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Come and create a circle of synchronicity 

Come and share your experiences with a group of like minded people who share your pattern

I share codes from Astrology and the Mayan Wavespell

to give a bigger picture around what the Universe is creating

so you can co create with more conscious awareness 

Sharing different perspectives often gives deep insights 

If you choose to expand your personal pattern experience with any of my readings or energy coaching 

You can deduct this from that service 





Cosmic Codes and shared experiences from around the world




I use Zoom

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Local In Person Workshops:


Emotional Freedom Technique Advanced ~ The Movie Technique

Are you ready to take your tapping skills to the next level ?
EFT ~ Emotional Freedom Technique, is an amazing healing tool.
You will need to have learned EFT already so you have a basic level of skill set

The Movie Technique is a precise framework that allows you to visit past experiences in your life where you are still holding emotional resonance.

At those past times you would not have had the tools/timing/maturity to deal with these experiences.
Now you are ready to make The Director’s Cut and start to take your healing to the next level.
We cannot change the past ~ we can change how we feel about it and come into peace and acceptance.
This is a profound life changing process.
It is dynamic and will literally change how you interact with the world on a daily basis.
Change the inside and the outside changes.
This is a two hour workshop :
You will receive an Ebook.
Access to a Facebook private group for 28 days.
Assigned a Buddy to practice your skills with.
Support from your guide and facilitator.
£66.00 per person
Payment plan of 3 x £22 ~ please use the button below if you are choosing this option

Emotional Freedom Technique Advanced Workshop ~ The Movie Technique

Take your skill to the next level


Payment Plan for EFT Advanced 


Deposit of £22 and two further payments of £22

A Deposit of £22 and two monthly payments of £22




Emotional Freedom Technique Introductory Course:


Emotional Freedom Technique is an amazing tool.

It can be used for many different areas of life.
It is especially valuable for working with an overactive mind to create calm and peace.
I have been using Tapping (it’s other name) for 13 years in my own life and with clients.
As soon as I started using it I felt a shift in my life that was amazing.
I started to release past emotional events and come into my centre.
It is one of the fastest therapies I have used for creating change and letting go of anxiety and worry. 
I am passionate about sharing it as it is so empowering for people.
I have seen people become confident having it as a tool to use to enhance any other therapy.
It is now really starting to be recognised in the UK as a key cutting edge therapy. 
This two hour course will show you how to do the current recognised formula as designed by Gary Craig. 
I will go through the tapping points in depth and explain the mechanics of how the therapy works with the emotional mind. 
This will create an ideal space to explore and learn and ask questions.
  • You will receive an Ebook from me that has video support and tapping scripts to get you started. 
  • You will also have email support for a month after the course.
  • There will also be an online group you can share your experiences with if you choose

£66.00 per person.

Payment schedule of 3 payments of £22 to spread the cost ~ see separate button below if you wish to choose that option.

Emotional Freedom Introductory Course ~ One off Payment

In person or online EFT Course


Payment Plan for EFT Course:

A Deposit of £22 plus two further monthly payments of £22

Deposit of £22 and two further payments of £22

A Deposit of £22 and two monthly payments of £22





for an

Online reading


in person reading 


Energy Coaching 


Please contact me directly to book your time and place :

07772 877028

01458 850769

You can then pay online

using the buttons below :

If you do not wish to pay fully online at this time

I require a £22 deposit to secure your booking

You can transfer your booking with a minimum 24 hours notice

If that is not adhered to

the deposit will not be refunded 






To secure your booking as a part payment Please note this is non refundable If you cancel your booking within 24 hours of the session or event









Mayan Sign



£33 for an in depth reading showing where you are on your 13 year cycle and how the current planetary cycles are co creating with you 

This lasts around an hour and is recorded.

I will translate the info into practical language that you can use to empower you on your journey.

You can take part online or in person and ask questions. 





Mayan Sign ~ Initiation

An in depth reading as to your Mayan Sign and where you are on your 13 Year Cycle



Cosmic Codes


£33 for an in depth reading and a pdf of your natal chart .

This is a key focus on knowing your soul journey and how the starry skies are co creating with your Stargate ~ the time you incarnated is revealed as a bigger picture.

This lasts for around an hour and is recorded

I will translate the info into practical language that you can use to empower you on your journey.

You can take part online or in person and ask questions. 



Cosmic Code ~ Initiation

Your Natal chart and how to understand your life path and the current planetary transits affecting you




Energy Coaching 



Are you ready to focus on living the life of your dreams ?

Emotional Freedom Technique is a powerful healing system to clear any limiting beliefs and events from the past …

this allows more clarity around choices now.

This is a dynamic coaching framework to facilitate your personal process

Book a single session of 90 minutes to focus on what is requiring a rewire to allow your heart’s desire 



Energy Coaching

90 minutes of energy coaching using Emotional Freedom Technique Dynamic coaching format Either online or in person


Supercharge your journey 



Book a block of 5 ~ receive 6 

Block booking receive a discount ~ 6 sessions for the price of 5 ~

Total paid in advance to qualify 


Ideally 1 session a week for 6 weeks 



Supercharge Energy Coaching

Book 5 ~ receive 6 Thank you for your commitment



White Wizard

 This 13 Year Cycle

began in July 2019

We began a very powerful empowerment cycle



Moon Goddess



Moon Goddess Initiation



Your power team :

Cosmic Codes ~ Astrology ~ in particular Asteroids in your chart

bringing the new consciousness in 

Mayan Codes ~ where you are on your cycle ~

co creating your cosmic wheel with the universal wheel

An initiating energy coaching session to focus on where you are now


where you want to be

to refine your experiential learning

of the last 13 Years

 So ~

You are awake ~ moving towards authenticity ~ being the beacon of light ~

now focusing deeper with conscious awareness

on self empowerment ~ aligning with Universal Wisdom 


Let the magic flow through you


expand the gift you came to share in this lifetime 



Moon Goddess Initiation

Cosmic Codes , Mayan Codes, Energy Coaching See how to align with the White Wizard Energy of Ixchel


Mayan Elder Codes


pic Mariana Pavlova 


When we reach the age of 52 we have completed

our journey of Initiation

We have experienced our 4 Castles of 13 Years 

I will create a map of this information for you

You can then see specifically your patterns and your cycles over your lifetime 

This creates an expansion of Conscious Awareness for you



on your path of enlightenment 

You will receive an Ebook with this information

and a

30 minute consultation




Mayan Elder Chart

Your 52 Year Cycles mapped in an Ebook with a 30 minute consultation












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