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I often do mini blogs on Facebook and I am experimenting with my media connections.

Many people are put off by formal blogs simply because of  belief systems and so to engage with a wider audience ~ in the manner of their choosing ~ I am learning about different formats . For me this is learning how to relate .

I am by no means a techie wizard 🙂 Learn as I go is my pattern so bare with me if I am out of synch with this and please do feedback ~ I am open to new learning.

If you aren’t on Facebook this could be an opportunity for you to join . I love the potential for connecting to people all over the globe and find our tribe 🙂

I am starting with The Yellow Seed Wavespell

threads in March and April 2014 as I got some

sublime intuitive stuff coming through me 🙂 

This is one of two powerful wavespells with ten portals that allow amazing source connection free of the mind ~ heart wisdom

Each day connects to The Wavespell which started on

23 March 2014

Day 1 Yellow Seed Wavespell 23 March

Here is a blog I did earlier

I have now created a Resource Page on it.

Here is the first Resource I have put on it ~ I created this today for the purpose of working energetically with the code of consciousness that each Wavespell brings:

Wavespell Transformational Process Ebook:

If you choose you can use it for any Wavespell you wish.

It starts getting you in the cosmic groove .

If you use it with your own personal alchemical process it will really amaze you as to how you can move forward and feel empowered ~ be the Universal Dancer.

My personal alchemical process is EFT ~ Tapping Emotional Freedom Technique

It is gas and air for the soul birthing process

Love to you and your revealing


Day 2 of Yellow Seed Wavespell 24 March

Red Lunar Serpent

It connects to the other super powerful Wavespell of Red Serpent that began on 12 February 2014

Today is all about Relationship ~ primarily our relationship with ourself

This is what the Age of Aquarius is all about.

To have great relationships that are respectful and loving with other people we have to be that to ourselves and constantly be creating new learning and change around this ~ this is always brought to our attention by our universal self and how the world is showing us how in harmony we are ~ how centred we are

How have we learned to do relationship ?

This is the challenge day , the growth day, the revealing day

To create change we go within

We may have learned roles as children ~ we behave in a certain way with key individuals

These patterns are created and unless we have done inner work ~ and by this I mean mind, body and spirit work on our patterns and
especially emotional mind work

here is a link to explain about the emotional mind:

When we understand this ~ how our mind works and in particular how our emotional mind is totally different to the logical mind

It is a pattern matcher

Then we really understand how using purely a logical framework such as talking therapy, does not affect the emotional mind.

This is why EFT is so effective because it works with the logical and emotional mind and of course our heart ~ which is fuelled by feelings.

The Yellow Seed Wavespell is all about becoming aware of our coping mechanisms as a child .

We may have been rewarded by being a fixer of problems , a holder of emotion, a soother . We may have been rewarded for academia.

We will still be using these coping mechanisms and by mid life these tend to have gone past their sell by date

What served us as a dependent child is very different to an adult that is choosing self~ empowerment

Whilst we can do self ~ development courses and have therapy for our issues around self~esteem or addictions

the key process in this new time is to become self~ reliant and let go of need

to return to knowing what is good for us

to be responsible and to raise our conscious awareness by asking about what allows this

What are the full facts about the food we eat for example

What is the truth about how our people’s community pot of money is being spent for example

Instead of simple accepting what we are told, being manipulated and kept in the dark

like good little sheeple

This can only happen if we allow it

and it will happen if we do not decide to create a change within and learn about how we work on all levels

Once we learn this there is no going back

So today if you choose…

Think about what your life could be like if you no longer had to wear any masks at all

If you could totally say what you are thinking without editing it

If you could have relationships that are open with fellow open minded people who are willing to learn new ways

Willing to take responsibility for themselves without blaming you for their emotions and place of being and vice versa

Willing to look at this every day and learn how to create their own change for themselves

To listen to how you want to relate and be willing to try and do it even though they don’t yet know how

To let go of emotional drama ~ letting go of an addiction to it

Letting go of arguing

Letting go of needing to be supported like a child even though they are an adult in whatever way ~ and vice versa

This is my journey and I have a long way to go

I still get scared and I don’t like to upset people ~ even though I know it is their choice to be upset.

I know that I have come a long way and have let go of lots of people a long the way because I choose to be honest more and more

It isn’t easy ~ most people do not even recognise their dishonesty because it has become so deeply ingrained

Denial is such a deep defence mechanism of the ego

and is the foundation of all addictive co dependent behaviours

Few people have the courage to really own their whole self


it is the only road to true freedom

Loving the skin we are in

Forgiveness of all our falsehoods of our ego wounds and beliefs

< is the butterfly transformation process>

There are many people I know who are reinventing themselves on a surface level and yet have gone no further than putting on a new mask

All the patterns are evident in their new role and yet to themselves and the world they are proclaiming


New beginnings

Yet it is only in their head

Look to the financial institutions

Look to the pharma industries

The fast food outlets

who would have us believe in their reformation ?

What is really true ? Have they had a change of heart ? Done some inner work on the board of the company ? Have they healed their need for their worth to be defined externally ?

They have simply done a spin story remodel and all this means is the old model is coming round for a re run so we all get another choice of how we allow this world relationship to pan out this time.

Big wheels keep on turning

How is our cog within ?

Love to you and your discoveries today.

Truth Exercise:
Maybe check out a full length mirror
Maybe go naked ~ truly just for yourself
Take a good look and see how you feel about yourself and notice what that inner voice says

Look deeply into your own eyes and say

I love you totally just as you are right here right now


see what resistance your inner self has to this statement of love

Write it down

This is the prima materia to work with about yourself

Watch how people show up for us to experience these conditions we have created for ourselves about how our life is conditional

Then we have the foundation for transformation .

That is all we need to start going deeper.

Love to your butterfly process today

Here is a document you can use if you choose to work with the Wavespell every day:

Day 3 ~ White Electric Worldbridger Day 25


The day of alchemy and Capricorn Waning Moon

Dark Moon time coming

Today we have the raw elements on the table and we may be feeling like Indy.

We know we have somewhere to go ~ the path ahead may be invisible with a large chasm in between where we are now and where we want to be.

At this time of year we are crossing the threshold and teetering in the edge looking at the crocodiles champing at the bit….

Do we dare go across the abyss….

Keep the faith ?

Start taking those steps even though our outer eyes are telling us there is nowhere to go that way…..

Even though our ego led head is saying turn back and stay in the cave.

Do not risk the wrath of the crocodile….

the reptilian earth hugger who is ready to swallow us whole without even tasting us

Doesn’t care what we wear, who we are, what we feel ~ heart of steel

Capricorn energy is powerful. It is the sign of the UK and steely determination can be our salvation at times ~ and what keeps us stuck on the safety and keep calm wheel when it is time to rip off our stabilisers and let rip our true feelings instead

The tough little goat that puts it’s little hooves into fissures that would be overlooked by larger creatures and can access the most hard to get places with fearlessness and tenacity

We can of course mimic this goat ~ become it ~ it’s a handy trick to imagine we are this animal when on a slippery slope especially when Waxing Moon energy is here and we are off to the mountain top to see the lay of the land and breathe the pure air ~

however in waning moon we may feel more inclined to wait for our adventure to continue and hide like the Hobbits in a cave on the hillside until we have the answers we need. Let Smaug fly by until we have a gentleman burglar cunningly crafted plan

A great NLP exercise can give us insights with this ~

Crossing the threshold

Remember that The Fool’s time is drawing nigh ~ we are The Fool ready to embark on our next great adventure and go and sow our seed in this Wavespell. The Fool is also The Green Man ~ hence April Fool’s Day.

When we are in waning moon time we are ready to receive from other world’s

and…. other’s who have trod the path before us

Exercise to use if you choose in a quiet,safe place free from distractions

Take some deep breaths and if it feels good close your eyes. Feel yourself in your body. Notice how relaxed you feel.

Imagine you are at a threshold place ~ could be real or imagined
For example it could be like this picture …

It could be coming out of a cave, on the edge of a cliff top looking to another place

On a ship coming to land

On the shore awaiting a ship….

You get the idea

Notice how you are feeling when a voice says….

~It’s time to go soon~

to leave what you know behind and carry on your adventure.

Notice how it feels in your body and where ~ what information is there ~ there .

There may be images that come, sensory information, memories, colours….

all unique code for the process

Choose a mentor team to assist you make the transition knowing that you are simply preparing to transit at this stage and have fun with this ~ could be you have Indy on your team and maybe Ghandi too ~ may be your Nan or one of your Junior school Teacher’s that introduced you to imaginative stories ? You may want a dare derring character along such as a famous hero/heroine ~ can be a cartoon character. Lots of variety with your Secret Seven or Famous Five

They are there so you can ask questions and see a different perspective when you have a resistance coming up

Keep playing and testing until you are ready to launch ~ or simply moving around in this space and exploring….

when you are ready you will


it will feel time

and things will start to flow

I also use tapping as the past world surfaces ~ times when we crossed threshold’s before and had a rough passage ~ keep the experience of value and let go of old fear.

We are all at a great threshold now and time to unleash our imagination and courage to ….

break free

and be brave new world creators.

Love to your adventures


Day 4 ~ Blue Hand Gateway Point 26 March

Wow these portals are soooooo powerful. Got lost on so many cookie trails today

Mind blown again and lots of new learning gateways to cross into

As it is Aquarius Moon today this can be one of the bigger picture trails and even though it is waning it’s energy framework reveals this ….

It is what it is.

As an Aquarius Ascendent this is what is expanding for me in this life. As an Aquarius Lilith as well this is my key evolution ~ how to bring this bigger picture ability into communication with others ~ something that often doesn’t happen and is a life long challenge ~ I am often considered an “alien”

Today is my sign ~ Blue Hand.
This is also known as Manik.

It’s tone is seven

The essence of this is to use skill and blend together all our worlds within us ~

Mind, Body and Spirit each have their own world and ways of reference and communication .

To follow on from yesterday’s mini blog on my wall I am connecting to the Secret Seven today

I am not an astrologer but I have lots of them in my power team as I learn intuitively ~ I connect to many people on Facebook and I subscribe to their emails so I get lots of information with lots of different perspectives

When the time is right for me I learn about my next step of knowledge as my priority is becoming totally cyclical by being cyclical in all aspects and returning to living in alignment with cyclical codes which is my true nature

Seven is the number of sisters in the Pleiades constellation which is above my house, in the Taurus part of the Glastonbury Zodiac which is also my moon.

Taurus is connected to Isis

Taurus is apparent in the face of Hathor


Hathor is connected to the Dendera Zodiac which is another picture here.

As you can see Dendera Temple has seven openings that are symmetrical

I have also included a picture of seeds

The Pleiades constellations were known as the star seeds ~ each year they are present in the heavens when it is time to sow seeds in the earth.

There is an ancient belief that this is where human life came from before we lived here.

Once we start to use Aquarius energy we can cross pollinate ancient wisdom and a new hybrid is revealed ~ ripe for this age of enlightenment that we are ready for.

The myth is that Christ will return at the time of Taurus ~ the second coming.

I believe that this is the Christ Consciousness within each one of us

Letting go of the bull
Taking the bull by the horns

Knowing who we really are rather than what we have been told and…

kept in the dark and fed bull poo

All of which was part of our learning process ~ to know the contrast of light, honesty and living in balance from an objective truth

which is what is achieved when we awaken and become the change we seek

free from ego distortions.
Isis sacred feminine energy coming in to restore balance.

All the ancients had the tools and used them and the Zodiac also means ~ the path

Just opened an email this morning about The Decans ~ 36 faces of Heaven


it is connected to The Mayan Wavespell of course

So in the very simple essence of today

There is a structure of all things in the Universe

We are the Universe

When we are flowing with this Structure ~ being it rather than being a mind led being who lives in an ego construct


we are totally supported because everything is always loved and supported

only our mind map of the world believes otherwise….

remember the easiest way to know this is to feel it and it is soooooo


not rocket science ~ although in truth that is simple too to the initiated

How we feel determines flow

When we are feeling in the zone ~ free from lotions and potions ~ naked ~ bared soul

then we are flowing We’re bobbing along of the bottom of the beautiful briny sea ~ as Mary Poppins would say . Everything shows up on time for our dance partner and we don’t push or force anything ~ doesn’t mean we don’t do anything . The more we know about the patterns of creation ~ such as the Zodiac….

and in particular our zodiac the easier it becomes to read the signs because…

it is all scripted already on one level

More levels open up to us to explore and we go beyond the open door

When we feel resistant to whatever we are being and doing and believing closed doors are “wrong” instead of simply pointing us in another scripted game plan …..

We have a Gateway point

Choice time ~ shred off more skins and wiggle on through beaming brightly, maybe out of breath but thrilled with our vista opening up…

or bang our head repeatedly on the uncarved block that we are fighting being?

Child’s play ?

It is only when we create complex mind games that we get off track

complex mind game = ego mask game

simple stuff on one level

What our heart yearns for is our core and our “goal” is to remember who we really are by completing our personal circle and circuit

Our ego does not like to feel it is part of the universe’s plan and at it’s beck and call ….

and yet forgets

that the universe is limitless , free and a beauty place where anything is possible…..

so what is there to fear by being the gentle Deer and the strong Stag combination ?

Awesomeness is this energy portal where imagination leads and we sow our fertile seeds

Love to your Gateway paths today

Where is your Cosmic Cookie Trail taking you ?


Tried to do a post earlier and it didn’t work ~ been a tricky day in Avalon ~ here goes with last few minutes in….

Day 5 ~ Yellow Overtone Star 27 March

Lots happening today and I started in fine fettle as the Yorkshire saying goes and then….

something happened and lots of stuff went haywire.

I wrote a new document about 13 Year Planetary Cycles and….
strangely I picked the wrong size document from scratch, struggled through it and it didn’t save as a Page .
It saved as a pdf and wouldn’t load to droplr so…

have to do it all over again ~ bugger

This happens quite a bit in Avalon

The completion isn’t possible no matter which way.

Today is really about being the star we really are

which is a very different person to the role our ego pretends we are

to keep safe

I wrote a flowing pretty piece about this ~

all about trying to fit our oversize foot into Cinderella’s glass slipper and feeling our ugly sister archetype shadow rage
for not being able to live up to the “high life ” perfection profile and all that illusionary nonsense ….
preferring to keep on those comfy old slippers instead

as always happens by this late hour my carriage is about to revert back to a pumpkin as….

late at night our ego slumbers

the Sun gone for the day and our masculine Yang moves to feminine Yin

I was feeling a lot of ego emotion too first time around and now feel a lot calmer

having watched several films in the last few days about feminine needy roles and the men coming to fill the masculine….

Something we are still very much working through at this time
1 and 1 makes 2 ~ instead of each being whole so that 1 and 1 makes 3 Soooo my journey

We are still conditioned to believe in this duality and as this is our soul framework game plan on planet earth ~

how we learn to experience contrast through polar opposites and how this will continue until our Jekel integrates our Hyde shadow alter ego ~

and then we go beyond needing that duality framework because we have completed our integration mission….

may be a while….

The films I watched took me back in time to

Far from the Madding Crowd by Thomas Hardy ~ with Julie christie , Alan Bates and Terence Stamp ~ read this for my O level many moons ago. 3 Chaps all head over heels and all in a world of grief including the heroine ~ Bathsheba Everdene . I named my goldfish after her ????

Savage Grace ~ about a rich socialite with extreme neediness ~ that was a raw roller coaster exploring the lineage of greed and narcissism ~ very uncomfortable viewing and supposedly a true story

Tonight ~ Philomena

A moving story I have visited before about the Magdalena Sisters and an Irish Abbey where young girls were forced to give up their babies for adoption and labelled as shameless and sinners.

Very emotional and such a feeling of injustice for me ~ so many stories like these coming up in the recent past.

Nuns who will not be judged by anyone but God and yet are quick enough to Judge the “sinners” who are enjoying the pleasure of being a human being.


Today is all about being in our centre and knowing ourself.

Back to the panto theme ~

Many people in the self~ development sector do not believe in looking back….

not doing “content”

Not needing to feel old pain and repeat old stories

To know oneself and one’s patterns is essential to raising consciousness

We are where we have been

Doesn’t mean we get stuck in our story ~ that is victimhood

Narcissist’s are unwilling to explore their inner world and past because it is too painful and so live in denial ~

yet the wolf tail pops out of grandmamas nightie ~ just like when we exit stage left at the posh do and ….

notice our dress is ensconced in our knickers since our last loo visit
and our universal self trips us up at the most audacious moment
and rips those false eyelashes asunder

which is why addictions are often involved as soothers and inauthenticity patterns ~ they are a deception that create a false well being and as the shadow grows larger the bigger the hit to get the dragon in the dinner dress and cover the claws

When we cannot feel good about ourselves then we struggle in social situations and often choose to hide our anxiety with something that takes the edge off

When we are ready to take the blinkers off and face our worst fears about ourselves instead off using all that energy to create a smoke and mirrors side show…

Start to bring ourselves back to centre and shed those skins of the past

We can see with eyes wide open about what brought about these beliefs that we are unloveable and heal them

As how we feel is the realm of the heart ~ this is impossible to do simply with our head and intellect

I guess you have noticed that how we feel…

isn’t rational a lot of the time

When we also start to see how the planet has patterns ~ history repeating itself ~ we get a heads up too
and this is another way The Mayan Wavespell assists us on our journey.

The planet has thirteen year cycles and these all connect .

We are in a bigger picture thirteen year cycle of Awakening .

We are on year 8 ~ Yellow Galactic Seed.

We were beginning Yellow Seed 13 Year cycle in 1993.
Year 8 was Blue Galactic Storm and started on July 26 2000

This will be in the new document ~

and I will post it as soon as it’s finished.

I have added a Resource Page and Library Page on my blog too .

Today my Thoth card was The Hermit ~ perfectly placed for today and this bigger picture view of Red Moon which is all about completing cycles as it is a number 9.

The Hermit is the 9th Magical Card .

Virgo ~ the sacred feminine ~ untouched by man’s mind and the Sophia Heart Wisdom.

Enlightenment by going within and working with our shadow

The more we do that and the more our true juicy fruit is revealed

We are always beaming our light code out to the universe no matter what our ego mask pretends and we cannot fool our universal self

That is always worth remembering ~

and that we are always loved and supported by the universe ~ it always brings us our beliefs and if that isn’t feeling good then we are ready for our next inner step

We are here for this process

There are no Judges save for human beings ~ it’s an ego framework.

If we are feeling judged then that is always an old fairy story that we can rewrite if we are prepared to go back into our past and recast it.

We have the power to do that every moment .

We are amazing beings.

We have the ability to create life ~

We are star seeds

What more do we need than to reveal our true hearts and live in honesty ?

We are enough just as we are without any “refinery”

Love to you and your core essence today and hugs for the turbulence of this dark moon time

It will pass and we are stronger from the experience

It is strengthening our core if we are working within.


Day 6 ~ Lovers Day Venus and dark moon in Pisces March 28

Perfect positioning for Red Rhythmic Moon Day

Today we come into balance

The planet is coming back into balance

We are right at the start of it

Here is a document I created yesterday and re created today in a different way:

As today is the perfect day for it

Being Red Moon

Which is what this is all about :

Hope you enjoy

Love to your Red Moon awakenings



Day 7 ~ Heaven

White Resonant Dog Day March 29

Don’t know about you but my last few weeks have felt like an assault course and today I got to catch my breath and release in dark moon Pisces.

It’s a gateway for me today. On this day in 1995 I became a mother for the first time. It was a time when , like many women, I was close to death in order to birth a new life.

This pattern of birthing has continued ever since .

It was a threshold of transformation and unlike anything I could ever truly describe. Even now I am still feeling the undulations .

My body transformed, my mind transformed and I left my old persona behind and became a mother to the world in those first weeks ~ so sensitive was my whole being .

I was elated and terrified in the same breath on becoming responsible for the most amazing miracle.

I felt bewildered that I had never even given much thought to child birth and how amazing it was to carry a child and have it come through your body to be a person.
In the society I grew up it was something that seemed to be “taken for granted” ~ me too until I experienced the miracle for myself.

Today I felt drawn to The Abbey to see a friend on Facebook who I have never seen perform before ~ Daygan Robinson ~ If you haven’t seen him or heard his music I recommend you do

Today he performed in the little chapel in the Abbey . Playing the Mandolin ~ I think. I love this place. It has a beautiful intimate energy and I often go there. The stained glass is divine with pure colours and so many snakes and serpents It is very old and the land beneath even older links to the beauty path

As soon as he started to play , all the emotion I had been holding in came to the surface and I thought I should leave because I had so many tears
I decided to stay and cry and let the music flow through me Sublime .

It was so beautiful, timeless and yet of a different time ~ somehow gentler and more knowing….

When I lived in Greece I loved the Bouzouki and all the traditional songs spoke of love ~ I could feel that even though I didn’t understand the language ~ my heart could hear it.

I revere the ability for people who have this gift to create music and adore how it connects me to the source.

Today I felt so many things about my life and how I have felt in the passing of it ….

The dreams, the yearnings, deep love and heart connection and the contrast of that and the despair of that loss…

Now , after lots of years of working with that place I can feel it deeply and yet go beyond it too and see it is another passing phase I am going through. It is me and yet not me too

Sirius ~ Dog star ~ Dogon Tribe ~ all interesting to google if you fancy a cookie trail

My focus today has been about my tribe.
My friends and family and people who are going through difficult times because of the end of times.
I feel sad about that ;-(

It feels frustrating because there is so much happening based on beliefs that can and will be changed …..

in this artifice

and they are here because this is where we are just now

to see this crazy stuff happening and people suffering ~ needlessly on one level…

is heart aching stuff

This shedding of skins is so painful

and yet to feel deeply and love deeply we also feel the pain.

It is what it means to love unconditionally

Coming to Glastonbury for the first time, I entered the Abbey. I wandered around and the tears fell. I was home. I had been before and I was back in this place.

It has been an amazing part of my life journey and one I did not know or have any inkling of and yet finding this place has been the unwinding of me ….

so I can spiral into another….

and become….

someone else

Who I came here to be .
Unravelling, softening and melting like the snow in Springtime.

Simple grace of the space, the beauty of the flowers and the magic of this land of Avalon .

I recognised the power of the false calendar today ~ experientially

Although my son was born today in the Gregorian calendar , energetically he was born on his Wavespell which is the spiral that changes every year and isn’t here yet until the Green Castle arrives.

When we work with the Gregorian ~ simply through the act of following it ~ we are out of alignment with the true nature of the way the universe is

I knew that intellectually and today I integrated it with my heart

Living here and letting go in this way is so hard for the ego and practical ego ways of living…..

and yet it is so awe inspiring

Everywhere we are supported with our path.

What price do we pay for all that brings us loveliness ?

What price do we pay for all that brings us artifice ?
What we value in ego land has no lasting validity
What we do not prize is priceless

Topsy turvy life …….

Have you recognised how amazing you are today ?

What a gift life is?

How much beauty you bring to this world?

Love to you and your star light

Seeing the signs all around


Day 8 ~ Integrate on Mother’s Day 30 March

Blue Galactic Monkey Day

Day 8 is always about integrating and in one way this means bringing the role of that which is appearing on the outside, within us to integrate it

and become it

and in that process let go of being co dependent

let go of the duality framework

This is the core mastery process for the initiate and the soul transformer

All blue days in the Mayan Wavespell are about this process. Transformation of the ego.

When we enter the Blue Castle ~ which we are in the last few days of ~ this is amplified.

It highlights what has been triggering us emotionally since Halloween back in October last Year.

Remember that if we are dependent on our well being ~ in any way ~ on an outside source ~ there is a co dependency

and when that outside source isn’t available/acting up/ not behaving in the way we “need” and meeting our emotional “neediness” then….

our emotional mind is turbulent and we feel all our past rise up to greet this situation.

Now …..
people who are not aware of


it is their emotional mind that is reacting to this

This is not excusing any inappropriate behaviour ~ that is a seperate matter in the process and something I will speak of later
As it is their emotional mind that is reacting ~

It is therefore within them

Whatever is within us we can change

If we decide to be empowered to change it, we start to let go of being reactive by becoming proactive ~

We start to let go of being co dependent

i.e change our feelings by letting our feelings out in a way ~

ideally that doesn’t hurt others ~

and continue the “hurting others disrespectful code ” ~

which isn’t always possible ~ we are human beings not saints and it doesn’t do anyone any good to pretend otherwise as this is a form of people pleasing and mask wearing ~ a conditioned behaviour.

This is how we can use EFT to work on the triggers and then communicate ~ having come from a different place free of the red mist and past baggage

This creates a different communication.

If we of fully emotionally loaded then we get what goes with that ~ which is usually drama

Remember we communicate on all levels ~ mind, body and spirit and…

every person can read this communication whether they are conscious of it or not

We know dishonesty

This is what we are working on ~ on a planetary scale right now

Honest relationship

Specifically this day is linked on one level back to the

Blue Monkey Wavespell which started on the 11th of March

The pictures I have posted today are connected to this energy.

The Rose ~ the Albertine is one of my favourites as it smells wonderful. We are all on the Rose path and learning to open our core. Plant Roses, smell roses and use Rose essential oils as their code is heart opening, compassion and love .

To let go of the labyrinth of our head by understanding and knowing ourself and our patterns so we can transform how we relate.

The Mind cannot heal how we feel

If you have illness in your Heart Chakra area then this is revealing an imbalance around the sacred feminine ~ learning how to love and nurture ourselves and feel our feelings is essential. If you didn’t have this in your life as a child ~ and it is rare in our society because it has been absent in the Patriarch for thousands of years ~ the mind and repression of feelings has been a key pattern for most cultures There is no blame intended ~ it is what it is and we are what we are….

What do we want to create instead ?

We are all working with childhood patterns and for each one of us this is unique ~


there are shared planetary ones.

Very simply when we were children we learned how to have dishonest relationships with adults:

Adults who had the power to control our day to day life and basically lie to us

Do as I say not as I do ~ not realising the pattern that creates and that children develop experientially and do what they do initially

Oh naughty chair that hurt you ~ blame pattern and doesn’t allow the child or adult to acknowledge true feelings and take responsibility for them

Fairytales ~ I was in the hospital waiting room last week and reread Beatrix Potter whilst waiting ~ wow how fear based . Animals with some human habits and some human clothes and stories of animals experiencing all sorts of human based trials ~ bullying, murder and dishonesty ~ the inside of Beatrix’s mind spilling out ~ for children ~ yikes . I read a lot of these as a child

However ~ this matched the time and the relationships of that time

That was then….

This is now

Our whole framework of co dependency living is based on being reactive which is why we create the perfect events for us to react to

so we can see our triggers and if we are ready

take the next step to evolve

So we can move beyond the childhood survival techniques, coping mechanisms and ego masks that create dishonesty and allow us to survive

Are you ready to….

thrive ?

We are all going down the rabbit hole

We are all going through a restructure

This is an essential part of the process of allowing the Sacred Feminine in

It comes through each one of us

This is the most important focus to move our focus and transform our patterns and is the only way

Inside Out

End of times….

means just that.

The end of the old ways and old ways of being so if you are still putting on that old procession with the old codes….

Ego, mind, money, head led,

It will not create the code of balancing the sacred feminine

and the way the universe really works is becoming more self evident now

the more each one of us aligns with how it really is and the more we flow?

If we stay in our comfort zone then we do not learn, evolve, adapt and as that is the bigger picture plan of the universe ~


then if we ignore this and believe we can stick our head in the sand

get ready for the galactic course correction up the derriere

The Sun card in tarot is the divine child that we all are. We are the Zen master playing the role we chose this time around.

It is time to apply all the stuff we have learned on ourselves

All of life is about our personal process and we cannot feel constantly good no matter what we do because it isn’t real life

Is it ?

Making friends with all our aspects in ourself is essential

and healing through feeling ~ being able to own the real deal of who we are.

When we do that and clear our cache ~ we get to do that for real otherwise we get led to the same websites based on our history and the same events in our day to day life ~

It is all the same process ~ inside and out

We see ourselves and experience ourselves everywhere

The child with the Peacock feathers ~ the initiate is ready to use their eyes to reveal what seeks transformation

then use their third eye ~ the Peacock metaphor ~ to see within

When we clear off our inner chalice on our personal story we evolve and access our source energy ~ which gives us our unique cookie trail to follow at the perfect time

So if we are ready to be proactive then each day we decide to take responsibility for clearing our cache.

What is coming in to reveal who we really are and how we really feel?

Who are we energetically ~ Starcode and Mayan Sign reveals our Universal Barcode and Star Seeded Mission

Set an intention by being aware of where we are now and where we want to be?

Start to align with the way the universe works ~ being balanced in masculine and feminine

Go out in the Wax and Yang

Go within and receive in the Wane and Yin

Go with the wheel instead of trying to invent it with our ego led head

It is already written all we need do is remember

Who we really are

and meet our own needs

This takes time of course and…

We are all the Great Work

Whenever we have an emotional reaction there is an opportunity to commune with our inner child.

This is my way of working and it works for me and….

it isn’t easy

At the moment creating an energy shift on planet earth

A turnaround

Isn’t easy

Acceptance of this really assists us on the rough passage times.

The only person who can allow ourself to feel safe is us

The more we work with ourselves ~ every day just like housework ~ cleaning a little bit each day with love ~ creates a sacred space of love

Our temple

Our sacredness

Being the change we want to see.

If we want change the first place we go is to our heart space and how we feel.

Love to you and your Divine Child integration on Mothers Day.

Learning how to be a mother to ourselves in the way we love to be loved creates the loving space for all of our planet .

There are resources for you on my blog if you wish to connect to the Divine Child Wavespell synchroniser if you are ready to trust the process

Day 9 ~ Completion March 31

Yellow Solar Human

Today we complete the circuit of the Yellow Seed Wavespell on whatever level is energetically and emotionally open to us at ~

our level of conscious awareness
where we are on our path
what step is therefore available to us in the universal dance as the dancer


where the universal dance is at

This is the most important mastery step

Our ego wants what it wants when it wants it and is honest in that

When we do not cloak that and allow it so speak honestly to us

We get very valuable information as to that aspect of ourselves

This is our prima materia for alchemy ~ our next step

Today is all about our Yellow Human Chalice within

The more we create a clear place within and heal all our receiving moments that create an emotional reaction in the past….

that wasn’t joy or love

The more we can work wisely because we have completed a circuit and completed our circle of renewal and regeneration

The universal spiral is bringing us this gift every day

only it doesn’t always feel that way because our ego labels any uncomfortable experience as “bad” and to move away from is all. It is what it is designed to do to protect us from emotional harm

However when we start to acquire the information and tools that are available to us at this time

We realise we have the ability to heal in our own hands

and in truth we are the healers that we seek ~ then we can see this as simply a next step to wholeness. What I spoke of yesterday on day 8.

Everyone heals themselves and although we can have other people assist us in this process

it can only happen when our inner code allows it

When we are not ready to receive we experience ego tangos because we have power struggles and this can be very confusing

So here are some tips I have learned for bringing this into balance:

1. The most important aspect to creating a clear inner world is knowing thyself

If one doesn’t know thyself then one will struggle with why things are happening at certain times

When we become very familiar with how we do things and when we have had major life events and world events that have…
as a result of their impact

created a code change for us…

affected us on a deep level that changed our behaviour

first love affair is huge for this code creating as in the song…

first cut is the deepest

Everything that has left it’s mark on our heart is a code

Everything our first tribe did has affected our behaviour and created our footprint energetically and emotionally

This is all about our second chakra ~ the Sacral and where we began our human form ~ in our mother. We all began here. We all have a belly button ~ this is a great Virginia Satir exercise for creating open hearted relationship. Groups sharing this space and commonality ~ getting back to basics ~ revealing our belly button to each other ~ it is something you often see young children doing You can have a lot of fun with this ~ it is great for getting out of our heads and breaking the serious ego adult roles we often play around “shoulds” A great theme for Clowning

This area is where all our birthing begins ~ our dreams. This is The Pisces realm ~ the dream. In Pisces Sun time we have been connecting to our dream and on Friday ( Venus) Saturday (Saturn) and the morning of Sunday (Sun) we were in our dream dark moon ~ sometimes that is nightmare at this time ~ or to put it another way ~ what is seeking light so we can live our true love life

Now we are in Aries Sun and Moon and ready to take the next step to create that dream ~ if we dare to do what it takes and be willing to enlighten ourselves through….

knowing ourself

owning ourself

taking responsibility for ourself

and healing our shadow

The pictures I share today ~ the human child in the womb who absorbs all the mother’s experiences and emotions ~ code is forming here , patterns are made here

She is chosen as the perfect family by the soul for it’s evolution this time around and the earth’s evolution at this time

The picture of the womb also reveals Aries sign of the Ram . The code is here. For men this is the outer space of their sexual organs and their seed store. Whatever drives them ~ their hopes and dreams and their ancestry code ~ their will to be ~ is coded here and this is a very strong energy ~ to spread seed ~ at this time of year.

This is our humanity that is shared with the animal world. Often when our animal desires aren’t being met our ego seeks solace in the mind ~ this does not allow the energy to flow though ~ it is an ego defence is all.

Human beings are here to be with human beings and relate
If we aren’t relating then the circle circuit is broken and cannot complete ~ again no judgement ~ it is what it is . This process is an essential part of our process and happens many times if we are daring to go beyond our comfort zone and expand our consciousness

When we share our sacred spaces we share on many levels and in many different ways and so this is a key thing to bear in mind

Do we want to take full responsibility for this communion ?

In the past , at this time on planet earth, we will have had relationship that felt hurtful.

Whenever I watch animal programmes where animals are captured and fitted with a tracking device ~ to record and monitor their survival ~ yikes ~ there seems to be no recognition of how invasive this is or how much stress created in that procedure for the animal/fish/bird etc The human being justifies this as a custodian of the world ?????

Same thing with human beings. To “be safe” our medical model prods, weighs, measures and injects . In childbirth in many hospitals this amazing sacred experience has disempowered a woman’s natural ability to birth her baby ~ when that baby is due ~ and that baby is coded with that procedure….

however this is a match for the code we are in and have been in for a long time.
Reactive and learning about what we do not want

If we want to change that way of being then we learn from this and heal the cycle within

Proactive, moving towards by going back to what created that

Then we can create something new from a different circle….

and only then in truth

When we are ready to do that everything aligns

We are in dark moon time on planet earth ~ the balsamic period

We are in the shadowlands.

If you have been invaded, if you have been made to do something that didn’t feel good, if you have been bullied in some way ~ had someone’s will or willy forced on you ~ and I am speaking of this on a light level ~ I do not mean any disrespect to anyone who has been abused ~ I am simply keeping the vibe in a lighter tone …..

then there is inner work to do.

For people who are not ready to face their shadow this is rising now and I know this is causing volcano code for many ….

including myself and I am tapping a lot on past issues around this for me

If we are not ready to deal with our shadow we use a delete code.

This is an ego protection mechanism on the narcissism spectrum.

People who do not want to deal with how they feel ~ maybe because they do not know how, just like a young child will create a coping mechanism ~ will not connect to anything you say that is heading in that direction of taking responsibility of their whole self and…

so they don’t because they cannot ~

however that doesn’t stop the other person from speaking their truth either ~
this is key

Key to “right relationship”

Just because someone isn’t ready to receive doesn’t mean another person has to hold back ~ indeed this is all part of the process.

A person has a belief and so the universe keeps bringing them that belief until they are ready to be ripe of that belief and pop open

This may mean a volcanic eruption

In virtual game playing ~ Lara Croft for example ~ to kill a monster one has to hit it in a key area so many times before it dies and again I mean no disrespect here ~ I am simply using a metaphor of game play which illustrates a process of code changing that is universal

Some seeds pop through injury ~ a bird’s beak

Some seeds pop through cold ~ frost
Some seeds pop through warmth ~ greenhouse required or hot house area

Some seeds have to pass through an animal’s body to remove the husk and emerge in a pile of ….

You get the picture ?

This is also essential to the game of life ~ that we have different people on different steps so we get to have this contrast experience
This is the duality framework ~ contrast

So if for example you are ready to do relationship that is honest and has intimacy …

You may not know how yet…

but the intention is there

Chances are you didn’t learn that in your tribe or at school

Intimacy and right relationship isn’t high on UK’s curriculum in schools as they are under the remit of politician’s who have ego agenda’s first and feed the factory system or the elitist system ;-(

Unlike the Greek Mystery schools

So if we didn’t learn it then this is an essential step ~ knowing what behaviour is required to create intimacy and honesty…

and you cannot have one without the other

Most ego business cannot have these codes because they are involved in selling things at an inflated price that is a smoke and mirrors dance with no integrity…

so that is why they are dissolving now as their practices come to light and people are waking up to them

Another circle of hell on earth having the lid taken off so all is revealed .

People do what they know is all

Most of this is in pain avoidance rather than healing of pain at the moment ~ this is changing

So we need to intellectually focus on what we want and learn how to speak a new language of love ~ talk the talk

and then start being the process ~ be the change ~ open our minds, heal our past, open to new ideas ~ Citrine is the crystal that is great for the sacral ~ heals issues of relationship

The Sacral also holds the key to money and money can hold us back

What I am learning in my process is that to create new structures we are stripped to bare bones ~ this is the Persephone Path

We go into Hades ~ Pluto ~ the underworld ~ the shadow ~ our shadow

This is a loss process and to walk the walk and become our learning ~ the initiate becoming an adept in magical speak, we give up our old code

all our worldly goods was the root to God and joining a convent

When we take away the religious framework then we see the process

Money is simply money

Before money we had trade ~ exchange

We gave this for that

If we didn’t have something the other person wanted then no dice ~ we couldn’t have what they had that we wanted

Money has overridden this and money has allowed the ego to expand to it’s lofty heights of insanity

Needy greed and compensation for living the base life we are living in ego society frameworks

Key Tip 2

Again the undeveloped ego will not like this information because it will bring up control issues

The Planetary energy

Know what is happening in the cosmos and how your energetic strings are being pulled ~ the more you know about your Starcode ~ your natal birth chart in Astrology and the more you can relate to how

The Gods ~ the planets are the God and Goddess energy that shape us

They are the language of consciousness and evolution

There are lots of great resources on the world wide web to assist us as we learn

It is going to be a busy month in April ~ April showers bring May flowers

Here is a great article from Darkstar Astrology about this:

In terms of how The Mayan Wavespells fit in with this we have the White Dog Wavespell coming up on April the 18th

Day 6 is the balancing day :

Blue Rhythmic Eagle

This is on Will Shakespeare’s birthday, St George’s Day and in the magical system Day 34 ~ We are in Taurus Sun

The Isis energy

No Bullpoo

Taking the bull by the horns

Which is the day of The Grand Cross .

So if you are a White Dog or if this is your Wavespell ~ your life coded mission that is walking your talkiness

This is going to be very strong energy for you in particular.

For everyone else we are working in a slightly different way around finding our tribe and unconditional love.

Blue Eagle ~ all about rising above and seeing the bigger picture of where we are on our path and our butterfly process.

The winds of change ♥

Blue Eagle holds the energy of Scorpio

having been transformed from belly hugging survival…

through alchemical fire and the Phoenix rising

Reaching maturity as the high flyer of the heart wisdom

Over and over again…..

Of course we can choose to remain the same and hide under a rock….

until the earthquake shakes the rock and we are forced to emerge


Choices Choices ?

What the game of life is all about.

Love to you and your choices today ~ choose life?

To “live” ~ devil in reverse

♥ ♥ ♥

Day 10 ~ Red Planetary Skywalker

The Heart’s Desire Day ~ seeing what has manifested as a result of the last nine days

Being in the now
Free from pain
Loving life
Heaven on Earth

As Will would say…

A rose by any other name…

would smell as sweet

Remembering our childhood way of being hold’s the secret of this process

Allowing everything to be as it is

before we learned to label everything

A flower we loved ~ didn’t know it’s name
Funny creatures all around
The smell of things
The feel of things
Easy flow emotions
Knowing ourselves and knowing everything else through our heart

Up with the larks
Sleep when we are tired
Hungry ~ we eat

Not caught up in a schedule

in the can can world


Open Receiving Cosmic

Every day dawns an adventure

in our bright new world

Then comes formal learning

This is where our pain body is created and we form beliefs

Eckhart Tolle video about that here:
We place meaning on things
In an EFT model

We start to write on our inner walls

and live by these beliefs

These beliefs form our patterns and become our sacred geometry

These feel like they are written in stone

They can be washed off at any time and written anew in reality

If we choose

We have the power to do that as we created them in the first place.

Anything that holds emotional resonance for us is a portal

of potentiality

to unlearn and take us back to that child place of the open heart

To leave the labyrinth of our own making

The gift of this process is we have the purity of an open heart

The divine child space

With the wisdom of our adult experience

A bliss combination

Today we see our heart’s desire manifest and so we have all the information we need right here right now ~

and in one sense now is all there is

If we start at now we radiate out and all we seek will be revealed

So if you choose here are documents I use with myself and my clients to focus on this:

Universal Lifecoach Step One :

This is where we use this information obtained in a focused way to start weaving our own personal magic

To live the life we want more and more

To become our Heaven on Earth by being it

Then we have what we are wanting to expand on and create more of ~ when we connect to this I believe we are connecting to our future potentiality

We are seeing the future.

In my personal experience ~ all my relationships, blogs and heart’s desires, everything I have collected, purchased, been drawn to is my code and my path and has been a delightful revelation as it has been revealed at the perfect time for me ~ it’s true secret of my cosmic cookie trail and the cosmic cookie trail

Universal Lifecoach Step Two :

This is where we focus on what is challenging us, getting in the way, triggering us emotionally and seeming to be an obstacle we need to “get over” . That is old ego speak

Instead we go through the gateway by going within and going back in time and healing this circuitry

Unlearning the shadow learning

Calling our spirit back in

Becoming friends with our shadow emotions

Creating a new Kalma Karma Wheel on the inside

So we live in a different way on the outside

Warrior of the Heart

and as this is our Chiron ~ the wounded Sagi Healer energy that is big this year with The Year of the Horse and Saturn moving into Sagi energy out of Scorpio ~ tough times into way showing truth telling and being our own healer energy

this is on the cards for big code repatterning this year

Here is a document to assist in what doesn’t feel good and what we want to transform ~ turn lead into gold.

As we let go , all that energy draining pattern, all that black hole energy we have built up….is released
The wonderful paradox of this is ….

as energy is always transformed ~ it is in a circle, a circuit and doesn’t leave us ~ just like on planet earth ~ all the original resources there ever have been are still here ~ they have simply alchemically change into something else ~ with the exception of what has been jettisoned into outer space

this way of being that feels like life ebbing ….

gets to become life force and power

a new star is born ….


Universal Lifecoach Step Two ~ Purification

These are the first two in 13 documents that I am in the process of creating.

If any of the links in the documents aren’t working, please let me know. As I created them a while back things change and although the framework stays the same , the energetic links are changing all the time of course

Here is a documents you can use everyday to work practically and experientially:

Daily Love Synchroniser:

This also contains within it a questionnaire to assist in focusing and tapping videos I have made to help you to create your own scripts


My intent is to share this practical information with everyone I can so that people can empower themselves and become self aware

and have the tools they can use in a practical way every day

because I know that this is the key to changing our world

Creating Heaven on Earth

By being heaven on earth

Each and every one of us

Inside Out

If we can all become very emotionally aware and feel to heal

We create an honest and intimacy way of being and the rest will fall into place

Of course this is already written

I am adding more resources daily to my blog if you wish to check it out.

If you would like me to come and share this with you in a group in your locality I am happy to.

If you would like to know more about working with this process one to one using EFT ~ which is the core processor

please get in touch

All these Facebook mini blogs will be on the blog too
to refer to as soon as I can.

As it is sunny I am out in the garden every day planting my seeds and connecting to the earth so living in balance.

If you are not doing this everyday and earthing and grounding yourself ~ literally bare feet and bare hands on the earth ~ may I suggest you do ?

This is another way to be sure of energy flow by creating a direct circuit to the land and mother earth .

She holds our discharge of excess and our root connection is essential ~ being in our body to create heaven not seeking it in out of body experiences, mind stuff in an out of balance way

If we do not ground ourself in this way then our emotional mind will seek other sources to bring us back in ~ such as addictions and emotional eating

I will be starting up with my other blog soon which will feature this and our progress with growing our food in Somerset :

Love to your heavenly bodies today



ice-maiden-b-k-luskCharlize Theron in 'Snow White and the Huntsman'snow_bride_and_groom_9


Day Eleven ~ White Spectral Wizard April 02 2014

The first pic ~ how beautiful ~ Artist link:

The second ~ the Wicked Stepmother in The Snow Queen

and last ~ a lovely ice bride

Today is what we seek to release so we can be free of our ego mask

Let the light flow through us freely

by shedding our Spectral Shadow

An alternative day for me taking me back in time to revisit some old ways

Like many intuitives I love the dark hours and take a while to come round in the morning.

My partner is the opposite and loves the dawn.

We share many things together both for creating our income and for all the home making too

We always have since we first met and to begin with we worked together too which has come around often in different ways …

Some shared space and some apart

Today I did the school run as he has been out all day on a building job.

This will continue for the next couple of days …

A set pattern that isn’t my pattern

Already feeling the effects of this going against the flow and how
this rhythm interrupts my rhythms

and how I feel ~ grumpy and tired ~ out of sorts

I started a new document today about the masculine and feminine coming together ~ Lifecoach 3 ~ Alchemy

I was doing so many things that I had on my to do list ~ as I am going away , as well as day to day household stuff and tuning in to my flow of intuition for my document

that I felt very scattered and as a result ~ no flow ~ Will carry on tomorrow

took me back to the overwhelm days of young parenthood and working for corporates

Getting through the endless to do’s and feeling exhausted ~ like an automaton most of the time

I started the day doing things on my own that we normally share

Took a lot longer

I got to do it my way … and that is often at odds to his way and can be a source of friction as we see the world very differently

Often a great source of tapping together to see what it is really about and how we can understand each other and what we do together ~ Tantra pattern and essential for co creating.

I like to have my living space clean and tidy and as the weather has been sunny I have been doing the garden too ~ another space to do

My son is coming home ~ another space to do

I remember all my doing as I do

Lots to process as I go…

The journey of letting go …

As we age .

As our family grows into adulthood

As we decide to let go of too much to do

so we can do less
with less
and travel light

My ego says I need this, that, Should be so and so…

Old Old Script

Do this this way

As I am doing I am remembering watching my Nanna clean the house
My mum clean the house
How I have cleaned the house with my children and how I often felt I had too much to do to be present with them
To notice the birds and the bees and take pleasure in all of my day

To be still and savour the moment of their company
To allow myself to be truly with my family free from stress
free from exhaustion ~ it didn’t often happen

I had a schedule to keep ~ beauty to create ~ a woman’s work is never done as the saying goes

It is still there in many ways

and yet profoundly absent in others

Most days I do not
feel pressured to perform
Spend time with people who do not treat me with respect
Feel obliged to enable systems that are ….

barking mad

On a day like today I am reminded how blessed I am to have made the choice to start to let go of my old way of living for real

and start to truly live from my heart

How trivial most of my glitches are compared to many others too and those of my ancestors and yet they can still feel huge at times for a time

When we are constantly living from our head we cannot let ourselves feel

in any deep way

or connect with our true nature

We are living so far out of alignment with nature

that our energy circuit structure becomes m ~align~ ent

So today in whatever way

We can start to take a little step towards something that shines a light in the dark

a spark…

As we let go of the magical stage show

that takes so much energy to support

We are left stripped bare

Lighter Freer Thawed

Chilled Out instead of Frozen Solid

The ice has cracked and the Sun returns

When I was a young girl I had no need of a house on my travels

and felt free to roam

As my dependents become independent ~

that is where part of me yearns to head for

and shed my worldly goods with my ego layers…

After all one day we leave it all

Step through a gateway to somewhere else and begin anew

on another adventure

Love to your Spectral Release














Day 12 ~ Blue Crystal Eagle 03 April 2014

Picture today from my friend Milly who has been assisting this Eagle on his journey 🙂
The day of crystal clarity ~ our complex stability
When I was a little girl I had a lot of freedom. As an only child I had lots of attention and material things ❤

I had lots of strong characters in my life and they shaped my world inside and out with their powerful energy ❤

This formed my sacred geometry along with a myriad other things ~ everything that I have ever seen and where I have been ❤

Everything 🙂
All of that is within me
As I grew I had a view that my way of seeing the world was the way of the world 🙂

As I went into other people’s world I often had map clashes with their map of the world

The first stage of life my ego was forming and expanding and retracting

As I reacted to opposing views ~ some of that fire diminished as I learned to tone down my inner voice

I learned to be a chameleon

I learned to hide sometimes

I had strong driving energies as a Fire led Sun Sign

I had an independent view of the world as an Aquarius rising

I had an earthy seer energy as a Taurus moon

My mind didn’t know any of that back then….

but my spirit did 🙂

My spirit took me to the perfect crucibles to shape my journey

Everything that ever happened was for a reason

At the perfect time

All this I have remembered as I have done my inner work starting at Uranus Opposition in a big way ~ when I was 38

That is when it was the time for me to really evolve

This is what we are going through in a big way at the moment with all the Grand Cross Astrology ~ the bigger picture ~ to get our

balancing act going and swing around

to sacred feminine renaissance 🙂

In all of us.

I know this to be true because

As I have done my inner work

My ego is transforming and allows a bigger picture to emerge

As I am freer and clearer to see it
and receive it

As I am a freer spirit ❤

We are all Avatars

We are all mediums

We are all channels of the divine

When we totally accept that

At the perfect time 🙂

We allow ourselves to surrender to the great game plan

and get on with creating what we came here to create

in the cosmic plan

We start to weave from a place of conscious awareness

As we have integrity through our integration

This is a very different space to sacrificing and being a people pleaser

Wearing a mask
Time to take those off and let go of these roles we are playing

We play roles because we are afraid to reveal who we are

For fear of rejection and ridicule and other people’s emotional storms

We fear everything that ever happened to us as a child only now

In an adult’s body
How do we deal with the same bullies who were in our playground?
We had other adult’s then to oversee and keep us safe ….

didn’t we ?

For all those who were bullied as children ~ did adult’s keep you safe?
Not in any scenario I have ever come across ~ blame free statement 🙂

It simply isn’t possible because the child has to deal with it as there isn’t an adult there 24/7

and getting adult’s involved often meant the bullying got worse or diverted into a different behaviour

It is all playing out now on the world stage

How do we control bully’s who believe they have a right to fight ?

Who have gone beyond using their own body and words

Who have friends and weaponry to hide behind

Other angry people ready to fight unconsciously and be used as pawns through their own blind shadow rage

Going out out out with red mist

and in that process going the opposite direction of peace

In In In

Heal the shadow within

It took me a long time to get my mojo back

At 39 I felt old and a failure because my western “dream” had disappeared in a ruin of relationship ~ all my cornerstones collapsed

All my beliefs came up in a choir of critics and many of them were a shock

Who would love me now?

Why did I drive everyone away ?

I was alone after my “truth telling”

I was ashamed and did not seek support from my old friends

I felt desolate and totally powerless


Tired out of living a lie

Lying to myself

All the myths I had believed about life had proven to be untrue for me

and so my self belief and self esteem were at their lowest ebb
I didn’t seek to avoid this and I went deeply into it for many months

I didn’t pretend

I cried as I felt to and most of the time I didn’t have any control over the well of sadness

I was studying psychology at the time

I knew very well why I had all these feelings

I just didn’t know how to stop them so I didn’t

Just as I was at the lowest ebb the light returned

I had let go and new hope came in

Over the next ten years I repeated certain things ~ as we do

I focused on the outside structure ~ literally with property ❤

I did, basically the same stuff all over again in a slightly different way

Then , I learned to do something different

because it was the perfect time to do that ❤
Didn’t know that then ~ I do know as I have the Mayan Wavespell to see key times and dates ~ and my astrology chart and learning about the transits 🙂
At 40 I started a different path ~ reconnected to when I was 20 and went off the tourists trail 🙂

Into Woo Woo land with some wicked women 🙂

The Year before this current 13 year cycle of Red Moon ~ awakening

We are all following our path in every moment 🙂

I absolutely know this to be true from my experience ~ my belief
Over time I have gone into my old experiences and looked for that young child

In shamanic terms ~ soul retrieval

Started to feel good about myself and being honest about who I really am

What I know

What I am here for

Letting go of needing to fit an artificial plan

Being what others want me to be

What I believed I had to be to be loved

and so

it was true ❤

Enchanted by my own spells and illusions

The further I go into this territory of truth telling

about myself to myself

The more my bigger picture is revealed
This is the nature of the path of revelation.

The only way to feel good most of the time is to create this within

Be open to new learning

Be ready to change and go with the flow

Remove all obstacles and resistance to life inside

and the travelling gets easier

Our pattern is revealed in everything

When we get clear about it everything starts to become clear
What we resist persists

We cannot get rid of that inner resistance by removing something outside of us ~ that is avoidance ❤

Everything we seek for love and harmony is evident in our inner world.

The more neutral middle ground that is within and the more our spirit comes in and illuminates that

Our spirit works with what is there within our humanity in every moment

This is what happens on trips to Glastonbury ~ The ego is expanded to reveal it in it’s glory

and this can be a sight to behold

When I came here it illuminated all my ego neediness and my next steps for transformation

It alternated between feeling sublime and despairing. bliss and rage
This is the heart chakra and this is what the heart brings ~ our heart’s desire

To be love and peace through our constant evolution and learning and letting go of the ego game play

If we are on the heart path ~ consciously ❤

Today is all about seeing what is ripe for reformation in our personal script

What character are we playing?

Why are we playing it ?

How do we “do’ masculine ?

How do we “do’ feminine ?

What do we look to to creating this for ourselves?

Do we need a damsel in distress to rescue to feel powerful?

Are we the damsel in distress seeking a knight in armour to feel safe?

Have we learned to be true to ourselves, know who we are and how we want to relate ~ or expect other people to mind read our needs ~ then blame them when they read us in their own way ~ which is how we are designed until we evolve 🙂

Are we only in our masculine when angry ?

Do we need to feel justified to allow this emotion?

Can we be in our feminine , soft and gentle when we are fit and well or….

Do we have a belief that we have to be ill to do that?
Whatever experience we are having every day

Reveals these beliefs

If we are ready to look deeper ?

Ready to face our ego fears

Expansion code questions to start this enquiry could be:

What is this situation allowing to happen ?

What could be possible if I can get a clear understanding of how I am creating this?

What feeling is coming as a result of this ~ what can I feel to heal this situation so….

I can let old emotion go ?

Let go of these situations happening to trigger these feelings ~ creating a reaction?

What if I could be proactive instead and feel to heal everyday ?
Love to you and your fly high see the story day
Feel Free
❤ ❤ ❤


Dante Gabriel Rossetti: Beata Beatrix, ca 1864-70.

Day 13 ~ Cosmic shift day April 04 2014

Yellow Cosmic Warrior

The spiral has taken us through an energetic and emotional process of illumination and expansion ❤

Today through the process of Yellow Seed Ego mask removal we are seeing ourselves differently ~

If we are working consciously ~ with our shadow ~ we will actually be different …

and that is the difference that makes the difference 🙂

Starting to go deeper into our own depth and who we really are with all our mind made roles 🙂

Today’s pic is Beata Beatrix by Rosetti

Back to the Illuminati ~ the Renaissance painters who coded their work and often at great risk

The ultimate passive ~ aggressive .

If the truth of their work had been known by their patron’s it would have meant death ~ especially The Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo

Their true beliefs of alchemy and the divine are revealed to those who can see and at the perfect time. Much of the detail is hidden back then on the ceiling as one cannot see it from the ground ~ today we can see it and have seen it through restoration work.

It is the time to complete the circle.

Everyone sees things differently because of their life experience ~ which has formed beliefs on all levels ~ Mind, Body and Spirit ❤

Once we start to work on all levels we are able to see things differently

As we are working with our veil

We are working with our darkness and we are removing distortions ❤

As we transform our ego distortions we see clearly, we feel differently and we embrace all emotion within us

Then we can truly come ego free into relationship ~

The more we do this and the more we can be this ❤

Here is the Wiki meaning of the painting:

Here is a meaning of Beatrix:

When we look closely at the painting and see the detail of the woman channeling we see in the background ,
the masculine and feminine
and the Sun and Moon
dark and light
The dove and the phoenix combined ~ the inner alchemical process

that comes from working with our shadow

this is in the three lower chakra areas

this in turn opens the heart ~ the Gates of the Goddess Process

The upper chakras open naturally as a result as we are once again ~

ready to receive and be

a clear channel

ready to truly be in service

and do the Great Work

as a medium of the divine

Follow the flow and

as our resistance comes

realise this isn’t a “block” as such

It is simply our next step

When water meets resistance in it’s path

The process created from that is a Wave

We can use the Wavespells

To work with our conscious evolution

and see each resistance point as the gateway to more love ❤

Our personal white water rafting trip 🙂

We don’t know what we don’t know

Our Spirit Self knows and will guide us into new learning…

When we allow it

There are lots of people waiting in the wings to assist us

Every step of the way


We have to choose first ❤
Red Earth Wavespell begins tomorrow

I am returning to my roots in the North and reconnecting

Red Earth is one of my four castles

It is my Awakening Castle

It is all about feeling we belong to planet Earth

Finding our centre

This is base chakra stuff ~ childhood tribe and birth family

If it is your Wavespell it is your life journey and soul journey

If you are Red Earth it is your path to bring that energy full circle in you and if you choose to share that with others ❤

Even if we choose to do nothing connected to that on the surface we are sharing ourselves every day ❤

We are always doing the process and the path on whatever level we choose

It is already written ❤


Today we can sit for a while in contemplation about what we have learned over the last thirteen days of this powerful energy and feel it.

What is seeking a movement within us that allows us to

Move on

Move up in allowing and opening

Then we Move today ~

Move our energy

Move our direction

Move our thoughts towards how we be the change towards love within
Changing our focus 🙂

Bringing ourself into balance which is what this astrology brings….

Moving from Aries position ~ Sun and Moon
to Libra Full moon
Bringing ourself into balance

Checking out our inner cross to bear

Checking out our planetary focus by knowing our Starcode

Bringing enlightenment in all four worlds ~

Mind ~ Air

Emotion ~ Water

Body ~ Earth

Spiritual transformation ~ Fire of alchemy of the shadow
Love to your journeying today ❤






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