Webinars with Jo


A new way of co creating

with like minded people all over the world

who are ready

to  create transformation from within

These are monthly webinars

They are designed to be affordable 

You can take part in whatever way you feel to 

At a level you feel comfortable with 

Technical info and structure 

They are on a platform called Zoom 

Here is a link about Zoom

To take part you will need to download an application by Zoom onto your computer, which is safe 

The first part of the webinar lasts for 40 minutes and has a life coaching structure

I will send out a pdf before

which highlights the format we will be working with


you can input if you wish as to content you would like to cover

The webinar has video and audio

which you control as to your choice as to how you want to participate

Be seen

Be heard

or be totally anonymous 

Whatever your comfort level 

Then we have a break for 10 minutes 

Then we reconnect and tap on what came up in the first section 

With the intention of letting go 

to be safe 


You can create from your home 

From anywhere in the world

Share Synergy and Support with people 

Create your own tapping circles 

Tapping aka Emotional Freedom Technique 


There is a group on Facebook to connect too

It is a private group 

There are further resources on there 

 Webinar schedules:

The Eye of the Storm Webinar 15 August 7pm 


More info:

Eye of the Storm Webinar 

How to take part:

Book on my online shop:

Barefoot Holistics

I will send you a link and a password

It is recorded so even if you cannot take part live or only part of the time 

you will receive the info