13 ~ movement ~ catalyse

baby magic

Day 13

Blue Cosmic Monkey

Cosmic Moon day 7

The mystic day of this 28 day period

Planet Venus

Friday is Venus day too


This picture contains the process of becoming Venus in it

It is in plain sight

All the symbology in this reveals the personal process of the birth of Venus for the individual 

I have been in the presence of this painting in person in Florence

I got the message energetically barcoded by this close up connection

cosmically swiped 

although I wasn’t aware of it then 

Are you ready to see it?

Be it?

Where is Venus in your chart?

Mine is in Virgo at 29 degrees in my 7th house

A witch preparing magic mushrooms.
Within the delicate, formative stages of major departures into the unknown, there is encountered an extraordinary task and lesson that detains you a long while. It becomes self-evident that it is everything that comes before that makes the difference. There must be a fully attuned, magical sensibility to make the future possible. Coming to this requires arduous discipline and elaborate ritual, internal initiation. This becomes such a labyrinth of discipleship and apprenticeship that you wander through the maze discovering everything you ever needed to know. All is played out within. There is no need to make anything happen on the outer. You are assigned to empty yourself out, to strip everything away, to become invisible. And if you excel at your craft, so many ventures and initiatives will be seeded, that this inner planes total mobilization will prove to be more fruitful and productive than any premature thrusts of outer mind, no matter how impressive or seemingly necessary. The entire path lies well within, and needs no surface success to substantiate itself.

So today this is very key for me

It was key for me in my formal education too because I did not conform at 6th form

and I had to make a choice

Magic mushrooms exploration/adventure/travel or compliance and career?

I left school and often felt like I had failed on some level…

Now I know why I took this route and always will

It is key to my evolution in this life.

To be a contrary Mary 

Another nursery rhyme

My take on this? I live on the ley line to the Camino Santiago 

Taurus in the Glastonbury Zodiac ~ my moon

The sacred feminine returning

Mother Goose ~ the craft tradition

The Moon

The Lilith energy 

My Lilith in Aquarius ~ au contraire to popular cultural conditioning 

and at 4 degrees the structure of it.

This will be incarnate in the moon energy tonight at 9 pm ~ 9 being completion

Many fireflies at dusk.
You become aware all at once of staggering things, of astounding things, of world-shattering things. States of revelation. You are being called inwardly to shake off the slumber of the common day and to heed the stirrings of the future. Capable of bounding leaps, your are infused with a spirit of new beginnings. Especially strongly drawn toward altered states and threshold awareness. You’ve been brought to places where all of the shared assumptions and ideologies become pale and lifeless, and something other sparks recognition and pursuit. Collectively inspired to find alternatives, to seek a vision, to gather with those who are similarly touched, you are in on the ground floor of new movements and innovative discoveries. And full of wonder and awe at the process, and at a whole way of things in worlds such as this one.

Writing this blog has allowed me to see this 


This is the beauty of age too ~ being able to understand through looking back

and see clearly having healed distorted beliefs about oneself

being different to the “norm”

which is actually an insane way to live

and everyone knows that deep down

29 degrees in the anoretic degree

If you read this link you will see this is key

there is a different angle to this for those doing

The Great Work

Part of this process is going where angels fear to tread

this is the shadow workers process not the love and light brigade process ;-)

It can seem like the way of a sadist to plunge into the abyss over and over


this is the enlightenment process



personally meeting what is known in common culture as the nemesis energy

Teaming up with relationships and people

that are the core of wounding on the planet in a very personally matched way

and we are all wounded and doing mask behaviour :-) 

To begin with this is not conscious 

Early life

As the initiate awakens this becomes conscious

As the adept works with this internally it becomes clearer 

Soul mates are challenging in this way of relationship 

They are meant to be 

Each person’s pattern is exactly what is required to go deep and heal deep

Eyes wide open 


Hearts ready to heal

Fluffy kitten stuff this ain’t

The potential for deep love and connection?


The role model on all levels ?



Today we are working with the last degrees of Capricorn

An architect carefully surveying old ruins.
What is to be seen is the outer skeleton of things. What is to be known is the inner essence of things. The code, the extraordinary revelation, the realization is there inherently in the very substance of existence. A practiced eye can see inside, can penetrate and illuminate. The schooling in perception comes between lives and then overshadows each and every idea or notion anybody can come up with. But to access and do honor to this advanced faculty is rare. For seeing the whole truth is excruciating to the ego-mind. And therefore the battle is on to awaken to your innermost truth, or to succeed brilliantly in adapting your truth to the marketplace, selling your soul to the highest bidder.

How to work with this within:

The more the individual knows their old ruins and is stripped bare the more becomes clear as to personal alchemy

Seeing the ego mind ~ this is where emotional freedom technique comes in to clear the self blame and self judgement and turn excruciating into ecstasy 

Blue morning glories growing up a tall trellis.
Heightened ability to bring the greater self into action. The towering presence of the one who knows informing each moment. A huge and formidable destiny-dedication to bring all of yourself through into this world. A steadfast, adamant quality of soul. The prenatal resolve to work out all remaining karmas and be free. Intensive focus upon soul evolution. Purpose, will. You have something to grow into throughout your life. Ancient ways, unfallen heights, seeing through. Staggered by what you have taken on. Ripening on the vine. Under massive pressure from within. The path and journey of ascension, with the body honored and the world renewed. Awakening and tapping the source for endeavors, projects, and tasks requires top-level clearance and the truest endowment of inward faculties to see them through and light up the world.

How to work with this:

Top level clearance is accessed through becoming a clear channel , clearing old wound events very specifically, allowing access to universal energy and balance with giving and receiving ~ again Emotional Freedom Technique working very specifically achieves this clear space and working with it intuitively every day ~ all is revealed ~ perfectly in synch again with the natural time and rhythms instead of being stuck in the Gregorian calendar past ~ the Mayan Wavespell synchronisor is key to this too

This is the Aquarian Age coming in and my Ascendant energy is at 0 degrees so a blend of the 3

A two-headed calf.
Taking a good look at things with an eager eye brings you right into the middle of the dilemma of polarities. As you stand there faced with the different sides, you are impartial; neither side pulls you more sharply than the other. Immense opportunity. Huge challenge. You have vital potential for brilliant synthesis, but a subtle temptation to think too long. A schooling in alchemy in every moment–do you find what is ready to emerge or do you think about it? Progressive evolution draws you through all your mistakes into all that can be.

This will be at 3pm today in the UK so if you are able it is a good time to tune in for the bigger picture of you seeking to evolve ~ potentiality ~ if you are reading this later ~ think back to that time.

If you are not in the UK then your time will be different

This is the lunarium I use 

We are going to be working with this energy soon in the centre of the Tzolkin


For all those that like to be practical and plan ahead 

August 12 to 24th

This includes my 50th birthday so is very key for me and the process I am going to be working with all my 5oth year

and my

Chiron Return in Pisces 1st House 

Pagan fire worshippers dancing.
Trance states. At home in psychic realms and other realities. The self abandoned to the tribe–to the sweep of the moment, to the energies that arise. On fire with longing and poignant, bittersweet reflections. A throwback, a native, a primal soul. Emotional, depths-centered, superphysical, you are energized tremendously by special occasions, extraordinary meetings, unexpected miracles and tragedies. Expectant and waiting for something wild and unknown to break through. Mediumistic, vicarious, and charged with a life-force that must be followed out. A certain distinctive fate to be at times disappearing and gone and at other times resurgent and mighty–all depend upon the tides of fortune. And it will always change in unpredictable, exciting, disorienting, and multiple ways.

If you are ready to work at this level please get in touch so we can formulate a plan 

The Blue Monkey process of transparency ~ clearing the wounding ~ 

The new learning is Yellow Lunar Human

August 13

This day will connect to what is revealed starting tomorrow 

for my awareness and choice point of integration

This is always happening for everyone only most are not aware…

yet ;-)

That is happening now on a big scale though as it is the time

I will be in my 7th year of my current 13 year cycle 

Red Resonant Earth


Who I am meeting now, what I am doing now 

is crucial

for my crucible

my inner evolution

We are in the last degrees of Capricorn Moon this morning


key for anyone with Capricorn placements

Slipping into Aquarius Moon this afternoon and evening

this is key for Aquarius Sun people

and anyone with Aquarius energy in any placement in their chart


Another way to look at this is Capricorn represents the part of the ego in each of us

being amplified at the moment


The fear spectrum, the mask seeking to come off


The husk of humanity ego

being catalysed by the universal interaction

set on fire ~ anger events

enveloped in water ~ sadness events

eaten whole to be shat out  ~ consuming events 

crushed by a large object ~ disempowerment events

Whilst these events may appear negative to the ego

They are essential to release the seed within

Tonight in the UK more thunderstorms


The cloud formations being posted on Facebook

this one by Isaac Sibson from Marsden West Yorkshire

remind me of the film

Independence Day 

As with all ego based films

there is some truth in there usually with a large helping of fear to amp up the appeal:-) 

A simple virus overwhelms a complex computer system in these alien invasion films

Just like a human being gets overwhelmed by a cold ~ which is simply a healing process of feminine bringing balance to the overworked masculine activities and environments

Many may be feeling overwhelmed at the moment

Trying to do all and be all to all


of that is of our own making and allows each individual to see how this is happening

bring it back to oneself

take ownership of this behaviour and way of relating


notice what that allows to happen


Compensatory measures

learned as a child

Time for change ?

Otherwise become unravelled

Time to get real

This is so key for me 

So key for the Age of Aquarius coming in

Being the change

Understanding coping mechanisms

Understanding how I tick 

What conditions allowed me to be the person I have become


and as I have crafted myself

I have the evidence that I am a creator

I can weave myself anew 


New Wavespell begins tomorrow and I will not be blogging every day

Just as and when I feel too as it takes a lot of time and energy

Yellow Human is the 13 day process that lets us see our human beingness

The planet is Earth

The code is 12 in the 20 Mayan Signs

This is the tail end of the year I am in 

The structure of the human being in co creation with the spirit

What the individual is working with in the last 13 days specifically

is manifest 

It is all there to be seen

If you are ready to work proactively with yourself and you would like a co pilot to help you navigate

please get in touch

This is my seed gift 

This is my journey first and foremost


As I am very aware of patterns and code

I can assist people to see what is there ready for transformation


cannot do it for anyone ;-) 

It takes dedication and discipline 

It isn’t a passive approach at all

Love to you and your inner child today

If you can take the time out today

to get in touch with that part of yourself

It will be hugely beneficial for you


in turn 

the universe

Which we are all creators of ;-) 

Today’s Thoth Tarot

Queen of Wands


Feeling this is my energy at the moment with Jupiter in Leo 

and my exact degree of Chiron in Pisces ~ no doubt ;-)

This is what learning code reveals

My core values are honesty and right relationship

as anything else ends in a puddle of tears 

and I am an expert on that position ;-) 

I intend to create more joy now by being as honest as I can 

Day 12 and Day 10 ~ It’s a love thing


Day 10 ~ Yellow Planetary Star

was on Tuesday 30 June 2015



in to today’s code

of how

that is manifesting

clarity potentiality

This was the day of being the star that we really are rather than ego led

We are all a work in progress around this and that is why we incarnate here on earth

To be the Star

To interact

To create star systems


We literally are stardust 

Organic beings 


How can the human being mind ever believe in knows more than divinity

Look at the amazing organic structures and systems on our planet

doing their own thing

Huge Stars on their own galactic trip 


No need for human being control

Only the human ego is afraid 

As it knows it actually does not have a say in the bigger picture

and has to go with the 

Grand Design

Resistance shows up 

It is natural 

All feelings are natural

To guide the individual as to what is safe and not safe

Keep the being alive

This is all human evolution downloaded in the mother’s womb 

Then the personal experience happens

Day 10

is the manifestation of our heart’s desire 

The 10th house in our chart

In the Mayan 20 Signs

this is White Dog 

The human being incarnate here and now

Radiating conditioned codes

Ready to know what those codes create 

How their personal road trip feels 

I spent most of the day doing charts to the nth degree 

and lots of wows

Oh my Goddess 

It is all there to be seen in my experience

and now I can see the code

The site I use for the degree 


Inside Degrees 

This is the moon degree as I am writing this:

Beads carved from human bone.
The body carries memories of every world we have ever been through. These memory strings or beads bind us to the Earth. We feel pinned to the spot, responsible for everything that happens around us–somehow the one in charge. For we are carrying the continuous memory and legacy of the ancient mystery-streams and of forgotten modes of knowledge. We bear the treasures intact. It makes everything count. It means that we cannot get away from ourselves or our fate for a moment; we are compelled to fulfill our vows and to bring into this world the towering awareness and strange resonance of the giants, of the ancestors, of the great ones, of the inner ways. Never lost; impossible to forget.


Everyone has their own natural inclination on this

I call that

Following the Cosmic Cookie trail 

My trail will not be the same as yours in this degree

Our evolutionary learning path is shared 

Same lessons for all human evolution

All pixels in the bigger picture

Changing the world view

Here is a great Astrological update from  Leo Tom 

The 10th house in the natural zodiac is 



We are what we eat 

We are what we think

We are what we feel

We are what we believe

We are also our original star vibe

Spock ;-) Now in another dimension with a dog/unicorn hybrid?

Maybe a Capricorn Dog ?


and  as such…

all things can be crafted accordingly

by the human being  ready for this great work

 pre~requisites for this :

ready to look at oneself from every angle

radical self responsibility

ready to do whatever it takes 

to transform

and be 


letting go of doing this for any other reason than that 

free from ego agenda

Now is the perfect time for that process

Day 12 ~ today


White Crystal Dog

Sirius Code

Today ties in with that 

How clear is our Dog self 

The inner dog


The fight or flight part of us that is programmed for survival

The Terminator who is out to destroy any threat

Avoid any “dangerous” areas

wolves in sheep's clothing

largely based primarily on those early years in life

raw base primal


no thinking 

no logic

Act from pure emotional instinctual response 

anything but Zen Master

and yet can be when transformed


Leads us on a repeat of events

The mind connected to this illogically 

The heart meanwhile is bringing those patterns in

With the opportunity to





on earth in a practical human being way 

The Transcendental Process

Within each human being facing each”challenge”

with the viewpoint of removing any man made obstacle in their path

To be free and aligned with their destiny

Amazing films with this theme:

The Fault in our Stars


Edge of tomorrow

The Adjustment Bureau

Love Tom Cruise film’s  they are so revelatory and he is a Cancer Sun

and just doing this cookie trail showed a news report about him 

that is absolutely key to this Capricorn Full Moon

Here is a link to his Astrology 

He is 52 ~ Saturn Square 

Mayan Elder year ~

he has completed his 4 x 13 year cycles  

and his birthday is tomorrow so going into his 53rd year

He is a White Crystal Worldbridger 

So reflected in his films 

The crystal clear structure of ending of worlds

Code 12 of Blue Eagle

blue eagle buzzard

Seeing the bigger picture mastery code

In the Green Castle of the heart 

This is my son’s wavespell  ;-) 

Tomorrow he begins a Cosmic Year ~ Blue Cosmic Monkey 

and he is born in the Cosmic Moon time in the 13 Moons

So perfectly aligned for getting in touch with his divine child 

by being with his earth born child

and leaving the Church 

Priorities of what is heartfelt now

So today if the individual chooses

To get in touch with heart longings

heart hurts

and see how each are connected

All that we need is within us

that is the message of this

Red Solar Moon Year

coming to a completion now

hkuyutrjpg copy

Today it is Cosmic Moon day 6

The new year of

White Planetary Wizard

begins in 24 days time

See the code ?

What we do now really matters

Today the tarot card is

The Lovers


All our relationships reveal

the next step for creating balance

Outside revealing inside



Each person who is pushing our buttons allows the enlightenment process to go deeper

They are simply our personal

Star Wars

in action


In carnate

Our holograph

Integrating all the archetypes now to rescue oneself 

and creating a power team 

All roads lead to love



If only we will see the signs


Stop Look Listen



Do the work

Be the dream desire

Start to take the small steps knowing the universe supports our path

and it will be a rocky one at times

The Hobbit adventure is not what Bilbo was looking for….

and it was the time of his life 

When we begin the heart path the nature of this is…

we do it for the love of it

we do it for ourselves

we do it for all of humanity

we do it for our mother earth

We do not have all the answers….


Goddess does 

We have faith that if we do the process

trust the process

All will be revealed

And the beat goes on…

Love to you beautiful people

Let’s live the real dream from our hearts

Free of any need to prove or validate ourselves

Free to be in the garden


Fly high 

Go deep 

First look within for the treasure you seek 

Day 11 ~ letting go to flow with Full Moon


Red Spectral Moon

Day 11

Full Moon in Capricorn 

Sun 9 degrees

Moon 9 Degrees

In the 9th Mayan Sign

Cosmic Gateway 


I am actually writing my blog out of synch here 

Getting back in alignment

I have felt really out of synch last couple of days and my body has been revealing this

Great information

Just been taking it easy this afternoon

Lying on the grass

Body on the earth

Touching the plants

Smelling the flowers

Seeing the bees

In Somerset it is positively fecund with the heat

the moisture is like Florida

I feel held in a blissful bubble like being a young child again

Care free to be 


When I am in this space I can access the divine code easily

It doesn’t mean I am wise by any means

Just clearer to tune in

So we are at the gateway point of man’s journey to being the disciple

with this Capricorn Full Moon at 9 degrees

A woman washes a man’s feet and dries them with her hair.
Unfallen light becomes a force to be reckoned with, for it seeks to renew the world. Small things add up here as ritual pervades. Greater worlds’ beings called in to mediate, guide, heighten, restore, and heal. Your intuitive faculties are resplendent with inner pictures. Something great to be done in small steps, taken up from within. A great journey from the origin of the world to full creative power of the living spirit enacted faithfully.


A very Mary Magdalene image to begin

This is the feminine coming in

and I am meeting many people who are still doing self sacrifice believing it to be service

How can that be?

How can it possibly be of service to the planet/Universe/Divinity

to live in a way that means an individual  does not put themselves and their own needs first and is unhappy ?

If that does not happen then all else fails

If an individual is exhausted, angry, out of balance , 

and allowing that

believing that is someone else’s call

Something is way off beam

This way of being leads to anything but love and joy

and is simply an ego cloaking device we are collectively working through

to raise consciousness

from our place of  distorted conscience

that comes from the piety of religion

guilt, shame, not being enough, bla bla black sheep

the truth is ego always puts itself first as that is the factory survival setting 

Speaking of  Nursery Rhymes

Nursery Rhymes hold the key to wisdom

and are memes

blackbird where do garden birds go in summer

I have a close friend blackbird now in my garden

He comes into my poly tunnel and I chat to him 

I don’t know what he says but I know it is a code 

Here is a blackbird totem perspective 

speaks volumes for this time 

Sing a Song of Sixpence

Sing a song of sixpence,
A pocket full of rye.
Four and twenty blackbirds,
Baked in a pie.
When the pie was opened,
The birds began to sing;
Wasn’t that a dainty dish,
To set before the king?
The king was in his counting house,
Counting out his money;
The queen was in the parlour,
Eating bread and honey.


The maid was in the garden,
Hanging out the clothes,
When down came a blackbird
And pecked off her nose.[1]
The final line of the fourth verse is sometimes slightly varied, with nose pecked or nipped off. One of the following additional verses is often added to moderate the ending:

They sent for the king’s doctor,
who sewed it on again;
He sewed it on so neatly,
the seam was never seen.[1]

There was such a commotion,
that little Jenny wren
Flew down into the garden,
and put it back again.[1]

Pic info

There are many inferences ~ the alchemist’s is again the process

Look at the blackbird’s totem

24 = 6 = balance


The Full Moon

Sun and Moon in balance 

The inner alchemical marriage of masculine and feminine in balance through inner work

King ~  Masculine ~ Gold ~ potentiality shadow into gold and feeling worthy within. Emperor

Queen ~ Feminine honey ~ turning vinegar into honey and gaining sovereignty within process ~ empress 

Maid ~ Persephone in the garden of Eden

Blackbird ~ removing conditioning to allow knowingness in balance

Jenny Wren

She is always in my garden visiting the compost bin area


A  Celtic bird totem

Cancer Sun at 9 degrees 



What is coming into conscious awareness through the Sun code 

A skeleton playing a flute.
Death is a haunting accompanist to the tender side of life. The spinetingling touch of death close at hand renders poignant and accentuates what is vital in the world of the living. It takes courage to dance with death. Fear is natural under the circumstances. You have to play your fear and turn it into the music of courage. Wandering along the threshold between the living and the dead, belonging to neither world, yet integrally part of both. Intimately familiar with every side of existence. One who passes as a stranger, unknown and unknowable. Solitude is your element. The contemplation of the mysteries becomes as natural as breath, as ingrained as holding steady in the violent windstorm of life in the Earth. Lyrical, melancholy, and disassociated from familiar comforting things. A mist or haze wraps you about, creating an aura of the uncanny, and it is there you feel at home and nowhere else.

Here is a more in depth article about the astrology

At looking at the chart what immediately jumps out at me is it is highlighting the 1st and 7th houses

If we want to do our spiritual path and access the mystical

Focus on loving and nurturing our selves

healing where that has not happened

learn how to do it now 

Let go of abusive relationships

Parent ourselves instead of expecting the other to do it 

In tarot today I got 


The Chariot


Code 7 Book 3 

The stairway to heaven on earth

for the individual brave enough to walk the talk  :-)

Hold your horses 

Be still Know that we are god self 

and work the core

do and be the Great Work 

This time is so powerful

The Zodiac sign of The Moon in it’s fullness

with the God Self 

The Manifestor Man

Everything that has been showing up on our personal world stage in the last 11 days

is key to our personal evolution

Each one knows what needs to change for them

Go do it

If the answer is not clear ~ ask ~ find out ~ learn

In this day and age everything is possible and online 

Time to mould some new forms with water and earth 

Let go of the old you

or live that code for the rest of this life 

Work in progress ~ Blue Solar Hand


Blue Solar Hand

My Mayan Day



This was Monday ~ Moon day

I am lagging behind in writing my posts as big stuff happening still

and wow this is intense 

key to my

Lilith in Aquarius 

at 4 degrees:

Many fireflies at dusk.
You become aware all at once of staggering things, of astounding things, of world-shattering things. States of revelation. You are being called inwardly to shake off the slumber of the common day and to heed the stirrings of the future. Capable of bounding leaps, your are infused with a spirit of new beginnings. Especially strongly drawn toward altered states and threshold awareness. You’ve been brought to places where all of the shared assumptions and ideologies become pale and lifeless, and something other sparks recognition and pursuit. Collectively inspired to find alternatives, to seek a vision, to gather with those who are similarly touched, you are in on the ground floor of new movements and innovative discoveries. And full of wonder and awe at the process, and at a whole way of things in worlds such as this one.

becoming very aware of my chart now and going deeper with it.

I love doing this work and each person coming in reveals me and my path.

And…I don’t know what I don’t know just like everyone else here to do the trip ~ otherwise what would be the point ?

Saint? Sinner? 

Just polar labels for the mind and indoctrination models 

Human being on a mission to balance themselves with their spiritual self 


Charting can also be an avoidance and so key to the love and light brigade

That which is easy ~ labelled positive 

Is not the alchemical process

The positive comes naturally as a part of the process and for real not an intellectual concept ~ more light

through working with the wound and what is difficult

letting go of denial of this place 

This is where new universe’s are forged

in the black hole 

The Galactic Centre


The Vertex 

How do I integrate myself in society in a way that is balanced so I can bridge all worlds and be accepting of myself and accepting of others ~ it is all interwoven

However entanglement is not the key 

I have done lots of work on the Narcissist pattern

How I am on the spectrum

How I am on the spectrum of the opposite ~ the empath

and how to blend the two now

because in my view this is the next step of evolution

Alchemically coming into centre

Two sides of the same coin and the mastery process because both extremes are coping mechanisms


feeling is the key to intimacy 

Feels pretty barren without intimacy doesn’t it 

Being seen and loved for who we are by others in relationship ?

Kissed, held, tactile engagement in a respectful loving way ? 

So key for the Leo me 


It is difficult for me having my Wavespell in the energy of a full moon

Not least the biggest soul axis time of the 4th and 1oth house 

The formation of manifestation

What we are doing now will manifest at Capricorn Winter Solstice 

I do not have any traditional planets here but always Capricorn co creators arrive to get me moving with my discipline  


Things coming in on a soul level for the planet

Things coming in on a personal level

What is in Cancer and Capricorn for you ?

Cancer ~ mothering,nurturing,home

Capricorn ~ fathering,discipline,work

Soul Journey ~  deeper levels beyond the mundane

What is in your 4th house ?

What is in your 10th ?

If you are A Yellow Seed ~ number 4 of the Mayan Signs ~ this is key

If you are a White Dog ~ number 10 of the Mayan Signs ~ this is key 

In general terms ~ taking the mask off ~ Yellow Seed ~ to reveal the true seed underneath the coping mechanisms 

to manifest soul relationships and love free from conditioning which is truly unconditional ~ White Dog 

This is the heart’s desire free from any material ego construct 

In my 4th House is My North Node in Gemini at 10 degrees 

Where I am going in this life:

A young woman notices the handsome man has fangs.
Blows of fate. Acts of God. Abrupt awakenings to what was suspected but naively denied. You become drastically aware of all that was hidden, and jump to conclusions. The gathering of events to prove a point, to generate a change, to draw it all out. Curiosity, probing. Yet as well, casual oblivion and riding high in euphoric assumptions. Setting yourself up for turnarounds, epiphanies, metanoia. The leap over the edge into the dark from the light that reveals the other side of life can generate cynicism and negative feedback loops, by the implication that behind every shining wonder there lies its reverse shadow image. The mind proving itself right and falling down its own hole.



Always loved Dracula

Such a deep and consuming passion for endless love 




wow a lot of carnage in pursuit of the lost Goddess resurrection process

It is really painful but death is part of it 

Interview with a Vampyre and Brad Pitt’s role compared to Tom Cruise 

A life of pain to know love through knowing what it is not and where it does not live …



To catalyse change


This 13 day process is all about catalysing the human being to work with their shadow self

aka the emotional body

Mr Hyde 


This process is not linear

This process is a spiral

The authentic self is not a zombie 

or a compliant domesticated animal 


On the day I sat and watched myself all day wherever I went and making notes

who showed up

what showed up

how I felt about that 

nothing dramatic or epiphany esque

which is what the soap opera self is conditioned to believe life is about 

Disney Drama 

All Disney movies contain code for human evolution

Everything is code and the individual activates with it whatever level of being they are at in the Universal Script

more awareness more realisations for me

letting go of being the drama queen archetype through owning my stuff

and learning how to relate 

not manipulate 

key to this Jupiter in Leo time 

mastery of ego to open the heart


This time is a birth time of the disciple willing to walk the talk

People who are incarnating at this balsamic moon time

of all ages

are experiencing rapid change because of the spiral reaching it’s extreme masculine

It is the time of the pre~menstrual storm

The time of the head wanting what it wants 

The heart bringing in new wisdom

but to do that the human being has to surrender to what is given


Coming up next is Yellow Human Wavespell

This is my Yellow Castle 

and the year I am in

Yellow Rhythmic Human

It is bringing me everything I need to see where I am in balance with my humanity

and most importantly…

where I am not

It’s a roller coaster ride for empaths

and emotions

and like a yo yo 



Fear and Love doing the dance 

Yes Yes Yes Yes 


Yes I want that…

Noooooooo not again

Oh really? 

Are you kidding me ~ honestly

I thought I had done that to death and yet….

and yet here is the grim reaper saying it is time to go deeper

Saturnian cycles

Neptunian levels ~ work with the Moon and access Neptune free of delusion

another layer to heal

Walk your talk echoes the Goddess

The lead picture is me at 18 on a total hedonistic 2 weeks in Ios 

The party island and so key to living in the body and connecting to other human beings

At that time I was a total party animal. I went away 3 times that year ~ I was a travel agent.

Each time I came back I was in need of another holiday to recover ;-) 

It is a key time for anyone ~ especially a 9


18 = 9 

This pattern is key to me creating balanced human being ness

I could only do that in that way then because there was a holistic structure to support that way of being

This year was wild partying and the year I reconnected with an old flame 

A childhood sweetheart who I sat next to in school

This was so key to my emotional coding and what I am here for this time around

To shape my destiny 

Completion of awareness of the process ~ not necessarily that I will achieve it and often I am at a place of despair on this ;-) Getting used to that though

To access being a clear channel by healing all my emotional wounding

To stop doing imbalanced co dependent behaviour

I am very self aware

I have been working with myself in this way since 2007 

It does get easier on some levels

It also gets more complex and deeper

and as I strip away the layers I feel more

I become more empathetic

I can See more because of this


It also means I have to be very discerning and disciplined

My body at 50 cannot tolerate what it did at 18

It is not meant to and I offer that learning and being emotionally aware 

Creates Co creation Code

letting go of Co dependent Code


No doubt you are aware that the heart is not logical though

It is the Universal tool for bringing what we need for our soul and planetary evolution

and often that is the anti-thesis of what the ego wants.

Over the past few days I have seen all my past incarnate with different people

It is pure grace

Noticing how I am affected or not affected

any triggers there

Just watching this video of me is a trigger ~ I am really going through some stuff here at the time of the making of the video and it is so evident with my energy levels. 

This is often what happens ~ for me too ~ I focus on the person revealing the process and I am put off because they are not superhuman :-) 

It is the process that is key ~ not shooting the messenger ~ seeing beyond to the message 

No human being here right now holds the model or the solution

The solution is in each one of us

doing the personal process

What is seeking evolution within revealed outside of us ?

I love people

Gemini North Node

With some people my boundaries have been so skewed because I could not be assertive

Afraid of the response if I did

and in truth how I would be perceived

Often Scapegoated


truth be told though

It is first and foremost about me for me

as it is for every individual

this myth of being of service and self sacrifice

Is one of the biggest denials masqueraded by the ego

The paradox

To really start to work with this the individual has to let go of their denial

and face the raw self

I may be 50 and had a lot of experience that the 18 year old did not have

but I still have the same core patterns and conditioning

with Jo and my relationship to Jo

and therefore the world

At my Chiron return this is so powerful

It is designed for this very reason

50’s ~ the same as day 5’s ~ the heart of the matter

the struggle to be the authentic human being free from ego constructs that are

Totally self imposed for a good reason ~ to cope with life 

Any feelings of shadow are self created and although the individual may believe this comes through the other

All the feelings the individual has 

are the individuals

Who else could they belong to ?

This is responsibility in action

It is a complex process but here is a simple formula:


Something is happening in my world

Something does not feel good about it 

I do not feel good about it 

Self enquiry possible ~ being as specific as I can

Here I suggest Emotional Freedom Technique because it works

and everyone can do it including children

Be with the emotional trigger

It is the next step to freedom and conscious awareness

Feel the feeling with the intention of feeling and release

Then see what comes to light

What created this feeling in terms of my relationship with the world

Then go deeper if you feel ready

When has this feeling/event happened before ?

Go back to that 

Replay that

Do the same process

Keep doing it until the emotion is cleared

Then everything changes 


This is the emotional evolution

Emotional Events are coded into our human body in a powerful way as a learning experience

to teach the individual what literally creates pain

It is a survival mechanism which allows avoidance of pain

If the individual starts to work with this then they evolve

and learn how to do relationships in a different way

In a way that they can state what is acceptable and not acceptable

State desires and needs 

It is a process

As a child that is not an option

As an immature adult that is not an option until the adult decides to make it an option

and be pro active 

work on themselves and their emotional baggage

This can happen very quickly with EFT 

and …

it is not a quick fix

It is life long because learning and evolution is life long

Whatever the universe is bringing in right now 

that is uncomfortable

is what our planet needs to birth something new

It is what the human being needs to birth something new 

Each human being that does this personal process

relates differently because of it

This ripples out on the web of life

Being the change we want to see happens with this process


This is not about a therapist doing it for another

Passive receiving of healing

That is another thing entirely

This is about each being becoming the pro active Red Skywalker

The Fool

as and when ready to

red overtone moon

The alchemist

ready to do the personal inner marriage

Can you walk amongst the beauty 

be in it

not of it

engage in love free from sacrifice ?

For people in powerful relationship now 

It is time to integrate the polar opposites so being open to this is key

The easy option of comfort zone and compatibility of the astrological chart 

is not it :-)

Bursting each other wide open is it 


Being able to stay open and love deeply 

even though this is pushing all the buttons ….

All the buttons being pushed hold the key

to go beyond ego limitation

I am not suggesting abusive relationship ~ the opposite 

Being discerning 

Stating boundaries

Being honest about what is coming up

This is conscious relationship

This is the future

It begins here


Blue Hand is the 7th Mayan Sign

It addresses the gateway to the mystic

What is resonating reveals

the ecstatic and compatibility with the divinity code 

It reveals what is not through pain

It’s planet is Earth

So in this wavespell

Pluto and Earth

The underworld and the early experience ~ hell on earth

allow completion

It is the Christ process ~ the Buddha process ~ the enlightenment process

Light let in through transforming the self

Total engagement with divinity accessed because of that

Remember all the clues are there in the body

If we are shutting down emotionally around relationship then this will

be revealed in emotional constipation

the colon

Not to put too fine a point on it…

Holding on to old sh*t 


If someone is so repressed emotionally they may be healthy most of the time

Usually that means an empath partner does that emotional expression for them

That also means there will be a distorted code going on to allow this imbalance too

What has to happen for emotion to be expressed usually is anything but loving 

no surprise given our current cultural trip on relationship

and focus on external structures at the expense of compassion and caring in our communities 


Becoming really aware of this way of relating is key for both people

If this is at the start of the relationship it can be hugely beneficial as there is no personal wounding between the two parties

there is awareness potentially of what has hurt in the past

If the couple have the courage to transform this together

The level of shadow into love is truly Cosmic 

At the beginning this takes a big leap of faith 

and the intention to trust that the God and Goddess self has created this crucible which is revealed in the Astrology in great detail as to the degrees and planetary placements 

I am now at a level of amazing awareness of code through doing this process 


My body cannot tolerate toxicity and toxic relationships 

This is the process

It is the descent all of humanity is on

As the human being is stripped naked on all levels

there is a pendulum swing

The desert is visited for contemplation and awareness of what created this space

~ it’s all in any Wisdom Doctrine underneath the manipulated religious overtone

What happened to these Archetypes such as Jesus 

is the process of human evolution

There are several stages to go through

The more the individual learns how to work with the self ~ the less emotional drama ensues because the individual has learned how to relate in a way that is ecological

and most importantly the first step of that process is to clear the emotional baggage

free up emotional expression

Let go of the loaded gun

Understanding one’s own code is key

The patterns

A phd in personal patterns

A master of oneself 

This is what it takes :-)

If you are ready to do that process pro actively 

Here is a workshop designed exactly for that purpose 

Balance Workshop


Remember it is on the cards right now for us all

People who are doing this work will not be famous or popular or leading the way in the general traditional ego framework because this is the framework of the pioneers ;-)

That is the path at the moment and it is evolving quickly …

The ego doesn’t feel comfortable with it though which is exactly why it has to be done 

Are you going to let your ego overrule divinity and stay “safe” for a while longer ?

Remember as you change everyone will notice and this will also create a wave ~ ultimately what role model do you want to manifest

What we do in life echoes in eternity 


Can you learn and do “right” relationship ?

A choice is…

Do we accept our mission impossible ?

Or do we have it thrust upon us until we submit ?

Look at all the wonderful gadgets involved

It is dynamic 

Miracles guaranteed as the individual aligns with their soul journey on all levels

It is the birthing process

It only seems impossible at the start ;-) 

Our universal self knows

It is the natural process

Love to you and yours

Day 8~ Integrate The End of The World


Day 8 ~ Integrate

In the zodiac wheel this is Scorpio Gateway

It was a Scorpio Moon Day

Cancer Sun

White Galactic Worldbridger Day

Planet Mars ~ Take charge and decide to do something

A day of endings so that new beginnings can start

The Alchemist who is walking the heart path

knows all alchemy begins within

There is no cataclysmic event necessary 

The outer landscape changes as to it’s perception

I had a totally cosmic day 

It was wow

I walked The Tor twice ~ not a photo from the day although it was chilly


Around Noon

To watch the sunset

Noticed the difference in who and what I saw~ the experience

How I felt because of it

All key information

Remember ~ if we do what we have always done….

Time to let new learning and love in

It is written in the starry skies

A new friend revealed some amazing lyrics from Kate Bush and reconnected me

I would not have chosen this ~ this is the beauty of co creation with the new


It was a sublime day of  Seeing and of course a Blue Moon coming ~ or “bad” moon

Time to let the wolf out and stop being the slaughtered lamb of sacrifice 

Look what happens to David ~ it’s not all bad when the initiate goes off the ego path ;-)



The Man with the child in his eyes  was one of the first singles I bought and I cried when I played it ~ memories of a young Jo 

Life expectations, dreams

Here is the full lyrics of the album The Kick Inside ~ curtesy of this website  ~ this is the key ~ channeled code:

I’ll let Kate say it as she so amazingly eloquently does 

Moving stranger, does it really matter?
As long as you’re not afraid to feel
Touch me, hold me, how my open arms ache
Try to fall for me

How I’m moved, how you move me
With your beauty’s potency
You give me life, please don’t let me go
You crush the lilly in my soul

Moving liquid, yes, you are just water
You flow around all that comes in your way
Don’t think it over, it always takes you over
And sets your spirit dancing


Saxophone Song
You’ll find me in a Berlin bar
In a corner, brooding
You know that I go very quiet
When I am listening to you
There’s something special indeed
In all the places where I’ve seen you shine, boy
There’s something very real in how I feel, honey

It’s in me, it’s in me-and you know it’s for real

Tuning in your saxophone

The candle is burning over your shoulder
Is throwing shadows on your saxophone
A surly lady in tremor
The stars that climb from her bowels
Those stars make towers on vowels
You’ll never know that you had all of me
You’ll never see the poetry you’ve stirred in me
Of all the stars I’ve seen that shine so brightly
I’ve never known or felt, in myself, so rightly


Strange Phenomena
Soon it will be the phase of the moon
When people tune in
Every girl knows about the punctual blues
But who’s to know the power
Behind our moves

A day of coincidence with the radio
And a word that won’t go away
We know what they’r all going to say
“G” arrives, funny, had a feeling he was on his way

We raise our hats to the strange phenomena
Soul birds of a feather flock together
We raise out hats to the hand a-moulding us
Sure ‘nuf-he has the answer
He has the answer
Om mani padme hum.

You pick up a paper, you read a name
You go out, it turns up again and again
You bump into a friend you haven’t seen
For a long time
Then into another you only thought about last night

You hear your sister calling for you
But you don’t know where from
You know there’s something wrong
But you don’t want to believe in a premonition


Beelzebub is aching in my belly-o
My feet are heavy and I’m rooting in my wellios
And I want to get away and go
From all these mirror windows
I look at eye level, it isn’t good enough
And then I find out, when I take a good look up
There’s a hole in the sky with a big eyeball
Calling me-

Come up and be a kite
And fly a diamond night
A diamond kite, a diamond kite
Ooh, what a diamond!

A diamond kite, on a diamond flight
Over the lights, under the moon
Over the lights, under the moon
Over the moon, over the moon

I feel a rush along my body like a bullet
I’m 2D, after a push and pull feeling
And I want to get back to safe home
I love the homeland dome
I got no limbs, I’m like a feather on the wind
Well I’m not sure if I want to be up here at all
And I’d like to be back on the ground
But I don’t know how to get down


The Man With the Child in his Eyes
I hear him before I go to sleep
And focus on the day that’s been
I realise he’s there when I turn the light off
And turn over
Nobody knows about my man
They think he’s lost on some horizon
And suddenly I find myself
Listening to a man I’ve never known before
Telling me about the sea
All his love, ’till eternity

Ooh, he’s here again-
The man with the child in his eyes

He’s very understanding
And he’s so aware of all my situations
And when I stay up late
He’s always waiting
But I feel him hesitate
Oh, I’m so worried about my love
They say “No, no, it won’t last forever”
And here I am again my girl
Wondering what on earth I’m doing here
Maybe he doesn’t love me
I just took a trip on my love for him


Wuthering Heights
Out on the wiley, windy moors
We’d roll and fall in green
You had a temper, like my jealousy
Too hot, too greedy
How could you leave me?
When I needed to possess you
I hated you, I loved you too

Bad dreams in the night
They told me I was going to lose the fight
Leave behind my wuthering, wuthering
Wuthering Heights.

Heathcliff, it’s me, Cathy come home
I’m so cold, let me in-a-your window

Oh it gets dark, it gets lonely
On the other side from you
I pine alot, I find the lot
Falls through without you
I’m coming back love, cruel Heathcliff
My only one dream, my only master

Too long I roam in the night
I’m coming back to his side to put it right
I’m coming home to wuthering, wuthering
Wuthering Heights (Chorus)

Oh let me have it, let me grab your soul away
Oh let me have it, let me grab your soul away
You know it’s me, Cathy (Chorus)

James and the Cold Gun
James, come on home
You’ve been gone too long baby
We can’t let out hero die alone
We miss you day and night
You left town to live by the rifle
You left us to fight
But it just ain’t right to take away the light

Remember Genie, from the casino
She’s still a-waiting in her big brass bed
The boys from your gang are knocking whiskey back
‘Till they get out of hand
And wish they were dead
They’re only lonely for the life they led
With their old friend
Ooh, James are you selling your soul to a cold gun?

Where lies your heart?
It’s not there in the buckskin baby
It’s not there in the gin that makes you laugh long and loud

You’re a coward James
Your running away from humanity
You’re running out on reality
It won’t be funny when they
Rat-a-tat-tat you down


Feel It
After the party, you took me back to your parlour
A little nervous laughter, locking the door
My stockings fall on the floor, desperate for more
Nobody else can share this
Here comes one and one makes one
The glorious union, well, it could be love
Or it could be just lust but it will be fun
It will be wonderful

Oh feel it, oh, oh, feel it, feel it my love
Oh feel it, oh, oh, feel it, feel it my love
Oh I need it, oh, oh, feel it, feel it my love
Feel it! See what you’re doing to me

God but you’re beautiful aren’t you?
Feel your warm hand walking around
I won’t pull away, my passion always wins
So keep on a-moving in, keep on tuning in
Synchronize rhythm now


Oh to Be in Love
As the light hits you, as you shift along the floor
I find it hard to place my face
How did I come to be here anyway?
It’s terribly vague, what’s gone before

I could have been anyone
You could have been anyone’s dream
Why did you have to choose our moment?
Why did you have to make me feel that?
Why did you make it so unreal?

Oh to be in love, and never get out again
Oh to be in love, and never get out again

All the colours look brighter now
Everything they say seems to sound new
Slipping into tomorrow too quick
Yesterday always too good to forget
Stop the swing of the pendulum, let us through!


L’Amour Looks Something Like You
You came out of the night
Wearing a mask in white colour
My eyes were shining on the wine
And your aura
All in order, we move into the boudoir
But too soon, the morning has resumed


I’m hanging on the Old Goose Moon
You look like an angel
Sleeping it off at a station
Were you only passing through?
I’m dying for you just to touch me

And feel all the energy rushing right up-a-me
L’amour looks something like you

The thoughts of you sends me shivery
I’m dressed in lace sailing down a black reverie
My heart is thrown to the pebbles
And the boatmen
All the time I find I’m living in that evening
With that feeling of sticky love inside


Them Heavy People
Rolling the ball, rolling the ball, rolling the ball to me
They arrived at an inconvienient time
I was hiding in a room in my mind
They made me look at myself
I saw it well, I’d shut the people out of my life
So now I take the opportunities
Wonderful teachers ready to teach me
I must work on my mind
For now I realize that everyone of us
Has a heaven inside

Them heavy people hit me in a soft spot
Them heavy people help me
Them heavy people hit me in a soft spot
Rolling the ball, rolling the ball, rolling the ball to me

They open doorways that I thought were shut for good
They read me Gurdjieff and Jesu
They build up my body
Break me emotionally, it’s nearly killing me
But what a lovely feeling!
I love the whirling of the Dervishes
I love the beauty of rare innocence
You don’t need no crystal ball
Don’t fall for a magic wand
We humans got it all, we perform the miracles


Room for the Life
Hey there you lady in tears
Do you think that they care if they’re real women?
They just take it as part of the deal.
Lost in your men and the games you play
Trying to prove that you’re better, woman
But you needn’t get heavy with them
Like it or not, we were build tough
Because we’re woman

No, we never die for long
While we’ve got that little life to life for
Where it’s hid inside, no, we never die for long
Oh-woman, two in one
There’s room for a life in your womb, woman
Inside of you, can be two, woman
There’s room for a life in your womb, woman
Mama woman-aha-

Night after night in the quiet house
Plaiting her hair by the fire, woman
With no lover to free her desire
How long do you think she can stick it out
How long do you think, before she’ll go out, woman
Hey get up on your feet and go get it now
Like it or not we keep bouncing back
Because we’re woman


The Kick Inside
I’ve pulled down my lace and the chintz
Oh, do you know you have the face of a genius
I’ll send your love to Zeus
Oh, by the time you read this, I’ll be well in touch

I’m giving it all in a moment or two
I’m giving it all in a moment for you
I’m giving it all, giving it, giving it-giving it
This kicking here inside makes me leave you behind
No more under the quilt to keep you warm
Your sister I was born-you must lose me
Like an arrow shot in the killer storm

You and me on the bobbing knee
Didn’t we cry at that old mythology he’d read
I will come home again, but not until
The sun and moon meet on yon hill


Get the message?

Let Goddess in she has ways beyond our wildest dreams….

Another song I loved

Hazel O’Conner

Will You ?

I had a dalliance with a man who called me his Katie and so being the code of this now 

I think I was about 15/16?

Dug out this old pic 


Who was I then?

What remains of that self now?

Some things I want to keep expand and heal

and some ~ especially the physical ~ I have no choice but to release

One day for good :-) 

Life is short

Choose Love 

Heal the past and be free

to open 

Day 7 ~ Resonating with the catalyst code?


Day 7

This is always what is resonating

In this Wavespell

Red Resonant Serpent

Kundalini rising through the human being 

the asteroids 

This is Code 5 ~ the heart of the matter

What is getting on your nerves and you cannot express that for whatever reason?

Usually something about relationship?

This is the key to this wavespell and what has been happening in the past 7 days will reveal this here and now

This can make self discovery simple

Start now 

Here and now 

That is the cookie trail start

Working with this will reveal all the past threads that led to here

Again very short blog today.

I am tired ~ intense week  so been taking it easy chilling out and doing a detox on food.

The practicals of this process

are not rocket science

Our ego imbalance society  has made everything so complicated to hide truth in part

Disempower the individual

from listening to their own inner voice that knows

Feel good naturally?

Feel healthy?

Feel happy?

Lots of energy generally in a balanced way?

Not dependent on anyone/anything/any situation

to feel vibrant and enjoying life

If not…

A course correction is required

Big course corrections happening now

All that is required ~ let go of denial 

Stop drowning that info out 

and start taking steps to get back on track

with the real reason for being here

It is child’s stuff actually 

Ask and it is given

All we need is within

All the tools are available without

Go for it 

What is the alternative?

Believe there is no answer?

Really ?

Let the music play

Feel everything

so that all the energy can flow and the individual feels ok to ….



who they are 

not a construct 

Clear the blocks and download limitless stream code 


Day 6 ~ what is masking the seed


Day 6 ~ Friday June 27 

Venus Day 


That friday feeling

Yellow Rhythmic Seed

Balance Day

Running a day behind. Big life events happening for me potentially now that I cannot go into further because of confidentiality otherwise I would to explain because it is a huge veil lift and awareness.

I aim to be as open as possible .

It is key to my soul and human evolution

I cannot be open sharing private things about other people as that is disrespectful in this particular cookie trail

so just to say that doing the code has it’s rewards

and just when the individual is seduced into a doubting Thomas old code ~

a miracle appears on the event horizon to remind the native that this universal model is mind~blowing indeed and does in fact have wisdom beyond the limited awareness of the human being

This is a short blog therefore to balance the very long ones.

Yellow Rhythmic Seed

You may find yourself in a very different space 

The strengths that the individual has honed as part of conditioned culture

are paradoxically also the weaknesses

The armour of the Knight is also what keeps love out


The shield of protection deflects deeper intimacy

The crossing of arms

The mind games

The debates

The not dealing with grief and anger…..

Whatever our mind has fashioned for emotional safety is our personal prison

At mid life this parental control button comes off proactively

by the individual…

Or the individual will be wrestled to the ground

by a hoard of sacred feminine deconstructionists of various forms

and have this device surgically removed

Resistance is futile

Cancer is the season

of the emergence of the butterfly


Not ready to emerge yet?

The sun melts the ice caps

thaws the heart

The pod erupts 

The wings unfurl

It’s a love thing…

To resist the universal love machine takes a lot of resistance 

Our consumer society is a master of it 

Consumer society does not want lots of happy empowered beautiful butterflies

cross pollinating love and creativity

When the universal sirens come calling

it is wise to pay attention

The Goddess returning is a very potent persuader and is not taking no for an answer

Jupiter is the planet of this sign

Jupiter is currently in Leo and guess who is a Leo?

My Jupiter is in Gemini

5th house ~ the home of Leo ~ naturally expanding now 


Ok it’s pretty obvious when my kundalini is being activated to the aware reader

 my generation is currently being activated around the generational planets

 I have a very eclectic sense of music as you will know if you are a regular reader

this was a fast moving epoch of many flavours

and I like lots of them being an Aquarius Rising

Disco today from my Persephone time :-)

Love to my Cancerian girlfriends who I used to party with all over the globe 

I really miss dancing in this way but there doesn’t seem to be that now and perhaps could be in a different format without additional mood altering coping mechanisms

Listening to generational music from the past

is a great way to get in touch with repressed memories

If you love music this is a way your experience has been encoded and embedded along with experiences in relationship

Great to use EFT with too

and great to move that energy and shake off anything stuck

Noticing the words is key too ~ reveals beliefs around relationships

Lovers are often referred to as “Baby” for example 

Yellow Seed

is the number 4 of the 20 signs

so the structure of the transformation into balance 

Just like Code 4 in the zodiac is Cancer 

in the individuals code this can be different

4th house holds the key to unlock the Age of Aquarius

Get in the Groove

All the musical codes of the generation we are born in are key to the vibe of course

Whatever coping mechanisms the individual used as a young person

to deal with incoming relationships

are ready for evolution

so that human beings can get to the heart of the matter

get real

up close 

and personal

and it is all there in the songs ….

The lengths the human being will go to 

to avoid facing intimacy issues 

No education on this in our school systems though is there?

No awareness for most people in their family

So how do people learn?

That is what this time is all about

human evolution emotional intelligence,

awareness and expression


Time to stop hiding and repressing feelings 


let the heart share it’s wisdom

Our emotions are the key to being free

The body does not lie

Everything is coded what level are you working at lovely ?

Embrace the all 

Day 5 ~ heart of the matter


Day 5

The heart of the matter

Here I am setting off on my journey in Glastonbury

Peek a boo

The fool skipping along open to….

everything that their inner code is actually and not what the intellect thinks they are

This photo was taken as part of my first

Open Your Heart Retreat 

before I came to live here 

in February 2011

It included Valentine’s Day Weekend 

This was a huge turning point for me 

In Mayan terms this was the manifestation day of 

Yellow Sun Wavespell

This is in the Red Castle of Awakening ~ the initiating 52 day process at the beginning of every 260 day spiral

The spiral at that time was taking place

in the 13 Moons framework 

Galactic Moon Day 5

The heart of the matter of what was seeking integration


The priority for me being my creation as initiator of this project and how to share that 

how to share me with others equally 

Having travelled to Glastonbury several times before I was very aware that this was going to really test my boundaries and reveal my ability to hold a space for a group of people all being in this expanded space

This was a catalyst for my process as some very imbalanced relationships came to light of course

and I put myself first 

My dream 

and what I personally needed to do to stop any other ( part of me in another seeking integration)

stopping that in a co dependent way 

as far as I was able and from the space I was in at that time on my journey

Galactic Moon


The Moon of integration


13 Moon document on my resources page and a link here

It covers the energy of Aquarius and Pisces time 

Key to this transition time

The ending of unhealthy boundaries, needing others to access source,becoming consciously aware of our divinity by transforming our inner code 

In this particular evolutionary code of balance ~

Blue Storm Wavespell


This is

Blue Overtone Night

Blue Night is the conscious dreamer code

The human being who is aware that all is not what it seems

That they are a multi faceted being on a quest 

This is a key mastery understanding as to how this multi aspected being works

There is a spiritual aspect of conscious awareness that is connected to source fully


the human being who is here to transform human evolution

by transforming their own very personal part in it

It is the reverse of the ego structured society

This is what I have learned experientially

This is what I share

At this time on the spiral in the 13 moon calendar it is Crystal Moon

Today is day 28 ~ the last day of it

Tomorrow will be very different energy

Crystal Moon is aligned with Gemini and Cancer

Allowing new ways of relating having healed the individual’s core mothering wounds around birth family, cultural family and feeling at home in the body as the individual fully accepts on all levels, everything happening to it so far ~ this encompasses all past lives when this life is healing as all goes back through this time now anyway 

The gift each human being brings is to transcend their own personal wound structure

That is what the human being is here for

that was chosen before life

This is inner alchemy work on everything that hurts


That is revealed as and when it is essential to the Quest

and not before

This particular code is the planet Saturn

It is revealed at key gateway points in life 


More about this here in a great article :

Saturn transits

The structure is revealed at Saturn Return 1 

around 29

Saturn orbits approximately every 30 years

It returns to where it was at our birth

and swipes our Saturn bar code 

See if our soul journey is on track

If the wound/conditioning/society energy is so strong

that the individual has chosen to ignore it’s human spaceship and emotional sat nav 

and given in to imbalance 

and hey who hasn’t at this time?

It is part of the plan after all 

Then a course correction happens as a natural outcome of that creation code 

This Saturnian code repeats for the rest of the individual’s life on a base level

This is what the alchemist is aware of 

and the foundation stone


And as it is for each individual

Each generation shares the Saturnian structure

to build new structures for future generations with future generations

who have different Saturnian code to add to the mix with divine alchemy 

There is nothing “wrong” with this process

or the current state of earth and human beings on an evolution basis

as it is what it is


Paradoxically being out of balance does not feel good 

Every human being can feel that right now and if the human being is allowing the true feelings that go with that state of relationship, to emerge and be expressed

feelings of despair, anger, rage, frustration….


See what thoughts, beliefs and behaviours come as a result of that way of relating

Those that are willing to find solutions will

Those that are ready to work at a deeper level


That this is inner work

Changing the inner changes the outer 




The more the inner changes


The shadow reveals past echoes unresolved

and the structure of magic is unveiled

everything that seems “wrong” actually takes us to the place that seeks light 

and everything is revealed 

all the answers are there

if only the individual dares 

to go to the valley of death

This is the core process revealed 


The Book of Thoth 4 


Death being in the middle 

Death of the personality constructs and old ways 

Process 11 to 21

From Lust 



The Universe


No need for imbalance on planet earth except for the human evolution

Many power positioned individuals are very aware of misdirecting wound

Hence the huge military arena

Take an angry young person ~ the fool


use their anger for the older person’s power trip 

Now that is a very old story indeed on earth’s history 

Another key element of mastery ~

knowing that it takes human being time and experiential living to fully understand 

the process 

having gone round the wheel many times the individual is witness to others fruits of labours

and their own 

becomes a master at bulls*t detecting

However the human being only knows what it knows

so the veil of their personal journey

blocks the revelation until the individual is ready to do the work

This is truly Saturnian 

Time will tell

There are lots of new codes coming in

In this particular 260 day cycle

The code was Aries Sun

Libra Moon

The sacred feminine archetypal energies are coming into conscious awareness

This is key to White Wizard starting in July


This is a symbol for Thoth himself 

The Magician potentiality of The Fool working consciously 

Very key to the 12th 11th and 1st House in the individual’s chart 

Messenger of our god and goddess self 

I do not often get this card for myself or others ;-) 

Asteroid Consciousness Codes


Juno is at 4 degrees Libra ~ this was key at 3pm on Tuesday 24th of June 

Day 2 of this wave

Yellow Lunar Sun ~ blog link here

Just become aware of this today


I am writing this a day late too because yesterday I was busy living my dream 

a very full day of wow awareness and practicality too

Seeing who was in my circle

Feeling how I felt about that 

A woman bites into a lemon and makes a face.
Out of phase, out of sync, distressed, and reactive. Seeking comfort and stability where there is none. On a jag of insistency upon your own sensibility and feelings being important and inescapable. You are lulled by pain and anger to become hooked back into old stuck places, compulsively and automatically, in melodramatic display of dissension and dissatisfaction. You have a destructive vibration which is fueled by a high pure nature, but spun out of orbit into the wrong time and place where support and encouragement are lacking. Inside the soul, your lessons center around witnessing the lower nature becoming activated, and moving through this awkward edge into deeper process and broader openings, probing to find a path through the conflicts of the battleground, which can be followed and held to and made a basis for the future.

Juno represents the part of us that is Queen of the Gods ~ truth ~ balance of the masculine and feminine ~ where this is out of balance 

Here is a great article on a personal story about Juno 


Hera is another name for Juno ~ Hera in planetary aspects is a different asteroid and has a different energy

Lots of these asteroids explored in my Persephone Path Workshop series from the dark half of last year

You can access them for free on my Resources page here

Persephone Resources

I felt drawn to Glastonbury in 2010 right at the start of my Blue Hand 13 year cycle I am in year 6 of

and really coming into balance 

This was key for me and my Fool’s journey

To come to the heart chakra of earth


Feel at home

Feel the amazing energy of the place

I only came because I felt drawn to it and I had no intellectual awareness of it 

and when I spent more time here

rapidly becoming aware of my masks and delusions 

My coping mechanisms 

More of which in the next post 

This is what Glastonbury brings 

the expansion into full blown ego place

What is ready to be transformed

and the initiates willingness to feel the pain

and do what it takes to evolve


carry on with coping mechanisms of addictions

and bits of both of course as the integration starts to take place 

This Wavespell is Wavespell 6

It is the key code for balance 

It is the Gateway to Goddess

through Goddess

Healing all our personal feminine wounding at this patriarchal time of peak intensity


The heat is turning up

The cauldron is bubbling

Will you

Won’t you

Join the evolution within?

The piper is calling 

Will you heed the call

or drown the music out?

Here is an Astrology video from Tom giving a bigger picture view of what is happening in the starry skies

Remember ~ until you know your Starry skies personal structure the knowledge is not there to help you understand yourself 

There is no such thing as “self ` sabotage”

The individual is always walking their path

To walk it consciously is the key to self empowerment

Consciousness of the self is the key 

Emotions reveal the true space of relationship of the individual in this life 

Capricorn Full Moon coming up in this Wavespell 

Day 4 ~ the catalytic structure


Day 4

White Self~Existing Wind

Day 4’s of every wavespell are the structure of that 13 day, 13 step process

Each one is unique in the 20 wavespell process

Each one holds many different energetic templates

This is a very complex process and once the individual starts to work with it experientially

It becomes easy

The human being mind is limited to what it knows and has experienced

The universal consciousness accesses all and is limitless

How does the human being access it ?


This is a mastery step

and it may sound like I am speaking in tongues

Remember that the earth is where the spirit incarnates in a vehicle to evolve

Other places not of this earth have different formats

Earth and the full stage set, have the perfect learning set up holographically ~ shared game sets that everyone accesses with shared understanding generally speaking although again always unique to that person’s perception which has evolved due to their ancestral and cultural lineage

past life lineage


this life lineage


The universe is always reflecting back to us where we are

The universe is always supporting us where we are

we are part of the universe

The universe is always bringing us what we need rather than what we want


It is not a shopping experience in terms of a consumer catalogue although there is a framework for that and a popular one of course

and some people see it that way because that is where they are on their personal game plan evolution

So there is a game format~ the game of life

and I like to use the playstation model to illustrate that as a metaphor

People often get frustrated asking for guidance from their guides /angels/higher self saying that they are asking and yet not receiving or not understanding

This game of life and evolution is bound by parameters just like everything in the universe

These parameters apply to all human beings equally 

There are no shortcuts

So the universe always brings the individual their perfect next step

Often to the individual this seems insurmountable



How can that not be the truth on the heart path ?

the part that feels this is insurmountable, is the part of the human being mind that is limited to what it knows intellectually and experientially and may feel overwhelmed and that there is too much to hold already ~ a key place of being for anyone in the Chiron in Pisces transit like me ;-) This is very revealing ~ too much to do, not enough time, trying to do all, be all and be perfect in everything ~ key to Lilith in Virgo transit.


The human being is evolving on the path and is met equally

as below so above may be a different way to see it ?

The level the human being structure is at on all levels

allows the divine intervention in conscious open honest dialogue 

instead of speaking in tongues

spirit comes through our human being filter system 

sometimes things get lost in translation which is where intuition kicks in


Lost in translation is a film I watched this week

Loved it 

This is a key understanding and where this catalyst process comes in

The secret to this is the nature of Blue Storm which is a planetary cycle of emotion being the catalyst for human beings ~ again on all levels

often our mindset will actively avoid the person or event that will bring new learning, deep feelings,

love actually …

everything is on the road to love and allows us to access love

through it’s transformation

Our heart is the key

It feels the way

It knows and brings a repeating pattern scenario of all that ails us~ this is the shadow aspect of the heart’s desire

What aches? The grief of the past and what all human beings are seeking deep down ~ a release from their shadow holding them back ~ the personal enlightenment completion which happens with that personal relationship patterning and re-patterning process


If this is not dealt with at the time of the emotional event it is stored ~ in another way ~ it is frozen/put into holding space/goes to another realm in terms of soul retrieval

Time after time it repeats in our life ~ a matching event in some way ~ giving an opportunity for healing and at the same time these repeating events add to the pain bubble until left unchecked and unhealed it becomes a black hole

This is also our personal ancestral repeats in some way

also our personal soul lineage repeat in some way 

The energy dynamic of this is immense

Jupiter proportions


Depending on the person’s pattern it can then manifest as physical symptoms

The body does not lie 

Energy always has to complete it’s circuit somewhere

The body reveals where there is an imbalance and communicates that

In terms of holding body fat for example

this has the same cycle


Most of the western culture human being eats far too much above any nutritional requirement and metabolism

and the majority of the diet is surplus to requirements of the body’s nutritional need

As the food goes in ~ most of which on general terms is unnatural ~ the body does not recognise that substance and so ~ puts it on hold ~ does not know what to do with it so stores it somewhere until it can figure it out and the human being has the time and structure to detox and rid themselves of it and most importantly stop putting it back in

In terms of the universal structure, where it is stored is directly related to where something is not being addressed emotionally in that person’s life

There are many books about this and again often it is very simple 

If the body is also discharging lots of waste product  that is a message .

To use my cats for an example. When I used to feed them commercial cat food there was lots of very smelly waste. Now that they have natural food there is very little.

This is of course a complex area of nutrition and the key is to intend to become an expert on oneself and learn ~ it can seem overwhelming at first ~ take little steps .

This is very much my process and I have not eaten any meat for over a month now . I cannot drink alcohol any more and I haven’t smoked for 11 years. I still eat lots of sugar based foods. It is a journey for us all as and when we are ready or not. I know that I have an addictive personality and am working with that over and over.

So back to the structure ~ the universe and our spirit meets us where we are


When the individual ~ the initiate ~ the alchemist in training ~ starts the conscious process , there majority of the inner circuitry has been distorted if that person is over 30 and/or younger and had a traumatic and very out of balance start to life ~ this again is a generalisation of course because it is a blog speaking to a wider audience

So at that point the conduit and channel guidance will reflect that to match that

This is the reason that many individuals do not go deeper as it takes discipline ~ Capricorn ~ to do the work 

It is life long

There are no quick fixes 

No online cheats like in Playstation 

However it does get easier and the rewards are amazing 

To use another metaphor ~

Jason and the Argonauts myth



Jason sets sail with the Olympian athletes to go and get the Golden Fleece ~ the Ram

This is the Aries start to the zodiac wheel ~ the initiation

The Golden Fleece heals the human ~  even from death brings back life ~ new beginnings~ another metaphor for the alchemical transmutation of the shadow into light


Naturally he has to sail to the ends of the earth to get it and faces death challenges with his companions

Hera ~ the Goddess is at the helm of the ship but can only help him a limited amount of times

so he has to be discerning and often this is a last resort


The key to the planetary game is human evolution

Hera is an asteroid and this is the new sacred feminine energy being revealed to expand on the new energetic templates coming in now ~ key to White Wizard Mayan Sign and the White Wizard new year coming on July 26

you can also add this info to your chart ~Hera in my chart is in my 11th house at 22 degrees Sagittarius 

11th house ~ naturally Aquarius on the zodiac wheel

22 ~ master builder number 

This is key to yesterday’s post and my South Node in Sagi 

Blackbirds flying out of a pie.
Darkness seeks release by the right vessel, at the right time, in the right place. You must be able to contain the darkness and to form it into an exquisitely sculpted-out seething chaos, and then discover your willingness and ability to reverse field, to give over the very thing you took as your own. This comes the hard way, by enduring the ravages of living in a volatile chaos almost as victim and then seizing command of your own vessel. Until you do it, the darkness leaks out around the edges and fosters the worst all around. Usually, triggering so much subtle destruction and indulgence in the negative brings you up short, and triggers the final reckoning and the huge release, sending darkness on its way and opening a space for light to flood through and start a new cycle, where the old had seemed to be decadent and established for the duration.

This is so key to the soul journey process and the 11th and 5th house ~ leo being the key to healing the child wound ~ the Lion and the Unicorn 

My Jupiter ~ mastery planet ~ is in this 5th house

so this is what I am here to master ~ 

Jupiter at 25 degrees Gemini 

A cave in deep ocean waters.
Stunning ways to preserve lost knowledge and lost worlds. The treasure chest is full to bursting. A leavening agent. A corrective to shallow patterns of existence. You are able to be so multidimensional that vastly divergent realities can be lived simultaneously and often are. Care and effort stand behind this place over myriad lifetimes. Contains boundless intact awareness held for the future. A contact point underneath conscious awareness. Faithful to the cause. Integrity above all.

Another asteroid in my chart is Vesta

She is in the next degree and brings the light of my sacred feminine aspect on this process


A cave with carved walls. It is an ancient temple.
A constant reminder of what exists in other time frames, but is missing from the now. You are secretly living in futures and pasts to an extraordinary extent. What is in there speaks eloquently. The world voices of the now fall on deaf ears. Distracted, elsewhere, elusive, remote. Inhabiting the inner mind and lost to the outer mind. You’re in a poised verge where what ultimately and essentially makes sense is the reverse mirror image of what everybody says and thinks. The minority of one, keeping the balance intact.


The key to the

off the planetary game

is spiritual evolution and expression

What is the difference ?

The planetary game has

a 3D play area

time sensitivity

cycles of seasons

planetary cycles which are zodiac and Mayan cycles which are energetic templates

lots of interaction with living 3d beings

A human being vehicle 

The human being vehicle has an emotional sat nav for guidance

This outlines who the human being is… in terms of how to interact in this 3d playground in a healthy way

It defines healthy boundaries

Most of which in today’s society are being ignored and overridden 

This has been happening for a long time on planet earth

In order to evolve one has to be it and feel it and know it


The human being has free will to make choices

It does not have free will over it’s original coding ~ astrology and ancestral line, past life etc

So …..

The human being has a galactic code and incarnates

It has a spirit to guide it

It can only access that spirit fully and clearly as it becomes conscious and is ready in alignment with the overall universal plan ~ everything on the web being interconnected


The key to this Aquarian Age coming in is to remember what it’s code is:

The human being is a cup holder of the Gods

A cup holder

A chalice 

The holy grail



Cancer time now and in our personal chart

is the structure of the human being experience creating the distortions

The home

The mother or the mothering experience/caretaker 

This is where the human being experiences what life is like on planet earth

What is seeking evolution now

The beginning of the turnaround age of becoming awake and aware of this whole process

From birth the human being has a priority ~ to survive

Often that can mean being dishonest, a hypocrite, having to hide true feelings, having to do and be and go to places that put that sensitive soul under huge psychological pressure

As a child the human being does not have the ability or resources to support itself emotionally,psychologically etc so all those out of balance events go on hold until the environment and the person are ready and able to integrate that which has been put on hold

On the planet at this time, the majority of human beings do not understand the human being process itself

Do not understand the human vehicle

Do not have emotional intelligence or self~awareness

Do not have a conscious awareness of themselves even though may intellectually understand the soul journey on some level


The true soul alchemist process start is when the individual focuses on the self and is ready to learn tools to assist them on their personal inner process

Understanding how the ego works and making friends with our own ego with it is key

If a person does not have some framework to use to assist with their own ego evolution then why would that person want to open their pandora’s box?

All that pain in there?

The ego will say that it is all sorted anyway ~ got over “it ” ~ this is a key ego manipulation

If the individual has not gone through all their pain events consciously then there is no conscious awareness

there is no enlightenment process holistically

there may be an intellectual conscious awareness and that is not the same

The hurt is still there

So the heart is still bringing the match


This is where Emotional Freedom Technique comes in

Partly what this technique can do is to start a ritual for the person ready to be with the parts of themselves seeking healing and ready to take the time to do it for it’s own sake 

not for a certificate

not for a degree

not for a cv

not for a career

not for anything else except for that person deciding it is their time to do this for them

The person is ready to bring themselves into balance

Into awareness of all the causality

Into awareness of emotional distortion

Into emptying their cup to allow their spiritual counterpart to come into them because their is clear space



The inner structure is being transformed 

The crucible is ready 

The student is ready

Open to new learning


What happens then is miraculous and the healing journey really starts to unfold in a huge way


The time of Uranus opposition is key ~ around 42 ~ bringing balance

a key current gateway for going onto another path

Of course many individuals are now going off the grid at very early ages ~ especially in alternative places so these key astrological gateways may also change in some way and others come in

I have only just started learning Astrology and ….

as with all things ~ you don’t really need to formally learn this old style ~ the information is useful of course

What I offer is this is a new age and new ways

I am an autodidactic learner

I now learn as an addition to what I am channeling

as and when I need that information

I read small bite size pieces of several books at once ~ as and when I feel to

because I am aligning with universal energy 

I was not aware of my Pluto transit until I started writing this blog :-)

This is the primary reason I write it ~ for me 

Today’s Mayan Sign is White Self~Existing Wind


The framework of truth 


The planet is Uranus


This is one of my planetary codes

We have four planetary codes in the Mayan and these are called Castles

Each Castle starts on a birthday and lasts 13 years

White Castles are refinement of Red Castles ~ what the Great Mother of yesterday’s energy is awakening us to

Four Castles of 13 years comes to 52

When the human being is 52 it is a Mayan Elder having completed the four evolutionary codes

I have nearly completed mine and am at my Chiron return this year at 50.

At 52 it will be my Saturn square . I learned this from my friend yesterday who is learning this in Astrology.

I have now created documents for each of my Castle’s

and so today I know that today’s energy reflects my year in 2012 which is the first birthday I had in Glastonbury.

This was a very difficult time for me because I had to live in this intense energy all the time and I wasn’t just visiting and going back to a different framework in Yorkshire. As a family we were having a combination of conditioned code and working with conditioned frameworks such as making money, school times and conditioned rules.

At the same time I was in a year 4 of personal truth and this process of what I am describing in this blog so huge polarity and facing the choice point of whether to remain out of alignment with truth ~ which my ego preferred to feel “safe” and compliant . Whenever I took that choice the resistance that manifested was huge.

Something I am just looking at now ~ showed up ready to be worked with ~ is how the human being has a code ~ a wheel and the universe has a planetary code ~ a bigger wheel that all of humanity is working with.

These combinations are the tantra wheel process.

When using this decoder and putting in a date ~ so for example my birth date

It reveals the planetary code as well.


Our birth date reveals our Mayan Sign.

Our yearly birthday reveals what year we are in in that 13 year cycle.

The planetary birth day is 26 July 


The planet also has four castles ~ 13 year cycles

Red Moon ~ awakening to authentic self ~ this is the current 13 year cycle that began in 2006 and we are in year 9 of ~ Red Solar Moon ~  Mercury

White Wizard ~ refinement of authentic self by letting the universal energy flow ~ self empowerment ~ coming up White Planetary Wizard ~ the asteroid belt

Blue Storm ~ transformation of the individual ~ emotions show where that is required to catalyse the human being to evolve ~ Pluto

Yellow Seed ~ as a result of the 3 other castles, the coping mechanism masks come off and the true individual is revealed ready to be the gift that they really are free from hiding ~ Jupiter


My White Castle years ~ every 4 years ~ correspond to Blue Storm Years on the planet


When I was in White Self~Existing Wind ~ being an independent authentic truth teller ~ as much as I actually was at that time ~ on the planet it was Blue Resonant Storm ~ what was resonating with emotion on the planet

In zodiac terms

My Uranus ~ bringing light and allowing me personally to go beyond the personal planets ~ my Uranus is in Virgo at 13 degrees

Blue Storm’s planet is Pluto ~ currently in Capricorn 

Here is a great article about this with specifics about the degrees of the current Pluto transit and how it will hit your chart ~ again if you feel ready to work at this level and haven’t got a chart yet you need this info ~ it is free 

All you need is a chart so google free birth chart


This Pluto current transit is hitting my 1st and 7th house ~ my self and my mystic revealed by what is resonating ~ traditionally the Aries and Libra axis ~ am I in balance ? This is also the current North and South node on the planet but in reverse ~ Libra North Node

The more I work on my inner self and the more my spirit can guide me because I am ready and able and doing what it takes on all levels for this mission 

My planets being resonated ~ Saturn at 15 degrees Pisces first house on the 16th of April ~ which was  ~ the thirteenth day of the initiating wavespell Red Dragon ~ Red Cosmic Skywalker ~ what has to shift to bring heaven to earth for the individual ~ what has to shift personally in the way of relating.

So My Saturn in Pisces at 15 degrees:

Many kinds of fruits arrayed on a silver tray.
The inner kingdom seeks to come out. Everything is ripe and ready for emergence. There have been gathered many soul gifts in divergent worlds and now there is a harvest time, An immense earth force presses to the surface to release and reveal an underlying feeling tone of righteous triumph, exultant mastery, the gathering of the tribes. The frequency of sociocultural renewal, with everybody here together offering their best. A subtle, permeating tone underscores the outward power with mystic fervor, a deep and strong combination to make a difference and to carry through what is intended.

Saturn in Pisces ~ boundaries, masks,coping mechanisms and for me these have been various addictions over the years ~ alcohol , drugs, sex, co dependent relationships on all levels

Pluto in Capricorn at 15 degrees:

A woman wearing a necklace of skulls.
Feminine power of the deepest kind. Ancient, impressive, and formidable. Standing for the Dark Goddess. Authoritative, proud, and knowledgeable. Can be attracted to pouring on the power and becoming personally identified with dominant behaviors. Lack of compassion, very little forgiveness. Not generous-spirited. Imperious, demanding, and not to be denied. If sparked by wakeful seeing–redemptive and cauterizingly renewing. But if captured by old pictures–autocratic, ideological, and retaliatory. The perfect soul-gift for those with pure intention. Otherwise, a scourge.

Just had a good cry this morning about this and how I have not felt loved and accepted that this is my personal take ~ and tapped and cried ~ let it go as much as I can

Then enquiry:

What did this way of relating do ? What did it allow for me?

To avoid taking responsibility for my happiness and blame others even though I know intellectually I am perfectly capable of doing lots of things and can achieve big projects because I have but this also changed when I became a mother which was when I started my White Castle ~ at my Saturn return . This created conflict because I wanted to be with my children and not work and that did not happen. I was way out of balance, overstretched and allowed it :-) I also had to challenge lots of health frameworks and belief systems.The violations I had allowed for myself, I would not allow for my children and this was intense and frightening because I was scapegoated over and over. I  have allowed myself and my values to be violated many times believing I had to and often that was true in a way because I was vulnerable with young children and wanted to ensure their safety of a roof over their heads etc~ that was then and this is now and now ~ this is not how I am relating any more in a big way because I am so aware of the price of that way of relating for all concerned….

and this is still in process too as I am taking the steps and working with what is and who I am ;-)

On a planetary scale this is why women in particular, will tolerate domestic abuse and abusive relationship ~ again the wound of the sacred feminine ~ no rights in law, chattels, locked away, children taken ~ ancestral codes still running ready for transformation in each human being.

This is a core transition from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius

The 12th house being transformed ~ what is commonly called christ consciousness.

The other planets ~ in the 7th house

My Pluto at 15 degrees Virgo

A man inherits a vast fortune.
Aristocracy takes many forms. Whether by karmic predisposition or by bloodline or both, being granted the ultimate pedigree for serving effectively. Those who have ruled can serve. Those who have mastered can give themselves over. Those who have attained can extract the essence of what they have come to before and utterly discard the rest. Showered with blessings. Filled to overflowing with the streams of your background, you are yet definitely motivated to use all this as a springboard and not to lean back on it. You feel the impulse to renew gifts, treasures and mysteries–to revitalize the old streams, to make relevant and essential what has previously proven to be steady and enduring. And most of all, endowed with a fluency in drawing from the well something fresh and new, and being so at home in bringing it all through that you become an individual here in the midst of things, who just happens to know and be familiar with just about anything you need to access from the well that never runs dry.

My Uranus at 13 degrees will be swiped energetically and not sure when but I need to find out because….inner work required with this degree ~ ideally it would be good to be as clear as possible of my past emotional events otherwise this could be a volcano and it will be what is meant to be too :

A man with hair on his back.
Peppery, fiery, contentious, and spoiling for a fight. Born ready, shot from a cannon, one of a kind–volatile in the far extreme. Convinced of things. Taking sides, even inventing them, you are impelled by the polarized consciousness to be so fiercely partisan that the destructive overwhelms the constructive. Incited to riot by what is wrong with the world–not reconciled, not accepting, not at peace. Self-righteous and headstrong. In perfect moments, ebullient and magnificent and the most charming a being can be, much of the time you are feuding and bickering and blindly consumed by the lower mind. Keenly good at self-deception, the world’s best at blind self-fidelity. The perfect promoter of the unpopular cause. But you feel tormented by the way in which all of this perpetuates itself and cannot find freedom. You search for a way through, hungry for self-overcoming, and needing so badly to emerge from the thicket of the mind, to be affirmative of existence with no doubts making the world intolerable to sit in one more moment.


See how knowing this information can allow the individual to work with conscious awareness?

If the individual is also working alchemically with the emotional body too and clearing old goo then there is a different outcome possible on the table

Scapegoat shadow workers are so powerful when this chalice is clear and not being a receiver of this energy anymore ~ then the energy goes somewhere else and sometimes it goes back to the place it was initiated creating transformation as it does in a catalytic way.

The ultimate mission in Mayan terms ~ the Blue Monkey ~ at the heart of the calendar ~ the divine child who is the adult transformed and therefore transparent ~ free from wounding and free to live in peace

Planet Venus


Remembering that Venus has many aspects particularly when in balance 

Back to the playstation model…

Tomb raider was my favourite game

I have learned about the terrain and how to be in it in balance without physically hurting myself too much ~ pain awareness, good boundaries in action ~ most of the time anyway until I don’t ~ new shadow awareness time

I have learned how I work to a degree that I can be aware and function to a good level without being eaten by predators every two seconds and having to start again

I have enough life and medical aid as I learn new things about health

I have found the treasure because I take the time to discover and explore

I am able to defend myself without violence 

I have more self confidence and assertion skills

I can say what I want more and to a degree know what I want so be discerning

I am a good communicator most of the time and learning more every day

I am letting go of the fear of being me ~ having worked on past events where I spoke my true feelings and got an outcome that felt uncomfortable/was scapegoated/ridiculed/bullied/attacked etc

Most of the old world transiting ~ will oppose the individual seeking truth ~ unawake/unaware/not ready to see themselves and evolve ~ a necessary pre~requisite of playmates 

Human beings are all on the same path even though it often feels untrue especially when meeting the greatest teachers who are often very close to our heart .

I do not play Tomb Raider any more ~ I watch my children play it and this is also key

I do not like game playing on one level ~ it is limited to the designer’s constructs ~ in many games it is an ego structure and in some ~ especially human ~ competitive 

I choose instead to focus on my game plan for my evolution

It can seem overwhelming to the ego and the mind at the start ~ the universal self knows the path and brings the exact match for everything at the perfect time though

It is greatly assisted by the human being intending to be open and willing to learn new ways 

Ready to be with all of themselves at all times

Ready to focus on oneself as a priority

Ready to see oneself everywhere and feel the feelings that go with that 

Often this is intense at the beginning 

So the ability to trust is key ~ the more the inner work is done on trusting the self this expands

The ability to not know is key ~ surrender to divine will

The ability to apologise genuinely and be humble ~ that takes time in my experience as there are big coping mechanisms there around barriers the ego builds

and as a reforming people pleaser it can be easy to fall into the avoidance of apologising oneself out of existence

rather than telling the truth of how one really feels and it is anything but sorry especially in a “spiritual” community which is often one of the most poisonous and stuck communities there are ~ takes courage to say one’s truth here ;-) 

and it is essential for the warrior of the heart

so the more that person clears their past 

and the more this comes from transformed ego space 

freer of emotional baggage 

If you are ready to start this process

or wish to go deeper

Here is my up and coming workshop :

It is via ebook and there are options and levels to suit all wherever you are on your path and in the world

You can then co create with me via Skype, email or phone if you want to go deeper and do some transformational energy coaching

Emotional balance workshop


Today’s pictures

I have featured many by the same artist, I love her work and I cannot find the link on facebook

I have mentioned her on another blog with White Wind where I used purely her pics. When I find I will add a link.

Apologies for this and the others I have used without reference ~ if I know them I will always quote them









Alchemy ~ dragon’s den


Day 3 ~ Alchemy


What crossed your path today?

What appeared in your circle?

What did you notice?

Any triggers, any button pushes? How did you feel?

All pertinent information for the Alchemist 

Today we have the blend of Sunday’s initiation ~ the Solstice

combined with yesterday’s new learning .

Today was the day for transforming the two to combine and voila 

something else comes into being

Another way to work with this is to look back to this Wavespell’s last circuitry and see what you have been creating with since then.

This was just as we were going into the underworld in Libra time on

October 04th last year 


If the alchemist has been working intellectually today ~ there may be new insights as to the soul journey

Seeing what is coming round for deeper work

If the alchemist has been working with the emotional levels 

that is deeper work

Seeing how there is no logic here

and how this reveals the soul journey

a great way to get in touch with feelings ~

play meaningful songs and see if you really are emotionally free or the vibe allows emotions to surface 

I have had an amazing journey today with a fellow alchemist and shadow worker

another aspect of me and I her

and this is also so revealed using the Mayan framework as we meet at the perfect time both sharing this 13 day wavespell

as our

13 day process and star seeded soul mission this time around


Todays energy is

Red Electric Dragon

hence the leading picture

The planet is Neptune 

So on this process we have had two days of Pluto

and now

a day of Neptune

Neptunian aspects can be where we hide things and escape 

This 13 day process is key for Red Dragon’s

it is also significant for the start of this 260 day cycle on April 04 ~ Aries initiation

New beginnings

In order for us to catalyse ourselves out of that labyrinth of the mind

requires becoming aware and taking ownership of our delusional beliefs.

A reality check ….

As and when the perfect time is.

The heat is turning up under the cauldron


What seems like a thorn in our side

is actually our next step to freedom.

This 13 day process is very significant 

Pakal color

My Mayan day and Sign ~ Blue Solar Hand

is one of the 13 clear signs on Pacal Votan’s tomb

It is the 6th Wavespell and so brings balance between the heart and the head

These 13 signs are each part of 13 day processes

that assist the simple human to become the plumed serpent ~ the clear conduit having transformed all wounds and completing the circuit of consciousness

This is an active and conscious process that involves the mind, body and spirit

and most importantly

The emotions

The heart 

In astrological times the Dragon ~ the Great Mother ~ can be seen also as the North and South Nodes of our Moon


My North Node is Gemini ~ right relationship new learning ~ this is my stairway to heaven degree ~ the IC

An island just visible off the coast.
When the future is alive, all of its many dimensions flourish in a world away from the commonly mapped out standard territory. The inward twin is given free rein to picture and dream into and even open the space toward what can be and shall be in more vibrant worlds to come. The outward twin carries on as ever in the accustomed role of maintaining the status quo. But so little energy is given to this one, and so much life-force is funneled into sensing new worlds and exploring all the amazing places which these new worlds spark on the inside of the soul, timelessly and authentically

My South Node Sagittarius ~ comfort zone MC/Midheaven:

A young prince undresses to bathe in a pool.
Seeking your own reflection. Willing to go to any lengths to divest yourself of that which stands between yourself and your world. Seeking a path, a practice, a journey from an insulated way of life to a vitally engaged way of life, but hung up at the point of giving yourself completely over. Stalling for time, reaching for excuses, pulling in escapes and perpetuations of the status quo, you linger on the brink between one world and another. Propelled forward, but equally jerked backward. Destiny shall assert itself in a forward direction at the right time. And before that happens the drama of “will he, won’t he?” dominates consciousness and energy, keeping everything tense, fascinating, and hopeful.

and access point to the galactic centre at 4 degrees ~ the structure of my ladder ~ galactic centre being 26 degrees

My North Node degree is Gemini in my 4th house at 10 degrees Gemini:

A young woman notices the handsome man has fangs.
Blows of fate. Acts of God. Abrupt awakenings to what was suspected but naively denied. You become drastically aware of all that was hidden, and jump to conclusions. The gathering of events to prove a point, to generate a change, to draw it all out. Curiosity, probing. Yet as well, casual oblivion and riding high in euphoric assumptions. Setting yourself up for turnarounds, epiphanies, metanoia. The leap over the edge into the dark from the light that reveals the other side of life can generate cynicism and negative feedback loops, by the implication that behind every shining wonder there lies its reverse shadow image. The mind proving itself right and falling down its own hole.

This is so key to my work with the shadow and what I attract in relationship

and my challenge

All the coping mechanisms ~ aka ~ masks ~ I have developed from birth are masks no matter what my ego likes to pretend to defend me from myself

All masks block soul journey intimacy and full immersion and dance with the universe

there are no “good” masks 

Some are deemed more favourable in society and that is all ~ two sides of the same coin ;-)

If you don’t yet have that information and feel it may be of interest then you need to have a birth chart done

google free astrological birth charts and put in your info

North Node is where we are headed in this life ~ out of the comfort zone 

South Node ~ very familiar and comfort blankety

Often what feels safe is what is keeping the individual stuck

and blocks the flow 

sort of a beige feeling ~ magnolia

rather than a technicolour dreamcoat experience

Are you ready to liquefy to become the beautiful butterfly revealed?

Tomorrow the structure day is revealed 

The conscious dreamer format