

which is the true meaning of enlightenment

Know thyself 

Where Sagittarius is in your chart

is also key 



If we do not know our patterns and codes

we are in the dark

travelling without a map

Nothing wrong with that position

It is what it is

There is no “right” and “wrong” on the journey

Knowing what questions to ask

and having tools of wisdom

reveals a different way of travelling

It is a choice point

to take full responsibility

for how to create and relate

in this life


If you choose to work powerfully

with conscious intent today :

Notice where you are on your journey on this

Day out of time


what is unfolding for you because of your choices

in co creation with the universe ~ which we are a part of ~ we are the Universe


with others


we are all in this together and In Lak ech ~ I am another you ~ literally means that


the more consciously aware we become

we can see how other people are literally reflecting part of us



you can actually map this connection


see what it is repeating and when

and then understand

why they are in your life and you in theirs

and that this has to happen

there is no way around it this code has to come in

and will no matter how much you may try to avoid it

there is no way to avoid it

because it is key to our personal and collective evolution



These patterns do not change throughout our life ~

we simply refine our way of working with them to become wise which is exactly why they exist for that purpose of enlightenment



learn our lesson of evolution


most importantly of love and acceptance of our own wound

and journey

so that we can do that in reality with others 


Today see how you have created ways

of being

that have brought magic and joy for you



Pic Maria Pavlova


If you haven’t already got one may I suggest you create a 

Book of Shadows 

to record your alchemical process and be specific

These magical ways can be further expanded upon

to release your starseed and gift to the world 

The more painful parts hold the light for the next steps of the journey and record these too with the intention of healing them

as this is the key to personal alchemy 

It is Leo time 

It is time to have the courage to shrug off the old self limiting beliefs


really go into that crafted self to reweave it 

The New Year tomorrow

brings the structure of the egoic masks that everyone has created

to live in our conditioned culture of co dependancy

and so the more we know about our self

the more we can start to unwrap our true seed

with gentle care and small steps

with hugs and love

and a structure of support

that will ultimately set us free

and allow us to fly

and change our world

into a place of more beauty

full of amazing butterflies

There is no need to worry it is happening

All that is required is that each person focuses on themselves

and do their personal journey

as and when it feels right for them

because everyone is exactly at the perfect place to allow the cosmic dance 

If you have any worries about the process

then that is something that can be addressed 😉 


I use Emotional Freedom Technique

and it works and is easy ~

lots of resources on my blog and website

or simply google and get a manual and start today if you feel to 

If you want to know more about

how I do this please contact me I also do group work


can travel to you

I love sharing this

It creates self~empowerment

Wishing you an amazing day

beautiful dreamers


Heaven on Earth ~ 11 New Years Day 14


Red Skywalker Wavespell

Day 11

Blue Spectral Night

New Years Day 2014

Happy New Year

Please click on the links to take you to other websites to expand on the information

Today is the first day of 2014 and this day gives the flavour of that 365 cycle

The flavour is Blue ~ West, Death and Transformation

Spectral ~ Dissonance and letting go

Night ~ Nightmares and Dreams ~ letting go of the past wounds and living through ego visions so we can be the dream potential

Expanding our intuition

Blue Night in Mayan Sign terms is all about connecting to



The space between the worlds

the veil fissure

seeing through the looking glass

what lies beneath

Going down into the underworld


Here are a couple of viewpoints on today’s astrology:

Blue Moon Astrology

The storms are back in Glastonbury and last night I didn’t get much sleep

We tried doing New Year’s Eve in Glasto last year and we lasted an hour

early night for me last night 🙂

It isn’t my scene any more

As I am synching in with cycles

and raising my conscious awareness

using universal synching tools

like this Mayan Wavespell

I know that this so called New Year is actually an artifice

designed to be out of alignment with the cosmos

to fit the patriarchal plan

and as we are moving out of this blueprint on planet earth

and I am focusing on going with this flow

I am trusting that by heeding how I feel

We cannot hold on to the old

when we are creating the new

It is that simple

Choosing our direction

and committing to it

can be difficult at first

It often means swimming upstream when many others are going down

People who are transformers 

get used to this 🙂


If it is your birthday today 

This is the flavour of your year

We can use the Wavespell to chart our 13 year cycle

and to use it in this way

reveals our his ~  story

ego patterns

shows our challenge and our prima materia to work with

It is an amazing spiral that can be used in a million and one creative ways

truly a gift from the Goddess 🙂

As I have asked  ~ intended ~ to know this wavespell ~ experientially

when it is the perfect time for me

I awake with insights

I like to call them plops

The noise it makes when a penny drops 🙂

The plops I awoke with today are :

That our personal Wavespell contains our prima materia 🙂

our transformative energetic signature 🙂

This is our journey script

Our Ascendent and North Node in Astrology

The Ascendent being the masculine and the North Node the feminine


~ If you know your Mayan Sign you can look for your Wavespell here

on Tracey Gendron’s amazing site

Astrodreamadvisor Wavespell

So for example I am a Blue Solar Hand

I look for my Mayan Sign also known as Galactic Signature

and whatever column I am in is my personal Wavespell

This 13 day energetic spiral only takes place once every 260 days and is a powerful time to go deep

if you wish to create transformation.

This is the energy spiral at the time of our birth

I click on the box with Blue Solar Hand listed in and it reveals the whole spiral.

It is actually my Mayan day on the ninth day

The initiating energy is Blue Storm

Blue Storm Wavespell

This starts on January 17 2014

This Wavespell is the key transformation spiral in this White Castle set of four as it is the Blue Wavespell

We will be working with the energy of what has come to light during this  Red Skywalker Wavespell 🙂

This is the initiating wavespell

On another level our personal Wavespell is the universal energy signature we were born into

It is our Cosmic Mission Impossible

It is our earthly challenge this time around

and so it reveals our personal ego wounding 

Our prima materia 🙂

For me this Blue Storm energy is all about my personal recovery for my ego mask

being a people pleaser

hiding my shyness and sensitivity through addictions

hiding my shadow emotions that weren’t welcomed by most people

creating my shadow behaviour to counter balance my inauthentic conforming

and as my Lilith and rising are Aquarius

that was quite a polar show

If you think about todays energy for the Year

We can use a similar way of looking at the bigger picture

Using the Gregorian calendar

If today is Year 11

of a 13 Year Cycle

This thirteen year cycle started on January 01 2004

with Red Magnetic Skywalker


See the magick ?

See the Cosmic code?

What I know with my limited astrological knowledge…..

 as this is relatively new ground for me…..

Is that this was also a significant year for

The Venus Transit

as was 2012 when it completed


The link reveals the planetary transformation

what is more succinct and relevant for the transformer is our personal info

the people stuff 🙂

So if you really want to get in touch with what is seeking release

time travel back

to what was initiated in 2004

that has taken you on a deep soul searching heart trip

it may have been initiated seemingly by outside influences and in part that is true

we co create with the cosmic script

it is also our personal role

Key tip for transformers versus performers

Don’t be misled by our head ~

i.e. ego mask

If we think….

we can

throw things away


and that is an end to that past connection

think again….

that is only the outside world and a single part

 the whole
to changing our energetic role

heart wounds heal through feeling

I use EFT 


Emotional Freedom Technique



as I often share with my fellow journeyer’s

individual client’s and workshop peeps

EFT can also be used as an ego mask 🙂

Is nothing sacred we ask? 🙂 Tongue in cheek 

We are what we are and our ego is a tricky little monkey 🙂

It is highly skilled at pulling the wool over our eyes.

The key substance for transformation under all of this sub strata structure

is emotion

and so…..

Feel the feeling

When we are figuring ~ ego coming in

When we are evaluating ~ ego coming in

When we are reframing before feeling that uncomfortable feeling ~ ego coming in

One of the key strategies our ego uses ~

which is such a well used one in the UK

Which by the way is in Mundane Astrology the heart of Capricorn

hiding our feelings

stiff upper lip

drowning our sorrows in soap operas




and moaning , complaining 

wet and windy ~ pretty much like the weather


avoidance of transformative action 

victim pattern

avoiding feeling our feelings and taking responsibility for feeling them

and blaming gossiping and bitching instead

the theme of the soap opera 🙂

Be Do Have

What we focus on

is what creates our reality

So buckle up fellow seekers

We are in for a stormy ride in 2014

The only choice we have……

Is how we face the journey

Open to aligning more with our dream

and trusting in our inner vision is my intention


The deeper I go 

the more I exchange my fear frameworks

for trust

in my universal self

and the more magical the ride

Wishing you joy and love with yours

May our paths cross to create 

a brave new world



in our conscious awareness

in our lower level conscious levels too

Who we are as a being

creates what we are doing

and what we receive as a match

So today’s energy is the transformative force born in Year 3 of this 13 Year Cycle

Blue Electric Night

which started on  01 January 2006

This is the fire desire of our higher self 

the nature of our road trip

What happened that revealed something had to give

to get that show on the road?

Remember our ego is a powerful survival structure

to create powerfully with it

we transform it

create mature patterns

to co create with our spirit

Once we become very familiar with how our ego works

and let go of any resistance

we honour it

This allows more of our spirit to come in

at the holistic time when all elements are present that are perfect for that creation

Retraining our ego to face our fear

feel all our feelings

sets a new wheel in motion

we create on a different level
with the fire
of desire


and uses the water of emotion

to galvanise this pattern

instead of drowning the passion

Desire is the key to Manifesting our dream

The second plop was about an exercise

I have created which will feature in the document

that has been born through this energetic wave at the end of it

If you wish to receive this please message me

In my capacity as a life coach I suggest masculine and feminine practical strategies

that I use
that create a certain outcome

for living the life you want

Using everyday frameworks

to create magickal strategies

to raise our vibe

and open our channel of creativity

liberation from old ways