Yellow Lunar Sun ~ the challenge


Yellow Lunar Sun

The area of new learning in

Blue Storm Wavespell


This is the ultimate goal of the whole 260 day cycle 

to enlighten ourself

It ends with the 

Yellow Cosmic Sun 

Day 2 of every wavespell is the day of the new coming in

If you are a 2 this is what you are here for 

This can be a challenging role to play 

The Mayan Wavespell information

can assist with understanding how this new way of being is coming in because it reveals a structure 

and our mind loves a good structure 

to help it understand 

because that is how the mind works on one level

Through logic and thinking 

So if we choose to empower ourself this is a very important part of ourselves that requires consideration

and acceptance 

and being understood in the way we uniquely understand  

and interface with our universe


This in itself is a skill to learn

How to understand ourselves

as we didn’t arrive with a manual 

Which sometimes would seem handy 

So if we want to understand how we work generally as human beings ….

We have shared commonality

and  how we do that uniquely 

In our own way so for example we may enjoy receiving information through listening 

we may be touchy feel y people 

we may like watching things

and sometimes all of the above 

This is key to being self ~ aware 




When we understand how we do that

We understand that other people may do that differently 

and so to communicate with other people 

in an optimum way 

requires flexibility 

respectful gentle ways 

If we haven’t ever been on the receiving end of those ways

Then we will have to learn them 

This is the language of light 

it is what allows life to live vibrantly 

evil is simply live reversed

it is death code

and cannot by it’s very nature create joy and love per se 

but it’s presence in this world is essential to experiencing what that means 

so we can create the opposite if we are ready to



To be light Code in day to day human being ness takes work

It requires a decision to look at oneself  and actually do something with the self

and see what we need to learn to align with ways that are in balance and transform all that is in us that is not that

because in this day and age we were not born into this way of being 

This process focuses on understanding

our shadow behaviour and beliefs 

First of all about our self 

then about ” the other”

This is an active daily process that involves realising

that the world we live in may not actually be what we think

This can feel un grounding to the mind to begin with

so it is essential to 

take small steps with new learning 

to feel able to rewire ones inner circuitry

and trust that we can do this ;-) 



Process of Stress

The human being has a shared common stress process

and when we receive

incoming information from the world that feels unsafe

we have a biological response ~

we are triggered into a flight/flight/freeze state

Some of this is generally shared and a very basic response

to spiders for example that could be poisonous

and has evolved from the beginning of the human being

and over time generations of human being experience

has been shared around their individual deaths

such as eating poisonous mushrooms so that the whole could benefit and

not need to stay limited in evolutionary individual experience but benefit from the whole

and so it is a pattern matcher a simple pattern recognition code

that does not think because to think would be dangerous it requires us to act to be safe

and will create a biological response that gives us the energy to fight or flee

or to have no energy and be frozen


Some of this flight/fight/freeze response

is very unique based on our personal life history

Anytime we felt afraid we created a file for that in our personal burglar alarm.

This file gets bigger with similar events until it is a big black hole of post traumatic stress

and this understanding is key because we can change this and I use EFT .

This is essential to new learning because our defence mechanisms

will override any logical thought

Do you see why this is key ?

Eyes the window of the soul


Today’s lifestyle in our created society is so unnatural that we have forgotten

that we have amazing skills

(and  yet they are still there untapped when we remove our veil of dust sheets)

and places us under constant stress that we are faced with every day

and the code is now changing so we are changing with it 


Here is a link to a video I created about Triggers and how to use EFT to release them when you are ready to 


Here is a wonderful video you can tap along to if you choose 

The Template Ceremonies


The picture at the top is The Pleiades 


This may assist the reasoning part of the human being as to Science :

We have entered a new 26000 year cycle based on where earth is in the universe

Ancient wisdom indigenous human beings who do not have ego conditioned minds know this and have known this for 1000s of years because they are connected to source and intuitively know to see what happens in the stars

and how that influence earth and it’s cycles and how this affects everything 

They don’t need an app or some guy who went to some university in a white coat telling them it is a “fact”

Their universal source of information has a very different place of being 

free from consumer manipulation

free from agenda

It simply is what it is

It isn’t rocket science and it makes sense if you look at the information that is available en masse when people are ready to look and learn for themselves rather than being spoon fed distorted information and trust what their gut is saying

When people are full of conditioned mind which is based on the ego picture and the small mind set and lack of trust and self esteem 

their ego has a need to be “right” and argue and feel in control of what has been proven 

and yet not realising that everything is actually a belief 


and that everything changes

and even Steven Fry said that on QI so you know it has to be true :-)

A different model is the bigger picture

and the expansive mind set

and I guess you are sharing that perspective

in some way reading this blog

Open to new learning

Here are some links that explain something about the nature of precession of the equinoxes and the new cycles:

worldwide water plan

keys of



This pattern of sacred geometry of creation is also linked

to many others including the ones in Dion Fortune’s book

The Cosmic Doctrine 


Time to empty our cup of conditioning and transform our shadow

Today in the UK at the time of writing , we are in Pisces Waxing Moon ~ the most psychic moon that is limitless :

A gypsy peasant woman sings a mournful chant.
The earth is broken. The compact between a human soul and her earth housing is violated. Some of us are sensitive to what has gone wrong and must proclaim a conscience-change. An agonizing place to be, and yet treated as just the way it is, met with huge resolve, almost welcoming that it has come down to this. Creatively expressive of what it feels like to be here in the midst, you feel resonant with all the kingdoms of nature, and especially aligned with the soul of this planet in her deep changes. Put in the right place at the right time to call the occasion, to make things unavoidable, you feel almost immobilized by how huge the task is. Yet you are stoical, dedicated, exceedingly strong, and enduring. Able to withstand the shaking-loose of the old Earth. In here for the duration. Just getting going when it all seems lost.


Personal Cookie Trail today


As this is my Wavespell I am experiencing lots of dreams and intuitive insights about this and I follow my personal cookie trail of discovery .

The Wavespell we are born into is the key to what we are here to evolve as it is a 13 day galactic process. Each day has it’s own code.

My Mum is part of the same wavespell and is code 7 I am code 9

My mum had a difficult birth with me and I had difficult births with my children

How we enter this world is key and is part of our code

There is nothing “wrong” with this 

This shows us what this way of being creates 

so we can be aware and see if  it is what we choose to create in future 

There is valuable information

In terms of how we personally felt about these experiences is often

what is seeking healing ~ trauma

and part of our trigger code

that will have created for us on a deeper conscious level all our lives 

Now we have the tools to change that code because we have got the learning

that was essential for us to understand 

and be the learning

We have all we need within us to do that so that our creation process can change now for future generations 


it is self evident from history that technology and intellectual logic alone do not do this

Today I tuned in to my birth process and the medical staff believing that both me and my first born were late 

for a very important date 

according to their calculations 

and when one learns about Astrology and Mayan Signs this is revealed as so untrue

We arrive right on time when we are meant to

and with all the frameworks for what the mother and child

are here to evolve

A female foetus has her eggs develop around 20 weeks gestation

The Mayan Wavespell has the 260 day same time framework as a foetus developing 

So I counted in 140 days as to when this would be 

It is

Yellow Planetary Sun

the day of manifestation

the day of the Heart’s desire 

Day 10 of Blue Monkey Wavespell

Blue Monkey is the divine child

at the heart of the Tzolkien 

Is that a coincidence ?


Here is the blog I received the info about the 20 weeks from:


When we look at key birth days and days that people died in our life and how these fit into Wavespells 

We can have a different understanding

When we look at people in our birth family and their Mayan Code 

People who are in our circle now 

We can also relate this to the key days in our Wavespell

So here is an exercise you can do if you choose for this catalyst time:

You will need to know people’s birth date and you can also look up celebrities and people who have inspired you

Here is an online decoder:

who was an initiator in my life  ~ Blue Storm Sign

who was a language of light illuminator of my shadow ~ Yellow Sun

who was a ~ being open to what the Goddess is bringing me energy ~

a Red Dragon alchemist

Who was a speaker of truth and spirit energy ~ White Wind

Who got me to the heart of the matter to recognise what can happen

when I follow my dream and let go of my nightmares ~ Blue Night

Who showed me how to reveal my true essence by letting go of my

mask to bring balance in a healthy way ~ Yellow Seed

Who showed me the importance of loving relationship

so that I am able to let my kundalini flow and allow intimacy by

loving the skin I am in ~ Red Serpent

Who let me see that to live in the now and access all world requires

letting go of my past on all levels through integrating all parts of me

~ White World Bridger

Who let me see that is was me that had the ability to shape my

destiny with my own hands and transformation process and that in

doing so I could go beyond the confines of time

and be my God and Goddess self ~ Blue Hand

Who revealed the difference to me of how it is being the star

that we really are ~ our Starcode ~ that is the essence of being and

living in harmony ~ rather than our ego show ~ Yellow Star ( this

day matches your 10th house/MC in Astrology) ~ Yellow Star

Who has been illuminating what is seeking release

so I can be my authentic self and remember

I have all I need seeded within me  ~ Red Moon

Who is allowing me to see the conditions in me

that began in my birth tribe that I can clear to allow clarity

and create unconditional love now ~ White Dog 

Who is showing me ways to be the divine child again free

from manipulation and letting any ego arrows go through me

as I have no wounds to tag me in having healed them from within

I am free and here to love my life

and access the match for this in my destiny ~ Blue Monkey


If your Wavespell is different to this one then it will have different codes on different days 

Once you know your Mayan Sign you can check out your Life Mission with your Wavespell 


Wishing you joy and love with your discovery and catalyst process

Let your life become even more amazing by seeing the reality









Blue Storm Wavespell ~ time to transform


Transformation Time


Blue Storm Wavespell


Blue Magnetic Storm


Are you ready for your catalytic conversion ?




Please click on the links to take you to other websites which expand on the info

This is my Wavespell and I am day 9

Blue Solar Hand 

This is the energy signature transformation process I was born into 

This energy arrived in Glastonbury with a storm in the early hours lashing rain against our window

This Wavespell process is truly life changing

should you choose to consciously align with it

It literally reveals the divinity code of the cosmos

It reveals our personal process

This information is revealing itself to me on a daily basis as I intend to be it

As my life mission this is all about being a catalyst for change 

in my own life and sharing it with others 

I do this by sharing my journey in this blog

and sharing processes I have learned to help others do the same

These are tough transition times on planet earth 

Blue Storm is an energetic signature that is one of four

that change every year on planet earth 

to take the planet code of evolution 

through a continuous 4 step process in a period of 13 Year Cycles

Red Moon ~ awakening to the beacon of light that we really are 

in the Mayan this is called Muluc

This is code number 9 ~ a Gateway

One of the 13 core process steps

We are currently in a Red Moon Year  ~ number 9 in a 13 year cycle of Red Moon that started in July 26 in 2006

Red Solar Moon started on July 26 2014

check out my blog about that here:

Red Solar Moon Year

hkuyutrjpg copy

White Wizard comes next ~

self empowerment and refining the process

that begins in Red Moon

in the Mayan this is called Ix and is code number 14 = 5

The heart of the matter and the core

It is one of the seven seals of mastery



Blue Storm ~

the energy of this Wavespell comes next

this is the alchemical process

of Red Moon and White Wizard

to transform so that we evolve

In the Mayan this is called Cauac

This is code number 19 = 1

It is the initiation of the light body 

It is one of the seven seals



as a result of this transformation

we arrive at the fourth

place of flowering Yellow Seed

removing our conditioned mind mask

so that the true seed emerges free from raw ego

In the Mayan this is called Kan and is code number 4

The structure

One of the first 13 core process steps



If you choose you can align with this process

and consciously co create with the universe which we are a part of

this process is happening anyway with or without our “consent” :-) 

If we choose we can work with awareness which is a very different place of being

it is time for more and more people to do this now 

we are ready to create a new way of being that transcends the karma wheel we have been bound to as human beings 

for many thousands of years 

In the past very few have accessed magical process 

as it has been known 

God and Goddess awareness 

Conscious dreamers being aware of the true nature of the universe 

Many have been the mystics creating alchemical process outside of themselves 

Now we are ready to work with the inside of us :-) 

This isn’t a purely mind process 

This is what the Wavespell is here for 

This is the emotional evolution 

Aligning our heart with our head in balance 

Aligning our masculine and feminine in balance 

Aligning our way of being in time in balance 

We are ready to navigate and explore our dark matter 

to birth new worlds 

Exciting times indeed and believe me

Everything that has happened to us so far has had to happen

so we can go through the butterfly process and emerge 

We have to be it to transform it

We all have that purpose 

It is how evolution works

with each one of us a part of this beautiful tapestry 


Once you start working in this way you will start to lose any fear that you have about what is happening 

As you work on your own personal fear events and understand them

As you realise it is the society system we have created that is sick and insane 

and so if we follow it we become sick and insane 


As we have created it 

over thousands of years 

It is a culmination of the patriarch ~ extreme masculine on an ego trip led by the head 

We can create something that is balanced instead



because we have all the evidence to look at and learn from

and see clearly what has created what 

and so what to do now instead

to lead us out of this hell of our own making :-) 

That is created by our beliefs and projections directly 

All these shadow energies that we can now work to transform in each one of us

green heart

How can I use this Divinity Code in a practical way ?

Is a question I am often asked 

as well as a million and one questions about this and that of the Mayan Codex ;-) 

and my answer is this :

I share my learning as I am intuitively

learning it in connection

with where I am on my process with living the calendar

remember we are in a new age with new ways of being in natural time 

in the now 

where as society system is ego led not being in the now and getting ahead 

debt for example 

which creates dependency 

having something now when we cannot afford it

To connect to this natural time means one has to be patient

and receive as and when we match the current code 

Be in tune 

to tune in :-)

Channel the code by being a clear channel free of conditioning which takes work 

clearing our personal conditioned mind

The universe is a matrix of code Each one of us is part of that

and we see our reality matched to our belief systems literally

every day

Change our code and what we see changes because of that :-)

That is within a universal script of course we are all equal under the sun as to what we create ~ it is only ego script that believes there is “better” or “worse” 

These are man mind made duality measurement codes that come from a limited script

and that is the current way most people see the world 


So what is happening today is not three months away which is why my workshops key information

are written as near to the day as to what I receive intuitively and using the Mayan and Astrological code of the day ….

as are my blogs


we all have the ability to do this 

to channel 

because we are actually doing this by receiving the codes anyway most people don’t allow it

because they are conditioned to be afraid of this “weird stuff” 

because historically people who are in the flow of this had bad things happen to them

from people who didn’t want the masses to be self empowered

because people who are self ~ empowered wouldn’t  be their slaves

and that of course is exactly what is happening now 

same as it ever was

“business models” require planning ahead and making things happen 

that is ok to a degree as we co create with other people and there are practicalities in doing this but the more flexible we become about how we can go with the flow 

which is why I offer in person ways of working and Skype 

so that people have the time sensitive info in an ebook to use when they choose and is in alignment for them


we get together at the perfect moment 

which if you think about this whole way of being makes sense

but when I started out as a holistic therapist

I followed the old patterns until I was stopped

and it snowed for three weeks and I had to adapt and go online 





If you have 150 people all with different codes 

how can they all be in the flow at the same time to suit a workshop presenter ?

We see what happens to flow as a result of commuting times ….

So we have to live it to access it and clear our old code

What we learn with this synchroniser is

a return to ancient ways 

so being in balance with this is key 

You can work with balanced ways of being but if you go to far out of that

imbalance occurs and there isn’t enough time today to create harmony today

because you are doing too much now in one day

of what is really meant to be done in small steps everyday 

Hope this makes sense ?

We have to choose codes that are life enhancing and they are the polar opposite of most of society codes

which require us to to give more than is healthy for us to enable parasites to live off that energy

A job for example that takes up 10 hours of your day  that isn’t setting your heart on fire

and often means being in environments and around people that stress you out 

means you are too tired for anything else

The house becomes a mess 

You have no time to cook

You have to cram all of the nurturing caring side of living 

the creating side of you 

the feminine free wild child you 

that has been repressed 

into a couple of days 

and get a couple of weeks off which leaves you feeling 

resentful and miserable 


So you balance yourself with addictions

As do most of the population 

We self medicate to balance ourselves

to cope 

which is the shadow of Blue Storm

and the planet of Blue Storm is



The West

The setting Sun and the place of transformation 

When we look at the esoteric code of Pluto 

explained on the link above

we can see how this directly ties in to this energy 

Pisces ~ christ consciousness and the polar opposite addictions

and the Age of Pisces we are transiting out of


This is what has to change for all of us 

and this myth that somehow we have to do this because that is what it is 

The answers come 

The steps come 

as we commit to the process 

heal our trust issues so we trust that we are enough and have our own answers

Have courage to tell the truth

believe in ourself

transform our distorted image of ourself

wolves in sheep's clothing

Be the wolf that pioneers the path

Let go of trying to be something we are not

I have been doing the process with this Mayan system for 3 years ~ not in a huge way either

small steps every day

As I am now in my 4th year ~ the structure code 

I am now building on the previous 3 and the steps get bigger 

This is the Tipping Point Process 

Once you have the foundations in place 

the walls start to build rapidly 

Once we heal all our fear events 

The code they carried is transformed so we do not do the same things anymore 

We have got the learning and we become more confident 

We start to relax more 

We have the bigger picture awareness

We have the tools to deal with the challenges

We are self empowered

Inside out 

To thrive we have to meet the conditions to survive 

and that means letting go of old ways taking small steps pro actively if possible 

If we don’t 

We will be pushed into facing our fears 

That is what we are here for to do the process

We are not here to raise 2.4 children, have a company car and a nice sofa :-) 

and be measured in these terms

We are so much more that that

We are star beings



until we are willing to do what it takes 

we will not receive anything beyond where we are

we will only see glimpses beyond the veil

until we are ready to remove our veil 



We have to choose now

We cannot do both paths because they arrive at different destinations

they have totally different processes and so take us through different challenges

in the first stages it can be painful and we will seem the anti thesis of society 



we have to learn to relate to ourself and the universe in a different way 

go into the abyss 

face our abyss

then and only then can we be free 

and that’s when the true nature of life, the universe and everything is revealed….

and just like was told in 

The Hitchikers Galaxy 

this is 42 

42 is a code and if you have read the info on the link above this Mayan version can actually seem quite simple :-) 

4 = The structure which in Mayan terms is Yellow Seed ~ the authentic self free of the mask

2 = The new learning coming from shadow which in Mayan Terms is White Wind  ~ speaking the truth from spirit

add them together = 6 Organic Balance =

White World Bridger which is the 13 day code

we have just completed 

Death of the old world’s to create the new through transforming our inner world

Believe me 

Just follow the Yellow Brick Road

Do the inner work

All will be revealed

There are no short cuts 

you cannot buy your stairway to heaven

That is what it takes

Everyone has what it takes

only most will not do it

This energy is Brigid 

The fire Goddess 



Which is also connected

to the archetype of St Brigid


Pic by Kathrin Burleson

Are you ready to 

light your personal fire of transformation ?


Day 2 on Sunday 04 October is the day of new learning 

Yellow Lunar Sun

Letting more light in through transforming our shadow


Day 3 on Monday 05 October is the day of Alchemy 

Red Electric Dragon

Becoming open to what our cosmic mother is sending our way by learning about the matrix and healing our feminine wounding events so we can receive free from conditioned mind filters


Today we are in Waxing Moon in Aquarius in the UK

At the time of writing at 17 degrees:

An old woman drying herbs.
Knowing what you know, being who you are and going where you go, with absolute autonomy. A complete world unto yourself. Living out away from the unwelcome intrusion of alien perspectives. Ornery, taciturn, eccentric. Convinced that your own truth-consciousness is the real thing and that very few others know what they are talking about. Steeped in experience of a solitary kind. A highly distinctive mode of awareness. You seek to link ancient wisdom with future worlds, absolutely intent upon losing nothing in the translation. Rabidly convinced you must not concede unnecessary territory to the common mind of today. Acutely well-informed and voluminously knowledgeable. Working for the future Earth, you are supremely intolerant of compromises and latter-day confusions.

As we are coming up to Aries Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse on Wednesday 08 October in the UK

all of this feminine archetype fits in with remembering what we initiated in the Spring at the time of Aries Sun

The Youthful part of us that is also the archetype of Persephone

Here is a blog with more info about that

The Persephone is going down into Pluto energy to work with her underworld 

All the things seeking balance in this Libra Month 

We also have Mercury Retrograde

which is time to get out of our heads

and into our hearts starting today

Moving from :

Scorpio at 2 degrees:

A large stately bronze horse.
Pride. Stupendous and rigid pride. “I am right.” You have held tightly within reputation, stature, the highest standards, the way it should be. Revering the authority that is central. Vastly given over to schemes and dreams. Idiosyncratic and self-referential, immune to reflection. Driven from before. And always standing up for yourself forcefully, while inwardly self-betrayal oriented and doubtful. Political intrigue. Maintaining the appearance. You don’t know how to stop. Karmically transfixed by convictions, forces, factions, and biased points of view that seem inevitable. Nothing ever changes, stuck with the same destiny-edge, deeply at the mercy of what has gone before. A link in a chain, strictly enforced.


Libra at 16 degrees

A woman: The lower half of her body is a serpent.
Magic working simultaneously from two divergent levels. The regular, human, everyday magic of holding yourself together as a complex and volatile mix by sheer intent. And the deeper magic of yielding into the undersoul, the passions, the desires, the impulses, and the skills of the subconscious levels. Primarily being absorbed in the deep forces of body and soul. But meanwhile bending over backwards to frame everything in normalcy. This combination is extremely difficult to maintain. It is fragile, delicate, and dangerous. You secretly exult in how impossible it really is and urge yourself onward to work this magic and wield it with the same kind of life-force that moves at the edge of an abyss and stays on that edge in a balancing act that may capsize at any moment. And it therefore is entered upon with a passion of the most dazzling cross between sheer foolishness and a wizard’s mastery.


More about that here from Darkstar Astrology


Blue Storm Patterns


Using the Decoder we can see all of history revealed and a way of understanding evolution patterns 

The next Blue Storm Year will begin on July 26  2016

This is Blue Spectral Storm and is therefore an energy of dissolution

this could mean building an ark is wise

and as an ark is actually the

inside structure that allows our soul energy to be fully immersed within us

this could be a good move on our part

We will be transforming en masse what is seeking to be released over the past 11 years

in this Red Moon awakening process

That could be potentially a challenging year for the collective 

If we go back in time to recent challenges that affected the world at large

the last world war for example

It began in a Blue Storm 13 Year Cycle in 1928

In 1932 we had Blue Overtone Storm Year that was also a galactic portal

a gateway to access all of time and the heart of the matter

The struggle that creates the mastery

In 1936 we had Blue Solar Storm and the completion of a cycle

In 1940 we had Blue Cosmic Storm 

The last year of that cycle and the shift

If you look at history detailed on these links and are aware of what is happening in the world today 

We can see many things repeating

Sometimes in a slightly different way 

but the underlying code remains the same

It is very important now that we start to see this business code

the consumer code 

the de~personalise

de~ humanise code 

for what it really is 

The out of control ego of a select few 

that is getting away with murder literally now 

only because people are not self~aware 

and are playing their part in allowing it

rather than addressing it 

Going along with it 

Ignoring it 

Pretending life is great 

Pretending this is

The American Dream 

When in truth

It is a very sick system

That can only be changed when….

everyone is prepared to opt out of it 

and Be the change we want to see

Here are a some films I found interesting this week along these themes:

Hannah Arendt




If you are ready to work with yourself

and create personal alchemy during this aligned time of the year 

Here are a series of 6 Workshops 

1 per month

That I have co created for this purpose of 

Becoming aware of what our Fears are 

and using the transformation of them 

to unveil our true selves 

The first one begins on Saturday 11 October at 11am 

or you can access via an ebook 

you can arrange a time to suit us mutually to Skype with me

I will need to do your Mayan Sign and Astrology to do this so please give time for this

The first one initiates the process and sets an intention



To take you to the heart

of feeling unsafe 

that is very much resonating in our society right now

How to take our power back by letting go of what has created it

Learn new ways to relate without sacrifice 

Transform any distorted codes

we have experienced in our life journey so far with the power of fire


The most important thing is that each person learns how to do this for themselves

to be truly self~empowered 

This involves learning how to do EFT 

and doing it consistently 

More about them here 

A clip from the film Hannah Arendt:

Flower Prayers

White World~Bridger Wavespell ~ magic human day

Flower Prayers

Picture Indian Girl praying

White World~Bridger


Yellow Resonant Human 



Today is day 7 of the Wavespell

Day 7 is the Mystic Day

It is a portal day 

It is a powerful day of being able to access all that is because of that

It is the day when we are at the top of the pyramid and can connect to our cosmic code angel

The part of us that is connected to us 

and is outside of our human experience

and therefore can see our bigger picture

the bigger picture

free of any earthly constraints

If you are a Yellow Human this is connected to your code

or Yellow Human is your Yellow Castle 

your thirteen year expansion cycle

like mine ….

and this year on my birthday I began a year of yellow human code

a year 6 bringing me into balance….

expanding on the other 5 years in this cycle in particular 


if you have Yellow Human as your Wavespell

This is the 13 day code that you were born into 

and what you are here to create as part of a band of code

Today’s blog is all about that

How as human beings we each hold a unique code 

that is revealed in our Astrology and Mayan Sign

and this is our life purpose

Once we start to know ourself by working with this information

We see how everything in our dna code

Our ancestral line

has led us to where we are today 

We are the human being that has arrived as a sum total

of everything that came before us

Our spirit self has chosen this human being spaceship 

to work with in this lifetime

to create something now

and as the cosmic code of universal consciousness

is ready to work en masse with awareness of how this works….

How we are conscious dreamers

How we are God and Goddess energy 

How our personal code process creates our day to day life

How our day to day life shapes the world

In tandem with everything else 

everybody else

doing their day to day process

and how we are ready to work with this process now

Pro actively 

which is a whole different ball game 

for the recent past in human evolution

We now have the tools

the time is right

everything is coming together now

to allow this to happen

It is a very magical time 

Time to remove the veil of our forgetfulness

The Process is the key

The process awareness is the difference that makes the difference

this is what I know through my personal process

The reason why we are a spiritual being having a human experience

is :

This process of evolution is experiential

The code needs a carrier like any virus

It needs a host 

This is revealed in part the film The Host 

The human body is The Host 





In times in the past of the Guru Age 


The Host was seen as something outside of ourself 

when in reality 

which is being revealed now

the human being is the sacred carrier of the spirit 

the human being is the chalice 

so we can stop looking for an ancient relic if we choose 


because the most valuable focus for our life 

is to rever ourselves

When we do not hold ourself sacred

the beliefs that match that code of being

create sickness for the human part of us 

This is always revealed by the heart

The heart brings us our match in this world 



our soul mates 

who I guess signed up in the same way as us for this synchronised trip 

Often these soul mates that I am speaking of

 do not match any “positive” archetype or love of the life experience

because they are matching what our heart is seeking to heal

and that is hurtful stuff

Our nemesis is our ante dote 

Our shadow is our salvation

Once the individual starts to understand this 

and that the process on one level is everything

everything changes for that individual

Everything in the world starts to have a different meaning

free of distorted code 

and the more the individual works with anything that hurts

is hurtful


Go straight to the source of the distortion

do not pass go

do not collect £200 

Do it for it’s own sake 

without any reward 


or manipulated dangling carrot that is simply

a poisoned apple 

luring us further into the 

mind mess 

the gingerbread house 

that is such a different place when we get inside

Which is why we have to let go of money leading us

because when we have it in excess

we do not do what needs to be done 

to be free and crave winning the lottery ~ remember just like any Casino ~

the game is rigged for the house to win overall


Learning to say no is key

no to the sociopath system

here is a guide that has some practical tips on awareness of this anti social code

and how to handle people who are using it with you

For the adept these archetypes assist in mastery of transforming our boundaries 

and bringing ourself into balance

so in future 

we know where we stand and are strong from within 

Talk to the hand :-)

On your journey you will encounter run ins with these people 

first and foremost in your own extended family 

One of the first steps is to realise when we are low on self belief 

it is truly impossible to trust and believe in oneself 

apart from bullish”it our ego spins as an excuse 

to do the dirty deed 

and prostitute ourself 

Hard words

Hard times 

Tough love 

to wake us up

It is essential to work with all our cult conditioning in our society

that demands we give up our sense of self 

and knowingness 

This of course starts in our schools and is systemic 

I use EFT because this process works

It is important that  the individual understands

that the process of being pro active 

is the most important code 

Our individual code leads our life

Actually creates it 

and always has been

It is of primary importance because of this

So if something in your life appears to be hurting you right now 

this is in fact your route to freedom

It is the cure for all that ails you 

and you have to experience it’s teachings

in order to transcend it 

Usually this nemesis pattern is around boundaries

self~ belief


being our true self free from fear

and to achieve those qualities ….

The diamond revealed



means unlearning

healing feelings around times when we moved away from our true self 

when we were very young

As our society does not favour the spiritually free individual 

on any level

this code is something we all have to work with now 

If you teach people academia alone 

it creates head led being code

If you do everything for everyone 

it creates dependency code

If  you believe only celebrities are teachers 

it creates elitism code

If you have never experienced respect and understanding 

that code is not there

and has to be experienced now to be encoded and part of your creation code

All addictive behaviours are coping mechanisms in themselves

and are on a cycle of expansion

Each person has the energetic code of their ancestors 

and the spiritual code of their soul having many human experiences 


What a combination 


So once we start to go into seeing code under a microscope

and work with a format that has an intention

and a pro active personal framework 

then we are activating the co creation code 

which is also known as


This is how I work with myself using an energy coaching framework 

in essence it is ancient wisdom with a modern twist 

Creating an Alpha and Omega parameter in micro 

So a goal we wish to achieve in a time frame for example 

The Mayan Wavespell is truly magical for this as it uses a 260 day human being code 

the same length of time that a human foetus takes to gestate 


A beginning and an end 

which gets our whole self to focus 

something which can be challenging in today’s world 

as there are so many distractions and distorted ego biased code 

for an instant “fix”

which is of course what our human being experience is

we are mortal 

our spirit is eternal 

If we haven’t consciously experientially and emotionally 

worked with our code 

then this is a challenge in itself 

the raw ego code is resilient and seeks to remain the same 

it is by default in denial of it’s mortality 

and this creates 

denial of what is 

and all it’s many splendoured morphs

If it is still operating

I am not enough code 

the whole consumer code designed to lure us into a belief system that supports our consumer industries 

which launched mainstream into our human society in the 50’s 


that personality part of us will struggle to believe that we

have the answers for ourselves 

which of course we do when we clear our conditioned beliefs 

quiet our mind for real 

by hearing what is disturbing us 

those bed time stories that our ego wakes us up with in the early hours 

the darkest before dawn space 

when our insistent self breaks through

hold the keys to our freedom


Most doctrines up to now have taught to suppress these

to try and manipulate them

move them

do positive affirmations

meditate for hours to bypass them

and guess what….

they are still there 

aren’t they ?

Because the process of ignorance is ignoring 

that that is seeking healing 

and is perfectly matched for the person who is not yet ready to go pro active 

If we do not know how to deal with these uncomfortable feelings 

and transform them

our emotional mind simply offers tried and tested methods 

that worked in the past 

which allow us to drown them out for a while


The  code of this process means there are side effects

which create more discomfort

because we are ignoring the message 

the message that our emotional mind is unhappy

something in our life is out of alignment with well being

for the human part of us 

something requires a reroute 

a re alignment 

because the way we are living


is a distorted code 


and any distorted codes

create imbalance 

Which is reflected back on the world stage right now en masse 

If we have pain that is a sign that we are doing something that is not good for us 

If we are pushing our body 

if there is a culmination of years of doing something that creates unhappiness 

then our body will reveal it 

If we use drugs to drown this out 

instead of making a course correction 

If we get wasted on cannabis and alcohol with the intention of  creating a false sense of reality

avoidance of pain 

then we will get what goes with that abuse of our body 

It isn’t a judgement 

It is what it is 

Code is Code 

Code creates according to it’s remit 

It doesn’t judge or blame 


When we work with our pain using EFT and an energy framework 

with the intention of accepting our life and all that we have experienced 

We follow our cosmic cookie trail

All our threads can be revealed

Working with me can assist people with their process 

and the most important thing is….

People have to learn to do this themselves 

That is the most important part of the process 

If we do not do this process 


We do not get to see our personal ancestry and what we are here to transform in the same way

If someone does something for someone 

It is a different perspective to doing something with someone 

Starting with the end in mind is in NLP terms 

An outcome 

Again in NLP terms we can model the pattern, code, way of being 

that someone else has already done 

with the intention of creating the same result 


what I know now is this 

as each human being is a highly complex individual that is totally unique 

this is impossible to duplicate exactly

because of that reason

and that if a person is doing this at a different time in history 

the code is different 

and so the outcome will be different 

because of that

The missing link that is coming in now

is the mix of cosmic code 

that is the return to balance of 

the sacred feminine 

new ways of being in balance with our feminine code 

each one of us 


We have free will 


we cannot override our code or the cosmic code 

because the whole cosmic structure would not have any integrity if that were the case 

and when each one of us transforms our personal code structure 

by integrating 

that which has been cast out 

seemingly away from us 

because our emotional mind couldn’t cope with it at that time 


which is perfectly aligned with our soul mission

because that cast away part keeps coming back like a boomerang

when the time is aligned for us to co create with it on all levels :-) 

When we are ready and able 

and the universe is ready and able for that next chapter to unfold 

If we use certain methods for bringing us into our body or out of our mind

we can become aware of refined ways of doing that

and that connects to the White Castle of the Mayan Wavespell

and the White Bridger Code that we are now 

synchronistically in

Sex for example 

Having an orgasm is the ultimate let go 

It allows us release 

and is the code for healing Migraines :-) 

Too much in the head space and hyper focus

of the mind 

(often happens pre~menstrually as our Yang changes to Yin to let the blood flow begin but our mind wants to stay in Yang to do our job)

Incoming energy too high wired, bright, masculine 

as a women 

going into our feminine energy is the polar opposite

To vaginally orgasm as a woman on one level

generally takes trust to let in the masculine

in whatever shape or form that takes

If we do not have any loving contact 

or allow this part of ourself expression 

then this creates imbalance 


denial of the sexual self

which is a huge driving force of humanity 

and the creation code itself in one aspect


We can honour that as part of a loving relationship

As an addiction using porn to get high

As an ego trip to feel powerful

As a pro creation process to create people 

As a magical process to energise our kundalini process without a big finale orgasm 

and …

It reveals where we are on our personal energetic process status


What shape is your circuitry process ?

Is it yet a key of life ?

This is what Libra code brings 

the dove coming down into the human being 

when the human being is ready to receive

and heal



Libra Code 

This is resonating for me as this is my year of balance 

Yellow Rhythmic Human 

In Glastonbury the veil is thin and it reveals the reality of where our ego is 

as it is 

The Heart Chakra of planet earth

I didn’t know this before I moved here

I didn’t know anything about Glastonbury whatsoever apart from the festival

which turns out is a misnomer because the festival is at Pilton which is quite a distance from the town itself 

Coming to Glastonbury wasn’t on my ego’s sat nav 

Dog star

I had a five year plan and that ended in 2012

My heart’s desire was to live in Kephalonia in a retreat where I offered energy therapy workshops

a seed that had been planted around 2000 and 2001 

when I read

The Celestine Prophecy

During my

White Refining Castle of

White Wind 

This was synchronistically  in year 6 

Blue Rhythmic Hand 

which is expanding now in my 6th year of my

Blue Castle of Transformation 13 year Castle

which led me to Glastonbury

Another synchronised pattern

is the the planetary 9th year at this time

which has it’s own 13 year Castle cycles 

The planet’s yearly pattern change happens on July 26

Our individual pattern changes on our birthday

On July 26 2001

The planetary code was

Yellow Solar Seed

which was the 9th year of a 13 year cycle that started in 1993

The planet’s 13 year Yellow Castle of Yellow Seed

revealing our authentic cosmic star seed underneath all the ego distortion masks

that our ego mind has created to cope with the messy human existence

we have been in for a while in this Age of Pisces we are currently transiting out of

Remember what happened in the 9th month of that year ?

on the 11th day ?

What can happen because of it when people realise the truth

of how the majority are manipulated and abused through fear tactics

and if we look further back we see that the starting point of this bigger picture began with Red Moon on July 26 in 1954 

The start of many things 

The beginning of many patterns 

Check out the history here

and ponder the roots and what they have grown into today 

Most young people today have no awareness of this history

only a manipulated



focusing on fear and fighting and how it is necessary 

when in truth it is a money machine that thrives on sacrifice of the many for the few




The Libra dove from above is now returning

as we transform the Roman Libra Weighing scales of Justice

the tarot card of  Adjustment in the Thoth deck

replacing the Justice card of regular tarot


What I desired in making that 5 year plan

was a lifestyle that revisited my life in Greece in 1986 in certain ways 

Living with the land

and growing our own vegetables 

Loving life and the amazing landscape in Greece 

which has such beauty and vibrancy

vitality code

Being in balance with working and playing

The people of Greece who value family and people and have a love of integrity ways of being

The Greek history of amazing knowledge of god and goddess code and human relationship 

The cradle of civilisation of the Aquarius Age Codes that we are coming into.

I did not know that I would be making a fairly big detour stop off at Glastonbury ~

although we did go to Kephalonia for a holiday in 2012 it wasn’t our destination to live there at that time

I didn’t know anything about The Mayan Prophecy 

and that’s ok 

my spirit did

had it covered 

and I was ready and able to hear it’s guidance at that point 

by listening to my gut intuition and overriding my ego fear 

To get my full attention and focus meant I had to go into my underworld 

my Persephone Path 


to get clear of my fear on all levels as much as possible 

and follow my cookie trail 

which meant leaving my old world behind 




and be open to new learning 

trust that part of me that knew what to do 

to birth new ways

just like my body when it birthed my babes 

Different code 

and doing these blogs and writing about this really assists in this process 

primarily for me 

and that is the most important starting place 

for me 

because I am here to be me 

Just like you are here to be you :-) 

In this White World ~ Bridger Wavespell I felt the urge to explore

some more of the

Glastonbury Zodiac 

This is a zodiac on the landscape that was re~discovered by Katherine Maltwood in 1935 

I have a book about it by Mary Caine called The Glastonbury Zodiac

When we first moved here in 2011 we started to learn about it and visited certain parts of it and I have made some videos

We ended up living in the Taurus part 

Isis energy

my moon 

Is       Is 

is another way to look at Isis :-) 

Taurus Moon symbolises in one sense the bullish*t of material over indulgent human hedonist shadow

and when we transcend that 

the ability to use ancient feminine wisdom to create wonder from the heart ways of living

practical earthy goodness 

for all 

We are now revisiting earlier Taurean times

check out this blog to remember earlier this year

Darkstar Astrology 


Something we are heading for now

as we change our direction and balance our heart wisdom ways

I knew that I was starting to learn a different process very consciously 

which I had seeded all my life and now was coming to light to be worked with

because the time was aligned for the planet 

and so for me

and although my ego conditioning often tries to override this shift 

I am very aware of that now 

most of the time 

even though I may not know the reason

I trust the process 

totally due to the process of clearing my conscious code with EFT 

so that I can receive more feminine code

Yellow Electric Star Day

was the day of the Autumn Equinox 

23 September 2014

In this code of bridging worlds it is the day of Alchemy 

All day 3’s are tantra days of potentiality 

Co creation code

The trinity

The day of seeing the star that we are

We three Lord’s of the Flame set off into the landscape 

Aries Leo and Sagi 

in the next few days I learned of astrology that connected directly to this 

The Grand Trine 

involving these three signs

Elsa’s article here

Bill Attride’s article here

which is also working in alignment with Neptune moving into Pisces until 2024

Article here from Astrostyle

and video here from Tom Lesche

and Saturn going into Sagittarius on December 24 in the Red Earth Wavespell


This photograph is taken from the website of a Glastonbury stargazer 

John Wadsworth and this is his website with Anthony Thorley 


We were under a time restraint 

which does tend to limit the experience in some way 

as intuitive and synchronicity are codes that come as and when they are in alignment

rather than on command to fit our personal schedule :-)

We have all been through the areas before but are not very familiar with them on one level

We spent some of the time going round in circles to grid in 

We got out at Baltonsborough first and visited the Church 

This was built to honour it’s famous son St Dunstan in the 15th century and if you follow the links you can follow the trail

Connections to America and Rome


All the windows hold clues and symbology

Codes of process of consciousness available direct to source

My photos do not reveal sufficient detail on some of the windows

there was a dove descending 




As we walked in the grounds we could smell the Roses and remembered to smell them ~ key to balance in life :-)



An unusual and beautiful iron grave marker and I was reminded of my time in Cumbria

where I felt stressed that my dream country life 

had turned into a nightmare 

and found peace in the local graveyard

reminding myself that life would end one day

and did the things I was worried about really matter ?

That was before I had any awareness of therapies :-)


I am sharing some info from Mary Caine’s book 

I have it as a reference and only read it when it is resonating ~ 

in alignment with the connection

I started to read the info and was blown away

We didn’t find some key areas and plan to revisit later in this time of Libra

see whether we can locate some other parts 

just like the mysteries the paths we seek open at different times 

The dove is connected to Mercy and The Merchant of Venice with it’s symbolic passage about

The Quality of Mercy 

I studied this at school and am frequently reminded of it 

especially in my recent trips to court

where I found little of it

there were simply egos at play

The Libra dove is on the head of the Sagittarius figure which we also visited 

 The Sagi Man is seen as Arthur of King Arthur Myth 


This is the area of Barton St David 

Our Sagi member is David :-)

The name David shares aWelsh root with Dove meaning

“God’s messenger” 

which in some interpretations is simply stated as “king” 

The dove appears in several stories of rebirth and renewal such as Noah’s Ark 

and we passed a house with the name of Noah

There are also lots of houses with bird’s names 

seen as soul messengers

David was also an abbot of Glastonbury in the 6th century

The first telephones were daffodil shaped which is Daffydd’s flower

and David itself with a D at each end signifies a tower or speaking tube

one of the windows has a flower resembling a daffodil

Merlin’s name means “from the sea”

and Arthur himself was said to have been swallowed by a fish and regurgitated after 3 days in it’s belly 

Many myths echo these stories with different characters and there is a coded message of the cycles of life

and the soul evolution 

the masculine and feminine and the four elements 

The name “Colne” means rushing river 

We have lived in a town called Colne and The Colne Valley.

This village has a link to American Presidents 

Barton St David’s


There is also a mention in the book of The Ionian Schools of philosophy which is another area I have travelled to 

In the church there is reference to a Narcissus Ryall being the vicar in the 1700’s 


There wasn’t a very soulful experience for any of us in these churches

They seemed very empty on all levels

Again in the book there is mention of Ceridwen also known as Ariadne  and Arianrhod of the Turning Castle 

which connects to the Mayan Castles 

The Labyrinth 

and the way out of it to be free of the Minotaur 


The constellation of The Plough is above this land with it’s seven stars

also known as David’s chariot

also known as The Great Bear

also known as Arthur’s chariot

and in welsh Arthur means ploughman and bear

and there is so much more to explore…..

What happened next was key

seeing how this was revealing our next steps

and indeed led David to his next place of work with in a couple of days 

and his connection was directly linked to our Aries friend too

This is what is being revealed now 

The Matrix 

The process 

and the magical time we can choose to experience 

as we follow the cosmic cookie trail 

that we are here for :-)

Are you ready to go through the Gateway ?



White Worldbridge Wave ~ Dogged determination


White Overtone Dog


The day 5 of

The White World ~ Bridger Wave

please click on the links to expand with other websites

The heart of the matter day of any Wavespell

The Core 

Really experiencing intensity already

in the descent into the underworld time in the Northern Hemisphere 

How about you ?



started her journey on the 23rd of September

and another name for her is Kore ~ coincidentally ;-)

Pluto has just gone direct aka Hades

This week’s astrology from Cafeastrology

So all our underworld is up for inspection

We may be feeling dogged, desperate and/or determined now 

As we walk the path of hellfire in this death star code

This walking the talk requires discipline

clear communication


the ability to stay open to the new code

when the ego is feeling fearful 

It can seem as grim as The Reaper 

as this comes into play with other people who are old code for our childhood issues

and many people have no idea of what “right relationship” means even as an abstract

but this “grimness”….

 is purely ego perspective

The seasoned adept adventurer recognises that the death of old world is simply an essential step

in creating new ones 

and the more we evolve our ego 

the more self~ evident this becomes

As we have just experienced a New Moon in Libra 

We are in the realm of Justice 

The scales

Anything that is unfair

out of balance 

our next step in our personal evolution of 

“right relationship”

is appearing now 

for us to let go of our dog days of depression


clear our anger issues 

clear our codes


create new code

What started this process of our dream in late March and April

Aries Sun

The initiation 

Is coming to a completion in the full moon in Aries on the 8th of October

Had lots of insights in the last couple of days 

Amazing code being revealed

and for those that are ready to receive it

It is revelation time

All our media is always revealing the code 

All our next steps are here to be seen in everything we do

and what our ego sees as “bad” is actually the solution and our salvation

Take Neo for example 

in The Matrix 

aka The Mayan Wavespell

I looked for pictures for this blog and put Dogstar in Google 

not realising that is the name of his band ~ or should I say Keanu


Keanu has his North Node in Gemini like me 

which is Cosmic Code for Right Relationship

and here is a weird one I discovered….


Can’t say I remember that episode 

Just watched the film


and it illustrates the code perfectly

and reveals why it is essential now for each one of us to learn how we create and what is causality.

So we can learn to let go of hurting ourselves and other people

So we can see how our society is the source of anti~social behaviour


positively reinforcing modelling

that behaviour

creating pathological relationships

How our mainstream idols 

our so called success symbols

are false prophets


taking us down a very destructive uncaring path

The models of human behaviour that create material wealth are actually

very sick models 

and align with

anti social behaviour for the majority of people

and our planet 

and yet somehow the vast majority do not seem able to grasp that

and are still doing the same thing yet expecting everything to change

This is true madness

and yet how can things change when most people are plugged into watching models of relationship on soap operas….

drama laden death scenes

destructive and violent ego action movies and games

plots with ego base people doing nasty things to others

which of course is a match for where most of our society are 


in their past

like a lost time traveller 

or Kirk and Crew with no Scotty to beam them and their unicorn dog up from a remote planet

with a dark side of the moon 


Transcendence is a personal process

purely crafted


for each individual to do

and as that happens 

all systems are go

all our suffering is self created 

and that is not a blame

it is a fact

If we aren’t yet ready  to stop putting poison in our bodies 

on whatever level

be it with media

with drugs

with food

with relationship

then we aren’t ready to do what it takes to live in balance

and therefore

we won’t



Which organ is steering your chariot of fire?


Is it your heart and your heart’s desire ?

Maybe another chakra lower down?

Could it be your base chakra ?

Genitals ?

Cocky Arrogant behaviour is a bit of a giveaway …..


Womb with a view ?

Maybe the dream factory of the liver ?

Being pickled for posterity ?

Drowned out dreams

When we decide to face our demons instead ….

Learn how to get real with how we feel

and be sober 

be straight 

let go of taking the “edge off”

softening reality until the edges are blurry

to try and avoid how we feel about our personal theatre

Neptune in Pisces is key

Then something very different happens

Today’s energy is all about getting to the heart of the matter

of our birth tribe

the place that created everything that is happening and playing out for us today

the pattern maker

How about :


Letting go of emotional drama 

and being free of conditional love 

love through conditioning 

looking for love in all the “wrong” places ….

and believe me 

I have been an expert on that process for many years 

and am still on the circuit of reformation

I am not holding myself up as a saint ;-) 

Far from it

I feel all the emotions 

I have buttons that get pushed

only now it takes me less time to recover 

and bounce back 

because I tap on my personal his~ story


I realised a long time ago 

that I have a choice 

how to live this life 

and I chose to do whatever it took to learn

how to create genuine peaceful healthy ways of living

for me and my family

It isn’t an easy path

but it is an amazing one  

Have you started that approach yet to your life path ?

Pro active code creator

Dog star

Here is a pic of Glastonbury Tor with the Sirius Star


We are Cosmic Code 

Each Code creates a process

We are the same as a computer character in a computer game 

Hence we have computer games so we can see our own process

because we are ready to see it 

In a computer programme when a character performs a task it interacts with the code of the game 

If the character does x

y happens

If a character does a 

b happens 

We have the majority of the world believing that if they do x 

b happens 

It is a distortion

It is impossible 

and yet thousands will still keep doing x 

year after year believing it creates b when it can only ever create y

because it is what it is

this is denial of the very evidence in front of their eyes

Peace has a code 

It is the polar opposite of war code 

Doing the war code expecting peace is so insane 

Believing that pathologically ill people who have an ego as big as the country they are running

(on behalf of a bunch of other similar people who do not even feel a need to declare that position)

are ever ever ever going to care 

about someone else 

apart from them selves….

Is illogical Jim

Is it Spock?


Time for us to see what is under our noses ?

Take responsibility ?

Or continue to say one thing and live another ?

What we do shapes our reality

and if we are still running the same codes inside from our youth ….

What goes in comes out 

It is all there to be seen

Our childhood dramas being played 

on a giant planetary movie screen

Are we ready for a brave new world ?

It will only happen when we start to be brave enough to deal with our personal emotional stuff

and stop focusing on the outside of us for all the answers 

Red Solar Moon Year is all about

personal internal balance of our shadow



Pics of dogs with human bodies ~ Martine Roch

White Worldbridger Wave ~ presence potential


White World~bridger Wavespell

The Mayan Name is Cimi

Please click on the links to take you to other websites to expand your information


We are in the white wave within the white Castle 

We are refining what came in the Red Castle that started on July 18 2014

4 Wavespells in that Awakening time 

Each lasting 13 days 

Each having their own evolutionary code 

52 days of Awakening to our next step

We move into the next cycle now

of potential clearing of our conditioning

White Castle is all about


truth emerging 

as a result of that transformational process

which is what Cimi is all about

It is about the death and rebirth process

A supernova remnant believed to be the remains of a massive star that exploded over 300 years ago.

If this is your sign then this all about your energetic signature 

These 13 days reveal your very essence 

If you are a:

Red Dragon White Worldbridger Blue Monkey Yellow Warrior 

This code is what will be in your


White Castle of a 13 year Cycle in your life

at some point

and so this is the essence of your refining code

and what is key for you to integrate to transcend living in the past

This amazing tool is here to use

right here and now

alongside some other amazing frameworks

of practical and experiential transformational tools

We are ready to do the alchemical journey for real

If we choose :-)


The thing is with this framework is it is a new way of being a human being 

being doing having 

Walking the talk 

and I can explain it 

and do so over and over 

and for the individual you have to be it to fully understand it

Live the learning


It is a daily way of being and letting go of old ways that are in their essence

creating ill health and imbalance

In this White Castle we have just had the opening code of

Red Skywalker

Bringing Heaven to Earth 13 Days of process

taking us through an awareness

of what we do to

Create Heaven or Hell on Earth for ourselves

If you have been awake and aware you will have the info you need to know what is pushing your buttons 

aka ~ what is seeking release in you 

clearance potential

that has been making it’s presence known in the last 13 days



There are 13 Moons in the Mayan calendar

Magnetic Moon started on July 26


as well as your Mayan Sign you have a Mayan Moon Sign

The Mayan Sign is the masculine

The Mayan Moon Sign is the feminine

My Mayan Moon is Magnetic 

check your Mayan Sign and your Moon Sign here by putting in your date of birth in this decoder:

During this 28 day period we attract what we need for our next steps  for our personal evolution…

which in turn is in synch with the universal evolution bigger picture

What showed up for you that in one sense may have been new on the surface 

and paradoxically may also be old news and old patterns ?

This is what we will be working with for the whole year and our initiation

Lunar Moon started on August 23rd


This is our area of new learning

coming to light space

being revealed

veil lifting

This is often the sticky patch

or as Stephen King says

The itty bitty shitty committee :-) 

This is also the route to freedom

when we are ready to do what it takes and unplug from the ego matrix and live in the real world

be sober

be free of all our addictions and ego entanglements 

and that is a long winding road 

that takes courage 

to be free of crutches 

and be able to be with ourself without running away from our life that we create every moment 

Take the rose tinted glasses off 


let go of avoidance techniques and mood lifters 






in all our self’s various forms

sun and moon


Electric Moon

We are ready to get that wand out now

the cauldron

the spell casting books

the weighing scales

This is Moon numero 3

The Magic one started on September 20th 

We have 28 days to focus on what is coming in 

The stuff of Moon 1 and 2

hkuyutrjpg copy

what is seeking release

what we wish to keep 

what we seek to power ourselves up with by transforming it within

so we can shine

Remember that the essence of this Planetary Year is

Red Solar Moon 

bringing completion of 9 years of planetary patterns

so we can move off our karma wheel if we are ready to

by working with our shadow 

Inner Work

The cauldron within

The sacral is the space of relationship 

so to use the words of a couple of my childhood puppet friends ….

Sooty and Sweep 

(Sooty is holding the wand)

Izzy Wizzy let’s get busy 


We are coming up to the Autumn Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere 

Libra will  be here very soon

It is that time of year to bring those scales in and weigh our heart 

Does it feel heavy?

Is it full of joy ?

Maybe some of both ?

Let’s expand the joy by letting go of the heaviness


change the world 

Today we have initiated this 13 day spiral 

What happened today ?

Mainly the tail end of Leo Waning Moon

The biggest ego in the zodiac and the biggest heart and solar energy too

blends of all

light and dark 

Moving into Waning Virgo before New Moon in Libra on Wednesday 

The challenge day tomorrow

Blue Lunar Hand 

and as it is also a Monday perfect for EFT

and tapping on any stuff coming up that feels icky

and holding us back which may be feelings

and /or pain in the body

remembering that pain is a signal

to show us something is seeking a change of behaviour/way of

relating with us as the universal dancer


Are you ready to go through those Doors ?


Day 3

The Day of the Equinox in the UK 

Alchemy day 

and a powerful one being the Alchemy Day of the Alchemy Moon 

Yellow Electric Star 

Being the star that we really are 

Our true star energy 

that is totally a different world to 

the egoic star


Remember that we are always in balance in a way

as the universe will balance us 

If we are living inauthentically 

this means what comes to balance us

or is already there 

often creates ill health or unhappiness as a side effect of that way of being 

and we have to choose to change that


Choose Life ?

New Ways for New Worlds 

Love to you and yours 


If you are ready to work consciously with all of yourself these coming workshops

may be a start to the path of the heart

Persephone Path Workshops




Red Skywalker Wave ~ The crystal clear code


Red Skywalker Wavespell

Day 12 

Yellow Crystal Seed

Day 12 ~ Yellow Crystal Seed ~

the day of potential crystal clarity in this 13 day code spiral of

Creating Heaven on Earth

It is a galactic portal day today

It is a gateway out of the restricted mind set 

we can access all wisdom 

when we free ourselves from 

ego ways of relating



Please click on the links to take you to other websites to expand the info

Today is the day to get clear

about the structure of stars and sacred geometry ….



and recognise new ways coming in

because we are creating new ways of being on planet earth now

going in a different direction

so we are off on a new adventure

and going into territory that is “off our mind map”

Which means we can learn new things on our cosmic cookie trail of adventure

I only share what I know

so far ….

on this journey

this time around

and what I know so far is ….

we have to clear our conditioned mind code

to allow ourselves to remember






and access

new ways of being

because that is

simply what is required to enter this new way of being

So …..

We can wear a merkhaba ~ the 3D version of a 12 pointed star

We can use it in healing ceremonies

We can draw it

We can make it

To actually activate it in our selves

We have to be it :-)

The centre of it is our heart



Most people I interact with cannot hear this message yet…

and I am simply going to keep sharing it



as I know that when the time is right for the individual

What I am sharing will be recognised

because one aspect of this connection is timing

This is crucial

and an essential part

of our individual process

and where we are on our human timeline

The stars activate us at key times in our life

specifically for our star seeded mission

There are shared code timings at key life stages

and these happen without any conscious awareness

so there is nothing to be afraid of in one sense

the ego way often appears as believing that “it” has to be attuned , activated, go on a course etc

The universe does this naturally just like the seasons

Deciding to choose to work consciously with the code

is a different way of being

Most people are still believing that there is no “need” to be the change

and simply to carry on regardless

with their inner merkhaba unchanged


that mantras, chants, watching videos etc will bring change

Still singing the same song

with the same resonance

the same vibration

creates the same

no matter what colour of clothes we are wearing

What style of hair

What tribe we are paying lip service to

It is the inner structure that creates our day to day reality

So wish that people would understand this

because this is the root of all of our suffering here and now


that is my letting go process

of remembering ….

that everything is exactly on plan

on target

in perfect order

for everything

only my ego has an issue with suffering




Our heart attracts our healing

This is the true law of attraction :-)

The problem is the solution



The nettle grows alongside the dock

We live in a place of learning through opposites

We attract everything we need to let go of

Everything that creates pain for the ego self

Is the salvation of the ego self

An opportunity to get clear by going within

Feeling the trigger emotions

It isn’t about the other person or event for us

It is about what is being revealed for us

What are we in denial of ?

Anger ? Sadness ? Lack of control ?

I use Emotional Freedom Technique / Tapping/ EFT and I be with the emotion coming up for me

That is why the relationship happens

That is why the event happens

For me so I can see what creates hell for me

Then I be with it

I feel it

I tap on it

As I tap on it ~ I accept myself even though I am feeling this anger

Even though I may have been told as a child that I “shouldn’t ” feel angry

Shouldn’t have a tantrum

Shouldn’t act out in public

What will people think?

I shouldn’t question adults

I shouldn’t raise questions that can cause embarrassment/shame/

bring up stuff that adult doesn’t want to deal with

Instead lie to the child

Children “should” be seen and not heard

and so on…..

Follow My personal Cookie Trail back to the roots

Find the events this matches

Tap on them too

Accept them

Accept that happened

Accept myself in the process

Only when I am in acceptance of all my past heart hurts

will I feel free

and truly accept others

because that is how the emotional mind ~ a key part of the ego ~ works

Today is the anniversary of my Grandmother’s death

Nellie Kay

She was a Red Crystal Skywalker

We are in the Skywalker Code and today is number 12 ~ Crystal Day

My Nan had a very tough life and over the past seven days I have been learning more about this with my Mum

We have been using the Mayan Calendar to record the 13 Year Cycles in my Mum’s life and it has been amazing

No coincidence I was there with her at this time

When my Nan died I had just found out I was pregnant with my first child ~

She knew about it

On the day of her funeral I had my first scan of my baby

It was a bitter sweet day of death and rebirth

Her funeral was very different for me because today 20 years ago I was with my Nan when she died

and although it was a sad time I knew that she wasn’t there in her body

I totally knew that because I watched her spirit leave

and it was such a healing moment for me to unveil the mystery of death

Until then I had all sorts of beliefs because I hadn’t experienced it in person

and I had a lot of fears about it

The day she died was Yellow Overtone Seed

The core of the mask that hides our true seed potentiality

Something our generation of human beings on planet earth ~ all here now ~ are here to evolve for our process ~

our continuous process

to be the revealed light stars that we really are

It was day 5 of Yellow Sun Wavespell which is all about that code of evolution

13 Steps

She was just a few days away from her 80th birthday

If she had reached it she would have started a new 13 year cycle in her own sign ~ Red Magnetic Skywalker

as it was she left planet earth in the 13th year of her Yellow Sun cycle

She had fulfilled her earthly mission <3

So much of what she created with me was bitter sweet and I have been working with that relationship all my life

very consciously now and for the past 7 years seeing my feminine patterns

How the Mayan and Astrology Codes have given new light to this has been on a whole different level

Seeing the family constellations and repeating codes has created a whole different understanding of who was in my original circle and why

who comes in and why

how when I change

my choices change

my relationships change

everything changes

In all our resistance lies our rescue remedy

Today’s Rumi quote:

If you want to shine bright like the day
burn up your dark night self


Shadow ~ holds the keys

It is the root of all human beings suffering

All human beings suffering is the key to our awakening

All our awakening comes first through awakening to who we are and what we doing to create suffering

When we stop suffering we have created a solution that was found :

By taking total responsibility for our day to day reality and how we feel about it

Removing the coping mechanisms that avoid us being honest with ourselves

Starting to speak up for ourselves

Feeling what feels uncomfortable as a result of this

Realising that we can get through this process and live ;-)

That actually we do not have to repress our authentic self or live out of balance


other people who do not have that learning yet may not like it

may not want us to change

may not want us to speak the truth they do not want to hear….

just like when we were children


this is what will keep replaying

getting louder until

we pay attention

and remember who we really are

rather than the role we have chosen to play so that this pantomime can keep playing

Time for a new stage debut

that is also really really old

Ancient in fact

What may be called “fiction”



All the symbols are encoded within us and are coming to light now

To access them we work with the heart

We have plenty of mind at work already

Feel feel feel your way

The pain shows the way to love

Clear clear clear the pain and evolve to love

That is the heart path :-)

Waning Moon in Leo

We are in the last day of Lunar MoonMayan Moon

Tomorrow we go into 28 days of alchemical action for the brave souls who are ready to walk their talk ~

look back to July 18 and see what has been bothering you

It may have beamed up louder over the last 28 days

The older you are ~ the older the pattern

Any Leo in your chart ~ this is highlighted

Whatever feels like poo ~ is the manure that expands the fear

or when used alchemically

Is what fuels the soul journey and sets us free

We have free choice as to what route that takes

A gardener collecting cow manure.
Bonding with the immediate, external task and swallowing yourself up in its container. Finding sanctuary in excellence, practice, discipline, conscientious carry-through. Becoming engrossed within the task itself and its way of life. Harnessing vast vision into detailed particulars, you succeed marvelously in becoming what is asked, turning yourself into the one who fits the role, the pure servant. But a subtle presence, a deep authority, an otherworldly overtone give you away. You’ve been assigned to veil the self in lesser things so that you will be undisturbed to work within and do spade work for planetary evolution. Yet the call is so critical that often even your own conscious self has little idea why none of this posturing ever seems quite real and your entire expression seems a little too perfect, too much of a set-up, too snugly fitting to be convincing to those with eyes to see.

When we are doing a lot of consuming

that is ego code

It is what it is

The raw ego is driven by fear that is all consuming





Material Stuff




Out of balance expansion in denial of reality

Making it fit



It’s just business

Changing goal posts

One sided relationship





The seven “deadlies”

The conditioned mind set that we are encouraged to go after to be a “winner” in society

It is in there in all of us in conditioned society

It is in our genes

It is in our blood

This isn’t about “blame”

This is about recognising we are what we are


transforming that within us that is out of alignment with natural




and doing what it takes to forge new paths

pioneers of the return of the sacred feminine

which does not mean a revolution brought by force on the outside

That is simply more masculine energy ways

New ways inside out

Being the change by changing inside

Each one of us <3

If you don’t yet know how to do that for yourself

Maybe you could learn ?

That is the most important thing you can do for you

that will change your whole life

I know because I did

and it changed mine :-)

I love sharing it

It is total self empowerment

Remember more mind is simply that 

Mind cannot heal heart wounds

Heart is the feeling organ not the thinking organ 

It isn’t logical 

We aren’t Spock …..

but maybe we are evolving to become like him :-) 

In balance with heart and mind

Here is a document I created to explain the emotional mind ~

Emotional Mind Pattern Matcher

how it is a pattern matcher and guided by the fight/flight/freeze mechanism 

If you understand this you will understand why the logical mind cannot create a change by itself

because the part that has to be changed is a totally different part 

with different codes 

It is the language of love 

The Sacred Feminine 

that is the essence of this 

Here is my video channel with various process methods for working with code:



We are coming up to the perfect time for clearing

and I have designed some in person and online workshops to assist you on your soul journey :

Persephone Path Workshops


Red Skywalker Wavespell ~ Creating Heaven on Earth




Red Skywalker Wavespell 

Red Magnetic Skywalker 

Ben is the Mayan Name and it is code 13 in it’s pure form ~

the shift we can make to enlightened soul by integrating our shadow 



This is the 13 step code for Creating Heaven on Earth

It is what the 260 day cycle is all about

We go from Red Dragon status of new learning coming in

To the potentiality of the Integrated Angel

over and over again with each cycle

if we follow the divinity code therein each day’s galactic signature

and align with it 

we evolve 


Please click on the links to take you to other websites to expand the information

having a bit of a blip with that today ~ fingers crossed it is simply requiring cookies cache clearing because I use this website a lot and it has never happened before 

Let me know please if you can access it :-) 

The leading picture today is by Casey Vogt

I was drawn to it straight away as I feel it really sums up this Galactic Signature 

We are in this amazing Matrix and we are seemingly a human being 

Can be very confusing at times 

I have a workshop on Saturday with this very title

Creating Heaven on Earth

and this blog is for this too

Everything is starting to integrate nicely with this linking 

in a Pisces Supermoon energy this can be a little tricky though 

and really reveals our patterns around bounderies and sensitive sore spots 

plus there are lots of things happening in the starry skies this week that make for resistant energy 

It is an emotional time and we are harking back to Pisces Sun earlier in the year 

This was dreamtime in the Zodiac Wheel and the last step of that 12 energy process 

This was back in March 15 to April 14

which links in with the challenge of this Sign 

Blue Spectral Night 

This shows up with Virgo Sun and Venus in Virgo just now 

Our inner critic can limit our evolution 

our mind can keep us stuck on slow 

There are ways to change that though 

Thank Goodness :-) 

Virgo is in light form pure love

The angel free from ego mind spin

the earthy goddess that grounds 


when the ego mind is dominant it is another story 

We are in Virgo Decan 2 time 

Darkstar Astrology speaks of this

Wherever you have Virgo in your Starcode  it is being activated  especially if it is your Sun and Venus 

Wherever you have Pisces ~ it is being activated ~ especially if it is your Moon

To be creating heaven on earth we clear our ego distortions 

Lovely post about that Supermoon energy here with Bill Attride

White Castle 



We are now ready to go through another 4 codes of transformation 

The 260 day spiral is a process of transformation of the human being 

Spin Cycle 

Set to

Wash out the conditioning 

Get the dirty laundry out 

and clean it 

because it holds the key to our salvation

and removing what our mind believes are indelible stains 

That is what is so magical 

When we intend to be clear 

We start a process of alchemy 

and our Angelic A team 

once asked for assistance 

are ready with their guidance 

thing is though

We do have to ask them

and be ready to listen to their way of communicating 

which isn’t always clear to us because it is unfamiliar :-)


We are required to create the perfect structure for this 


Mind Body and Spirit 

Willing first of all to see what we believe are our “imperfections”

and start to unlearn and heal what we feel 

is unloveable 


260 day cycle 

started on 18 July 2014 and this started with the Red Castle ~

this is the new dawn Cycle of 52 days ~

new learning coming in for the ego

and the easiest way to recognise that is by how you feel about “it”

or if you have stopped feeling ,

what you do to avoid thinking about “it”  



Which for many takes the form of

using avoidance distractions




Being “spiritual” and meditating to escape the mind






Being drawn to human beings in various ways 



Being an academic or an adventurer or maybe acting out


Or whatever we all use to avoid dealing with the uncomfortable 

and what we can do as an alternative to that avoidance 

is to feel it and hear it’s message 

and let it take us into our personal hell so we can make peace with it 

because whatever ails us is our road to recovery 

We are not our behaviour 

All our hurts and wounds

All our addictions 

everything that our ego paints as a picture of doom and gloom 

of “failure” 


the path to freedom 

White Castle Codes 

Each Castle has 4 codes of soul process


The White Castle has:

Red Skywalker ~ Creating Heaven on Earth Code

White Worldbridger ~ letting go of the past to create a different future Code

Blue Storm ~ transformation catalyst ~ emotions heal Code

Yellow Human Code ~ our humanity is the key to healing Code


Red Skywalker ~ awakening to the fact

that we hold the keys to our personal Heaven Here on Earth 

This Wave has initiated today September 08 2014


The challenge day is tomorrow ~ White Lunar Wizard Day ~ this harks back to the White Wizard Wavespell on July 31 2014  ~ the second Wavespell of the 260 day cycle , which is all about self~empowerment 

so you see if you are ready to see you can be very specific using this tool ~ all is revealed and that is how the universe works ~ everything has a meaning and a reason and happens exactly at the perfect time 

all the clues are there for our angelic transformation

and don’t worry if you are not ready to dive in at that level ~ take your time  and go at your own pace 


The day of alchemy is on Wednesday 10 September

 Blue Electric Eagle 

Combine the info you have today ~ what is feeling Heavenly / Hellish 

with tomorrows info dating back to July 

and on Wednesday you have the energy of the Eagle who can rise high above the path and see the small self on the life path 

and get a bigger picture awareness hopefully 

The Blue Eagle Code of 13 days is in the Green Castle ~ the heart part of the cycle 

The last cycle of this was June 22 ~ Blue Eagle Wavespell

Insights as to what is appertaining and potentiality to shift those old stuck patterns to allow creativity 

Unleash the Goddess within

Let Cinders off the hook 

at this time of the fairytale story circuit 

we are integrating our fairy godmother archetype 

to do it ourselves 

which is good news for vegetables and small rodents as they don’t have to change so we can go to the ball :-)


On day 4 we have Yellow Self Existing Warrior 

Yellow Warrior issues we may be facing would be highlighted back in May 14 Yellow Warrior Wavespell

check your diary


your emails to see what was emerging

This is the Yellow Castle part of the process  ~ the flowering 

The Warrior of the Heart 





The Sagi fire Chiron Archetpe 

The balanced person who is in a personal process of taking full responsibility for their journey 

in a healthy way 

freeing themselves  from co dependency codes 

realising that it is all about us 

this life

everything we see 

we see through our filters that come from our personal life experience 

hence all the signs in animal totems, tarot  etc are all personal to us as messages for us to reveal the code of the game of life we are playing with our own personal rules as well as some shared ones.

What level have we set for ourselves ~ easy or hard ~ maybe mellow ?

So as we create everything we experience

 in the way we have learned to give and receive

through our interpretation of our daily events…

we can change anything that doesn’t feel good by understanding how we can change our inner sat nav 

and for this I share EFT used alongside ancient alchemy frameworks 

that work in today’s world 

If we think we can change the world without changing ourself first 

All of ourselves 

Then we do not understand the creation process 

and we have to become an expert on this 

and we transform as we are doing it 

that is the beauty of it 

So for example if we speak of the world being consumed by unsustainable consumables 

and are still consuming 

How is that going to change ?


We are all in this process together ~ blame free statement 

We all have to change this society 

because each individual is creating it 

Taking Responsibility is the key

and letting go of fighting and lack is an inner journey

first and foremost 


This Divinity Code is not reliant on any human being to work

It does not need any human intervention to exist 

There is no need to worry about anything in fact

It is all taken care of 

by something that we are a part of that is 



If you choose now 

You can start to create on a whole different level 


with your Code 

and the Secrets of the Alchemists of all time 

This way of being is open to all who are ready to 




Love to you and your Creation Process 

Here’s a little story about my magical adventure yesterday 

I went to a local house ~ Lytes Cary 

They always have old second hand books for sale 

and I found one called  Enquire Within upon everything by Herbert Jenkins  

This link makes an interesting read about the world wide web 

 It is Version 113 

I randomly opened it to find….

a 4 leaf clover pressed between the pages

The entry was 745 ~ pyramids 



It wasn’t referring to the buildings or shapes but the game of billiards 

There seems to be all manner of literally everything in this book  and I was surprised at the good advice and info especially that of psychic phenomena :-) 

We were chatting about Agatha Christie and Hercule Poirot  which is mentioned in the wiki link :-)

Hadn’t bought the book yet though  

This was on Yellow Cosmic Human Day  ~ day 13

If you wish to work with the Universe 

and do the Great Work

at The Dark Half of the Year 

Here are some Persephone Path Events for you:



Click on the link for Facebook :

Persephone Path

Here is a link to my website :

Barefoot Holistics 

There are a variety of locations or by ebook and Skype 

First one is in Glastonbury on Saturday October 11 2014 

If you like my blog and find it useful please can you support me 

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As my work as a writer of this

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is what allows me and my family to live

I am getting a regular connection with Readers which is lovely

and I am very grateful for that support

I wish to continue to offer this

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this will make all the difference to me .


I have a donate button on this site ~ you can donate any amount 

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Bless You 





White Electric Wind ~ alchemy



White Electric Wind

Day 3

The Code today is Co Creation


The Mayan name is Ik

The creation code for this Mayan Sign is 2

This is one of the most powerful days of this Wavespell of 260 days

It is day 34

Added together creates 7

The Mystic Code in

Yellow Sun Wavespell

Which is the language of light

Here is the blog I wrote about this 

Please click on the links to take you to other websites

White Lunar Wind is the challenge of the whole cycle 

In this Wavespell this day was 19 July 2014 so if you choose to connect to this information 

remember what was happening in your world on this day

In the UK it was a Saturday

The challenge is:


To come into balance with our relationship with our Spirit

and to allow that requires a process

all of our life is about this process of creating a relationship with our spirit to guide us or not :-)…

To be ego led and in our head instead

To be free takes work and discipline

determination to be paradoxical

clear our conditioning that is so deeply ingrained and embedded by the time we reach mid life 

and is so painful to be in relationship with

To be in balance at this stage means a reversal route

So we can:

 allow ourself 

To Be present 

Allowing ourself freedom from our conditioned self

by transforming the conditions we place on life and relationship


We can connect to our source

Flow in the now

Today in this Wavespell

August 28 2014

We are in Virgo Sun

Libra Moon in the UK 


6 degrees

Organic Balance within

Creates balance without 

Freedom from drama

Having let go of drama within


Be Do Have

All our drama in life is of our own making 

Often to create an ego support that we learned as a child

We have formed beliefs around how we know we are loved

Just like….

a Gothic Romance

A Hollywood Movie

A bodice ripper from Victorian times 

If you look at your media choices

you will see what floats your boat :-) 

and stormy seas 


Today we can engage in a little honest dialogue

with our personality self :

Am I an attention seeker ?

What is my role in relationships that I have created?

Am I happy with what my relationships bring for me ?

Do I feel joy in them ?

Do I crave something I am not getting ?

What do my past relationships reveal about me and what I have attracted?

What would I like instead ?

We are the architects of our life 

Our Archangel self is free of earthly bound rules and has limitless ways to bring us our dreams 

shows us our conditions in nightmares 

Speaks symbolically 

Our heart attracts what we are ready to integrate

to bring within

to evolve in us

and if we choose we can see these challenging events and people as….

Messengers of the Gods 

to reveal what we can transform within us that is limiting our vision and potentiality

Mercury is also in Virgo right now 

Time for some grounded sacred feminine communication and application ?

Once we get a direct line to our God and Goddess energy we get synchronicities

These show us our personal cookie trail to follow 

The clearer we become 

The more courage we have 

The more we can Shine

and remember the film The Shining ?

The core of that story is about psychic ability

I am just reading the follow up to it ~ Doctor Sleep which showed up in my library

and I am aligning with whatever I need to see for my new learning

as I allow myself to trust the process….

that is totally different to what I was educated in my society conforming framework :-) 

A millipede messenger showed up for me 

If you look at what each Mayan Sign reveals there is a formula 

This formula reveals a process 

It is all there for us to follow with our own personal star stuff 

White Wind is my challenge this year 

I am in Year 6 of my 13 year cycle of Blue Hand

Yellow Rhythmic Human 

We are under a spell of enchantment that is a self perpetuating trance

Time to be free Sleeping Beauty ?

Time for new myths where we let go of being the rescuer or the rescued and stand on our own to feet

To be complete 




Yellow Sun Wave ~ Master Builder Code



Yellow Sun Wavespell

The Mayan Name is Ahau

Dove is symbolic of this sign

Here is a description of the totem of the dove


Today as I write this

is the second day of this Wavespell

Red Lunar Dragon

This code is all about new learning and going into the unknown

Our next  personal step of evolution that in turn evolves our universe

This is the initiation code of the whole 260 day cycle ~  

now in it’s feminine lunar form

So to be free to a life that is open to universal living

free of mind conditioning

this is an essential step of mastery on our journey.

This 260 day cycle started on the 18th of July 2014

So as I wrote in my blog then:

Red Dragon Wavespell ~ Initiate the spiral of home


The whole of this Red Dragon Cycle is

based on the Astrology in the UK

( using 11am for heart time)

of :

 Sun ~ Cancer in Decan 3 Pisces ~ letting go of our heart wounding, mother and nurture issues so we can create new models that are co creative and balanced

Moon ~ Aries at 11 degrees ~ salvaging the dream and the vision

The blog goes into more depth


This is the last of 4 Wavespell’s

in the Mayan Red Castle of Awakening


so if you think back to what started for you on that day

around these themes

or generally in this middle of July period

 this will be significant


This synchronising tool of the 260 day cycle ~ same as a human fetus gestational period 

has 5 Castles of synchronising De~conditioning code structure

Each starts with a 13 day spiral of Red ~ awakening ~ If your Mayan Sign is Red this is you ~ East ~ Dawn 

then whatever has awakened goes into a 13 day spiral of refinement ~ White  ~ often the polar opposite/challenge/ new learning arrives ~ If you are a White Mayan Sign you will bring this clarity and energy

then we go into the potentiality of working

with those two experiences using alchemy ~ Blue

We have just been through this with Blue Hand 

Here is the blog I wrote about this

Blue is the Butterfly process.


This had great learning for me as I am a Blue Hand.

Blues are about change process and generally speaking this is shadow work ~ the parts of us we see as “bad”, unacceptable ~

generally because other people who have been conditioned by society rules ~ which is very conditional ~ found that part of us unacceptable 

this gives rise to the hidden and banished beingness ~ repressed emotion and all that goes with that

Now we are in Yellow Spiral 

This is where the cake is baked 

Very pertinent to this time of Virgo harvest in the Northern Hemisphere

the seeds we have sown have ….

what ?

We are now seeing the fruit of our labours 

What has materialised?

What has manifested?


Each Castle has different Codes in itself which are also created by the spirals it contains

The Yellow Sun Code is the Master Builder process 

It is the seventh step of the Mayan Calendars code 

Number 20 

Which is number 2 in pure form

All potentiality to be in our heart and free

Comes from healing the polarity beliefs and resistance

The ego resists this process 

So becoming a master communicator with our inner child is key

All of our initial polarity patterns were formed in childhood 

and then they expand and attract like for like

This is a key part of our process 

This is the road less travelled :-)

Heart tree


 Remember ~ Please click on the links to take you to other sites

if you wish to expand learning on what is here



If you are ready to follow your own cookie trail then you can also Google what is written and see what is exactly aligned for you

This blog is intended as a sharing of where I am on my path and where each reader is on theirs and I have no way of knowing that position

so I write from where I am

Some of this may be new to you

Some of this may be familiar

It is new learning for me since 2010 really

and it is blowing my mind

Which is exactly it’s intention ;-)

To bring the human being who starts to connect to this matrix

of universal time


into balance with the ways of the universe

Into balance with the ways of the feminine

Into balance with the wisdom of the heart

at the perfect time for the connector

It is about leaving behind the old ways

the old dominant relationships

of masculine


co dependent led


which leads directly to living out of alignment

out of synch

out of balance

with nature

with truth

letting go of our distorted



that we have embedded so we understand literally what it means to live it :-)


In the same way as computers embed code

Human Beings put the conditioned code in

and distort the language of light 

the language of consciousness

that comes from the Sun 



and therefore the code each one of those human beings contain

goes in along with it

Nothing that is human led is free of distorted code right now :-)



this is perfect for our soul playground of learning

We come from the one source

and are individual expressions of it

We chose our roles to play in this lifetime

On purpose and with intent

Pure Code

During our human experience we have

created an experience that has been shaped by that journey so far

and now if we choose

We can use that learning

transform it

understand it through that process

and in doing so unlearn….

anything that has created a painful state of being for us



This code of Yellow Sun is the ultimate state of Grace of Sovereignty

that we can achieve

through transforming our pawn position

The beginner’s space

and becoming the Queen of the game

being free on all levels to go where we will

having healed our heart

I was just revisiting this the other day

watching the old version of the Time Machine Film

We are bound by time on earth

It is part of the game plan

It is how our mind knows who we are

What to do

When to do it

Makes sense of things

for the mind

The Emotional Mind has no such limitations or rules

It is a mechanism that keeps us stuck in Groundhog Day

repeating the past

bound by our emotional mind’s rules which are based on all of humanity’s life so far

and our own personal experience

It doesn’t move on

It doesn’t age

and it is what determines our daily experience

Our own personal time machine


We cannot be free of it

creating without

consciousness awareness…

until we learn how to create a dialogue with it

simple really in principle as everything is ~

on one level

the ego loves to make

things complex to prove how clever it is

hide things that it doesn’t want to see

and isn’t ready to see

or cope with that potentially

can cause it to feel stressed and that makes sense too

Ever asked a child to move something that is in the way /unsafe?

The child doesn’t do it because it is not a match for the child

and that is the new learning coming in next step :-)


Learning how to heal the past is another next step

when we have had enough of the drama

and the ego playing the leading role



Our untrained ego isn’t the language of light per se

but it is the code that allows us to create it

Once we translate it :-)

and this is also what this 13 step process allows us to do

as it takes us through 13 steps to Yellow Cosmic Human

Which is our personal philosopher’s Stone

Our body does not lie…

unlike our mind 

It reveals our energy process with it’s well being ness or ill ness

It is self ~ evident 

In the world beyond the mind there is no opposite to love

(whence we came from )

All is love

Even though the mind will label the “dark” as the shadow “bad” “wrong” etc

It is simply something that hasn’t been transformed by the ego



made peace with

generally because something has happened that generated fear


assumptions were created

beliefs made because of that

and when this is allowed to go unchecked

without any conscious awareness

It expands and creates imbalance in our lives

and therefore in the world



In the fully transformed / free of ego

 Heart Chakra

The 4th dimension

There is no opposite

There is simply acceptance that all is

there is no resistance to anything

because all is known



without any hurt

This is the place of Freedom

This is the code of Yellow Sun

This is the potentiality we have on our soul journey

to be free of being led by our head

There is still such an emphasis on


Which does not create balance exactly because of this

We have an abundance of mindfulness in humanity

Now it is the time of the emotional evolution


Suggestion for you if you are ready to learn something new :


Do something different to what you normally do and feel your resistance ;-)

Be open to new learning

Decide to be a Doer

Be the change

Go within

Do the opposite of what the masses are doing

Trust your gut

Go for Gold ~ Know thyself ~ become intimate with yourself

Get off Grid ~ by personally stripping yourself bare and getting in there…

Up close and personal

Let go of conditioned ways of being taking small steps…


Simply start with connecting to the Mayan Calendar every day

and seeing what it’s about




If for whatever reason resistance comes up

This is your way forward :-)

The master and mistress of their own destiny

know this is where their future freedom lies

This is the heart path of freedom

That comes from within

So whatever is happening on Day 2 of any 13 day Wavespell

reveals the way forward


The Gateway

The freedom doorway

The thing we do not yet know

That our ego may feel nervous about

simply because it doesn’t know….

If you get comfortable with the position of not knowing

and become excited at this place of the edge

this is a very powerful place to be

Funnily enough this comes from accepting that our ego is not in control of everything

and is often delusional to begin with

A scaredy cat full of it’s own theatre

pretending to be a Lion

Using Sorcery tricks

Posing as a Magician….

The Wizard of Oz mode




when instead it could be connecting directly to source…..

( All positions are equally valuable in our world and it is key for each to discover what being that persona and code creates)

but that is what it knows is all

We are all doing what we know

Most of our world stage is being created from raw ego

with very little conscious awareness

and that often feels very tough


all of that is changing now as we change

and human beings enter the Aquarius Age

realising that we are human

and we are

Conscious Creators

13 Mayan Moon info



We have now left Moon number 1

Our initiation has begun with the feminine

so that everything that has been happening to us in the first 28 days of this 260 day cycle is present

We are now in Mayan Moon 2

Lunar Moon

Today is day 5  of 28 and holds the potentiality of creating a strong integrated centre

So we are now in the Moon of our awakening

in this Mayan Year of Red Solar Moon

This Moon cycle of 28 days brings us awareness of the next steps on our journey

What is being revealed?


Are we finding a challenge?

This is the area that can bring us into balance

If we are willing to do what it takes










We are also in Virgo New Moon in the UK

and Virgo Sun

Wow the difference here in Glastonbury is so evident

on a slow time now

Here are some great blogs from DarkStar Astrology

that really speak to me about the energy now:

New Moon in Virgo ~

I moved to Glastonbury in 2011 :-)

My North Node is in Gemini ,which to me, is all about the common woman and letting our Goddess energy come into balance from our heart having healed our wounding and very much what I am involved in with many women at this time

I am a Leo Decan 3

and one of my most painful relationships was with A Virgo Decan 1 which gave me exactly what was required to work with in this lifetime for my healing and transformation ~

don’t feel at all good at the time but was exactly what was required for my alchemical journey 

This has really been my learning coming through me ~ everyone is a channel I believe and in Glastonbury ~ 52 ley lines coming in ~ it is profoundly self evident on the super highway of the Heart Chakra of planet Earth.

Where I live in the Taurus constellation ~ across the road I can see Gemini and Cancer parts of the Glastonbury Zodiac.

Here, in my village, we have the Great Circle of Fatima Ley line and the Camino Santiago Leyline too

See them here 

The Virgo Astrological Code is

split into three energies known as Decans

Virgo Decan 1

Virgo Decan 2

Virgo Decan 3

I have 3 planets in Virgo and I have been looking at their degrees so as to have further understanding of what my Starcode is 

I have Virgo in Venus at 29 degrees and my initial wounding person had Venus in Leo at 29 degrees ~ heart learning ~ Virgo decan 3

My head said no ~ my heart said yes ~ it was necessary from my journey point of view

and this is key to understanding and accepting our life path is different to what we have been conditioned to believe

Virgo in Uranus in 13 degrees ~ my soul journey and enlightenment process Venus decan 2

Virgo in Pluto at 15 degrees ~ my shadow underworld  Virgo decan 2

What I have noticed is that the more I align myself

and the more I can tune into what is repeating for me

this time around Vigo can be such an amazing energy to work with

when we allow it to bring in the code

of the Sacred Feminine


and Healing

that comes from source

free from mankind

distortion codes


Another exercise I did today was seeing the future potentiality by looking at my children’s Starcodes

and seeing how they do not have any Virgo

and how their bigger generational planetary influences hold key clues

as to the world stage evolution

and ideas as to why they chose me and my partners codes to be born into

This is so magical 

You can do this too if you choose

We all can

Now is the perfect time for this new way of seeing

Eyes the window of the soul

So if you are ready to go deeper 

Through the key hole of yourself

Be The Seer 

Start to work consciously

Please get in touch

 Upcoming Events

I have an event soon in the North of the UK with a couple of spaces left 

13 September at 11 until 3

at Down2Earth Psychic Centre Hebden Bridge 


Creating Heaven on Earth Workshop

As always this is in alignment with the Code of Creation Matrix and is in the Red Skywalker Spiral

which is all about us as individuals realising that it is our self and our view of the world that

allows us to create heaven through us 

It is an introduction Workshop 

Everyone will be there for a reason :-)

It will be part of a heaven sent plan that the universe has for us and who knows where that cookie trail will lead ?

It is practical and experiential and ….

You will get information as to where you are on your journey and why you came here at this time

Whatever we are working with in this spiral will appear too of course as we are then in the Second Castle of Refinement

We are in White Rhythmic Mirror Day 

It is a portal day

and as if that weren’t Cosmically strong enough 

It is also Lunar Moon Day 22 ~

A supernova Master Builder number of Christ Consciousness


Can you feel the force ?


Astrologically we are still in Virgo Sun  ~ moved into Decan 2 which is my Virgo in Uranus and Pluto

We are in my Moon ~ Taurus. It is Waning in 18 degrees 

Isis energy potential and the ability to step through our Mirror to bring ourself into balance

Once we change our focus into seeing ourselves reflected back everywhere 

We start to see a whole new universe 

through our eyes of perception

We understand that we have the power of the heart

Love to you and your language of light journey

We are the love we seek

We are the Cosmic Seed 






Blue Hand Wavespell ~ shaping our destiny




Blue Hand Wavespell



This is the transformational 13 day spiral

Gateway to the Goddess returning in us

that is

Code 7 

Manik is the Mayan name 



We are here to unveil the mystery now

The mysterious game of life we are playing is being revealed

Please click on the links to take you to other websites

Are you ready to shift your focus and understand on a deep level what that means ?

To go within

Stop focusing on the world stage and see the lessons it is showing you ?

and go to the place that creates it all?



Most people have an intellectual understanding of how the universe works

What the soul journey is 

but are not yet being it ;-)

To know something with the mind is simply an awareness

To be working with the control centre that is creating our individual reality 

Is entirely a different thing

different point of perception

and the true meaning of self actualisation


The World Stage 

The focus is still on the ego framework

and this is key

that we see the “results of what happens when we “succeed” in the ego realm

To succeed in our ego driven society means we become famous 

have adoration

get paid well for being that personage

acquire goods 

acquire material wealth

but this does not change the ego on the inside.

As we see with recent world events of people who have it all on the surface and yet do not feel worthy or loved

Feel angry and sad

and do not express this aspect of themselves

deny it

repress it 

and this process is the process of depression

and inside they are dying to this truth

When we do not express this part of ourself because it is not a match for “success” 

It isn’t “positive living” 

It is not what society at large wants to hear because the majority are in denial 

feel desperate about this ego trip they are on

and do not know how to get off it

This is the reality check these brave beings bring for the community at large to see

The roles they have played of the clown

The role playing mask

The Joker

A key part of my journey


This is not the way forward 

This is the anti thesis of living from the heart and the ego believes it is the power centre and creates everything…

which is not true

and why we lose our power and love of living when our heart isn’t in it

If all of that were true about the ego running the show then who was in charge when we were created or being born

when the miracles happen

the magical “coincidences”

the things that ego logic cannot explain…

and it does not matter how much “success” and adoration we get from the outside because the more that happens

the more that reveals the polar opposite on the inside of the famous person

So time for a wake up call 

there have been plenty of people that came before who have been in this place

of leaving planet earth at seemingly their own hands ….

I offer it is part of the Grand Design that is part of The Great Work

the ego has issues with that perspective of course…






individuals who did not believe they were

(read about their childhood and all the clues are there)

so sought validation 

and the desperation that builds when no amount of ego driven support systems work

and the pain gets bigger

so the fixes get bigger

until it is no longer sustainable and the fixes do not touch the pain 

There are solutions available 

There always have been

For those ready to work with awareness 

ready to do what it takes to work with this ego compulsion

and to do that 

first and foremost one has to become an expert on oneself 

and the demons that drive us 

that are of our own making

The enemy within

This road isn’t easy and it takes discipline to do it

which is why most people will not do it because….

Their ego wants a quick fix

because that is what it has been conditioned to be

in our conditional world

Where the ego and the masculine has reached the peak of it’s power trip

Now things are changing 

The code is changing 


The Sacred Feminine is returning 

and so it is wise

to learn how to ride the snake of the feminine

and be open to it’s teaching 

all bets are off 

all the old ways are dissolving  and anything that used to work for our ego will be destroyed

It is time for something new 

Today we are on day 3 of this Wavespell

Here is a document I created that you can use with any Wavespell if you want to synchronise with it:

Wavespell Transformation Process



Day 3 in every Wavespell ~ in every year 3 , in every 3rd Mayan

Moon Month is the day of co creative potentiality

The day of Alchemy

The day of Magic

Red Electric Moon




If you want to work with this powerfully

then I am going to ask you some deeper questions :

How much do you know about your self and what motivates you to do things ?

Do you know what your Moon Sign is and how it affects you ?

Do you know what your triggers are ~ your fears ?

Are you aware of how to manage your responses to stress?

Do you know how your body works with your breath and physiology ?

Do you know how to create a place of sanctuary for yourself when you are in the eye of the storm?

Are you able to see what is coming around

for your hero/heroine’s journey ?


When you are feeling chaotic do you know why and how to deal with it ?

Do you have a direct connection to your source ?

Do you feel loved and supported ?

Do you know who you are and why you are here ?

All of this way of being and knowing

about you

Is the only way you are ever going to feel in your core power

and it all there

ready and waiting for you to connect to ~

all that is required is for you to do it

because if you do not know this about yourself … 

then you do not know so you are in a reaction process

rather than a proactive process

and that is what is creating your reality

every day until you change it :-)



To do this means you are going to

have to focus on learning

about the most important person in your life….


To do this means you have to carry water and chop wood

Do the mundane

It isn’t glamourous

You won’t be famous

and you won’t give two hoots about that space of being


because it is simply an illusionary palace of ego


To do this journey means looking at the ego personality we have constructed

step by step

and take the masks off layer by layer

wolves in sheep's clothing

recapitulate with the intention of letting go of old ways and wounds

great book on this methodology ~

I personally use EFT to recapitulate and re~pattern

and feel it is ideal and hey it works :-)

The Sorcerer’s Crossing by Taisha Abelar 






to put down the bottle that takes us to another place

but leaves us with an after taste

to leave behind the safety net

the comfort blanket

that seems to offer sanctuary

but only because it is what our conditioned self knows

We are now going into the void 

Are you ready ?

Your soul is

It has no fear 

You signed up for the trip

Just like waiting for your turn on the big dipper

You are in the queue

No turning back

Take a deep breath and go into the fun house

The house of Mirrors







Our ego is apt to get scared at this point because it is going off road 

into unknown territory 

So  that is something that the warrior of the heart has to bear in mind 

It is a double edged sword 

The gift of all this fear is that it is the power source

It is the torch in the darkness 

It is what guides us in the enlightenment process 

It is the paradox on the path

To work powerfully with it we want to be aware of it

Hear it

Feel it

and follow it back to it’s source

so we can connect to ours free of this drama and create free from the past

otherwise we will still create it

because that is how the creation process works with human beings

It is our salvation

When we work with this prima materia we get to see our conditioned personality

that we have created on our life journey so far

We have created it

We can transform it

We can create anew

One we understand these universal creation codes

We take our power back from all the places we have left it

in times of emotional distress 

This is The Secret

We hold all our potential within us

We are The Cosmic Seed

which is what today is all about

which is what this year is all about 

remembering within is the direction to go 

Red Moon


Code 9


Once you start to de – clutter your inner space

You are on the road to Freedom

It does take a lot of work

It takes work every day

It is so worth it 

and if you think about this in principle you will see that this makes sense 

The only thing that reacts and creates stress to outside events

Is our programming on the inside 

Everyone is unique on what stresses them

So instead of focusing the most

on generalised management processes of  stress ~

clue that is outside of self and anything outside is

obviously outside ~ really simple

put the focus on what causes me stress 

with the intention of knowing oneself

now that is powerful 



The only thing we can change is us 

our inside 

To do this it is key to understand how we relate to the world

What creates well~being relating for us : 

Codes ~ systems ~ processes  that create self~empowerment where we feel supported equally 

Learn how to do this by being it ~ not just an intellectual concept that we are a million miles away from in reality and start with small steps that takes us from where we are now and are sustainable

What creates stressful relating for us:

Raising awareness about why that happens based on the past events and ways of being

Understanding how we do what and why ~ essential for our logical mind

Letting go of these old ways on all levels ~ emotionally and energetically 

Aligning all our systems ~ our human being ones ~ manual for our personal spaceship

Our spiritual ones ~ seeing our bigger picture and accepting and allowing new understanding through transforming our ego

We are amazing beings.

On the bigger picture pattern of our planetary evolution

We have been through some extremely tough times 

Out of balance masculine energy and ego based living is extreme 

We are all on a turnaround 

a healing process 

No one is “wrong”

No one is “right”

These are ego frameworks of duality and polarity and our ego speaking because it has history with whatever is arising

Ego tick boxes ;-) 

There are clearly models of “right relationship” that are balanced and respectful

as most human beings are not yet in this position themselves then the universe we live in isn’t going to be that either is it

It is reflecting the collective understanding of  “life”

The reality of it not some

photo shopped glamourised Hollywood


Once we start to transform our own personal ego history

we can really understand this

because we become free of this framework within us 

We start to access co creation codes as well as

co dependent ones and we get off the addiction process

which is a counter balancing coping mechanism

for living out of alignment with our true state of being

understand and be able to live them

to understand that things are happening now because they match people’s belief systems 

They match people’s inner world

most of which is hidden and in denial in order to

get through life 

How about loving life ?

How about remembering who we really are and what is possible now ?

When we are ready to become an expert on 


how I work

how I am now 

how I want to be

Tool up for

Apprenticeship of Aquarius Being

Be open to new learning

Be ready to go in

and do what it takes

To Dream the Dream into reality 

That is what it takes to birth new worlds for the individual and as part of that process 

the universe 

Woo Hoo 

Once you start to work in this way it becomes clear that just like the wisdom says 

everything does happen at the perfect time ~ if it is meant to 

and this is in one part because of the patterns and circles and cycles so instead of trying to re~invent the wheel ~ go with it and harness the universal power 


If a pattern does not align it cannot happen

Random things do not happen ~

there is a meaning for everything and a causality

and although part of us may trust ancient wisdom 

old wive’s tales





they are all simply “belief systems” that we choose to give credence to our own way of living or not

because of our personal conditioned code and pattern

there is often also a part of us that is not happy unless it understands

not true for everyone

but generally part of the code for those who seek to be self~empowered

and not accept any old bull

this is about being in balance with

Mind Body and Spirit

The Holy Trinity



because they have been around the circuit a few times……

Of course this way of being is not for everyone 

certainly not for the fix it fast or faint~hearted 

This is for the hero’heroine who is up for the discovery quest  for real

in person

and doesn’t mind  facing a few monsters as they reveal their internal monsters :-)


If that is you and you are ready for a voyage of discovery 

please get in touch

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