Red Moon Spiral

Pic ~ Ix Chel Moon Goddess      Red Moon Spiral This is the spiral as it appears in the 260 day Wavespell   The Red Moon code appears every 20 days and if you follow this with conscious intent you will see and experience your authenticity expand in awareness If you go deeper and […]

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Red Solar Moon

This is the Gateway point    It is first initiated in the 260 day spiral in the 13 day process aka the Wavespell of Red Dragon It is the Gateway of : Awakening to authenticity Truth   The planet is Mercury  Our God and Goddess self    Mercury is aka quicksilver and is a toxic […]

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Red Serpent Wavespell

  Red Serpent Wavespell begins : 13 days of awakening to where we are in relationship with 10 portals of human evolution beginning on day 2 Friday February 08 2019 The Blue Castle of transformation begins : 52 days of alchemically working with what began on the first day of the spiral 26 October. What […]

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Red Moon Years

Red Moon Years    Red Moon Cycle of 13 Years began in 2006 All begin on July 26  Red Magnetic Moon 2006 Red Overtone Moon 2010 ~ portal Red Solar Moon 2014 Red Cosmic Moon  2018   Yellow Magnetic Seed Cycle of 13 Years began in 1993   Red Lunar Moon 1994 Red Rhythmic Moon […]

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Code pattern

  How to map code cycles  Example of Blue Hand  Blue Magnetic Hand  Blue Overtone Hand Blue Solar Hand Blue Cosmic Hand    1 5 9 13 = 28 = 10 Initiation and manifestation   Blue Lunar Hand Blue Rhythmic Hand Blue Planetary Hand  2 6 10 = 18 = 9 Gateway   Blue Electric […]

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Yellow Overtone Warrior

Yellow Overtone Warrior A portal Day  The mastery learning of The Yellow Human Wavespell ~ step 5   Today we see the mastery of our ego revealed  Learning about the emotional mind is essential to this process   The Warrior of the heart is here to heal their heart When we have an emotional charge […]

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Change of Theme

  Change of WordPress theme  Hi Lovely people Thank you for following my blog I have changed my WordPress theme and so the format has changed and I am in the process of correcting the font on as much of the content as I can Please bear with me 😉  Learning as I go  Lots […]

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