White Wizard Wavespell ~ the gateway of freedom


White Wizard Wavespell 

the gateway of truth

Today is one of the

13 clear signs of Pacal Votan

The code on the sarcophagus pictured above

White Cosmic Worldbridger

It is also the Mayan Day of a dear friend of mine

Sending love to you beautiful <3

We have journeyed through many Gateways together

Shared very similar paths

and truths that we never dared to share with others


really started to go with the Goddess code even though it was way out of our comfort zone 

We have been through some very challenging times too

and still are

and some things

deep things

very emotionally tough things

are still coming up from that Plutonian underworld right now

Dante’s seven circles of hell

reveal the layers

and codes of alchemy

the essential transformation process that each individual has to go through to allow

Personal Plutonian transformation


anti matter ~ creating death code

anti christ ~ the opposite of consciousness and enlightenment


being the process

of letting go of old ways no longer serving human evolution 

being the change

by personally doing one’s

Pluto Process

which is a totally different thing to

thinking about what it means

and still living old ways 

saying affirmations

wanting change

still believing that transformation

can happen by simply bridging the gap and doing more of the same

being the same inside 


that is impossible of course

old mindset

old emotions and beliefs about the personality

all coping mechanisms created from birth still in operation 

mask, goggles and rubber gloves

still on ;- )


fear of intimacy

fear of engagement

setting the human beings stage

from the inside out

This is a living hell



the being

until the being decides to do what it takes


change with the times 


takes full responsibility for everything on their personal event horizon

lets go of the old wounds in relationship

works with what is getting on one’s nerves

that was the code for yesterday

Red Crystal Serpent 



learns how to relate in a conscious


emotionally balanced way


which is what Emotional Freedom Technique assists the individual to do

let go of the past dictating the present and birth the new

it does not mean

that the individual becomes an

emotionless zombie

quite the opposite

this is what happens when human beings take anti depressants

flat line

everything in containment and stagnancy 

I know

I tried them

and just like 

gas and air in child birth

they create a distraction for a while

rain stops play 

have strawberries and cream

and pretend that all is tickety boo

instead of allowing boo hoo

so creating limbo living

and that is true zombie living

in suspended animation


a choice 

often a stepping stone

a coping strategy 

until the being is ready to be again


I have only just leaned that Pluto goes retrograde for a long period every year as Persephone comes out of the underworld

and this is the perfect time to know that.

Learning more about Pluto being in Capricorn also is making sense in my everyday life 

It came in in 2008 and is here until 2023

which synchs in with the Mayan 13 year White Wizard Cycle

beginning on July 26 2019

In 2023 on July 26 the planet goes into

White Overtone Wizard Year 

The heart of the matter


Self Empowerment 

The financial crash was really starting to gain momentum in

White Lunar Wizard Year

which began on July 26 2007


once the individual

really starts to synchronise with this process

it all becomes clear as to the divine plan of

human evolution


why these seemingly difficult things have to happen

to create new structures

to allow that evolution

doesn’t stop the fear of course ~ that is part of the process ;-)

Everything that has ever happened was meant to happen 

otherwise it wouldn’t have would it ?

Once the individual can fully embrace that concept 

Freedom process has commenced

and if you dear reader are feeling resistant to that concept

I offer you this idea…

This is simply because in your own life 

things have happened that your ego feels bruised about

This is key to everything for you

and of course your personal bruise ripples out into the wider web


that is all well and good too in terms of the cosmic cauldron


There is a consciousness

that has everything covered


once the individual really starts to have faith in that concept

and recognises that 

they are an expression of that consciousness


the individual can focus on their priority 

which is doing their personal process 

and letting go of others

and everything doing their process

This is surrender to the bigger picture

Being the Capricorn Disciple

ready to walk the talk



a mature master

of their own destiny within the cosmic scipt

which is what this Age

New World



is all about

To become individuals in order to truly know oneself 

and as a natural effect of that undertaking…

an expert on how to relate to the universe in a co creative way

having transformed their personal current co dependent code


I do not have any Capricorn in my star code

but I have lots of encounters with this energy


the UK is a Capricorn country


I can now start to see this in a whole new light

The more my awareness grows

and the more I align with the code and the more I can see

In the natural zodiac Capricorn

is the 1oth sign 


The number of manifestation and it’s opposite axis is Cancer

which is the 4th house 

What is shaped in the human being

in their house and home

creates the structure of the soul journey 

all the seed intentions and potentiality are born herein

the 4th Mayan Sign is Kan

Yellow Seed 


due to the survival of the species

this is also the place where

all human mask coping mechanisms are forged

to protect the heart and human from further harm 

all very well intentioned

and also as the saying goes

the road to personal hell and ruin…


the individual is ready

to let go of building walls 

to keep the world out 

and realises that all of this is part of the grand design

and what is feared

holds the keys to freedom and salvation 

the way out of the labyrinth is there all the time 

in what the ego perceives as

“the problem”


constantly is aiming to not feel pain

so misdirects the individual all the time

to not go there

to build great towers on the outside 

to build the ego up

and yet the wise heart

brings all the matching pain blueprints

over and over 

in circles

in patterns

hoping that the individual will at last get the hint and…

 get to the heart of the matter

and feel the pain and heal it 



then from that ruined ego 

accepting it’s shadow feelings at last

all new forms can come

It is very simple really

All that has hurt us heals us

and this is key to personal alchemy 

However the ego overlooks simple ;-)


It has been a profoundly challenging week for me 

I haven’t been able to do a lot except deal with my everyday life 


recover from it

If this has also been the case for you big hugs

We have to go through the black holes to come out the other side ;-)

I intended to do lots of things and blog on certain very powerful days 

but the universe had other ideas

and this is so key

to this 13 day code

that is a planetary code 

What I mean by this in simple terms

is that the planet earth has 4 codes in the Mayan Matrix Calendar

each have 13 year cycles

each year has a different code within that 13 year cycle 

they are:

Red Moon ~ the current 13 year cycle ~ Awakening to authenticity ~ started in 2006

White Wizard ~ next 13 year cycle ~ self empowerment by being a clear conduit 

Blue Storm ~ the transformational one that is a catalyst for change

Yellow Seed ~ The true star seed ~ which becomes covered in a protection mask through the human being experience 

This current 13 day process we are now in the 13th day of

White Wizard

will be featuring in a big way when it takes centre stage on July 26 as

White Planetary Wizard 

This code is all about getting our ego

out of the way

and letting our karmic journey unfold instead

I will share a way that I have learned to do this later

and again…

key to this code and these times

it does turn everything traditional and conditional literally…

on it’s head


That is it’s absolute purpose 

I have been discussing this with my Astrologer friend Carolina as well as to destiny/fate/karma

call it what you will ;-)

We believe the only free will you have is how to play the cards you are dealt 

because we come to earth with a code 

that is revealed with our

Astrology and Mayan Sign

and the more the individual star journeyer learns to read this code



understand it


understand the personal pattern

the more conscious the journeyer becomes about themselves

and their

star seeded mission

This heart mission

is not to be a blazing celebrity or famous or ego trip 

to be a guru or have followers

it is all about the challenge we face as common people 

whatever our personal challenge that has been there

since we were first born

some people are doing their journey being famous too

and that is the paradox

that is essential to the game of the matrix

it is a totally different game plan

If you are here to be a game changer

by truth telling about shadow stuff

which is the key to this new world code


what goes with that is not an easy path right now

nor has it ever been

but gets easier to navigate

the more the individual embraces the codes of truth

free from any manipulation or distortion

and to do that

starts within

at the home and the hearth

What I share in my blogs is largely what I have come to know 


and shared as such as my experiential journey

however this alchemical journey is not 

“my way”

It is an ancient pathway

and as such I am following in the footsteps 

of all previous and future pathfinders 

to quote Keats who I read at school and did not understand at all at the time

Ode to a Grecian Urn

When old age shall this generation waste,
Thou shalt remain, in midst of other woe
Than ours, a friend to man, to whom thou sayst,
“Beauty is truth, truth beauty,” – that is all
Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know. (lines 46–50)

or how about

William Blake


“To See a World…”

(Fragments from “Auguries of Innocence”)
To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
And Eternity in an hour.

A Robin Redbreast in a Cage
Puts all Heaven in a Rage.
A dove house fill’d with doves and pigeons
Shudders Hell thro’ all its regions.
A Dog starv’d at his Master’s Gate
Predicts the ruin of the State.
A Horse misus’d upon the Road
Calls to Heaven for Human blood.
Each outcry of the hunted Hare
A fiber from the Brain does tear.

He who shall train the Horse to War
Shall never pass the Polar Bar.
The Beggar’s Dog and Widow’s Cat,
Feed them and thou wilt grow fat.
The Gnat that sings his Summer song
Poison gets from Slander’s tongue.
The poison of the Snake and Newt
Is the sweat of Envy’s Foot.

A truth that’s told with bad intent
Beats all the Lies you can invent.
It is right it should be so;
Man was made for Joy and Woe;
And when this we rightly know
Thro’ the World we safely go.

Every Night and every Morn
Some to Misery are Born.
Every Morn and every Night
Some are Born to sweet delight.
Some are Born to sweet delight,
Some are Born to Endless Night.


and as is revealed in Donnie Darko ….


Here is a link to interpret the themes

Just watched that again with my daughter who is a White Wizard

with the same tone as my Grandfather

His Mother committed suicide on his birthday

and my mother found her


this impacted heavily in my ancestral code


I am seeing it now showing up in many ways 

From Donnie Darko’s language and theme:

The manipulated living start to die in earnest at 40

because of trying to stay the same and play the ego game

of eternal youth

which is not possible in an ageing vehicle

instead what is possible is acceptance of the human being life span 

and opening up to new learning as a

planetary server


at this time of transition

the path finders are not here to sacrifice themselves to do that 

This is co dependent code

This is essential to integrate any belief that an individual is here 

to do the trip for others

that is an ego mis direction ;-)

I time travelled back with the songs in the film

so many key life events triggered in remembrance 

and haunting lyrics with

mad world

and another ~ Killing Moon

Echo and the Bunnymen


The Killing Moon

Under blue moon I saw you
So soon you’ll take me
Up in your arms, too late to beg you
Or cancel it though I know it must be
The killing time
Unwillingly mine

Fate up against your will
Through the thick and thin
He will wait until
You give yourself to him

In starlit nights I saw you
So cruelly you kissed me
Your lips a magic world
Your sky all hung with jewels
The killing moon
Will come too soon

Fate up against your will
Through the thick and thin
He will wait until
You give yourself to him

Under blue moon I saw you
So soon you’ll take me
Up in your arms, too late to beg you
Or cancel it though I know it must be
The killing time
Unwillingly mine

Fate up against your will
Through the thick and thin
He will wait until
You give yourself to him…

See it is there to be seen

depending on the place the individual is at 

everyone is a channel of the universal code

This is all the collective has to do


“save the world “

give up the ego

and be prepared to look at what the personal ego believes about itself

It is time to rip the Band Aid off


see the truth of Band Aid in the 80’s 

none sense

because the fruits of the labours are there to be seen

it is still happening 

because other people cannot do the journey for anyone else


“fix it”

To change the world the individual has to be prepared to feel everything

rather than let the ego project it outwards

which is what the child does to be safe and survive

no matter how much the individual thinks about things

the feelings remain

this is out of balance

Feel it 

then let all the pain out 

then the answer comes from a different clearer space

otherwise it is simply an ego “plot” to project and pretend 

Time to grow up and face the music ?


keep playing the same old tune and cry into the coffee

and I have been doing bits of both as that is the nature of it for those that feel

Once the initiate has done enough inner ego transformation this becomes clear

This is key to Taurus time now 

Time to cut the bull poo folks inside

and then no need for it be manifest outside


Key to personal enlightenment


to use a gardening metaphor 

because it is all the same process

A living being is a intrinsically a paradox

Very delicate on one level and yet immensely strong in other ways

If a gardener puts raw manure on young plants shoots

it burns them

because it has not had time to mature and alchemically change

when it has alchemically changed

it is  a wonderful life giving elixir that comes from that process

although not all plants require this and some thrive on nutrient deficient soil 


Basically Bull burns

and if the individual has not healed their original anger events

on all levels

not just think they have 

then the vibe of that is what is creating reality

not what bull comes out of the manipulated mouth piece 

It is what it is

Is Is 




08 Goddess Hathor bas-reliefs on Roman birth house

With the Sun, Mercury and Venus in Taurus at the moment 

Is Is is strong ~ it is what it is no matter what our ego tries to do to manipulate matter

the illusion will out when the time is right 

Proof of the pudding is in the eating

Be Do Have 

Back to my personal story

When the individual reaches 40 life begins as the saying goes

the 4’s are structure codes for soul transformation

My 40th birthday was in 2005

It was the year before the current 13 year cycle began on planet earth in 2006

It was Yellow Cosmic Seed Year on the earth 

a big year for moving the mask of the collective human being

for me personally I was on a year 10 ~ Blue Planetary Hand

The codes of my own sign and what I had manifested for myself

through using my own hands

my own Gateways 

This year was the 10th year of my cycle of White Wind

which began on my birthday in 1996

This was not a happy place in many ways

It had meant letting go of lots of old ways

and massive fear trips


the ripples are still coming from that

I have done lots of things that I regret

and I am constantly revisiting them every day

in my current reality 

and feeling pain because of it


I know that all of it 

all of it 

was essential for me to be writing this blog today 


I also know that I signed up for it


what to do?

Do it ;-)

Learn whatever I need to 


keep moving

keep feeling

keep being

keep as open as I can

and share my process

In our shadow aversion society the truth is not rewarded 

Scapegoat time 

What I have done has created an outcome

That outcome has created feelings and a way of life


I have done that

yes with other people too


do I choose to keep doing relationships that hurt ?

That are inauthentic and dishonest?

To create more of the same ?

That would be crazy wouldn’t it ?

and yet that is what most of the human being collective is doing

and has been doing for centuries

Time to see things in another way ?

The time is absolutely ready for it

and this is what becomes very self evident

once the individual starts to

be the process of the Mayan 260 day synchroniser 

That is what it is designed for

This new 26000 year code of human evolution 

and the human being 


what it is all about

by being it 

Living naturally in alignment with source code

letting go of ego ways and rules

freeing oneself from conditioning 

The individual’s personal code

ties in with society structure

with the potential to create change in that structure

if the individual is prepared to stand up for their beliefs 

this process

birth’s the new age

Soul midwife procedure on a personal level

and isn’t it true in your life experience

that the majority of people are decent and honest to a large degree

wanting a different life ?


how many are prepared to actually do something about it

rather than moan about their lot in life or escape using mood changing strategies ?

The process of change cannot happen without human being engagement 

When the dissolution process starts to happen for the individual

it will bring fear

because the known world

the comfort zone

has to go


What appear to be “safe”

created from imbalance

will naturally bite the bull in the testicles


such is the code polarity now

Taurus and Scorpio

the second and 8th axis




The Goddess axis 

Do you want to be safe and stay in the cave?

Pull down the blinds while the world burns?

Play calming music whilst seething inside?

Pretend that all is well and buy another makeover ?

when the truth really is

fear is running amok

and many are still trying to patch up the truth

with drugs to suppress the pain

and the pain is going deeper and deeper 

seeking expression and release

So called dysfunctional families and systems are simply

manifested realities of what previous generations of human beings 

have seeded


living out of balance 



simply to know that

so that through that experiential knowing

something else can come

and it is

Today’s code is influenced

by the planet Mars

If you know where Mars is in your chart


which house

this will be helpful for you to get in touch with your personal masculine code 

It will reveal what is seeking to come into balance within your personal galaxy within

and any anger issues that appear now

leave a cookie trail to follow that leads back to the big bang personal event

that triggered that

and also what the personal mission is 

this mission started in the womb

the star structure combined with the human dna

all the prior ancestral code

is embodied


the mother

also as the vessel

imparts their current relationship experience with the universe

On a mind level this can be chartered with family constellation

and Mayan Signs and Cycles

and if the individual has access to the family tree like I have had

this is an amazing additional blueprint to add 

This Cosmic sounding stuff actually has a very grounded application 

that assists in the understanding of where the individual has come from

and what codes the individual is now working with…


if the individual is prepared to work holistically

and be the process

then miracles and magic happen naturally

because the reality of the universe is revealed more and more

as the individual transforms their personal veil

The shadow 

otherwise the Scorpio stays on the surface

and that is not a happy place for that energy to be

It seeks deep connection

It seeks to go beyond skimming the shallows and hiding in shadows

It seeks to see the bigger picture

dive deep 

It seeks to become the phoenix rising from the ashes




If it cannot do that

it becomes a survivor

and lashes out in pain

kill or be killed

With the full moon in Scorpio coming up next Monday in the UK

all that was initiated last October will be completing

Darkstar Astrology

Scorpio Decan 2 Scorpio 13 degrees

May 04 which is the mastery day of the

Blue transformation Wavespell starting on Friday

Blue Hand Wavespell


This is my personal 13 day code as a Blue Hand

and people already showing up to help me understand this

as always

right on time

this is what the process brings experiential understanding to the meaning

that many people believe in

If it is meant to happen it will

exactly :-)

Everything is coded

All our codes continually repeat in cycles

and if we are consciously aware we can really start to see that in action

and truly let go of our ego leading

If someone does not have a code to be in a certain pattern on a certain day

they cannot be

that is a very simple explanation of course

Once the individual starts to understand how the matrix works

It becomes easier to let go

and engage

in the process

of personal transformation

letting go of resistance to what is

and embracing the

Killing Moon


It does not mean being passive

It does not mean lying down and let the world walk all over you


It does not mean structureless

boundaries breached


giving power to anything and everyone

It is the anti thesis of that

If the individual chooses to do the journey

It means commitment to doing what it takes

Keep getting back up

Keep chopping the wood and carrying the water

It is why women and men who allow their feminine

have a natural inclination to doing this process

because they are already doing it

Just like Mother Earth


Over stretched



selfless to a point of

un healthy ness

and on the brink of falling over the edge

one step away from complete exhaustion

and yet somehow still going



remember that the universe always balances us

until we choose to redress and adjust and say enough learn and evolve 

This is the Libra Moon we are working with that initiated this 260 day cycle 

Red Dragon Wavespell


Let go of base survival and any belief that this is ok

because in truth we are all born to a mother

and we all have equal rights in the universe

it is only mankind that decrees otherwise

and this exists

because at the moment it is essential to the evolution framework to change this each human being has to learn how this came into being ~

the process that created it over thousands of years 

and just on simple practical local levels such as how laws

came about because of people not being fair to each other

and how the laws and support systems

that are in our society

are also out of balance 

and there are reasons for that too

everything has a reason and a season

it did not just pop up out of the blue overnight

because someone created a vision board and said some magic words ;-)

Here are some resources for learning about Pacal Votan if you choose

This film is created with an emphasis on the masculine

and intellect

and coming from that space

as is this one about

The Red Queen

Here is my offering to you as a 9


The Mayan Cycle we are in is Red Moon


It is the Gateway that each person has to go through to be free

To be awake

To be authentic

To be free

If the individual does not choose this

then no further conscious evolution can happen

because that is what it takes first of all

We are on a year 9 on the planet which is why this balance is so key

If you are on a year 9 this is key too for your personal Gateway

The way to complete the cycle

is to heal everything in the personal history that ego has an issue with

If the individual is prepared to do that then 

the pawn becomes a queen

obtains sovereignty

and has the keys to paradise

free of arrow wounds

This is what the codes reveal on Pacal Votan’s tomb

I believe

and my code is on there ;-)

I am the embodiment of

Blue Solar Hand 

and I choose to be that every day as much as I can

and it is not easy

being the Seer

of shadow

especially today when I have had confirmation that 

what I felt intuitively 

back in 2001 was true and I was totally exploded and used


and it is also amazing too

and another layer can be released of living a lie

Todays code is what it takes to be

Self Empowered

the previous 12 days and their codes

have shown the individual

in their life experience

what is seeking change

for them

Each day has a blue print

and if the individual chooses to be it

then the process happens on a transformational level

which is what is 

revealed as the

Quetzalcoatl process 

Ready to be the Cosmic Shift

To bring oneself into balance

by letting go of one’s personal old world

in order to end it 

End it

Begin again 


which means there is paradoxically no end at all simply a Gateway to another way of being

It is a truly wonderful time to be alive and part of the matrix

and actually

get to be the conscious creator

and with that goes big responsibility to be the change and understand that most of the time to begin with the energy of that person will be constantly challenged and denounced because the other person is not ready to embrace that code

Learning how to work with that position takes strength and courage

and lots of dark nights of the ego

until a tipping point is reached

and I haven’t got there yet

but I am getting more comfortable with the uncomfortable

as I transform my wounds and code

Today was massive 

clearly it needed to happen to move me along

and get really clear about my past relationships 



Perfect timing for the too ~ thank you Carolina 

This was recently “discovered”

and is key to this Sacred Feminine Code Coming in 

Nebra Sky Disk

“Nebra Scheibe” by Dbachmann. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons – http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Nebra_Scheibe.jpg#/media/File:Nebra_Scheibe.jpg

Exercise for today if you choose

to release old worlds with some deep enquiry 


What did you plan to do in the last 14 days that did not go according to plan?

How did that make you feel?

Tap on that

Here is a video I made about Triggers :


Be it

Feel it

With the intention of letting it go

and learning

what your ego structure is

What does this reveal about your personal life mission?

What are you here to personally evolve?

What is your challenge that pushes your anger buttons?

What is hiding underneath the anger ?

Where did that begin ?

Ready to be free of it ?


Once the individual starts to get clear about the patterns and their code

Everything lines up

No need for assumptions

simply stream consciousness

into that clearing space

of emptying the cup that is full of distortions

The bigger picture emerges

from the haze and the fog

Focus emerges as a shining light

from the doom and gloom 


Workshop coming up on 16 May

to work with this

Taurus Manifesting energy

You can take part in person in Glastonbury

or online by ebook and Skype at a mutually convenient time 

This will give you information specifically about your code

and what is coming up to be cleared

to allow you to be free of old conditioning and patterns

and assist in your soul journey

It is perfectly aligned

Blue Self~Existing Night

The code for allowing the conscious dreamer

to emerge free

from the nightmare of past events

It is the structure code of the Yellow Sun 13 day process

It is a portal day ~  a human evolution day 

Yellow Sun is the Mastery Code of enlightenment

The language of light

free from distortions

We are enough 

White Wizard Wavespell ~ Moon Goddess


White Wizard Wavespell

The Moon Goddess returning to power process

This is the code of self empowerment

and the sign is Ix

I have just made the direct connection of this to the Moon Goddess:


who is a similar archetype to

Lilith, Iris and Eris 


who is the leading picture in this blog

This Wavespell is: 

Code 14 

The mastery code 

and the first of the

Seven Solar Seals 

the Seven Sisters of the Pleiades


The shamanic feminine returning

to full radiance and light through each human being ;-) 

at the time of the new 26000 year cycle

that began on December 21 2012

with the

Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere

foretold in the Indigenous myths

article about that here

The Aries New Moon

aligns with this tomorrow in the UK 

This is new beginnings time

very late in the sign and at 29 degrees


Dr. Jekyll drinks the potion.
The unconscious mind and the subconscious mind bear seeds of worlds which the conscious mind had yet to penetrate. These worlds can turn from dark to light and back again, but they are there, crying out to be fathomed, accessed, given their part in the dance. It is no longer possible to push into far shadows that part of the light which dwells in darkness. And so you must bring up, playfully or mischievously, candidly or surreptitiously, all of the hidden places. So that nobody can deny how much of our energy and resource indwells the deep and how all of our being longs to be known, to be seen, to be activated, to partake in the dance of life freely.and there is a reason for this 

as always this is perfectly aligned energy

with the starry skies

It is at the time of

Aries Decan 3 

which is ruled by


It is also key to the

Vertex in the natal chart

which is in the

Andromeda constellation


Destiny’s Gate 


this is very key for the individual 

and what was covered in the

Persephone Path 5 Workshop

whose day of Mayan Energy was

Blue Spectral Storm

This linked in to the

Aquarius New Moon on the 18th of February  

seeing our bigger picture

Blue Storm’s planet is Pluto 

along with Yellow Sun 

and these two Mayan signs

are the ending mastery codes of the matrix

code 19 and 20 

which is very synchronistic for today as 

Pluto has gone retrograde

going deeper

back over old ground

the underworld

to unearth that which is seeking light to allow new beginnings 

Article about this here

look out for July 15 and 16 ~ big day 


You can locate the Persephone Path ebook

on the Resources page of the blog 




and this can be seen as the code for the new age the planet is transiting into

the age of human beings becoming consciously aware en masse

leaving behind the ego head led society 

that does not co operate

co depends instead

in imbalance

believing that the ego is powerful and omnipotent 

when it is the absolute anti thesis of this 

and whichever side of the duality the human being is on

there is a scarcity 

a lack belief

fear based code

fuelling the creation process

the path is already there

and the key to this shamanic code

is to find it

to unveil it

to reveal it 

this is the true art of manifesting

that the majority are not yet seeing

and there is a reason for that

until the individual realises that following the cosmic cookie trail is the key

and the beginning

the alpha

step one

is within the individual because that determines the way it is seen and perceived and at the beginning this is by it’s very nature 

distorted code and filtering

this is what Quetzecoatl is:

the human being on earth who is ready to unveil their own code and work to bring balance to the Jekyll and Hyde and end the duality game 



Everything that has happened so far to the individual reveals this code

and the law of attraction is the heart

bringing what the individual needs to heal

and clear the rose thorns from the path

so that the way is free to be seen

to the rose garden

to Eden once more by first clearing the thorns within



Heaven on Earth

The Red Skywalker process


for the individual

White Wizard is the refining castle

of the planet

Red Moon is the awakening and the East

The planetary code of transformation is widdershins

just like the Ages of Precession 

The cycle is going backwards

amazingly huge and comprehensive website here 

The initiation of Red Dragon cycle

begins with the East 

Red Moon is the East ~ awakening to sun rise

White Wizard is the North ~

refining the East energy by aligning with true code free from distortions

and it’s planetary influence is the asteroid belt

and this is the next planetary year code

we go into on July 26 as

manifestation of the past 9 years


the Asteroid belt is full of

Goddess Archetypes 


that are ready to be brought into human being consciousness

to bring balance once more 

to the human being

with the sacred feminine embodiment

Here is an interesting article about dna and women and lovers

and another about women and their children

and although it is not mentioned

the fathers of the children will also be connected in the same vein on a cellular level

this new age reveals new ways to see this cellular connection


which is what

The Age of Pisces is all about

as the 12th house pisces brings the culmination of all of our human being evolution so far

if you look to your personal natal chart and what is in it in the 12th House or Pisces

you will find your code revealed around this

and if it is empty of the regular planets

look for asteroids and fixed stars ;-) 

New energies to be integrated 

also look to it’s opposite house

which is the underworld in terms of the natal chart


opposite axis activator

which is


and the 6th house

when the individual aligns with the earth


healing using natural ways of being free from ego contamination 

in balance 

this happens naturally 

Virgo time is

Mayan Lunar Moon time 

this is also key to Chiron and our personal healing zone 

Chiron coming into consciousness in 1977

Earth Day is April 22nd

which just happens to be Planetary Moon day 19


Blue Rhythmic Storm Day

bringing balance to our emotional being

as the catalyst for heart healing and opening

see how everything magically links in ?

It is all taken care of 

already scripted

all the individual has to do 

is learn it and be it :-)

in alignment for them by developing intuition

from a clear and integrated inner space 


White Wizard 13 year cycle begins in 2019

aligning with Uranus in Taurus 


what we are initiating now with

Uranus in Aries

will bear fruit then


and the more clearing we have done

the more we can align

be present 

in the now 

allowing our

higher isis energy

<clue: is is ~ it is what it is ;-) not what the ego distorts>

to guide us

free from ego rules and restrictions of fear


if you are still trying to read the future

and over extending using protection code

doing things today in an out of balance way

doing things for others based on fear

trying to control and manipulate

living using dishonest code of our hypocritical society

based upon hiding the authentic self

believing that the ego mind holds the secrets

that the universe is a material catalogue to fulfil an ego edifice 

to hide behind and prove worth

then be aware 

this code is past it’s sell by ;-)

time to get real


and discover the magic that has always been there

all the time

within ourself 

and when the individual truly gets their ego out of the way

by hearing it

and working with it

transforming it and all it’s wounds 


then everything flows 

all resistance is where the

prima material of the alchemist is

ready to be unearthed

and formed into



from what is perceived as

the beast 


remember fair travellers

to fly high

first dig deep


look within for the treasure you seek 



all the solutions are found in the perceived problem


the wise alchemist is

the open hearted learner 


the fool on the journey…

which is a very different position

to the fool stuck on the labyrinth wheel

afraid of their own shadow


be the green man


reap the rewards ?

Lots of workshops coming up this year to help you live your life’s adventure

Consciousness Codes of:


Mayan Sign


Transformational Tools

you can use to empower yourself


create cosmic change 

from within 


A powerful one next month with Taurus

and the time for practical application

to manifest your heart’s desire by unveiling the gift of our true self

on the

16th of May in Glastonbury

or by ebook and skype

more info coming soon please get in touch to register your interest as charts are required for this 

this is day 4

of the

Yellow Sun Wavespell

and therefore the structure of the enlightenment process

Blue Self~Existing Night 

and a

human evolution day ~ a galactic portal

This is the key code for accessing the dream free from the ego nightmares 

Moon Gardening in Glastonbury 


begins again on Monday 27 April  

in the Taurus part of the Glastonbury Zodiac at my home


Donation for resources to share and group outings 

This group meets every week informally as and when people feel to come

We share gardening wisdom, drink tea, swap plants and seeds  and explore gardens including our members own gardens 

no knowledge of gardening or moon gardening is required 

this year we are also intending to share our experience and produce at fairs

in the locality too 

Please get in touch if you wish to come 

this way of being with nature is so great to re align and attune with the great mother and her circles and cycles


activate our innate knowingness that has been forgotten

and is perfectly timed to be remembered now 

This is Yellow Spectral Seed day ~ letting go of all masks so we can emerge as the true seed .

Perfect for planting ideas that bring joy to the heart for this year

Taurus Sun and working towards the Scorpio full moon

It is Leo waxing moon at 24 degrees :

LEO 24
Sunrise over Stonehenge.
Immortal stature. Undiminished interior presence. A throwback to heroic times and places, character elevated, the universal code upheld, you are stalwart, uncompromising, and even rabid. Vertical understanding and allegiance. Exquisite sensibility. Nobility and the core of human nature embodied. You have a subtle undertone of magic and miracle, yet you’re often overtly quiet, simple, and straight. All goes into the spirit, poignant and evocative and moving.

Red Dragon Wavespell ~ solar moon return


Red Dragon Wavespell

Red Solar Moon

Completion in it’s pure form

This is Code 9 in the Mayan Matrix

This is the Gateway to Goddess

and the key

to the sacred feminine coming in through each human being 

This is the day of completion in the Red Solar Moon Year

we are in until July 25th

What happens today to the individual

is very pertinent

to being in balance with our true authentic self

the pure essence of our spirit

underneath all the masks our personality

our ego self

has created

for it’s protection so far in life

and collectively

what the human race has created to protect itself

from the reality of life on earth and other human beings

to shield itself from the truth

of the nature of the ego 

that can be pathological

and a sociopath 

intent on staying alive no matter what the cost

or sacrifice to other people or the planet

and the truth around our life and death that the individual has little control over especially death

Today in the UK at the time of writing it is Waning Moon in Capricorn at 25 degrees

A woman wearing a mask made out of butterfly wings.
Wrapped about in customary trappings. Made to look and act the part superbly. Programmed to do everything on cue. Taking yourself in hand, and subordinating all other factors to ambition, power, and worldly position. In a premeditated, systematic, superorderly fashion, fitting the role. So good at this you fool yourself. The perfect wraparound set-up of simply turning yourself into what everybody needs to see. But because there is so much manipulation and control in it, this can become highly corrupted. It all depends on the motivation. At best, you will become a viable role model for a given set of characteristics of an advanced kind to be embodied perfectly. But at worst, you will deceive and beguile and maneuver so smoothly that nobody will know what you serve, who your master is, and where all this comes from after all.


It doesn’t matter where the individual goes or what the individual knows

if there is fear from the past

more information will not clear the fear

and this is key to being in balance

the individual takes the individual wherever and whenever it goes

This is key to the Goddess Gateway

and in particular for women

releasing the damsel in distress role playing

and any belief that has been created from conditioning that there is such a dominant archetype 

It is a smoke and mirrors code to disempower

a magical spell

a curse of old

to allow the masculine free reign to run wild

key to Aries Sun shadow 

All masks are masks and there are no “right” ones or “wrong” ones 

The ones that are masquerading as “good” ones

are even more insidious than the collectively perceived “bad” ones

for that very reason

especially when scapegoating and blame models are used

to allow people pleasing


controlling behaviour

all of which is inauthentic and dishonest

and create 


energy draining 

and more entanglement

poisonous webs

passive aggressive behaviour



laughing at other people’s misfortune

and generate emotions that match this





All of this is key to Astrology too

which can assist in understanding the journey the individual is on

The Mayan Matrix is initiated with

Red Dragon


Red Dragon’s planet is Neptune

In esoteric terms of the soul journey

It is the expression of the spiritual Sun

so any planets the individual has in Neptune are key

and the house it is in is also key to working with this energy

It is the higher form of the moon and so key to the consciousness that can come

through working with the shadow and transforming it

Very simply

If the individual is not ready to let go of the past and old ways of the Piscean Age

it embodies

then it cannot access the Aquarian Age because it’s cup is full and it is literally living with old code 

More about Neptune esoteric here

In the starry skies yesterday 

the sacred feminine luminaries lighting the way

Venus and the Pleiades 


More about this here

The Red Dragon energy is key to the nodes in our astrological chart 

Where our comfort zone of the past is

Where we are headed in this life

and where we will experience pain if we try and stay in our comfort zone

I am doing a worksop in person or online next weekend about this

It is intended to give information to the individual about their chart and code

and most importantly sharing frameworks about how to work energetically and transformatively with that information

How to train your Dragon

Here is an exercise to do if you choose around personal authenticity

Since the start of the wavespell 9 days ago on April 04th

How often have you lied to others?

Lied to yourself?

How often have you been lied to?


Bullied or someone in your circle bullied?

How often have you held back from saying what you really felt?

What were the feelings that came as a result ~ can you identify your emotions?

Many people cannot and this may surprise you

Triggers hold the key to consciousness raising and are a gift 

How often have you blamed the other person for how you feel

rather than owning how you feel

remember that is always the individual’s responsibility and reveals the pain body 

If you choose to go deeper

What event/person does this match from your past

Are you ready to let go of the past

Feel to heal

If you can just feel the feelings without trying to understand them or work out a solution

This is a key step to overriding the conditioned ego mask

and allowing balance of the heart and mind

Key to Blue Solar Storm

which is a part of the cross of Alchemy

in Red Solar Moon revealed on the link at the start of this blog

The catalyst of feeling free of our emotional distortions

and allowing our emotional sat nav to be clear and free to guide us 

This is also key to the Aries Alchemical process of



My cat Arnold is a Blue Solar Storm

he has been having a tough time again recently

please send love to him 

I appreciate any support for him as love is the key to health and well being

and he is in the hands of the Gods because of his inner code around fear


lots of learning as always when anything

challenging takes us into emotional territory

which is a key part of our human evolution

and what motivates the caring compassionate human to find new ways to live and relate 

Love to you and your truth 




Yellow Cosmic Sun ~ Ultimate Open Heartedness


Yellow Cosmic Sun


We are in the last day of the current 260 day cycle

that began on 18 July 2014

How do you feel ?


In the UK it is Good Friday and as I write this we are in the count down

to the lunar eclipse and Full Moon in Libra

The next spin cycle starts tomorrow

If you go to

The Resources Page

I have created a document that you download from there 

that gives my interpretation of it 

Red Dragon Wavespell in Aries 


We are in the last day of Red Solar Moon today 

the 9th Moon 

Tomorrow the new cycle begins

with Red Planetary Moon

literally the codes of manifestation of

The Sacred Feminine 

at a very symbolic time of


New Beginnings

New life



We are at the human being evolutionary destination again

as this is a galactic portal day 

How the human being starts at

Red Magnetic Dragon 


and goes through 260 days of living cosmic code 




and a

cosmic mix perfectly spun

being a channelled

avatar of consciousness

in flesh and bone

The Fool 




Setting out on the journey again

to create the world stage anew through each Fool’s personal life story 

The Universe does not require our life force to be sacrificed

simply that 

each person does the pattern

so that 

the web is woven 

over and over

with slightly different forms 

small steps over millennia 

evolving consciousness in it’s wake 



and so many paradoxes in this learning

everything matters

and no thing matters above another thing

The key now is to understand this process


and to do it 


let go of being defined by our raw ego

who is simply a child 

and by the nature of this a very unconscious child 

full of shadow 

All of this is coming to light

now on planet earth 

green heart

Which means we are in for some shake ups

to crack the death culture

wide open 

so that the ego led empire will crumble

and the balance will start to return

from the chaos and destruction

Time to let go of all that ego bulls*t 

The lies

The structure of false ego identities 

This feels huge at the beginning 

Walls are crumbling down and structures feel wobbly 

and that is why it is key to be pro active 

and work on the inner structure to create complex stability

It is time for new code

new myths

new ways

out of the ashes of the ruins and those at the top of the ego structures

will try to hold on for dear life

so time to be aware as all will be revealed 

To open the heart the individual works

with child issues

The shadow 

The biggest ego mask is denial of this and coping mechanisms

that will do anything to not feel emotional pain

All those who are believing that intellectual work will prevail

take heed 

It is an ego lie 

The ultimate mask

of the spiritual warrior of the mind 




more mind

more information

anything to not go to the dark recesses of the human beings life so far 

which is where enlightenment is

De construction 

un learning 

removal of indoctrination


masses education


lies about society and power structures


facing all that uncomfortable stuff of denial

that the individual does not want to face about the empire

and so keeps the empire going

Total madness

Now is the time for radical responsibility

Anything that is being held at arm’s length



bring in for a death embrace

smell the breath of death 

and allow all the fear to be felt 


remember that the human being dies

and all that means

because when the human race is in denial of this 

genocide is manifest in the world

and the human race

justifies this genocide

Conscious human beings

understand the balance

and the structure of ego

because of living the process and that without the awareness of death in every moment

there can be no true life 

Each Mayan Sign’s process

is revealed in the cross


Yellow Cosmic Sun

Code 20

Higher Self is Yellow Seed

The mask of the coping mechanism

each child creates to be able to live in this unnatural society world of today

that is so far out of alignment with source

When the child becomes an adult the coping mechanism can begin to be transformed

if the individual is independent and safe enough to do so 

The true seed can then be revealed by transforming the existing patterns free from emotional and energetic distortion


Red Dragon is the subconscious helper

Code 1



Everything that is in our world is here to assist us move out of the mask 

live an authentic life 

Step one

Being able to actually be open to that way of seeing the world and trusting the process even though the ego may fear it and not understand it 

White Dog is the Challenge

Code 10

The codes of our birth tribe and wounding

create conditioned way of seeing and living in the universe

the building blocks of the world

that are essential to be transformed

otherwise nothing can change and history repeats 


Blue Storm

The compliment 

Code 19 

The catalyst of emotional evolution 

Emptying our cup 

Emotional Freedom 

Free and easy flowing with all our emotions

letting go of trying to keep all our shadow emotions in check

in order to avoid upsetting others and rocking the boat 

The more we clear our past emotional events and make peace with our life

the more we can relate to others honestly free of rage 

free of passive aggressive childish games 

Doing our inner work is what this means

not being a “spiritual” person

who is pretending to be something they are not 

like all the politicians

like all the religious figures 

in history 

A human being is the same

as any other human being

We are all born through our mother and we will all die

yellow human

pic by Alex Grey 



all equal 

all with human mess ups 

so let’s be honest about who we are as a race 


when all of us can be honest 

all will change 

Let’s be the change


live in balance from the heart 


Yellow Star Wavespell ~ code personified


Yellow Star Wavespell

Last 13 day code of the Matrix

Saw my first rabbit of the year out at the back of the garden 

Lamat is the Mayan name for Yellow Star

and one of the totems is the



The key to this last Wavespell

is seeing how our


Yellow Crystal Star Starcode 01 January 2015

is being allowed to manifest


clear code

which depends on how much self awareness the individual has…

in particular about itself

and the universe the individual lives in

and how much inner alchemical work the individual has done on all levels:




to heal

since the individual’s journey began in this life

to create balance and flow

of the masculine and feminine within

heart and mind


This is revealed by the fruits of those labours now

as to:

How we are living from the heart

How we are living from our ego

According to the level of personal consciousness 

we are currently co creating with


it is all scripted

Do we choose our role playing ?

Do we select a part to play ?

Are we being played

as we are not yet willing

or ready to take responsibility for our life 

here on planet earth

It can be a bit of a mind spinner trying to figure it out ;-)

there is a simple way 


and if the individual is not feeling in a good place

then there is code that has been corrupted by the life experience so far

and this is the simple starting point

When the individual starts to be more and more present

and still


stops doing distractions

allows the thoughts and feelings that do not feel good

to be heard and felt

and if possible

accepted and understood

The individual realises that

everything experienced is a highly subjective soul journey

a personal mission impossible

designed uniquely


constantly updating

in a Quantum Universe

that is also reactive to the individuals that are a part of it

rather a complex living consciousness….

whereas the ego structured society created by the ego 

is often fixed 

and rigid

which can be abrasive

as the cogs jar

and create resistance

to natural rhythms

calcify and crystallise 

inside the human being too

stop the flow of life and love and light

which is what is happening to most of society’s structures right now


At the moment I can see all my patterns

so significantly

and I am so tired of so many of them

and as I am going through layers of healing and understanding

I often wonder

what on earth was I thinking ?

and no doubt will continue to do so throughout my life

as that is the nature of an evolving learning journey


that due to this design

we cannot see everything all at once

otherwise we would not be a part of

the universal web


that is also evolving

and that is what this amazing matrix of 

the Wavespell calendar



Key to the way of working with the calendar and

the returning Sacred Feminine

is that we learn to commune with our universal self

and develop autodidactic learning strategies

and habits

that create new patterns


this is key

to being in relationship with the calendar consciously

and therefore in alignment with the universal codes

and energies

that the individual’s code is dancing with

there is a lot to learn

which takes patience and being open to new ways as an essential pre-requisite 

All the answers for our personal journey

and healing are already within us

this is the essence of the galactic teaching of the

Red Moon 13 year cycle we are currently in 

Red Moon Year 9 now

no need to look elsewhere

our answers are right there in our life so far

and this holds the seeds of our future 

all of our futures as we are all intrinsically linked


Like all systems I can only present a theory of how this works

as is true of everything

we believe about our universe

this theory is ancient

and was hidden in exclusive mystery groups and is now…

like everything

emerging into the wider world

to be seen

We can propose a hypothesis of how something works

and then see it fulfilled in action

however as the universe changes

so do the frameworks

and that can be unsettling for the ego mind

The difference that makes the difference

is that once the individual starts to do the process

it becomes self~evident 

and the key process to the mysteries

of working with the matrix

is written in a philosopher’s stone

as is so often the case with clues left by the ancients 

the key is 

this is a process

as the soul journey is a process

The 13 clear signs of Pacal Votan


As with any mystery training

the objective is to remove

any fear of death

which is the

human being’s constant companion

and a necessary part of staying alive

such is the paradox

and by removing fear

understand the nature of the cycle of spirit

that there is nothing to fear after all in the eternal picture


indeed to use the fear in the human experience

as part of the transformation of the self and therefore the soul relationship

because it holds all the answers

to personal freedom


This knowledge becomes stronger during the process

that the individual personally goes through


that is the only way through…


the enlightenment process

Each individual will go through

a shared process of transformation for all…

that is unique to them

and their choice before incarnation

Once the individual becomes aware of this choice

using their Astrology and Mayan Sign

the veil starts to lift

This is the initiation at a whole new level




with the current energies

you may be feeling intense emotions right now as we are in the

Solar Moon time

The 9th Moon

and the sign of this current Mayan Year

Things are coming around for completion


The more awareness the individual has about their patterns

and the more can be seen

and this is key to working consciously 



I do not want to be made to live in this world that is created by pure raw ego

that has no conscious input

and that is the nature of things right now

and is so self evident

there is no need

to live this painful way

apart from

it is a match for the majority of human evolution

that has no conscious awareness

It feels so limiting and constraining


part of me is feeling this so deeply 

so strongly 

that so much in our world today comes from 

fear based rules

that are very unfair 

and we are locked in these death throes


old ways

out of balance ways 

that have had their day 

Are you feeling this too ?

This is an essential part of the process

I am seeing this all around me 

in myself

my circle of experience

and the people I work with

who have experienced 

being manipulated

and abused

and being blamed for it by people who do not want to look at themselves

do not care about others

or anything outside of their own 


ego self centred 


and these are the people who are stating and forcing

how the masses should live according to this narrow  view

Scapegoat Vibe 


Seeing people who feel lost 

Know on some level that their relationships are way off 

yet are struggling with all the collective damage 

that goes with that 

over decades

of demoralisation

It takes a heavy toll on all the levels of the energy body 


can feel like a struggle right now to

keep the head above water 

because so many triggers are coming up everywhere

for these relationships 

that abuse the soul

and match soul destroying past events of all time

no escaping these as these are what are undergoing evolution

directly through human beings

and human beings have to find new ways to stand up


bring evolution

by speaking of truth 

We have to go through it to create something from the ashes


We are embarking on another spin of the wheel of the zodiac

This Wavespell

began in Aries Sun 

Aries Moon

at 24 degrees

in the North of the UK

A harp which plays itself.
Joy and freedom are perfect companions along the greater way. Joy celebrates existence with a passion and a power and a fervent insistency. Freedom keeps on opening the context to make it more universal, more resonant, and more karma-free. Moving along this way is a creative feast of self-discovery and exploration of the edges. When selfhood is free to improvise and is open-ended, it is an unqualified blessing. You most especially demonstrate and embody a self-generative style and substance that is wildly needed and inspirationally infused into the collective bloodstream. So that we can get on with innovations and limitless worlds, and feel confident that there is somebody there pioneering the bold reaches forward who is too foolish to stop for anything.

This summation code reveals where we are currently stationed on our journey

as a result

of the 260 day spin cycle

that started on the 18th of July in 2014

Initiated in Cancer Sun

in the UK


Aries Waning Moon 

and the last time we were experiencing this

Yellow Star code was on July 05 2014

Here is a blog I wrote then

This is how the Mayan Matrix can be used in a very practical way

to see energies and cycles on the world stage

and most importantly on our personal stage

Our personal stage is the one creating the world stage


which is why it is so important that individuals understand this process

in order to work consciously with it


After the many astrological shake ups

over this time

It could be 

that you are feeling lost

having had many old ways

old identities 

old relationships


or seemingly self~destruct

or feel untenable

because they create such conflict and misery to all concerned

This can feel that the ego personality self is on shaky ground


experiencing huge sadness


and everything coming to a head emotionally

and all the usual ego fixes

not working

no longer valid


This is all part of the process of dissolution

required to create

new ways

new worlds

As revealed in these pictures

of the asteroid belts

Everything broken down into fragments

to be reworked in a new way

These are remnants of old planets

If the myths are believed…

old civilisations

ground to dust

These Asteroid belts hold the key to the bridge we are building

inside and out 

calling the fragments back to wholeness

for human conscious evolution at this time


the return of the sacred feminine

which means for each individual

that things are starting to break down in the same way

New Myths

New Archetypes being formed

and all the clues are there in our natal astrological charts with the placement of

Goddess Asteroids

whose message is already here for many years

in beautiful works of art


Here are the 3 Graces

who form part of the Primavera painting by Botticelli


These paintings are magical 

and reveal so much

there are many healing plants for example

and an

alchemical process

is portrayed with the key players

The companion painting to this is

Pallas and the Centaur


I have created links to web pages that explain in more detail

the key message 

is to 

create knowledge experientially

and go to the deeper places

where love is found

a very different way of being

to lust and surface ego materialism defining the individual

The Asteroid Belt is

found between Mars and Jupiter

Mars the planet of Aries

Jupiter the planet of Sagittarius

which is also the planet of

Blue Eagle 

The integration day which was yesterday

Blue Galactic Eagle 

Today as I write this it is the 9th day


which is always the day of completion in every 13 day Wavespell


The day when the individual

can look back at the previous 8 days and see

what happened

what felt good

what did not 

and bring the creation code back to oneself

See how the inner code of the individual influenced the events

what beliefs were present

what was the universal self bringing for healing

Most focus on the law of attraction

in a material way

like a shopping channel

like a way of being in control of life

simply more ego modus operandi

so that life becomes manageable and :successful:

and I offer you this

that is not the nature of life or living the heart path

that is simply more empire building 

life has ups and downs

life events are here to teach the soul what creates what

in the human being framework


to master the wisdom of that and create new future worlds with that wisdom

what an individual does in life creates their life

and each generation takes on that creation system from their ancestors

for their time to shape the dna 

Humanity is now at an amazing time of evolution for this

Yellow Solar Warrior

is today’s sign


Tomorrow is the day of manifestation

The heart’s desire

I am doing a mini workshop about this in Glastonbury

Seeing our bigger picture with divinity codes

I will create an ebook for it tomorrow and put it on the Resources Page.

This is a key step to being the star that we really are

Red Planetary Earth

It is one of my core patterns

It is a 13 year Cycle of mine

In the Mayan this is known as a Castle

Red Earth’s planet is Uranus

Red Earth is code 17 = 8

It is a Mastery Code

Caban is the Mayan Name

Here is a great source of info about the Mayan Signs


One of it’s manifestations is a rainbow

In the Goddess Asteroids

this is



She is the female version of Hermes

Here is a great article by Darkstar Astrology

which tells more about her and how to find her in your chart and how this is so key to integrity and living from the heart 

Caban teaches mastery of being a lightening rod

How to align with the liquid light activated by Uranus

It brings freedom and liberation from ego states and ego rules

Requires paradoxically…

that the individual is well rooted and earthed


has a complex stable structure

and shows

where the individual is stuck on old programmes


codes that are ego based and obsolete

which is key to Code 12

Yellow Human

In 1993 Uranus and Neptune formed an exact conjunction 

at 18~19 degrees of Capricorn

which is key to the New Age coming in

A black leopard with green eyes.
Total intensity of inward and outward endeavor. Goal oriented, plans-intensive. Schematic, premeditated, comprehensive. Elaborately sophisticated at implementing vision in action. Aware of your own position–standing above, seeing it all, and magnificent at putting everything together. An old karmic knack coming in handy. A past master in the arts of manifestation. The emperor. Astute, adroit, keenly observant. So strategic and clever and cool that there can be corruption. If distortion sets in a subtle, insidious suggestion of self-importance and abuse of power will arise. Superlative consciousness needing advanced handling to stay truth-centered and immune to the false light of power.

A half-eaten piece of bread.
Utilitarian considerations. Observing the self through objectified eyes. Conditioning and programming. Talking self and others into following the program. Astute wheeler-dealer. You’re not there in it, picturing it as though it were something brutally obvious and commonplace. Decadence, barbarian tendencies. Sympathies with the consciousness of problems and issues, difficulties and struggles all-pervasive. Never content, always aware of what is not happening. The bitter perspective and relentless repetition of the litany of gloom and doom.


pic by Catrin Welz Stein

When we accept everything that has happened so far

everything that is happening now

we let go of resistance

we surrender


go with god and goddess wisdom greater than the human mind

that does not mean giving in to relationships that are not coming from truth ;-)

The universe is infinitely wise

and we learn to go with it

or fight it

Resistance is futile 

Resistance is pure ego seeking healing

Everything that is happening right now is part of the divine plan


Embrace it or die

Evolve or devolve

The Universe is simply revealing 

Us in all our star spangled


Red Earth is the place the individual can be 


with the universe

free of conditioning and this happens naturally as part of the process of clearing the shadow issues of the base and sacral chakra

that transform the solar plexus

where the veil is

the heart opens to more love free of conditions

as a result of making peace with our personal past

Anything that caused the individual to feel ungrounded

that the individual did not belong

unable to connect and feel safe in the tribe

and all the ancestral history of such ways

is resonating with this dis connection

awaiting healing

when that disconnection is still causing the individual

to look for connection up and out of the body

away from the here and now

repressing emotions because they were not allowed by the tribe

or society

then the individuals are out of synch with the truth 

that all are loved and held by the universe

because that is the individual’s vibe

because that is the individual’s belief and interpretation of events

because that is the untruth that the individual’s ego believes

that has been learned from so many so called doctrines

that are manipulated and distorted to create fear

until this clears 

nothing is clear

it is a mis interpretation that will repeat 



We have four more days to go

in this Green Castle

before we begin the process again

Now is the time to see the writing on the wall of our palace of possibilities

to use an EFT Framework

and realise

that as we wrote these scripts

so we can write others

What is resonating for you ?



pic by Catrin Welz Stein

Leo Waxing Moon at 19 degrees in the UK

as I close

LEO 19
A hummingbird feeding at a trumpet vine.
Heightened perception exquisitely poised, brilliant and as fast as can be. You have the genius of seeing things, knowing things, and being there. Overflowing with destiny-bounty earned over many lifetimes, yet you bring all this through with a fine-tuned ability to land in the situation at hand with only as much as can be worked with. You are guided to follow an extraordinary course through the world, which features the perfect opportunities to tap what is inside in so many different ways. The blessings, the grace, the heart’s wonder are superfull. As this way of being ripens and matures, it becomes even better. Then you begin to draw out from others the same kinds of marvels and wonders, and to make it possible for the vibrancies to spread and grow. With a wildfire capacity to spread good news and bring affirmative realizations wherever they are needed in generous profusion, you work with ever more effortless capacity to bring this world alive.


Blue Eagle Wavespell ~ the key to the mystery


Blue Eagle Wavespell

Day 11

Red Spectral Serpent


Day of letting go of what is no longer serving us in our bigger picture now around relationships

so we can let that kundalini rise

Letting go of old structures 

Key to the New Moon Structure in Pisces

Coming tomorrow and I have done so many links on my ebook 

please go and find them on my Persephone 6 ebook

on my Resources page 

Key to the energy of Spring Equinox 


link for image


The structure of all our society’s mad systems

are currently being created from ego fear

Trying to micro manage people

because of our human fear of other humans behaviour

based on the collective experience of the past

The bigger pattern is still trying to create systems

to deal with the human being flaws

which does not work

because that is fear based…

and simply managing the condition
instead of coming from within

not understanding that everything comes from within

everything has causality

and  therefore

everything that is happening will continue to happen

until more people understand this simple structure of creation

and work with it


If we have any issues with our childhood 

then we have to let the cat out of the bag

let the feminine repression out 


Every day

Let ourselves be who we are to ourselves

Work with who we actually are

and stop being afraid of who we are

because until we do that process

We are literally afraid of our own shadow

and project it out onto the world

We are still living with our childhood relationships



Time to allow that
stop trying to control how we feel about that


and feel it every day

work with it

and everything changes

Not feeling safe in our own home with our own parents
not feeling safe at school
not feeling safe with our childhood relations
childhood friends


in competition since birth



then all the events that created fear for us since we were born
and all the history of that for our ancestor’s

is what we are feeling
vibrating with every day

Sounds huge to begin with


also very simple

no need of any elaborate structure at all to work with it

It comes up every day with our mind

It comes up every day with triggers to remind us

that this or that has not been processed from our past

here it is again

Most people do not yet understand the wonder of this process

and the gifts it brings

It is what births new ways
the new age
from each individual

It is as simple as sitting down

with oneself

Me time

at some  time each day 

and listening to oneself and one’s day

feeling the feelings

and putting the focus on what did not feel good instead of

drowning it out

running it off

filling it with food

or whatever coping mechanism we have created to quieten it down

Seeing one’s individual process

with the universe each day

recognising that one’s individual process
is what comes from all these past threads
the interface


also realising

that the individual now has the power
the tools
the process

to change the individual’s interface

and this simple process

using the intention to let go on all levels

is the key

to the human mystery

I recommend using EFT ~ tapping ~

to be with oneself everyday

listen to the ego and allow it to be heard 

This is how we are truly planetary servers taking responsibility actively for our own personal evolution



Knowing our patterns
Knowing our triggers

Knowing our “emotional stuff “

then healing it ourself

Rocket Science it ain’t

It is the most important thing that the individual can do for the individual

An hour every day will create an amazing shift in a month 

This changes the world

This is the key to being a planetary server


an Alchemist of the heart

Are you ready to serve ?


Start today working with yourself

and how you feel

right here 

right now 

about you 

All of it 

Take off the parental control people pleasing system

and let it all hang out with yourself 

until each individual is honest with themselves in this way

our world is stuck in dishonesty on some level

It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks about you 


what everyone else thinks about you is simply a reflection

of what you learned to believe 

was true

because that is what has been true for you so far

Truth is

this is all a construct of the ego

and once the individual starts to work with this 

taking small steps 

this starts to change

Information and Intellect is important

It won’t change how you feel about yourself

only you can do that 

I have just completed a 6 month journey with a brave group of women doing exactly this process

It has been amazing 


and powerful

Today I am gifting to all

the ebooks

with the information we have used as a framework

of the starry skies 

They are on my

Resources Persephone Path Page 

to help us navigate with the source codes of consciousness

in tantra with our personal codes

The Astrology

The Mayan Calendar Framework 

this gives a bigger picture view of what we have been working with 

over 6 months as Persephone is in the underworld

The Archetype of the youthful feminine part of ourselves 


As well as the ebook 

the most important part of the journey is doing the tapping 

this is included in each workshop via Skype at the perfectly aligned time

for the individuals

the emotional healing 

of what is coming up for each individual

and of course this is for me too

I offer you that the people who are consciously working with themselves

in this way

Are the pioneers

Creating new worlds

by being them 


Becoming very aware of what has created any shadow experiences

Any shadow beliefs

Any shadow emotions 


being with them



with an intention to heal

That process

creates conscious awareness


empowerment for the individual

and that is the key


the New Age 


of Co Creation

and understanding from one’s own personal experiential journey

how to create harmony 

Be heaven on earth 

 Connect to source

from a clearer space 



It is time for


New Directions



Heart Path


This is key to 13

The 13th day of this Cosmic Code

is Blue Cosmic Hand

shaping our destiny

Key to the Mayan 13 Moons

and today we are

Solar Moon Day 13

We are the number 13

and the 13 step of soul journey

and transformation 

At 9am in the UK 

Dark Moon

Pisces at 13 degrees

A woman imprisoned in a high tower.
Sentenced to limbo, you are suspended from active participation in evolving worlds. Hung high and dry and massively resigned, following out an ancient fate to the end. Having operated insensitively, now being unable to do anything to anybody. You live infinitely alone, dreaming and drugged. Deep down inside, remembering everything dimly and darkly. Self-circumscribed and very deprived. You live on memories and the ripples of mute desire to move on, someday. Destined to transform this dread fate when the cycle is complete, you are until that time, vacuum-pressed and emotionally grief stricken, nostalgic and raging, while not getting across and being muffled all-pervasively.




Lots of exciting workshops coming up




the Heart Chakra of Glastonbury 

and in Greece

so please look out for further info

and contact me 

Blue Eagle Wavespell ~ mastery gateways


Blue Eagle Wavespell

Day 4

White Self Existing Mirror


Today is a mastery code

within a mastery code

in the Green Heart Castle of the Mayan

All number 4 days are structure days

It is the day of structure

of our holographic self 

what our personality construct believes about the world

and so the world experience we live in

reflects it 

There are shared society holographs too 


As I started this blog 

It was Moon In Sagi at 5 degrees

This is key to the time we are in of structure

Saturn in Sagittarius 

It is also key to healing

Chiron Code 

and the power of being in alignment directly with source 

to access source creativity code 

and as we are in a very powerful position


Red Moon Moon


Red Moon Sun 

in the Mayan 260 day Matrix 

This is a key time 

hkuyutrjpg copy

Three women materializing out of a fog.
Being mesmerized by your own triple reflection. Casting a huge chunk of your own soul back into the dim past, casting another chunk of your soul into the remote future, and enshrouding the present time chunk of your soul in layer after layer of obscurity and evasiveness. Living simultaneously in past, present, and future, but with all three time frequencies held away. Therefore, to a fantastic extent, you live inside the subconscious mind with virtually no conscious outlet. Down inside there something extraordinary is happening. Free from the glare of any form of overt reflection you are gestating, healing, and making yourself ready for the infinite unknown to pop or hatch. Intensive seething forces of dreaming into the void, the great abyss. And while knocked out of outer commission, liberated to conceive the inconceivable and to renew your tangled and damaged roots in the old wise woman way that never ages and always works.


pic by Susan Seddon Boulet

I have been to Astrology group tonight

and Sagi Moon at 10 degrees

which revealed the most amazing synchronicity

as we were looking at

the Uranus Pluto Square


June 30 1966

which started the Uranus Square Wave

of change on planet earth

and the Moon was also in Sagi at 10 degrees

A star turning many different colors.
Bedazzled by the lights, intoxicated with the display, amazed and stunned by the spectacle. You are your own audience, your own accompanist, your own shadow-catcher. Prone to excess in all things, in a release of spirits unending. Becoming roles, worlds, ways of presenting self. Taking karmic episodes of the past and replaying them in another variation. Given over to the senses, body-charged, chaotic, and commanding. Taking life through all its shifts and nuances with easy and spectacular capacity, you feel somewhat at the mercy of the shadow that comes back to haunt. Effortless grace and subtle burnout. For there is more than this, and it will not come unless this does consume itself, and makes way for the unknown as the only place to go when the excitement wears off.


will share more about this on another blog 

This is what is happening more and more now as people get clear and tune in

pure magic 

In the Mayan Framework

Cosmic Moon day 4

Blue Cosmic Night 

Day 13 

The day of shift 

Year of Yellow Crystal Seed 

The 13th code of Blue Monkey Wave


The Wavespell in the spine of the Matrix

and the heart of the matter 

I am adding this in at 10pm to what I have been writing all day at different times


Today I am going to attempt to explain in plain language

the process

of personal alchemy

from what I understand

as to where I am on my path of course

which is all anyone can do in reality

without trotting off some doctrine

of some spiritual guru


most spiritual gurus that I have ever encountered

have a lot of flaws in the flesh

and are not walking their talk

as this is the nature of being a human being

and I include myself in this of course

most spiritual gurus would never admit that they are human ;-)


this is what gives the spiritual path

a shaky flaky identity

because there are so many people cashing in on vulnerability

as is the nature of now


Time to let go of following


blaze our own individual star trail

Today I am sharing

how the individual can use divinity code frameworks

to do the spiritual path


being the key word


as I am simply

Jo Kenworthy


as I am not rich 


yet levitating


living nirvana 

in a lotus

many may disbelieve what I share

requiring proof of my alchemical journey 


that is also key to the lack of belief most of the population have in themselves ;-)

and seeking proof

Do you see that ?

If you do you are as rare

as hen’s teeth 



The evidence is there if you can see me 

and know me 

as to how I am now 

compared to how I was  before

for example

before I came to Glastonbury 


If the individual simply wants to amass information about systems and codes

magical frameworks since written history

beef up the brain

this is not the intention of this post

My intention in my blogs

is sharing the way of the initiate

who is earnestly seeking

personal answers

personal journeying



heart opening

which involves



personal content

personal understanding of oneself

as a priority

forsaking all others

the ability to access

all areas of one’s personality

as a priority

in order to see what is encoded within

To know oneself

This does involve the mind and thinking as well

Knowing one’s beam in code

to planet earth

is essential to consciousness

because that is the individual’s energetic code

 The Mind Map of personal Voyage:

Know one’s code

Let go of trying to interpret it too much …

because this is the ego wanting to control and manipulate :-)

Know that too

Get to know one’s ego and it’s coping mechanisms

and owning them

taking full responsibility for them

is a pre~requisite

Then the individual is aware of how their personal ego

will use all it’s cunning and wiles to:

keep everything the same

avoid any emotional and evolutionary process for the individual

the ego is the individual’s best friend and worst enemy

To know one’s ego is mastery

In all divinity code frameworks

these processes are revealed

and this can really assist in the ego transformation

Once the initiate starts to see the secrets of the universe

beyond the veil

the individual can no longer doubt the magic

because there are so many synchros

all the odds and rational of the sceptic

are blown sky high

and the more the initiate progresses

the more this becomes self evident

Stage 1 involves the struggle in the desert with the individual’s demons

as to what is


Here is the Devil Card in Tarot

click on this link to also reveal the leading card in the blog 


and many other essential cards that reveal the process

of personal alchemy

and the human evolution alchemy 

the process does not involve denial of the vices of the human being as this creates more shadow

it involves knowing them and evolving them in stages until there are no more stages

if that is possible 

not there yet so I do not know ;-)



Blue Monkey


Code 11 n the Mayan 20 codes

Mastery Tip 1


The individual cannot do personal alchemy


in comfort

focusing on the positive as the way

everything is reversed when stepping through the looking glass

Everything that was ever a “positive” and a crutch

a coping mechanism

a way to not feel

avoid feeling shadow

is up for dissolution

In order to go through

this paradoxical black hole

the individual’s structure will be re calibrated

knocked off centre


rebooted several times

in the macro lots of individuals

creating the macro on planet earth

This often means going wildly off centre

to the polar opposite of where the individual is now

A big fall from Conditioned belief systems

of Grace



This man made Grace is so far from truth

The Lovers Card in tarot is number 6


The lovers code in so called civilisation

is to be co dependent



Someone in distress

Someone being the hero part

Someone being the saint

someone being the sinner

Two halves making a whole

often not even halves

very fractured fractions

with the most fractured appearing to be the strongest and most desired

the ones with fame and fortune

who are


and have done pathological things to get there

If the individual is still believing one can currently walk the heart path

with a full bank balance and fluffy slippers

to protect those

little hooves

on the rocky mountain

without a hair out of place


unbroken and with nare a bruise on perfect wrinkle free skin


this is denial

simply more of the same old…

well tripe really 


Mastery Tip 2

Know them by the fruit of their labours

Code creates

War creates war

Business creates business

Business framework is a creation of the ego

to allow things to happen differently to family framework for example

and  often make things happen by buying the stairway to heaven


and there is a heavy price for that 

because it ain’t natural 

Religion is a man made interpretation of a higher consciousness rules for man

All these power struggles happening now on planet earth

come from codes of unconsciousness

people who do not know what is causing pain or fear for them

or do not know how to deal with it

do not want to feel it

are still of the belief that it is someone else’s job to do that for them

or it is their job to fix it for others

or somewhere on that spectrum

In the framework of the individual

who is seeking personal alchemy….


Master Tip 3

The individual knows that is their job to take responsibility for where they are

and where they want to be


and how to navigate the gap and journey

with assistance from source

The paradox when the focus goes within

to their individual self


stops focusing

on the answers being outside

Simply put  ~

if the individual’s focus is always outside of themself

then that is where their energy is going and energetic structure is focused

To be powerful and sourced from within

is the key

and the process is:

To discover what created wounding

How it created wounding

How this is an ancestral pattern

How it is the personal life mission

that the individual chose

before coming to earth

to become an expert on oneself

and how to heal


and how to transform inside

by using information from outside

the reflections


who and what is showing up

and most importantly

Master Tip 4

The heart of the matter

This is the key to now

The balance of the heart

with the mind

Feel to heal

If we do not do this 

we do not feel

and we cannot receive love in the way we yearn for

because of that position

For all those believing:

that bodywork alone will heal all

that figuring the story out and understanding people’s motives will heal all

that doing energy movements will heal all

that an alkaline diet will heal all

that one system will heal all

that sound will heal all

that finding a soul mate will heal all

that focusing on positive and denying shadow will heal all

and so on…

life experience

is valuable

is essential

not only to the individual

it is essential to the whole matrix

and the process is complex

and has to involve the emotional self 

Mastery Tip 5

Resistance is the key to happiness

Everything that seems like pain and a block to our happiness

is where happiness can be found

by transmuting the belief that it is not as it “should be”

Shoulds are ego control mind coping mechanisms

If the individual believes that something “should” not be happening

there lies resistance

the truth is

it is happening

the truth is

it is a match for the beliefs and behaviours of the individual

and the collective

The world stage is a manifestation of the collectives internal world

This is key to White Mirror Mastery

The more the collective is in denial of their shadow experiences

The more this is manifest on the world stage

Fear of the shadow self


The shadow self is created by distorted human behaviour

that of course in turn

creates a distorted human experience

how can it not ?

The secret to this outer change that so many are seeking

is not in creating more structures

that come from distorted inner structures

That simply creates more of the same with a different colour palette 

a same circus different tent approach 

something pretending to be something it is not in a mis guided attempt to create something that feels safe

but is not 


a sheep is a sheep

no matter how it’s wool is dyed 

it is not a lion and it is fine being a sheep


When each individual focuses on themself

having a phd in their own journey

knowing what is seeking transformation personally for them

and doing it

by feeling personal pain

going through it

letting it go

and then getting a natural reframe

then and only then

is this coming from source

by letting source start to fully flow through

the individual

and clear co dependent code

so that everything starts to become clear 

instead of

coming from a place of

distorted personality


Everything that is showing up for the individual now

holds the seeds of love

holds the key to life

even though it may not feel like it



every single person has limitless access

to source

the ability to ask for assistance from source

and it will be given

it can only be received by the receiver

in the way and ability of the receiver

so the receiver

the initiate 

has to learn how to optimise their space 

and be open to new learning now

open to receive by healing their feminine and events around receiving


The initiate simply lets go of old ways

and allows this process to begin

to let the sun shine in


does what it takes

let’s go of the trapeze


opens to the void

allows not knowing the next steps

trusts that their universal self is holding them


on a human being level is willing to do what it takes

this is very challenging

especially when the human being is very identifies with

“their story”

and no matter how terrible

is heavily invested in it 

is defined by it 

There are no material rewards on this path at




no bribes

no quick fixes

no huge leaps

little steps creating complex stability

re forming

re formatting

streaming in alignment with universal code

bringing balance within each one

remember that the universe always brings balance


so whatever is happening to the individual is that process

bringing balance to truth

revealing mind masks

Whatever our inner circle childhood learning and experience

around coping mechanisms

is key


knowing them

recognising them

letting them go

so the individual can be free

this is where our salvation lies

not in the salvation army

not in the salve

Focusing for a moment



end in mind

What would heavenly living on earth be ?


True balance ~ within

so no need

for angry people to reveal our repressed anger

True harmony ~ so no need to try


manage people and situations with lots of pc rules and laws

to tame the wild human being masculine

who seeks raw ego freedom of savagery and does not want to be harmonious

I get lots of my insights from drama especially period dramas

Rationalist approach ~ how could the individual of today possibly know the truth of that period?

True it is assumption

There are grains of truth that the initiate and adept can see


linking in to their life experience currently

and for the believer

past lives

I have watched many programmes around the West being transported to the East


The cross pollination of culture

often extremely barbaric

taking something that the other does not wish to give

under the pretext of strength and supremacy

that is a lie

also creating a belief system that the other is inferior

One programme was about laws that were unfair and unjust on BBC just now


and allowed the shadow people…

convicts transported to Australia

to be deemed as less than because they were convicts I guess

and the law interpreted to suit the true conditions of brutality

not truth or justice in pure form but a manipulation of that to suit the situation

and once the individual has actually experienced law in person

this becomes clear as to what it really is

and how it is interpreted to preserve the status quo of those that enforce it

and there are many reasons and causality

on all sides as to why things arrive at a place

In the drama

all the convicts know that the blacksmith is a bully who steals food

the governing powers know it too

but will not enforce the law of the blacksmith being hanged for it

even though he is guilty

because the powers need what the blacksmith makes

and he is the only blacksmith….


they lie

use the framework of the law

to say that there are no witnesses to prove this

as the witness lies from fear

 and that therefore

in the eyes of the law framework

this  blacksmith is innocent of charges

even though the whole camp knows it is not true

This is the framework all of humanity

is lost in now

It isn’t fair or just

or honest

because life is not 

In the film Interstellar it is the same

The son of the astronaut is told that he is not good enough to go to college

which is not true

the truth is the powers that govern want farmers

but they do not tell that truth

which is also another reason Religion was created

to keep people under control

who could not and would not

control raw ego


behave in a respectful way to others

be made to or die

and then risk internal damnation

The masculine has raped and plundered

taken by force


especially in situations where there is a lack of resources

a lack of consensual women


to meet

the masculine need

now there is pornography

sex toys

sex dolls

virtual sex

Now there is so much fear created

by the powers that be

to keep those that will not control their own ego


It does make sense


it is so far away from loving respectful relationship

because most human beings are

and that is the truth


It is all there in the history books

On the world drama stage

in our own world

in our own circle

in our own code

Ready to be transformed

Master Tip 6

Letting go of avoidance of shadow moods and



being willing to move off the lovers card position

that feels so


The path of the yellow brick road

is the solar plexus power trip

Here is where the veil


Here is where the ego does what it knows

to survive

When our shadow starts to show

our ego makes a move to push it back in

If you choose you can become aware

of what you do

when this happens

There are many mood alterers

Lots of codes to add to our alchemical cup

Food ~ creates mood

Especially processed food

The eating of it and the sharing of it

Sugar is so mood altering and hidden in so many things

especially carbs

Notice when we want a fix and what time

what prompts that


Alcohol of course

lots of sugar again

and if you want to enquire further go on a cookie trail to see

what things are made up of

bio chemistry


Nicotine ~ found in many different plants and foods in different ways

to start to break this fix the individual can source some thing in a different way


focus on what the inner source is seeking


so the need can be released

What do these outer codes create with the individual inner code

Why is the individual craving it ?

If done to excess what body organs will be harmed?

These hold key learnings of the philosopher’s stone

that is the human body 

and the 

energetic position of the individual


Being a business busy bee with a profession

this can often be a huge ego trip

very few business frameworks are honest

or have any integrity in the larger scheme of things

especially big turnover companies and everyone knows that yet….

still keeps the wheel turning ???


People and sex

So key to the entry and exit points of our own personal ourabouros


When the individual abstains from sex for several months

there is something revealed

Look what is allowed to happen

when this kundalini starts to flow free from a human counterpart

look at what it reveals as to passion

as to physical needs

as to emotional needs

For women especially

how that changes with the moon cycle


personal moon cycle


This is tantra revealed

Master Tip 7

This is what this time is all about in the Mayan

how the individual interfaces with the universe

be cause of  star code ~ origin

be cause of conditioned code ~ experiential learning and environment

nature and nurture

be cause of the universal code ~ moving the human evolution along

The heart brings healing


bringing us the people and places



to move the individual to tears


to empty the cup of emotion overflowing

If the individual is avoiding heart hurts

using avoidance techniques

the love code cannot enter

the cup is literally full on all levels

at a place of ego that believes it knows more that god and goddess consciousness

and in truth is hiding from itself

all the pain so far

so the outside has to amp up

to crack the cup

that man made mind vessel 

bring pressure

to shake off that ego artifice


Just reading a wonderful book

on this very subject

Jeanette Winterson

The Stone Gods 

Perfectly aligned

amazing insights and so funny

from a very conscious writer as always 


Master Tip 8

The ego does not learn by itself 

Look at history it is self evident 

Integration creates learning 

The heart is involved

healing is involved

feeling is involved

emotional release 

energy release

reformat happens as a side effect 

because the internal structure changes

gradually over time at the perfect time in synch with the universe

not an individual believing they can overwrite the god and goddess code 

simply by thinking it 

visualising it

casting a spell

deleting something

that is easily recognisable as an ego mechanism doing a power trip


If the initiate is not willing to go there 

to the darkest places with in 

then no integration can happen

It is impossible 

Know this 

It really is all about the individual

for the individual 

The individual sees everything directly through the interface the ego has created 


It cannot see anything else 

Through a glass darkly 

It is what it is 

A survival mechanism

The key to changing the world is personal integration

otherwise the world is frozen


in the old interface 

and very limited 

and the limitless self knows this and will do what it takes to 

bust the individual wide open



It is a great idea

to get in the groove

with the cosmos

as that is pure wisdom in action

feel the fear 

and really feel it and release it and do it anyway

otherwise what is left 

home alone in the stuck zone feeling the fear without the adventure bit ?


In reality

it is what the ego fears the most 

The Universal code

be cause

universal code 

cannot be overridden and is wise


no matter how the ego thinks it can outwit fear of this…

designing so may things to be in denial of consciousness 

to hide in an artifice 

go with it or live in fear of it and create a personal hell

because the cosmos is creating

and will do so whether the ego likes it or not

generally speaking the fear of this process is not about this process

but about the individual’s human experience

of the human being which has created issues of trust and relationship

and is all in perfect order to be processed to create new ways for human beings to live 


Mastery Tip 9


Complete the circle 

by completing personal circuitry

and coming into balance with the masculine and feminine within

through healing where out of balance relationship has occurred

in the individual’s personal life so far

Feel to heal

get off the karma wheel


let go of the labyrinth of the mind leading

It is what our heart is always bringing us 

if only we can take the plunge 

baby magic

Go for the gold within

and enlighten within

empty our cup


Go through the gate of death 

ego self 

to greet the goddess 


Open to all



Are you ready to get in the driving seat ?



Once the initiate engages with this 

miracles happen 

My Heart Centre Facebook page

has suddenly come to life without any of my awareness 

haven’t got a clue why this is happening or how 

and loving it

I had put it on hold for a while and now 

clearly it is simply meant to be happening 

and at some point I may learn this 

or maybe not :-) 

Now is the season to go for green

sap is rising

and co creation code is on full volume

very soon  

Initiate or be initiated that is the question ?

Love to your loving




Blue Eagle Wavespell ~ Master of the Universe


Blue Eagle Wavespell


The Blue Code process of transformation

in the Green Castle of the Heart

The planet is Jupiter



This is one of the seven mastery codes of 14 to 20 

The most recent time this occurred previously was last June 

so if you wish to tune in to that time

and see what you are revisiting

by reflecting

allowing intuition

asking for guidance 

this is a great way to achieve mastery 


which is the key 

to Jupiter Ascending within the individual 


Here is a blog I wrote about that then

The key reason for me writing blogs is for me 

first and foremost 

for my journey 

for my learning process

as a planetary server

This is the key to mastery process


Most people are still using a framework that is the reverse of this 

We are all planetary servers

green heart

When each individual focuses on their inner world first

The whole dynamic changes 

If this process does not take place

The individual is coming from unconscious ego code

There is no thing “wrong” with that position

It is all part of the web


It is what it is 



creates what it creates

This on a base level 

is all about code and karma is code

Our emotional experience distorts code

corrupts it 

and this creates ways of being

for the human being

that are out of alignment with truth

This manifests as resistance to what is


it was created by resistance to what is


life is often hurtful


and scary 

because of that

Our ego has evolved into a master of denial to cope with the unknown

and that has expanded way beyond healthy boundaries

Pisces time is a wonderful time for being limitless 

and being in Glastonbury at this time

is absolutely cosmic ;-)


I spent a wonderful Saturday in town

The sun was shining 

I reconnected with my first time in Glastonbury feeling

sat in the places I sat then

and at the start of this Mayan Year

Red Solar Moon

hkuyutrjpg copy

I sat with some fellow journeyers and we looked around 

with intention

to see what was coming up in our circle

to challenge us this year

On Saturday we began the 9th Moon in the 13 Moon calendar

It is a powerful time with these double energies of Red Solar Moon

Lots of things completing

Today lots of powerful planet energetics too

Jupiter trines Uranus today 

perfect timing for this Wavespell

and so many amazing synchros and connections happening

It feels other worldly

and so do I 

Hope you are really feeling the wonder of this paradigm shift 


Pic by Susan Seddon Boulet

When I began this blog this morning it was waning Moon in Libra

I looked at my Thoth Tarot of the day 


and this led me on a cookie trail to find this…


“Geomantic figures” by Tascil – Own work. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons – http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Geomantic_figures.svg#mediaviewer/File:Geomantic_figures.svg

Which is explained in detail here:

Geomantic Figures

New learning for me ;-)

The Cosmic Cookie Trail is truly limitless

and totally personal and subjective

which in itself is a mastery understanding and realisation

Many trails are interpreted by human beings who are not actually doing integration work

so give meaning and interpret from that head space

lip service

surface place

Once an individual initiates the journey within

and starts the process of inner transformation of the shadow 

to complete cycles

it becomes very clear 

that the majority of code created by human beings

at the moment 

is coming from raw ego

Eventually the individual understand that they are capable of creating their own interpretation which as yet is unwritten and undergoes a massive reboot and reframe 

realising that paradoxically everything that once was labelled “wrong” 

is so “right” for the pioneers of the path unfolding 

off plan

off road 

beyond the known boundaries 


Everyone is a channel

Everyone channels cosmic code with their own personal decoder

and that reflects the individual subjective view of the individual


the clearer the individual becomes on the inside

the clearer their code

and the clearer cosmic code becomes

and the more consciousness the individual can see


Just like the code crackers of espionage

that is what the individual who wishes to evolve consciously 

is here to do 

and that is only achievable inside out :-)

It is simply how the process works

because this amazing consciousness evolving universe we live in

creates this complex process in a totally unique way

tailor made for each individual

so we can all come together and play the game of life

Once the individual really grasps this concept inwardly 

through doing the process

it becomes very clear why everyone has to be in different places of understanding and awareness

to allow this Rubik Cube dance

to unfold 


The picture above shows the new release Jupiter Ascending

I haven’t seen it yet but have read the synopsis

Are the people who make such films conscious ?


Maybe not 

All human beings are channels for cosmic code at whatever level

and once the individual really starts to connect with this

it becomes very clear that there is no need to worry about  creating frameworks

as our universal self has it covered

so we can focus on ourself

and what is triggering fear and resistance to life in us

which is something we can actually change if we choose so we have unlimited broadband

stream cosmic consciousness and know 

effortlessly go with the flow 

Here is a video I reconnected with perfectly today and Tobias explains the concept really well I believe 

People talk about dark deeds

and people in authority being aware of magic

using it in a dark way

and that may be true

but if so this is coming from an un enlightened place

i.e dark 

this is not a power place of integration and as such is weak

I offer that it is all part of our game 

to learn and evolve

I do not say it flippantly

or lacking emotion 

I do not like this and it brings up fear for me

I know that it is happening for a reason…

and I am learning to face it and deal with my fear…

even though it is not reasonable and all rules are off

My offering is ~

it shows us the depths of ego capability and to be aware

of what creates this despair and lack of compassion

so we evolve beyond it and take action 

So back to Code 

my personal Tarot card today

Failure is the card

It is Thoth

so a lot of info as to code

Saturn in Taurus

The structure of Isis 


This will mean different things to different people

and lots of people are endlessly seeking “positive” cards

do not want reverse cards or anything dark

This is denial in action

If the individual chooses to walk the talk

and do the heart path


This is the road less travelled 

Failure in ego world means a very different thing

to path of the heart spiritual alchemists

To even start the path means “failure”

It means end of business life and money world process in the old way

When an individual gives up the old world

It is akin to joining a monastery in many ways

To un become 

to un learn

to let go

to de~structure

to go off grid 

means exactly that

to go in the opposite way of the majority

and this is so much harder than being in an abstract or removed from reality

This is playstation on hard setting ;-) 

This process requires being stripped to bare bones

so the individual can see their structure and beliefs  

their cosmic code laid bare

and understand how they arrived at this destination

and so a choice point to allow this to continue into the void

and being clear

and going through the black hole trusting  

as the soul born into the human world

that the answers will come from this new space

and as part of and because of building inner resources

a natural fruition of that resourceful process

In terms of Pisces it means to cut the umbilical cord

cut the ties to the old life

which is essential to building a new one

Most are still trying to build new foundations with old code

believing this can work without having actually unplugged  from the old matrix

in order to be rewired in the universal one 


Going within reveals old code is obsolete

New times

New Code

or maybe new to this time :-)

I went to a wonderful exhibition in Glastonbury on Saturday 

666 Fractal Geometry and the number of the beast

I love Glastonbury for this amazing melting pot of creatives

People can come together and share stories and wisdom ~ magical

I looked at lots of different items in the room

numbers,sculptures,musical instruments, speakers and Circulus the band have been playing music over several days.

There was also a vibration machine ~ apologies for my lack of techie names here ~ a device that makes vibes in water that reveal sacred geometry so it can be seen as to what harmonics create patterns 

and so much more…

I was drawn to a family bible 

which was open at Revelations Chapter 13

Here is a link to an interpretation of this chapter

Although the Bible ~ like many wisdom books

has been decoded into many languages by many scribes

and interpreted with a filter 

often a manipulative agenda too

there is still code to be seen

So many parallels to the Mayan Matrix ~ Red Dragon


and ties in to this Libra Moon code

at the time I was surfing the galactic signatures

Inside Degrees

A black leopard beneath a full moon.
Pursuing what is desired and nothing else. Probing, waiting, stalking, strategically watching for openings. One-pointedly intent upon grabbing and holding what you lost somewhere and must find again. Going for reminders, facsimiles, totems. Hungry for proof that it is there, that it is possible. Alone forever. You are deeply seeking the other side of yourself, the inner partner, the true motivating spark. You have gotten lost in the dark, identified with the one who needs and lacks, the one who is broken fragments of experience. But you are hot on the track of any signs that your love essence can be found in another, in a situation, or within yourself. You search everywhere and come up empty. The one inside will be there, when the outer versions cannot sate your hunger, and as a last resort you feel into your own solitary spaces, willing to meet whoever is there and love them with all your heart.

A single white swan swimming through gray mist.
Different and the same. Distinguished by vertical composure, yet intended to stay down under. A special destiny-task, a mission, an assignment. Taught to blend in and become each world passed through, yet remaining incorrigibly other. Excellent at taking up required roles and ways of life and finding the best in them. You have a remarkable social gift for making the world a better place. Endowed with higher characteristics and heavenly nature, you are sublime, yet shrugging self off–“no big deal.” The wonders of anonymity. So many changes to move through, rippling waves of time. Standing far above, dispassionately: “I shall do what is rightful.” The singular voice of the highest ethic, pure and essentialized.

My Mars is in Libra at 28 degrees :-) 


The point I am making in this blog today is this

We are going into a new paradigm

This 13 year cycle we are currently

in is

Red Moon

Red Moon is the feminine

the veil lifted

the shadow transformed

to create authentic honesty


this does not mean doing more masculine 

more mind

more linear

more thought

It means

more feminine

more intuition

more heart…


which means more feelings

more in touch with the body



channeling clear code

by being a clear channel 

by changing within

Blue Mayan energy

is about

inner transformation


So now is the time to

become the Eagle


rise above the mundane

and see our life’s work of human evolution

on a personal level and our pattern and code




To Fly high

first go deep

Look within for the treasure you seek


Love to you and your amazing discoveries in the next 13 days 

It is a truly cosmic revolutionary time 

White Wind Wavespell ~ divinity thru body wisdom

baby magic

White Wind Wavespell

Day 10 ~ manifestation ~ code day

Blue Planetary Monkey


Are human beings ready to live consciously

Walk the talk

Let go of doing the blame game?

Today we have Sun in Pisces and as I am writing this in the UK

Virgo waxing Moon coming up to

Full Moon in Virgo this evening 

at 14 degrees and Virgo Decan 2

Another take on Virgo ~ by a Virgo 

A long steel screw.
Set in place, the die is cast–the past determines the future. Held within patterns and syndromes of the habitual and the pragmatic–literalistically identified within strictly severe frameworks. You are at the mercy of conditionings and programmings, and chronically mentally obstructive, up against the grind of the outer mind droning onward. Radically non-creative, noninnovative, you follow the party line. Waiting until the loss of real direction has played itself out endlessly, and hoping that a different phase altogether will knock you over the head and pull you onward from this dead end.

Lots of links here on this blog

and they often lead to other websites who are wholly independent of me 


At this heart time 0f 11 to 1

We are at Virgo at 11 degrees

A four-year-old girl dressed as a nurse.
Innocence has its ways to persist. You can grow up, yet retain the stance of the novice, the beginner, the wonder-worker. You foster a knack of renewing your original, basic values and way of being at every critical juncture–a quality unique and unmistakable. At any age and within all situations, coming at things as though we all just got here and we are simply trying things on for size. The best of this quality is a sticking to prenatal resolves of a lofty integrity that refuses steadfastly to fall under the weight of the critical mind. The worst of this quality is that in its zeal, its dedication, and its self- insistency, it invariably puts others to shame and generates in others the self-consciousness and self-judgement you are yourself bypassing. Therefore, what is good for yourself proves to be bad for others, and results in a quandary, a confusing and puzzling situation, eventually impelling you to add one borrowed ingredient: the ability to take yourself lightly.

a perfectly synchronised time to write and share from the heart


having more planets in Virgo

than any other

this is coming from my heart to you

and I have been experiencing 

a lot of heart ache

in this Persephone Underworld time

there are no short cuts or ways around suffering on the heart path because that is what is involved

here and now

on planet earth and the sooner we face this and not try and positive spin it the sooner we can create something anew




Blue Monkey’s pure code

is the 11th step in the Mayan Wavespell

It’s 13 day process aka Wavespell

is the central spinal column that runs right down the centre of the Matrix

in the Blue Castle

and it is the core of the process

and the heart of the matter

of our human transformation that is essential to creating new balanced ways of being

in each person and that in turn creates the world change

in that order




The Mayan Matrix of 260 codes takes us through a process of human evolution

and initiates with the Astrology of that first day 

The 11th step of Blue Monkey is about letting go

Letting go to be free


this is something that the human being often believes

they can do

purely by thinking alone

doing positive affirmations

sending healing to a situation

off with the fairies

to avoid the mundane and pain


which is running the old code paradigm 

of being intellectually head led and running the old programmes that go with that 

that are ego based

as in 

created by the ego as a way to feel safe and solid in a flowing chaotic world

and when the individual actually ponders these frameworks

there can be revealed

the process that they are…

a mask of fear based behaviour 

This is perfectly understandable

given the painful way of living that most people are living on earth right now 

because these relationship systems are created from pain in childhood 

and although many things have evolved over this period in the material

the inner child healing process has not 

Avoidance of the pain can never heal it

and the pain gets louder 

It does take a while to bust through this first layer of protection

created by our ego that loves what it knows as it is so familiar to the psyche

so coded into society

and this is the illusionary world that the majority of human beings inhabit 


Thing is…

that’s the thing we are moving away from now ;-)

As the known

is pure cosmic code

that is accessed when our mind frees up from distortions

and balances

to allow our spirit to speak through us 

from a place where the mind has been transformed from within

so does not need to monkey mind chatter 

to get our attention


The Pro active individual

has decided to give that part of the individual the attention it is seeking

and this is a magical turning point


It takes more than intellectual lip service

and this is so important to learn and access now

and we are all entering into the dance at the perfect time

the body ~ the philosopher’s stone 

reveals where we are blocking our connection to source with our mind 

and in the Mayan Framework this is the Mayan Sign of

Yellow Human

Code 12

Try this on for size if you choose :-)

You may intellectually know and believe you are “awake” 

On a logical level you know what is happening having watched lots of films

read lots of books etc

and yet…

part of you is feeling a push me pull me energy

part of you is still feeling down about life because …

You didn’t match up to expectations by parents, family, society

and that is ok

because that is where there is old programming waiting to be transformed and healed

That part cannot be affirmed, hushed up, bullied out of it or placated …

because if that were true that would have happened already and that part wouldn’t exist 

would it ?

Notice a child having a hissy fit and how people try and placate instead of honestly attempting to relate



and meet the genuine need of the child and see this process in action 

because how our society is designed does not and cannot meet the human being’s emotional needs

Does a child want to be going around the shops?

In a Supermarket?

Doing the majority of things an adult believes it “should” ?

Did you love watching the” news” as a child ?


After all

the transitory coping mechanisms

that the human being does

and has done to others is this not self~evident yet

that quick fixes last for a short time and then fade and a bigger fix is required?

Clearly not because most people are still heavily invested in doing them ~ often to fit in 

These events and ways of relating

Create beliefs about

the individual not fitting this ego paradigm 


The American Dream

 This is all  part of the process

of people who are here to transform the paradigm….


feeling different to the status quo from the word go

This is an essential part of the bringing things to consciousness


in the individual’s personal world

whatever happened personally to the individual around that code and process so far


If the individual is not aware ~ not ready to take responsibility for it

Is still believing someone else can change code unconsciously for them

without the individual’s conscious participation

and free of  content that is uncomfortable


How can that be conscious process?

That is what the consciousness process is 

Being consciously aware of everything that creates the human being 

including the shadow 


How can the individual radiate conscious code in their day to day life

and share themselves in that way…

If only their therapist is aware of  what has caused pain for them that has created their reality and experience now?

If only the therapist /workshop provider/coach ~ has all the answers and fixes?

If the participant is tranced out ?

It all “happened cosmically” in a meditation/on a guided journey/through an activation ?????

Is that the way for the individual to be self~empowered and aware of their own journey?

All of these things and ways can help a person on their journey

to conscious awareness of themselves of course

and every one is where they are 

as the saying goes…

It is all perfect 

Heart tree

If you choose to live the life

as a conscious co creator then there is another way

time to be pro active 


to be 

DIY Expert 

on oneself 

and how the pro active process works

that is a whole different perspective 

and involves

The Great Work and The Inner Work

which is key to the Astrology right now

Accessing limitless consciousness is easy in Glastonbury

because there are 52 ley lines here

It is 

The Heart Chakra of the planet  and it can be mind blowing literally 

Space Cadetism to those who allow full access as a channel


What goes with that place of core connection

is the light and the dark

and it is a mecca for ego darkness and people who are energy vampires

preying on the vulnerable and needy

Like any world pilgrim place it attracts ill people looking for a miracle 

It always has 

nothing new under the sun only how it is portrayed 

So many myths here woven by people wanting to attract money 

going right back to medieval times

sep12 019

What is a tourist spin doctor story?

What is spiritual truth?

That is the journey we all have to take 

and find out for ourselves

The Fool’s Journey


My offering is this

Glastonbury reveals where we are not grounded

where we do not feel loved ~ an event/person shows up to reveal

rather than doing the drama

there is another way

everything is here to help us heal 


that can be an avoidance ego reframe at times so be aware ;-)

The Sacred is everywhere and so everything can be seen in plain sight

Today if you choose have a look at where you are and what is illuminated for you 


Yesterday I had a powerful session with a friend

and love my circle of influence right now

as this synergy is so powerful and reveals so much to us all when a circuit is created in this way because everyone benefits from this relationship  process

 whenever I am working with other people

they represent an aspect of me and I them


the fabulous thing using EFT

for energy coaching is

It works on whatever level each person is at in the perfect way for them

It is a tantric relationship

Yoga for the heart 


Try it for yourself and see

At one time I couldn’t go back into mundane straight away after working energetically

because I had a lot to process and re~align after my sessions 

sometimes I still do and need time to be quiet and do nothing

but yesterday I was ok

so I went shopping in a local supermarket

What struck me was the amount of time and energy

and earth resources

go into dishonest relationship

Feel that manipulation and Hansel and Gretel entrapment

grooming code

Next time you go check out all the stuff directing you here and there 

and selling this and that 

and all simply a created artifice that has no truth

When instead it could be a genuine family store

fair prices

low profits

people shop there because there is fairness and honesty

and get what they actually came for free of the brain wash 

people caring about fellow members of community

because they live in the community

Now the framework is

trying to get customer loyalty with ridiculously complicated tie in bonuses 

little plastic cards 


points win prizes


always trying to get the individual to pay more

swapping prices to confuse


Often I feel sick just going into one 

This whole way of doing “business” is sick in my view

and there is no need for it

on a spiritual level of balance 


On an energetic level though there is ;-)

because it is here clearly

 and so of course it is

and this is exactly what is a match for our current crossroads

and the expansion of our childhood relationships

How often do we go around the houses

be a hypocrite

avoid saying what we really feel 

so of course it is going to be present…

So we can what it feels like to be creating this

people on that proactive end of the supermarket employees at management and ownership

the board

the share holders

and those on the receiving end ~ the day to day employees and the consumers 

Are supermarket employees happy ?

Not in my vicinity in one particular store

It’s simply a theatre playing out cosmic codes and where people are at 

often feeling the victim 

The only way this changes is when each individual changes

and decides to become empowered from a heart space not an ego space and the more people that do this the more the world changes.

It is a key Gateway point now to allow our dream to be manifest 

are you ready to do what it takes to be free of the ego “reality”

and access something infinity wiser ?

Time to commit to The Heart Path and that means being with the events and emotions that feel uncomfortable and painful to see what created them on all levels


I am creating  E books for those ready to take the next step 

Here is the link:

I have designed workshops to assist with this:

Next One 

Persephone Path 6

which is in Hebden Bridge in Yorkshire ~ or by ebook and Skype wherever you are 


Seeing our bigger picture with divinity codes

in Glastonbury ~ or by ebook and Skype wherever you are

I have Retreats to explore the process and allow a stay away from the usual code to allow new code to come in :

Retreat in Kephalonia 2015


I hope you will join me :-) 

More coming soon….

White Wind Wavespell ~ truth be told


White Wind Wavespell

All the pictures in my blog are by the artist Catrin Welz Stein
whom I have no connection to
I have just found her on Facebook through my friend Maria and I love her work
She is not in any way representative of my views or the content of my blog ~ just to be clear ;-)
If you wish to check out her work here is the link :


Red Bubble 


This is the refining


Uranus ruled

13 day process


Today is a portal day so a human evolution building block 

We are in the Green Castle 

What is real ?

What is superimposed ~ literally?

What is a projection ?

What is truth?


What is the reality buried underneath all the mind creations?

What is the gift inside all that flashy wrapping?

Under the bandages ?

Who is the real person?


The light that is there coming from the transformation of the dark matter?

The things that matter…

To the heart

To the child within

To the compassionate caring human being


In the past 13 days of Red Moon

we have all gone through a process

some are aware and some not

so the way that happens is different 


Those that are aware can now start to refine their process and go deeper

with the silence that comes from inner work


As the child inside finds their voice

Is allowed to speak

Is heard at last

Is received

Is given the attention

The attention seeking outside starts to cease

and the grace comes to the individual effortlessly


The polarity is reversed and the Taurus 

The Torus 

starts to power up in a different way 

Inside out 


Everything starts to align





The Red Moon seeds start to change

ready to take flight 

part of the Blue Night process


not yet….

not yet ….

wait for the Spring ray


Today we have waxing Moon in Taurus 

A salamander glowing red-orange.
Burning up with the inner flame of creative activity in the soul realms. The inner life raging with power–an insistent force. A level of attunement to the central flame of your being that will not quit. The impassioned desire to manifest perfectly what lives inside. The alchemical intention to burn away the dross and return to pristine selfhood at long last. An extremely sharply motivated path of development. Difficult to harness, yet the mastery called for is just what you seek to embody, and anything more reasonáble seems easy and lazy. One-pointed drive to strip away all but self and be true to self in a fashion which will burn a hole in the world.

Today is a good day to set an intention

to allow the higher self to speak


let us become aware of that is past

past life

past it’s sell by

past value

pass the pain parcel material

This is the challenge and new learning the human being is here to evolve

White Wind being Mayan Sign number 2 in the matrix


The more we work with our Moon energy

The feminine

the shadow

the veil

The more the sun can shine through in our dna 

In our body 

through our code

the more we can embody the sacred feminine

by being the sacred feminine being the clear conduit connected to our source energy 



Everything that we are is expressed by the divine through us 

We are the creativity