Embodying Heaven on Earth

52 Days of embodiment

A new 52 day process begins on Friday 05 February 2021

I have designed a process for people wishing to align with this energy to:

Create Heaven on Earth

through them

It is an amazing time to be alive and create as a

Star Seed



In December we started a 260 day cycle in Sagi fire :

Accessing our Akashic record and the ancestral wound we came to heal

Your experiences thus far will have revealed where you are on your spiritual path and the next 52 day process has the potential to transform this experience as the starry signs are aligned to spotlight our individuation

As I write this it is approaching the Full Moon in Leo ~ the heart time

A very special time of year to focus on ourself and our heart’s desire

Are you ready to be the Alchemist ?

Ready to release the old story to embody the new one beaming out from the central sun ?

Know what your gift is ? Are you accessing it right now ?

Ready to go to your next level and make a shift?

52 days of Red Skywalker begins on 05 February

Would you like to join me on a magical journey ?

7 days to go I have a limit on numbers ~ 7 places only due to the depth of work involved for me

What do I receive

as a participant ?

Your laser focus: Cosmic Code awareness :

Your Mayan Sign

Your Astrological chart with current transits

Key focus on 52 days and how the current astrology affects your astrology ~ in practical plain language

An energy coaching session with me to focus on the outcome you want to create ~ your dream :

Releasing any limiting stories and beliefs to transform your inner world

so you can boldly go where no one has gone before

Peer Support and magical vibes with your tribe :

A dedicated private Facebook group for chat and support if you choose

A power session on a power day ~ Age of Aquarius gridding in:

A small group of people to synergise the energy and assist each other if you choose

This package is normally £200 plus in single sessions ~

£97 special price

You will have an expanded conscious awareness of your spiritual path and access to guidance on a daily basis for 52 days

Ready to Book:

Embodying Heaven on Earth

52 day package beginning 05 Feb 2021


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Embodying Heaven on Earth