Day 6 White Rhythmic Dog Day



Day 6 of the loving the skin you are in wave

Did my day differently today ~ in tune with Aries moon ~ new beginnings 🙂

You can teach an old dog new tricks ~ we are all the zen master inside and when we let the veneer and mind masks crack ~ we reveal our true magnificence.

A brief blog today as truth be told I am wiped out energetically ~ so as this day suggests I am being balanced in my masculine and feminine and having an early night.

Being in the radiant sun, gardening and to start the day lots of tapping with my partner about stuff arising from this  Red Serpent Wavespell.


We can talk all day about how we feel and being solution focused with people who we are in an intimate relationship with ( and not experiencing intimacy with in the way we want ) ~ what I have discovered ~ and this is really expanding now ~ is the energy relationship we all have based on beliefs. If this isn’t being included in this process ~ nothing will change because we are only scratching the surface with lip service.

The simple message of today is unconditional love ~ that is the energy of the White Rhythmic Dog mayan sign. My partner happens to be a White Dog and one of my biggest teachers in this lifetime ~ we have had six previous I discovered in an astrology reading and I wonder what that entailed 🙂 ( I don’t really understand how to read that yet but when I do I will share :-)}

So in plain language ~ love without any conditions.


When we love ourself without any conditions:

we may not like things that we do, how we look , our journey in life so far…..we accept all of that though because… is what it is, we are what we are and we cannot change the past

and we are always experiencing times of contrast


When we do that  acceptance ~ through going through that process  ~ we create a shift in how we relate first and foremost to ourselves and by doing that…..

we can accept others as well

make sense?

It is a circular activity

Most people put the horse before the cart and focus on everything else that they want and where they are going and the secret is ~ you have to start with now and go back to what got you to this place ~ before you can truly move to a different space.

When the ego is still full to overflowing with conditional love it isn’t a happy chappy and looking at the past….

that’s the uncomfortable bit … only gets easier when….you do more of it …..and get used to being uncomfortable

and that is another secret …..if you can get more comfortable with the uncomfortable then life will become easier because right now we are not living in easy times…

we are in transition….

which means turbulence 🙂


We are all very different and unique and can only perceive and believe through our life experience…..


which is why each one of us has different beliefs


No matter how much we may wish to be a twin flame of someone ~ identical ~ being the same

It is impossible.


Even identical twins have some different beliefs because they do not live identical lives.


So when you are with someone you are coming from your energetic belief and they are coming from theirs. Some things may be shared in some aspects and you can find common ground.


When there is a map clash ~ an argument, a difference in relating and understanding  ~ everything comes to that point.

For example every woman I meet is, energetically and therefore on a belief system ~ every woman I have ever met and I am perceiving her in this way. If I have emotional wounding with a woman in any way , every time she pattern matches that wounding with her behaviour, my ego responds.

The more ego wounding I have let go of . the freer I can be with a woman.

I also make less assumptions and I also become clearer about recognising patterns ~ and them simply being patterns.

With plants I may not know a plant by it’s pattern i.e I may not recognise it’s leaf and so I may believe it is a weed that I don’t want. When I was very young ~ much to my Grandad’s chagrin ) I would whip it out . If in doubt…… Overtime I learned that sometimes these “weeds” were something I liked and so I learned to leave new plants alone until they were big enough to be recognised. I still do that with my relationships ~ if in doubt let the relationship run so that enough time passes before making any decisions and trust that in all relationships new learning takes place . I choose to end relationships with people who aren’t open to evolving and like to blame instead ~ not taking responsibility for their own ego ~ otherwise this tends to have a sado edge to it and it isn’t something I enjoy. I choose to be loving to myself and walk away and spend time developing relationships with people who genuinely are open to intimacy by doing what it takes no matter how scary that may be.

I am always attracting repeating cycles and meetings and so I am energetically also responding to that other person conditionally ~ on my conditioned responses around unconscious and unresolved past events 🙂

Additionally the other person is having that same experience.

Every time we are having an emotional response about another person’s behaviour ~ it is our emotional response based on our emotional past.

Notice how your behaviour changes around certain people and how relaxed you feel or tense and….. if you choose go deeper about who they remind you of.

In every situation we are being guided by our past  ego emotional experience to keep us “safe”

Often that blocks new experiences and new learning.

The older we get the more rigid our frameworks can become and the less flexible we are. We literally become hard hearted as a way of closing down.

We use our learning as a shield and our ego becomes stronger .

An alternative route is to become softer, more gentle and more open.

Do we choose to use chemicals to control our “pests” in our garden ~ or do we choose to learn how to live with them ?

Do we learn how to create an oasis that invites all creatures to live in balance…..or create a controlled climate zone that has no entry signs to much of the wildlife  who provide a food chain and  have a valued role to play in that ecology?


A clinically clipped shorn sheep of a landscape or a woolly mammoth fecund jungle?

Maybe there is a world beyond duality  that letting go of ego is birthing?

We find a balanced way of giving and receiving.

Any created space that is managed isn’t natural because… is managed 🙂 This is humanity’s relationship with Gaia.

We can learn to manage it harmoniously without any detrimental impact on our neighbouring creatures. When we go large we can do it in small steps that are sustainable and come from the heart ~ with practical , grounded and experiential wisdom. When we understand the next step from experience ~ we are truly ready to make it rather than buy one off the shelf.

When I am in my garden, surrounded by the beauty of nature and co creating with the wonder of all my companion plants and wildlife, I feel total peace and joy.

Creating two way street relationships energetically means we allow others to be them as much as allowing ourself to be us and we create a third street ~ the relationship.

To do that one of the greatest gifts is to be a really good communicator free from ego.

To achieve that takes skill and…..

letting go of that inner dog needing to bark.

There is no need for it to do so in alarm …….because we have let go of the past and recognise that

that was then and this is now

and this is now……… zen.

Love to you unconditionally.

Thank you for being in my world.




3 thoughts on “Day 6 White Rhythmic Dog Day

  1. This is a great name – White Rhythmic Dog Day – I love it – and this post is very relevant to how I’m feeling at the moment. As always you’re on the ball Jo 🙂


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