Avatar Ascension Event

Are you ready for the astrological event of the year ?

It is a vortex of potentiality

Join me with a synergistic group of souls ready to remap their code

We will be focusing on emotional healing as to letting our old stories be released

There are 6 planets in Aquarius and a key asteroid

I will map your charts for you to align with energy with conscious awareness

Lots of other aspects happening in the starry skies

You know the answers :

What has been pulling you out of your centre since last July ?

These are the golden threads to take you out of the labyrinth of your head

These old storylines have created mindsets and often limiting beliefs that can often keep us stuck without even being aware of it

The wonder of working in a group reveals this with frequent ahas and breakthroughs In Emotional Freedom Technique

This is known as “Borrowing the Benefits ”

You don’t need to have any prior knowledge of EFT or Astrology to take part

It is easy to do and you can simply join and watch as simply being present will give you a shift ~ that is the wonder of energy healing

If you take part in this group you can access a 90 minute session with me for £33 ~ normally £44

I know from experience that people have no idea of this amazing energy healing’s benefits until they experience it

Are you ready to change and live in a whole new way ~ truly from a healing heart ? We will be experiencing a vision of the future today and the focus of this workshop is to really fine tune it ~ it is a stairway to Heaven on Earth for the human being

We can see the potentiality of our Avatar

How to access it and embody it is the next step

Learning how to heal the heart and change the lightbody from the inside is key to embodiment and therefore ascension

Learn the secret to becoming the peace you want to create

The story that is looking to be rewritten is inside each one of us

Most people are looking in the head for the answers ~ the answers are in the heart Heal the old story and live the new one


Avatar Ascension Workshop

Webinar 90 minutes on Zoom 11 February at 11am UK time Tapping with a group of like minded souls to create an energy shift