Jo’s Personal Videos



The Flow Jo Youtube Channel


Videos I have created to share my journey

New Daily Moon Magic

mini blog

By request 

I can’t blog every day about the Wavespell

so I have been inspired to create a snapshot highlighting the daily energies

Again , as always, this is as offered

as my personal perspective


shared as such 

The mini video journey begins on a day 9 

The Gateway to Unconditional love 

White Solar Dog 


Here is an enlightening article about this:



Emotional Freedom Technique videos:



Making your own Tapping Scripts:





How to understand when your pain body/shadow/button has been activated and an emotional response is arising.

What you can do with this and turn it into a transformation point for yourself:




Creating New Framework videos:

New times require new frameworks 🙂 These are designed to assist in finding new ways to support our transformation in these transition times.



Creating Me Time:


This video will help you connect to your inner child every day and create a new relationship with the parts of you that are seeking integration and transformation:


Creating Sanctuary:




Following The Cosmic Cookie Trail:


These videos will help you be open to new things coming your way 🙂 You can use these to set your intention for the day and start to focus on what you want to create for yourself .



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