Stargates Initiation

3 Gateway Events

on Zoom

Join this amazing 3 workshop event

All times are 7pm GMT for 90 minutes

Friday 13 August

Saturday 14 August

Sunday 15 August

join me for 3



that can

change your life

  • Would you be open to the idea that anything is possible ?
  • Would you be open to the fact that there is a template out there to guide you on a daily basis ?
  • What if I told you that you have a map and a guide to point the way to your dream ?
  • What if there was a transformative tool that you can use to change your destiny ?

Are you ready to breakthrough and go for the life you desire?

It’s true.

These tools are available.

It’s time for us to leave our past struggles behind.

This system will empower you to move forward .

It is time.

Are you ready ?

The next Stargate process begins on 01 September

These events will prepare you for this powerful birthing process:

A 9 month cycle of purification to embody the Sacred Feminine

Empower yourself with new knowledge

Illuminate your path with new wisdom

Are you ready

to be guided

by your

inner Goddess?

Empowerment Workshop

Friday 13 August

  • You will receive an ebook outlining your Cosmic Codes for breakthrough

This specific information is unique for you and intrinsic to soul mission.

Feeling empowered with this laser focus for navigating your spiritual path

in a way that you never have before

  • Powerful circle of synergy

You will be part of a circle of women creating illumination

We will be focusing on

empowerment transformation

using practical ancient healing tools

combining our energy to transform and heal

Releasing our spell binding stories through integration

Feeling a connection



to our soul tribe


encouraged to know

that we are healing the same stories

Gateway Workshop

Saturday 14 August

  • You will receive an ebook focusing on a template for truth that is unique to you

Focusing on the soul mission: The dream you are here to weave

Having the courage to create our dream


keep the focus is a mastery skill

Knowing the karma and doing the dharma

Practical skills to rewrite our story

This information is available to you now

Being excited and inspired to know that your magical life is accessible

Experiencing encouragement to know that everything in your life

is showing you the way

in a way you may not have been able to see before

Reconnecting on a deeper level by

Remembering who you really are


why you choose to be here

at this transformative time

Feeling more confidence through this vision

Relaxing into the simplicity of this transformative system

Seeding Workshop

Sunday 15 August

What is your mastery mission ?

You may be surprised

Today may be a revelation for you

Chances are you have been having glimpses

of your authentic self since 2006

Your life may have been challenging

We will focus on the key areas of

releasing the true star seed you hold

Igniting your passion for your heart’s desire

Feeling uplifted and inspired by

seeing yourself in a new light

Being optimistic and prepared with new knowledge

Opening to the new learning and new focus

Grounded and ready for the new story coming in


daring to live it

Being the Goddess and walking the talk

Experiencing new feelings as we are healing the heart

Workshop info :

Frequently asked questions:

  • What if I am not available at that time ?

Each workshop is recorded for you if you cannot attend live

you can access it at your own convenience

You will receive your own unique Cosmic Codes for breakthrough

in ebooks

  • What if I don’t know anything about Astrology or Cosmology ?

You do not need to know about astrology or cosmology

to take part as this information

will be given to you in a practical every day language

that you can use

  • How do I access this ?

This is on Zoom and you will be sent a link

What is the Investment ?

Amazing value

£36 for the three days

A regular chart reading with me is £99

These events will give you a foundation for a whole new world of personal alchemy

They are designed as an introduction to a

bigger programme beginning on 01 September


Risk free guarantee

If you do not experience insights after taking part in the three days workshop

please email me for a full refund

More Information about the Astrology :

We are going through



birthing tunnel

right now

It is time to create our dream

The Lion’s Gate is a key Stargate

for connecting to our soul mission


birthing the new earth

through each one of us

and our personal transformation.

It occurs every year from the

28th of July to the 12th of August in Leo Sun.

This is also the time of the

Mayan New Year.

The spiritual Sun Sirius

is closer to the earth

and is aligning with

the constellation of Orion.

This activates our Star Codes and our heart

which is our

magnetic holograph.

This year we also have the added energy of

a Leo New Moon

on the exact portal of

08 08

At these events we will be focusing on what this means for you uniquely

so you have the keys to unlock your soul mission

How to create the dream life you want


most importantly how to release

what is holding you back


shape your destiny.

This birth canal is leading us to the next magical Mayan cycle of

01 September:260 days of purification begin.

A time to align with our star seed mission and embody the sacred feminine.

We have the Sun in Leo

and the waxing moon in Libra and Scorpio

perfect Goddess energy

for balancing the shadow and rebirth

We are building to a second full moon in Aquarius

at the magical soul degree of 29

These events focus on our higher self :

The star seed, our soul,

however you interpret that

It also focuses on the practical grounded human being

storyline that we are in

The framework’s intention

is an ancient one:

The prophecy has been foretold at this time and we have all the tools to use

Our maps, our template for healing and our magnetic heart to show us the way

Having the courage to follow our heart’s dream

See the world in a different way as we see ourselves in a different way

Heal drama

Live in peace

Birth a new earth through healing the ancestor’s story

Embody the Goddess within



  hours  minutes  seconds


Stargates Initiation