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Haumea in your chart 



This is key to the new 13 Year Cycle beginning on July 26 and Ix Chel 




This is the Alchemy process of transforming the shadow ~ to birth the soul

This is now on the Cosmic plan in an unprecedented way for the collective

It is time to become the new dream by healing the ancestral line

This is the ability to use a process to produce a fresh and clean state of consciousness ~ permanently . This process expands as it is used in a disciplined way and is cumulative over time. It creates integrity and stability for the human being on every level.

Spiritual consciousness ( Higher creation consciousness/ Divinity/ God and Goddess ) can be accessed beyond the human being mind and present reality, through meditation for example. By passing the individual’s human mindset.

It can be further embodied outside of the meditation framework, by becoming consciously aware ~ making the unconscious known to oneself. This can be accessed any time and any place.

Healing the shadow experiences ~ emotional trauma events ~

releases them ~ key shift ~

knowing about the emotional mind

and how it embeds codes of trauma ~ releasing that.

Becoming one’s own mature parent for the inner child on all levels .

This is Alchemy.

This is going beyond the intellect. 

Where Haumea is in your chart reveals this process for you 

Haumea’s Asteroid code is 136108 which adds up to 19. 

This is ~ Blue Storm Mayan Sign 

This is the key to leaving the past behind literally ~ healing emotional trauma in your past ~ your ancestral line ~ coming into your centre ~ healthy and balanced emotions 

Letting go of people pleasing and inauthentic ego coping mechanisms that distort truth 

Coping mechanisms ~ addictions ~ allow survival

but are not in alignment with universal flow and magic ~

White Wizard Cycle coming in now.

Letting the magic flow through us knowing that we are embodying the divine

and expanding our human being vehicle structure to allow this :

Jupiter in Sagittarius transit 

This is a recorded session exploring this in your chart and lasts around 60 minutes

Haumea glif ~ Sacred Geometry of 7 ~ the mystic ~ unlock the mystery in you 

Image ~ Tony Dunn

Haumea Chart Exploration

Connect to your rebirth process . A recorded chart with you to explore this aspect of your Alchemy process




If you choose to work on a healing level with this information , add on 60 minutes of energy coaching at this special rate 


Haumea Chart and 60 minute Energy Coaching online

Going deeper into your Alchemy process and what is presenting in your current life ready to transform





Mayan Moon Goddess Code



Maya Telford

Maya Telford

When you incarnated you have a Mayan Moon

There is a 28 day period for that bigger picture energy

There is a specific day for that energy

There is a 13 day process for that energy 

Embodying the Goddess and return of the sacred feminine in you

This s also connected to your Astrology

Go in depth with this in a chart reading and explore your Moon power day in Astrology and the Mayan Framework so you can use it on a monthly basis with conscious awareness on your spiritual journey 

Maya Telford

Mayan Moon Goddess Code

Explore your Mayan Moon and Astrological Moon Codes to work powerfully each month This is online with you and recorded