Red Earth ~ integration day



Red Galactic Earth


Today we are in the

8th day

of the

White Dog Wavespell

The Mayan Moon is also in synch as it is Electric Moon day 8

This is the 14th Wavespell

and has a 

Mayan Clear Sign

especially for the alchemist 

travelling consciously 

walking the walk

as well

as talking the talk

on the heart path


This was yesterday

26 September 2015

Yellow Resonant Warrior 


Bear with me as I am writing this in

SuperMoon energy

in Pisces 

The most psychic opening potentiality


My Saturn and Chiron in Pisces

in my first house

have been energetically swiped this morning


I am accessing vast resources of new learning


struggling to focus in


chunk down into bite size pieces

to share

as I have been following so many cookie trails


the practicals of day to day life as a human being

which is challenging for most

right now on planet earth

and essential to master

if one chooses to be calm

in the eye of the storm



my challenges being considerably minimal

compared to many poor souls

drifting around literally on the stormy seas cast adrift


for my place of being

I am truly grateful


feeling so blessed

as to where I am right now

Added to that I am menstruating

so no easy task to be rational

when at my most chaotic ;-) 

This Red Earth signature


Article about Schumann frequency


is the energetic of

my Mayan Year


I am re~connecting with it today 

for integration 

noticing what is flowing


what is not

opening to what is seeking emotional release

to allow new beginnings

so timely as we are:

Hot on the heels of the lunar eclipse coming up in Aries 

in the UK that is at 0250 Universal time on the 28th of September

It is at 4 degrees Aries:

A cup overflowing with clear water.
Magic when someone is ready and willing to stand there and allow all of existence to stream and pour through them. They shall activate the forces of magic, the return of wonder, and the feeling for what can be. Abandoning yourself to the frequency of boundless discovery in naive, raw, initial disclosure–exhilarated, ecstatic, triumphant. Unable to contain yourself one moment longer. So enthusiastic and alive that you must find kin, playmates to go places with and cut loose together. A state of being that begs to be shared, that must be spoken, invoked, and honored. It is the release point for a flood of new impuls- es, and when given full momentum, it rallies, inspires, sets the world on fire, and laughs so delightedly and uproariously that no one can resist joining in.

Here are some articles on this:


Shannon Port

Mystic Mamma

Darkstar Astrology

This energy totally connects with the Mayan Galactic Signature of this year

White Planetary Wizard

White Wizard is number 14 in the Mayan 20 signs

It is the first mastery sign of the 7 seals

Signs 1 to 13

being the human being energy process codes

for the alchemy awakening human being

Red Earth

is a mastery process

it is Mayan Sign number 17

number 8

More about the Mayan Signs

in this

fab pdf




Planet is Uranus


Lots of rings and moons

Many moons being named after

Shakespeare characters

in the play’s

Midsummer Night’s Dream 


The Tempest

and the others after Alexander Pope’s play

Rape of the lock

this is no coincidence of course

these are cosmic codes


what is very much coming up

for transformation on our planet now 


right relationship


an awareness of how

many people are being manipulated

with the full conscious intent of other human beings 

to continue thousands of years of enslavement 

Taking a lock of someone’s hair without permission

is theft

and done with such knowledge 

and that creates an outcome

this is a magickal framework

in itself 



one source used for this was

Comte de Gabalis 

This is happening in a massive way

on the world stage now




gathering at the perfect time

as patterns and cycles


repeated for human evolution

and this time around


can be a very different manifestation

as more human beings

start to decide

to take the initiative

having been initiated

to create new ways of relating

that truly lead to harmony

rather than

a false feeling of temporary bliss on tap

that fades very quickly

like a rose in the desert sun

without water to nourish it 

the rose of the English garden idyll

on the other hand …

has ample supplies of rain

something the Brits are always on about

often not seeing that 

the source of their complaint

is also the source of the radiant beauty


What is being brought to light

now on planet earth

through each individual ?

The process of coming to centre


connecting to source within


for the alchemist working within

this means transforming all that the mind perceives as “bad”

having originally embedded

that “bad experience”


emotional coding


is a red alert to the individual and will keep flagging up 

on every level 

to create a feeling of

disconnection to source

un safety



in a unique way for each individual

so whatever the individual has experienced


continues to know as that


on a shared collective unconscious level for universal code

The emotional mind does this through feelings

and creates a conditioned response

activated through feelings


the original unsafe dynamic 

Once the individual

becomes very aware of

how they do this

the code is unveiled 


freedom can begin


 using a different framework

the curse

can be lifted

because the key is there

the flame has been lit of cosmic fire for that initiate 

Here is a lovely video

to allow the mind to connect with

sound and vision structure

purposefully created to allow centrelines with source

Back to Magic


The Ouroboros process of enlightenment


The Wands Ignite


Book of Thoth 5

The Root of the powers of fire

This day is connected to 

The Circle of Fifths

~ new to me

Followed the Mayan Cookie Trail too which connected to

Yellow Resonant Warrior …

Popol Vuh 

The underworld ~ key to Persephone time ~ Xibalba

The Bacabs

Magickal workings of the Bacabs

chant 42 from ritual of the Bacabs

which also has links to

The Book of Revelations

Have you made your

Book of Shadows

yet ?


As I am finishing this blog


I have just come back from a walk in the twilight

looking at the magickal moon 

with the man I love 


really feeling that this is a potent time of amazing new beginnings

It is electric

It is a knowingness

It is 


Feel the way time now

Recognising the wisdom of our heart

and how it feels

More and more

There is a halo around the moon which perfectly matches this degree:

Pisces at 29 degrees

A large halo in ring formation around the moon.
The Earth is pregnant with alternate futures. Each of her progeny, each possible future could become the one chosen. The criteria center around whichever future stream is most genuinely surrendered to the highest will. It is the same microcosmically as macrocosmically. Many souls are pregnant with alternate futures. The one that prevails will likely be the one most surrendered to the absolute, the most rightful. You feel burstingly full of visions, possibilities, worlds, and streams. And you know that so very much shall pass away, but what is essential will keep on coming. It is very hard to tell who is who and what is what, which way to lean or how to conceive the way it shall go. But if you stay rooted in your inward awareness and enduring core sensibility, you will be tapped as a vessel for what is to be, and that is all you need to know.

This is the key to destiny 

Remember that Pisces in the 12th house

reveals past lives

the past in this life


how our emotions reveal

how we feel


what we are holding onto 

To move on takes emotional release 

I have just started this years

Persephone Path Online Course

with a small group of people

tuning into 

Asteroid Archetypes

and it is 


Building on the energy of last year 

It is getting stronger

When we do what we love

Trust what our heart yearns for

and pursue that

It is a time of great wonder and learning

Love to you and your new beginnings

We are all in this together

Let’s dance and remember that the angels are here to guide us

When we open

Red Earth ~ Gaia Source Soul Code


Gaia Time 

Virgin untouched by mankind mind  


the return to balance

of the sacred feminine

It is an amazing time for healing now

Lots happening in the starry skies to support this

with a New Moon in Virgo tomorrow in the UK and a partial solar eclipse allowing the moon energy to be strong to guide us into release

and pave the way for balance

coming with Libra later in the month

It is at 741 am at 20 degrees Virgo

An article by Cosmic Intelligence Agency here:

New Moon in Virgo 

and another one here by

Elephant Journal:

New Moon in Virgo 

Suggestions for tuning in for your ground shaking shift:

Check out where Virgo is in your chart

See what is in your 6th house

See what is at 20 degrees in your chart


whatever has been surfacing recently that is wonderful ~ align more with that

whatever has been painful ~ go deep into that with the intention of creating new ways of relating  

remembering that this is key to being the change of humanity

through each person taking responsibility for how we all relate personally

and doing the walk ;-)

The expanse of the Himalayas in the distance.
When you place a spiritual/cosmic perspective upon every single little thing that happens, you will either overshoot the mark or discover perfect meaning. The overshooting of the mark happens when the little mind and the greater mind become warped in their relativities. Proportion tumbles before pregnant magnitude. Everything is sprinkled with archetypal overtones. Perfect meaning arises here when the truth is the yardstick and you simply align yourself with the truth in a nondogmatic fashion. The spirit of discovery becomes the spur. The unknown makes the known precious and poignant. You finally get it right that every microcosmic situation is a jewel in the making, and only needs to be appreciated and boosted by faithful beholding. The passage is from thinking about it to becoming at home within the path of bringing all worlds together, just as the occasion makes possible, with a light touch and an easy grasp of the reins.

Dark Moon in Virgo now

as I am putting in the finishing touches

of this blog

Virgo at 11 degrees:

A four-year-old girl dressed as a nurse.
Innocence has its ways to persist. You can grow up, yet retain the stance of the novice, the beginner, the wonder-worker. You foster a knack of renewing your original, basic values and way of being at every critical juncture–a quality unique and unmistakable. At any age and within all situations, coming at things as though we all just got here and we are simply trying things on for size. The best of this quality is a sticking to prenatal resolves of a lofty integrity that refuses steadfastly to fall under the weight of the critical mind. The worst of this quality is that in its zeal, its dedication, and its self- insistency, it invariably puts others to shame and generates in others the self-consciousness and self-judgement you are yourself bypassing. Therefore, what is good for yourself proves to be bad for others, and results in a quandary, a confusing and puzzling situation, eventually impelling you to add one borrowed ingredient: the ability to take yourself lightly.


Pic link

In the Mayan Wavespell calendar:

The Wavespell began on

07 September 2015

Red Earth Code 

The 13th Wavespell Code

The shift code



The Base/Root Chakra

is the key focus for grounding code




establishing a deep connection to the earth to the

living organism of Gaia


This is a Mastery Code

 One of the Seven Seals 




The last 4 codex of  awakening to truth

in the Mayan 20 signs…




are the first four steps of this process


the conscious process of light

being held within the human being

who is coming into balance


as a result of healing the shadow 




I dedicate this blog

to a new person in my life:


who is step 9 of this process

and is a Gateway

to love in action for me 

as a fellow 9

I am so blessed

to have you in my life

beautiful man 



This is such an amazing time in my life

as I began my 7th year on my birthday

in my 13 year cycle of

Blue Hand


which is my Mayan Sign

My 13 Year Cycle is about transformation and shaping my destiny through healing

and in it’s pure form it is the

7th Mayan Sign

so the Mystic signature

There are so many levels and ways to use this Mayan Code Wisdom synchronising process


Red Resonant Earth



I give thanks and gratitude for the 50 years I have been on this planet

and every single person and experience in it

I give thanks for all the people in my life now

and just want to say that

I love you

and that what I see reflected back to me

is truly wonderful

People are everything to me 

This is the last year of my Red Earth Codes

The year of the Mystical

and the magical universe brings us together 

and I encourage all of you out there to do this work

because this is the manifestation of it and reflection of it

as revealed in step 2 of this 13 day process ~

White Lunar Mirror

on 08 September 2015

which is my Father’s Mayan Sign and he is a Gemini

as is my Mother

as is

My new partner :

Meeting a soul mate who is so alike on one level with shared experiences 

and so opposite on others

to create the perfect union to heal and enjoy life with

in a healthy way 

in a complimentary way 

rather than a co dependent fuelled way

All the painful process that led up to

this place today is worth it


enlightenment cannot happen without it

and of course there is so much more for me transform within

and awaken to 


I have the perfect partner who is consciously aware to do that with

and this is key mastery process

to be with people who can truly see you

because you are ready to be seen

as a result of loving and accepting yourself

My North Node in Gemini is all about 

Conscious Code Relationship 





The Planet of Red Earth is Uranus

the light bringer

Interesting names for it’s moons ~ Shakespeare characters and very key to it’s code :-)

If you follow the cookie trail of these characters

and explore them

new conscious code archetypes are revealed 

Portia ~ The Merchant of Venice ~ is key for me 

In particular this activation takes place in the human being

throughout key gateways in life

and is very active with the kundalini rising process

at the human being age of around 42

This often triggers a mid life crisis to remind the human being that this life is finite

and has a mission

This alerts the individual to present ways of being and if that aligns with this mission

This is known as

Uranus Opposition 

Uranus is in the place opposite to where it was at the human being’s birth


pulls the kundalini up the spine through the chakras

and is a powerful process

of unblocking the connections of these wheels of energy 

to allow full connection to the cosmic circuits

and the grid of the universal energetic matrix

Great book on this :

The Liquid Light of Sex by Barbara Hand Clow 


Please click onto links by the way

to take you on a cookie trail to other sites 

hover your mouse and find portals to potentiality ;-) 

This is a shared space of awareness into new ways of being

a human 

Red Earth

 Is the Awakening Code

in the Yellow Castle of Flowering

We have been into the heart of the Tzolkin and are now coming out of it

What began at the start of this 260 day process of new beginnings and balance 

The initiation of Aries Sun on 04 April 


Libra Moon 


is now being revealed as to what has been given light through personal transformation

and what is still seeking light

by showing us emotional feelings of ungroundedness

Here is a document I created at this time to explain this 260 day process:

Red Dragon Code


It is also on my Resources page  of this blog 

If you know your own personal astrological chart you can see how this code that is beaming out universally 

Is working with your own personal energy codes 

Princess of Wands Thoth 


Sharing this as always simply as my experiential journey as a common woman

who is living my learning

and finding it easier to go with the flow of life

and my soul journey

as I transform all my ego’s resistance to what is

Everything at this transition time is being flipped on it’s head

Aries Initiation

Uranus in Aries Transition

What is seeking the phoenix process

of fire storm ?


What is seeking liberation that requires obliteration

Holocaust process of evolution

Truly New Beginnings 

Prune the vine seeking release and regeneration

Spirit wants to feel 

This is the emotional evolution 

The Catalyst time 

The start of a new spiral

The return to balance of the sacred feminine 

From within

From the patriarchal pathology and all that the ego perceives as “bad”

to be controlled

to be pushed away

to be painful


Where “it’ is at 

Shadow is the new black


Pic link

The pain is what leads to the paradise experience through the releasing of it

Feel it

Heal it 

Go through the black hole

All that each person is avoiding

coping with



blocking out 

Is the Gateway to freedom 

Once the individual truly understands this

Truly understands their personal process

Starts to work with all the conscious raising and transforming tools that are there now

and aligns totally with source within

then miracles happen


Firstly the individual has to be open 

to :

not knowing …

because all the regular rules are off around the mapped out


controlling mind

that manipulates

All our human being ancestral coding is:



The infant manipulates it’s parents /caregivers

to survive 


Just think about that for a moment

From the second the human being starts to form inside it’s mother

there is a consciousness within it

that optimises it’s chance of survival

maximises it’s ability to live and survive

and that is not intellectual

as there is no intellectual structure  

(as science currently recognises that)

in a developing foetus 

so what is that knowingness ?

With this awareness comes great insight as to how our

base chakra instinct


is chameleon like in it’s quality 

maps all the biology

and previous ancestral earth codes


live on planet earth


everything that ever came before


everything that is happening now


all that has “kept us safe” historically …

 can also can keep us stuck and frozen

in that past model

bound in paralysis and fear


if you are able to 

and have enough

painful ego free space 

to allow it truly on every level….

See that any story

of evil people doing things to others purely from evil mindset

has the structural basis in each human being foetus code of survival

which in our current human evolution time line 

is based on 




power play 


using shadow emotions to control others

I am not stating this in any way as any sort of allowance for abusive behaviour

simply sharing truth of shared common ground

of human being basic development and survival code 

Now we can release this


Start working on all levels:

Working with personal fear beliefs 

to be free of them 

and at the same time releasing the emotions that bind them

and embed them within each person 

Reaching emotional maturity on every level as a human being 

Letting go of child emotional neediness programmes :

wanting an instant fix

a gratification


attention seeking 

power play

ego tripping

On planet earth


human beings

have everything

to hand

to manipulate


avoid emotions





All manner of quick foods

Anything from anywhere on the material level


and the money to buy it

even if they do not have real money right now 

not realising that this illusionary way to relate and avoid pain

is only temporary

causes more pain in the long run

and all the time 

the deeper levels of consciousness are feeling everything

just like the human being under the knife on the surgeon’s table

but oblivious of it on the higher conscious level

The organ is still removed and the body experiences the trauma of that

and the healing process required that goes with that

The consciousness aware of every aspect of it

The body still a living process of every thing about it 

There is always a reckoning

and the price for dishonest relationship with the self

Is so so painful 

There is no avoidance 

It is what it is 


What to do ?

Face it all on a personal level


get a reality check

Be with all of ourselves

All of our aspects of self


all of our previous life events

so we can open to knowing

our personality self and start to master the key processes to integrity

Know Thyself

To Thine Own Self Be True

These processes cannot happen

when the human being is in denial

of personal shadow events

that give rise to shadow behaviour



Doing this process of accepting and allowing all of  life

Allows the human being to revisit the past

and in doing so

Plug back in to 

Re source

by going to the time and place where the disconnect happened

This is the integrity process 




This is where the lotus emerges


pic link

literally from going down into


feeling shitty space 



In alchemical terms

this is the prima materia

Holds all the codes for the personal enlightenment process 

There are some shared frameworks

for every human being on the planet


some individual unique codes

for the individual

as to where that person is

on their

soul journey spiral

as part of the collective dance routine

This is revealed using the conscious frameworks of the ancients

the alchemists

of all time 



The Mayan Wavespell


Destiny ~ potentiality


Creation Code

In particular the learning of the Mayan Matrix in an experiential way over the last 4 years

has revealed this to me 

For all those still trying to do this purely from a head led framework alone 

The balance coming in

is from the sacred feminine

free from conditioned mind control

clear space

source space 

unfettered by controlling manipulative co dependent bullsh*t 

downloading direct from the divine

Corporate is on it’s way out 

Co operate is on it’s way in 

Resistance is futile :-) 

For all those struggling


loss of ego status

as the descent process of deconstruct is happening to you 

please realise that this is what human evolution requires now 

integrity from personal integration 

sustainability for the sacred in all life

free of sacrifice 



the best things in life are free

Go deep into this if you can

and recognise the struggle within

is simply the untrained ego within


It is the initiation to the sacred fire


the light 


The ego of the individual burning off the old constructs


it  is simply feeling bruised

because of

it’s cultural conditioning


afraid that it is less than


has done something wrong

as it does not fit

the consumer model of perfection

which has been purposely created

exactly to cash in on this fear

know the truth of freedom

from consumerism

and all it’s entangled threads

that bind us to

scarcity beliefs


not valuing ourselves


feeling insecure which is the true basis


feeling unhappy


No amount of money buys happiness 

To be well

To be loved

To be honoured



by honourable fellow beings

To be happy

with nothing


no one 


this wondrous beautiful planet


all the miracles of every day 

Takes work and discipline …

for most adults who are conditioned

Work Within  

This is The Great Work

This is The Road Less Travelled

and is not



which is often

yet another

ego coping mechanism


can be more of the same old avoidance

of feeling feelings

The Emotional Evolution is here

and time to understand

how feelings create everything and are the driving force

of the human being’s

creation of patterns 



Letting go of everything on all levels

that allowed a human being to feel and experience

a lack of love 

Everything stems from this place 

Happiness is an emotional experience

felt in the heart 

It is not a construct

or something one comes to in the mind

indeed it can be a complete absence of thoughts 


free of conditioning

that is the paradox 

It is a transformational process

for  many adult humans

who have lost the ability to feel joy without conditions attached by the ego

simply coped and compensated until there is emotional constipation 


in all those conditions lies the key to freedom and sovereignty

Here is a lovely film about this

Hector and the Search for Happiness



On a personal level

I am moving soon and where will I go ?

I do not know yet but will be staying in the locality of Glastonbury


I know that this is a four year cycle for me that is repeating 


I also know that I am letting go of so many old ways of being :-)

I absolutely know that my personal alchemical transformation process is working

and I am developing resources to share this process even more 

Exciting times ahead for all those ready to weave new beginnings

Workshop Coming up 

23 September 

Ebook and Dynamic Energy Coaching to work one to one

Art of Alchemy ~The Persephone Path

More info here


This Course takes us through the dark half of the year of the Yin time

The time to go down into our personal underworld

and align with all the cosmic patterns




let go of any resistance that is getting in the way of our heart’s desire

which ultimately is seeking

the healing of any hurts 

to be free to live in harmony

We create our relationship with the divine

and now is the time


take our power back



The Magical Process Revealed by the Mayan King


The Magical Process

revealed by the Mayan King 

Pacal Votan 

Today is the most powerful magical mayan code

in the entire 260 day process

because it is the new learning

for the transformation of the human being 


All I can offer you is my experience

I cannot give any more than that

I believe everyone on this earth is a channel for the divine

We are the cup holders of the God and Goddess creative force


I did not consciously choose to walk this path

and share this information as a human being :-) 

I am learning more and more to let go and be guided

I chose this before life on earth 

I started to connect to this calendar when I began

my 13 year cycle of Blue Hand on my birthday in 2009

I went to Kephalonia and Florence on my birthday

to a family wedding of another Blue hand ;-) 

I am a Blue Solar Hand 


I was awakened to this consciousness of this code

by a

Blue Solar Eagle 

Nines are the Gateways 


More about that here ~  Pacal Votan 


 Blue Solar Eagle is The Gateway Master

of my pure sign process 13 day process 

The Galactic Signature of

Blue Hand 

I did not understand the language of the Mayan Process

I resonated with the message and I knew it was truth

My Mayan Sign is part of this magical process

It is one of the 13 Clear Signs 

This 13 day process

Blue Storm

is the catalyst code that initiated

at the

Summer Solstice

in this current 260 day cycle 


I have touched on this briefly in past blogs 

I share it as I learn it

as I feel to

as I am guided

as I channel the information

Co Creating with this 260 day process for 4 years now

Soon going into the 5th Year 

Each number of the 13 steps has a code

Has a function

Has a process embedded within it 

I can talk to you all day about it


it will bounce off 

It will not make any sense ;-)

apart from what is relevant for you at the perfect time for you

It is not meant to be learned en masse that is the anti thesis of it

and the spiral of it

and the feminine of it  


This is what the new code coming in 

is about

This is not about intellectual understanding

This is about connecting to


Being the process 


Downloading what each person needs to access

at the moment they need it 

Just like Neo in the Matrix


If you believe that science fiction is not real

then this is not for you….

not yet ;-) 

All creations on this earth come from the divine 

Everything is a download and cannot be owned by a human being 

All that I share in my blogs is from somewhere else

filtered through the personality of me 


The more I evolve my personality and release it 

The more I access 

The more open I become 

to divine will

and the paradox happens

the more free I become 

This is not a concept 

This is a process :-) 

Getting our ego out of the way 

So what does it all mean?

Time for the human being to realise the truth of who they really are 

In one sense it is the same as all other ways of the wise

The Tree of Life is here to be seen


The codes of the human being ready

to do the inner alchemical process

are here

on the lid of Pacal Votan’s Tomb 

Pakal color

There are 13 Signs

There are 13 processes that they are linked to 

The Blue Castle is the third Castle 

The Transformation Cauldron 


Initiated by Red Serpent ~ what we are working with all year in focus this year


The nervous system and the maturation of the reptilian survival brain 

moving from survive to thrive 


The Asteroid belt 

It is the Alchemical transformation of the Red Castle

~  that started on the 4th of April ~ 52 days 

4 x 13 process days of awakening code working to evolve the human being 

This was what we were awakening to for new beginnings initiated by Red Dragon Wavespell


Here is a document holding the codes on my

Resources Page 

Aries Sun

Libra Moon 


Princess of Wands Thoth

Followed by The White Castle ~ starting on 

Initiated by Red Skywalker

on May 26

The human being ready to do the Great Work

and bring Heaven to Earth

through themselves 

through their actions

coming from clear space

The Fool in Tarot


4 x 13 day process days of refining the previous 52 days experience 

It was in Red Skywalker 13 day process that I began my relationship with this process in earnest 

I was ready to do the work 

It was time for me to do it

I went to a workshop at the positive living Group 

it was a talk with Jon McCarthy


Scorpio Gateway 

Self Existing Moon 16 

on the planetary cycle 

White Rhythmic Wizard 

I bought a calendar

I did as he bid ~ be the process

Learn with your heart not your head 

move the blue tac each day

tune in

know what your next learning is 

follow the cosmic cookie trail that is co creation with your universal self 

Be the process

Get in the rhythm of letting the magic flow through us 

The Moon Goddess structure 


So now we are at the heart of the matter 

The spinal column

The core

Today is Yellow Lunar Human

It’s planet is Earth


It is my Yellow Castle 

I am in a Yellow Human Year ~ last few days

Each year on our birthday we enter a process

One of four Mayan Signs 

We also have a 13 Year Cycle

again one of the same four signs

Wheels within wheels 

It is complex 

Life is complex and amazing


I am a simple woman

If I can learn it and do it

Anyone can ;-) 

It allows balance of heart and mind

Masculine and Feminine

Awareness of the code that is creating all that is 

How Wow is that ?


So in personal terms

to help you see a personal experiential perspective

As I blogged yesterday 

My 13 year cycle began in 2009

I was in a paradoxical time 

par for the course for me :-) 

When I give up what my ego believes is my way and “career”

Usually because whatever relationship I am in 



no difference on any relationship

because they are simply mirroring what is going on inside

Miracles happen

I shed a snake skin


to do that

I have to have the courage to listen to my heart

and my soul wisdom

which is difficult when the ego has a conflict around survival and goes into melt down

In 2007 and I had learned new tools to help me listen to this part of me 

All aligned perfectly for this future unravelling process


feel this part of me having a panic attack

be with it 

learn from it 

The child within feeling unsafe because of life experiences

past life experiences

ancestral codes

cultural codes 

ancient history running in my cellular self 

Emotional Freedom Technique is part of a ritual of recapitulation

It is shamanic

it is ancient wisdom

it is genuflection

free of any manipulation of wisdom by religious distortion

it is simply a process that allows the human being to accept 


all of the human beings current and past life process

past life process usually creating present process


not allowing presence

not allowing clear consciousness of the human being

emotional past embedded experiences getting in the way of that

Albert Einstein quote simplified ~ one cannot create the solution to the problem from the same energetic framework ~ clear the feelings and distortions labelling a situation as a “problem” 

Get clear

Access source assistance 

Move into a whole new way of being


So today is the clear sign

Yellow Lunar Human

All day 2’s in the 13 day process are Lunar 

New learning days

Shadow days

Moon Days 


Where can we get clear of our veil 

What is perfectly timed and aligned to do that?

Ask and receive your guidance

What is feeling uncomfortable ?

What is pushing your buttons emotionally?

You do not need to understand all the Mayan Calendar to do this

Understanding yourself is the key ;-) 

Letting yourself feel is the key

Being open to feeling all the pain body is the doorway 

Emotional Freedom Technique is gas and air for the soul birthing process :-) 

Do you feel loved and accepted?

What has been happening to you recently that is feeling painful ?

Maybe in your heart?

Maybe in your body ~ the body reveals the true state of energy flowing and does not lie unlike the ego mind who has lots of ways to mask the pain with avoidance techniques and childish ways of relationship 

Our human body is our philosopher’s stone

This is the key to soul alchemy 

The alignment between the body and the spirit 

Being embodied 

Being love through personal acceptance of our human being history

Here is a wonderful video

by Lovely Leo Tom 

This explains what is happening in a planetary sense right now


how the planetary movements are working with the stardust within us 

the energetic codes 

the galaxy quest that is our energetic structure 

Letting go by transforming the ego is key

otherwise we are bound to the labyrinth of our mind 

The myth of the Labyrinth

is the process of using the golden thread

our Goddess self



showing us the way out of our mind 

the hamster wheel 

any belief that we are not worthy

In 2010 on my birthday

I was done with my property developing path

I was learning about who I believed I was

I knew about the Mayan Calendar

I knew about my Mayan Sign

I had felt drawn to visit Glastonbury at Aries time ~ new beginnings


It was an EFT conference and I felt drawn to go

I had felt at home there

I had a huge emotional release 


I went to play a Mayan Game and felt connected in many ways

I was meeting new people in different locations 

I went to the Goddess Conference at the Mayan New Year 

Red Overtone Moon

The heart of authenticity and honesty year in this 13 year cycle of Red Moon that started in 2006

I knew I had to come and live in Glastonbury 

I started to visit 

In February 2011 I did my first Open Your Heart Retreat 

We moved here in August 2011 and were nearly homeless because the original plan made earlier at Mercury Retrograde

fell through

We booked into a holiday cottage called Dreamtime 

We found the house we live in now with one week to go 

I had faith that I was meant to be here

I came 

I got the perfect place to match my structure that I needed to evolve 

and I offer you this

This is always happening to everyone ;-) 

If you believe your ego  is in charge of your life ….

Really ?

Everything is perfectly aligned and a match for where we are in our evolution process

and if that is feeling stark and dark then it is down to the human being to learn how to transform that manifestation by learning what codes of conduct created it :-) 

Then heal it

Then release it on all levels

Then create something different 

Phoenix process


The more we let go of our past now

and the more we are free to be the gift that we bring

Have courage 


and be held 

by your divine self 

Remember the times when you were young and the magic happened?

When you had the courage to speak your truth?

When you took action even though you were afraid ?


it all worked out ?

Spectacularly on a heart level ?



Maybe didn’t fit the ego tick box of yourself or others

in your conventional circle

who thought you should be “responsible” and “conform” ?

When I was in my 17th year

I was in

Yellow Cosmic Human


It was spectacular for my Midheaven Sagi self  at 4 degrees:

A young prince undresses to bathe in a pool.
Seeking your own reflection. Willing to go to any lengths to divest yourself of that which stands between yourself and your world. Seeking a path, a practice, a journey from an insulated way of life to a vitally engaged way of life, but hung up at the point of giving yourself completely over. Stalling for time, reaching for excuses, pulling in escapes and perpetuations of the status quo, you linger on the brink between one world and another. Propelled forward, but equally jerked backward. Destiny shall assert itself in a forward direction at the right time. And before that happens the drama of “will he, won’t he?” dominates consciousness and energy, keeping everything tense, fascinating, and hopeful.

This reminds me of the pool scene in Joe Black 

warning explicit content :-)

This is also directly connected to my Merlin Asteroid in my 9th house ~ completion house

Great article about Merlin Asteroid :

Merlin Asteroid Article

The third degree ;-) 

Clouds overhead seen in a reflecting pool.
Enlightenment rarely comes by pursuing straight lines, by following predictable tracks. If you wish to find the secrets to the mysteries, you must give yourself over completely to the flux and to the ferment, and allow the winds of destiny to prevail entirely. This immediate sense world casts a very different glow than the heavens ever could. By identifying yourself with each shifting nuance, every flicker of instantaneous movement, you find the inner worlds way to waking up here in this Earth. But this journey is a perilous one, for you become awash in so many far-flung spheres, and there is no map and there are no shortcuts. You must somehow see right through your own most addictive and compulsive impulses, and ride the wild waves homeward through sheer presence of mind and gut conviction that everywhere leads to the same place. And that if you find yourself cast into any corner of fate it is the one perfect place to get home free within, if you can hang on and let go and never lose your sense of humor.

Today’s Tarot Card this illustrates this beautifully

8 of swords



8 of swords

Let you of mind dictating imbalance

and creating dictatorships

to free humankind 

Currently Leo Moon at 7 degrees in the UK as I finish this

A very weak cup of tea.
The outward performance is thin and tenuous, not much there at all. The inner journey is huge. You are concentrating so utterly upon the cosmic mysteries that all personal and even individual reputation and reflection seem pathetically small and insignificant. You are being zapped by huge forces, taken on the cosmic grand tour. As the deep inner opens, the surface outer becomes formal and almost wooden. You are called away. Rarely present in a human context. It all depends upon how far you are willing and able to go with this. If you blast free into an expanded selfhood activation, everything will form around that whole new world to be in. But if, as so often happens, you are not quite here, but not quite all there yet either, the transitions can be excruciating; as you prepare for the infinite life, but are hooked back into the regular life and snagged by image and impression. For you will be consistently reflected back to self as one fragment of yourself and this can be awkward and inwardly agonizing. All you want is to wake up and become your greater self. And meanwhile your lesser self has lots to handle, standing in for someone who is never quite home.


Blue Monkey divinity codes of the heart


Blue Monkey Wavespell

This is the big one ;-)

Are you ready to transform?

Are you ready to do the work?

This is the 13 day process that is the centre core of the


The Mayan 260 day synchronising process

that is perfectly timed and created

for the human evolution process happening on planet earth right now

You can access one I made to download

and print off on my Resources page

here is a direct link

Mayan Wavespell Synchronisor 

The key to this is doing the process of the calendar

being the process


I am going to share a lot of info about myself today

and my process

and please hear this for yourself

The key to this process is for you

to do this for yourself

that is what this

Age of Aquarius brings 

Know thyself

To thine own self be true 

Learn your codes 

Learn how you tick  

This is the key to this year of self~empowerment




Individual Awareness

Uranus light bringing activation

Light coming in to the individual as a direct result of transforming the shadow and making the space for new codes within

new relationships without are manifest

as a result of this conscious process

Conscious relating to ourselves

Conscious relationship as a result of that process

with others

This is the enlightenment process

I start today’s blog with a picture of me from around 10 years ago

My 40th birthday that year

This is Halloween and my witchy self on full view 

Yesterday we had Jupiter

go into Virgo until September 2016

Here is a great article about this

and lots more astrological info including

The New Moon in Leo on the 14th



Gray Crawford

For people of my generation in particular there is a key role to play in Virgo energy

especially around the sacred feminine and being in touch with that part of ourself beyond the limits of our mind

Virgo is the 6th sign in the wheel that allows us to bring in a balance with a healthy attitude and behaviour around healing, being and doing

Mastery of Virgo ~ potentiality ~  as esoterically

Jupiter is the planet of expansion and Mastery

whatever has been coming in over the last 12 months in Jupiter in Leo reveals ego and heart issues around feeling loved and the courage to be who we really are and let go hiding especially if we feel an outcast 

which is the majority of people who are paving new paths ;-) 

Feeling there is a 

cross to bear



continual crisis crossroads choices

and wow amidst all this is…


alchemical potentiality to birth the phoenix process


The Mayan Sign reveals the cross

the Rosy Cross

of potentiality through integration

to allow full acceptance of everyone and everything in our personal path

and be the transparent free child as a result of that process

Free of all wounding

Free to live from the heart

and love all

My Mayan Sign from my birthday

reveals the cross I will be working with 

Red Resonant Earth 

Red Earth ~ planet Uranus How centred, grounded and aligned I am so that I can feel safe on the earth and my tree of Life has good roots. My circuitry to the earth is embodied 

Red Moon ~  planet Mercury ~ my higher self guiding me to work with everything in me ~ Hermes is Mercury ~ currently Mercury in Virgo for discernment today ~ looking back over recent months and honest and authentic relationships is a good place to see the fruits of our labours and our significant others ~ are we having honest relationship or is it all smoke and mirrors ?

New asteroid for me ~ Hermione in the chart ~ 121 ~ the daughter of Helen of Troy who has a disastrous first marriage because of her father’s betrothal as spoils of war, but runs away and marries her first love and grandfather’s choice 

Hermione asteroid


This is again key to the new Mayan Year we are in ~ Red Moon 13 year cycle ~ White Planetary Wizard ~ The Moon Goddess ~ planets ~ the asteroid belt 


The asteroid belt

between Mars and Jupiter

is changing our collective consciousness with new archetypes to embody

If you haven’t seen this film 


it is wow 

it is dark 

Following A David Bowie Capricorn Cookie Trail 

At the time I started writing this article

is the exact degree of dark moon in Cancer in the UK

at 23 degrees

A man putting together pieces of broken pottery.
Nothing works any more. The form of things is breaking apart. In your mind’s eye, you can remember how it once went, and you can certainly try to put it back together as it was. There is something about doing this that teaches you all kinds of things. And when you are called inside to reconstruct the old world and somehow keep it together one way or another, you must do it. One lesson you will eventually learn is how the mind works and why it is convinced that this task is so very necessary. But meanwhile, there is an elegance, sophistication, a cultured touch and sensibility that provides entry into so many fascinating worlds. Karmic recapitulation. Going back to the same places to do the same things can be quite a story to tell. Every bit of it is ebbing as it happens. All of your constructions in mind and outer form cannot hold on much longer. But the ego-mind is most tenacious and insistent in such destiny verges, hoping to postpone the deluge one more delicious moment.

My Hermione in the 6th house :-)  

Yellow Seed ~ planet Jupiter ~ the mastery of understanding the mask and why and how it was created ~ what it allowed to happen and how to let it go to reveal the true seed underneath ~ letting go of being the anti matter, the scapegoat, the emotional chalice and imbalance for others in relationship  :-) My Jupiter is in Gemini 5th house and what I have been saying about relationship mastery 

Blue Hand ~ my challenge and gift  to keep shaping my destiny and complete ~ keep doing the inner work and balancing this with doing the practicals 

White Wind ~ letting spirit speak ~ again Uranus is the planet. When we are present we channel truth free of mind interference 

when we use EFT to clear distortions and start to balance our emotional body re align our patterns and clear distortions then everything becomes clearer and easier to know what choice to make

the energy in the body flows


accessing the 5th dimension in person

as all lessons are learned


and the light




pic by hardnox

Depending on how you see that

and do that with yourself

there are many computations possible 

If you are a similar age to me 

I am 50 in less than a week

You will have similar planetary placements

If you want to do your own chart is a link:


My biggest houses

are my first and seventh

My first unlocks my seventh

The first house being in the underworld as everyone’s is

The first six houses are all in the underworld using the format on astro.com

I am not an Astrologer

I learn and share intuitively and this is key to the nature of what the 260 day process is bringing us now to embody ;-)

My first house holds the key to unlock the secrets of the mystery


I am about to enter my

7th year of my 13 year cycle

Red Resonant Earth

in my own Mayan Sign


Blue Hand 


Everything that I have ever experienced is now coming up and in for me to work with in particular since the

Summer Solstice

and my 13 day process of

Blue Storm that began

on 21 June

and my Mayan Sign is day 9 of

in broad terms we are now going into the feminine half of the year

The light in the Northern Hemisphere is diminishing and I was chatting with a friend last night who agreed that the weather and vibe shifted yesterday in the South West of the UK

there was a distinct autumnal flavour

and to use his words a Robin was singing their Sad September Song


photo link 

and maybe the Robin is not sad

but I agree that this is how I interpret it 

I totally resonated with that

Do you resonate with that ? 

There is a nature code that you can see, smell, hear and feel 

This chat was in the shift of

White Cosmic Dog


and I have a lot in common with my friend

as we have shared

tribe patterns

so understand each others process

This is key to this fusion time of

Sirius Gateway at the Solstice

with it’s asteroid placement of 13 degrees Cancer

Sirius 2

There is no distinct masculine and feminine of course as all is a fusion of energies

There are key structures though

The key structure we are working with in our 50’s

is the heart of the matter

Leo energies

and we are in the last day of the

Leo Gateway


Here are some links about that

Art of the feminine

and my perspective on the infinity link is the card in Thoth 


through integration and doing the disciple work :-)

This is key to this earth energy now 

Book of Thoth 6


The generation of people who are 50 

are the earth lovers

with my Pluto in Virgo in my 7th house at 15 degrees

A man inherits a vast fortune.
Aristocracy takes many forms. Whether by karmic predisposition or by bloodline or both, being granted the ultimate pedigree for serving effectively. Those who have ruled can serve. Those who have mastered can give themselves over. Those who have attained can extract the essence of what they have come to before and utterly discard the rest. Showered with blessings. Filled to overflowing with the streams of your background, you are yet definitely motivated to use all this as a springboard and not to lean back on it. You feel the impulse to renew gifts, treasures and mysteries–to revitalize the old streams, to make relevant and essential what has previously proven to be steady and enduring. And most of all, endowed with a fluency in drawing from the well something fresh and new, and being so at home in bringing it all through that you become an individual here in the midst of things, who just happens to know and be familiar with just about anything you need to access from the well that never runs dry.

Here is an interesting article on Pluto in Virgo


Lilith first house which are both key for me  

Pluto in Virgo blog spot 

I see this as a Hades and Persephone dance hence my shadow work and this generation busting through old archetypes of co dependent relationship that is abusive to the sacred feminine on all levels


pic link 

I also have Uranus in Virgo in my 7th House at 13 degrees

A man with hair on his back.
Peppery, fiery, contentious, and spoiling for a fight. Born ready, shot from a cannon, one of a kind–volatile in the far extreme. Convinced of things. Taking sides, even inventing them, you are impelled by the polarized consciousness to be so fiercely partisan that the destructive overwhelms the constructive. Incited to riot by what is wrong with the world–not reconciled, not accepting, not at peace. Self-righteous and headstrong. In perfect moments, ebullient and magnificent and the most charming a being can be, much of the time you are feuding and bickering and blindly consumed by the lower mind. Keenly good at self-deception, the world’s best at blind self-fidelity. The perfect promoter of the unpopular cause. But you feel tormented by the way in which all of this perpetuates itself and cannot find freedom. You search for a way through, hungry for self-overcoming, and needing so badly to emerge from the thicket of the mind, to be affirmative of existence with no doubts making the world intolerable to sit in one more moment.

oh yes that is an intense pattern of mine

and one that I am now tiring of 

as yet again preparing to duel with the devil of the patriarchal systems

and needing to move house again


my whole life has seemed to be part of this polarity 

I guess like me you have often felt it would be easier to live as a recluse

stack shelves

that is not the path of the shadow worker

hiding in the wings ;-) 

It is what we signed up for at this transition time

and when doing the inner work it does get easier

happend easier

and allows the individual to

take power back

revisit old wounds


speak truth

feel good about honouring oneself 

and the sacred feminine

because if people do not do that now

Who will ?

Just watched a lovely film

Women in Gold 


Devastating yet enriching as is the soul journey

Be the honour of what is

“right relationship”

is key for love 


Astrology and the Mayan 260 day process

help the individual recognise patterns

and see that their script is written already

How we choose to portray our part 

is the magical part 

The Art

and when we combine this

Mind Map from the starry skies 

the sat nav for the soul journey 



use heart wisdom

freed from emotional distortion

using EFT 

Emotional Freedom technique

See my resources page specifically for EFT for that

Oh my Goddess it is wow 

Everything that seemed “bad” about ourself

suddenly frees us into 

realisation that everything happened for a reason

and our weirdness is the sign of the awakened soul

I have put an excerpt here from this website which really touched me

sharing it with that intention

Do not ever doubt your magical beauty awakened people 

Our difference is so magnificent and extraordinary

Keep believing in yourself through all these dark times 

and do the work

to feel and know the warmth of the eternal sun and light 

Know that we are all in this together

we are always held and loved

Ask for help and it is given 

An Ode to the Misfits

Here’s to the wild, the weird and the wonderful.
To those that drop deep into their own flow and lose sight of the shore. Who discard the rules, the labels and the chains that once bound them in search of the truth of their heart.
Here’s to the mismatched puzzle pieces that don’t get invited to join in all the reindeer games; that get left behind in the dust to learn their own way to fly. Who in their sacred solitude grace the skies with wings of freedom and a grace born of soul fire.
To the rare, unearthly beings that walk the road less traveled, taking the adventure that rises on this path with purpose and passion.
Here’s to the rebels, the heartsick originals, and the bittersweet loneliness that fuels their spirit. To the one’s that won’t conform, back down or step aside. To the one’s that were not born to fit in but to gloriously stand out.
To the tribe of troublemakers that think so far outside the box, they dream on the edges of the infinite. To those that dance even though they have no idea how. Who stumble and make it part of the steps, sing completely off key and totally out of tune.
Here’s to the awakened one’s whose purpose is to feed their soul not starve it. Whose mantra is the drumbeat of their own heart and the possibility that looms on the horizon. To the one’s who dare to be open, to love and to live.
To the magical, the mystical and the misunderstood. To the wise ones that move between the shadows and the light. To those that howl to the Full Moon and run naked in the streams. To those who read the compass written on the walls of their heart’s and follow the North Star etched upon their spirit.
Here’s to the fallen, the broken and the shattered. To those that know to be cracked is to let the light in deeper. Who know that the best fruit is on the very tip of the branch and the brightest jewels are hidden within the roughest of surfaces.
Here’s to the brightly colored, divine visionaries that won’t stand down, play small or sit out.
Here’s to the wild one’s. Here’s to you.

Today’s planet is Venus 



My Venus is in Virgo at 29 degrees 

A witch preparing magic mushrooms.
Within the delicate, formative stages of major departures into the unknown, there is encountered an extraordinary task and lesson that detains you a long while. It becomes self-evident that it is everything that comes before that makes the difference. There must be a fully attuned, magical sensibility to make the future possible. Coming to this requires arduous discipline and elaborate ritual, internal initiation. This becomes such a labyrinth of discipleship and apprenticeship that you wander through the maze discovering everything you ever needed to know. All is played out within. There is no need to make anything happen on the outer. You are assigned to empty yourself out, to strip everything away, to become invisible. And if you excel at your craft, so many ventures and initiatives will be seeded, that this inner planes total mobilization will prove to be more fruitful and productive than any premature thrusts of outer mind, no matter how impressive or seemingly necessary. The entire path lies well within, and needs no surface success to substantiate itself.

also in my 7th 

This is the anaretic degree and it is still playing out and will do for me because it is my mastery of relationships

and to become a master takes experiential learning

and becoming the wound to understand it

and be it on all levels

heal it transmute it

and share that with others

to turn this world around and bring balance because we have accomplished that miracle within our inner world

so this process has to happen from within each person

before the outside world

will reflect that en masse  

Here is an article about that:

The anoretic degree medical astrology

People who know

how to relate consciously

are as rare as Hen’s teeth ;-)


that is a fact 

I do not mean people who talk the talk

I mean people who are walking the walk

I know I am very self aware and doing the process


everything that is coming up for me right now is very revealing about how I am still relating like a child around men especially :-)

I get gut instincts but then do not honour them 

because I haven’t healed enough

I still have big trust issues and so I do need to keep going there…

until I don’t :-)

You cannot do that with your thoughts

in a Virgoan bubble safe from harms way 

The Universe brings us what we need not what our ego wants 

key learning

a match comes for what we need to integrate

and remember 

we are the universe

no one is doing anything to us

we are doing it to us 

to get clear about how we actually do relationship

rather than how we think we do it 

and this is often frustrating

in this Venus Retrograde

and that is how it works

Our next step is only revealed when it is the perfect time 

So an amazing time of connection

Here is David Bowie star seeding the code into the collective psyche in 1972 

This is the Mayan Code of Red Dragon initiation:

Moonage Daydream 

I’m an Alligator

I’m a Mamma Pappa coming for you 

Letting go of being stuck

Tomorrow brings a magical

13 Pacal Votan clear Sign



I will blog about this then

In alignment 

It is so key for me 

Goes back to the second year of this 13 year cycle

when I first came to Glastonbury and got the Goddess calling to come

and I did 

and wow 

never saw that coming ….

or any of this Mayan Stuff

or so many people who I hadn’t met yet 

and love now 

Isn’t life an absolutely amazing adventure ?


Mission Impossible 

and yet somehow 

we do it ;-) 

Love to you and your divine child coming into it’s own 


Keep moving

Keep loving

Keep open 

Online Workshop

this weekend for you

if you are ready to be the wizard within

Click here for My Structure of Magic Empowerment Workshop



Relating Code


Red Galactic Serpent

Day 8 of White Mirror Wave

The day of Hiroshima 

The depth of inhumanity


When I look back at human history

How were these things possible

These actions

These decisions

These choices in relationship

made for the many

by the few

How can this be?

Total pathological ego of people in positions of power

Total abuse and corruption of power

The effects are still rippling out


unfortunately this is what has had to happen and is still happening

as part of understanding how the human being can be in relationship

Little boy ~ aptly named for the masculine child unleashing a holocaust 

A link about Hiroshima here


The Oleander was the first flower to return

Oleander Pic

Healing properties of Oleander

Do you think that the majority of the population

would have agreed to the choice of  using these atrocities 

if asked?

Are now?

Informed consent by the consensus ?

The populace weren’t even aware of these monstrous creations used

supposedly in their name 

No one in a place of sanity would ever consider that this choice should have ever been made for any reason

and yet may have seen it as such

because of the propaganda at the time once coerced 


some people still will

because they are not ready to stand up

and be an awakened citizen because of fear

of what that means

No more hiding like a child

and deferring responsibility to people who bully and abuse

weaker human beings

and also people who are sensitive

and will not fight because they cannot be the behaviour they abhor

It is not in their nature

or in their consciousness

and so again history of these people reveals genocide 

and still

people blame “god”

how can “god ” allow such a thing rhetoric

human beings totally in denial of any responsibility for their actions

and using “god” as a reason

this use of divinity 

as an excuse for murder and terrible cruelty

with the creator on their team




of the sacred feminine in all of humanity

in all of the earth

has continued for centuries now as an excuse to dominate



These energetic blueprints can be seen repeating in their exact locations

by the individual ready to see the pattern


Those who start to look at their own patterns

around relationship

are seeing these energetics very clearly 

and this is the key to bring balance to everything


Once the individual starts to understand how they relate

as a human being

is the source of all their creativity

a major mastery step is created

not just for the individual

but for the whole of humanity

Each human being actually doing this internal alchemical process

is one conscious cell

one pixel

in the bigger picture of the human evolution



This is what the second coming process is 


Each human being understanding themselves

Creating emotional intelligence

Healing and clearing the past



For Real 

Being the change

is what creates a different reality 

So here is my personal story around The Red Serpent process of Relationship, just to help illustrate this as an experiential understanding, which is the reason I write the blogs.

I know they will be difficult for people to relate to at times because there is a lot of esoterica in here and it is purposefully designed that way. I am sharing , literally , a magical process . This is the key to this New Year of White Planetary Wizard, we have just started in the Mayan Calendar. In essence each person is their ego story as well as their energetic blueprint. Their ego personality that has beliefs about how the world is based partly on life experience. Many of these beliefs have a strong emotional embedding code which means basically, when the young child or young adult was developing they had an event, or a series of events in relationship that created patterns of how they interface with the world with intense feelings. This way of encoding is a survival mechanism that does not require thinking ~ it is a deep unconscious process like breathing and this is so key to understand . It happens automatically without conscious awareness most of the time ~ until the individual is ready to work with it pro~actively, having the resources and skills to do that. When the time is aligned.

In the bigger picture this is the same process that keeps each planet on it’s trajectory, allows the amazing universe to create each day ~ without any need for human intervention so whenever our ego has any doubt that our universal wise consciousness has everything covered ~ it is a good time to remind our ego self of that. The ego is a prickly pear on that matter as it knows it really has very little control over anything so creates lots of smoke and mirror avoidance techniques to deny this truth.

First of all  key understanding is that the ego does not want to consciously relive anything emotionally upsetting because it is a survival threat and so turns down the volume most of the time. For the individual to understand what that story line ~ code~ is for them , is essential for self~empowerment, otherwise the individual is literally “at the mercy” of their emotional pattern match triggers and that is very dis~empowering.

The more intense these events and the harder to suppress. This is known as post~traumatic distress disorder. You do not have to be in the military to have experienced this. In the world we live today there is so much pressure and people are living so unnaturally out of the rhythm of natural cycles that this is huge. The more mature the human being in age, the more pattern matches will have happened and the more stress to the emotional mind. This is where the human being psyche ~ ego ~ creates coping mechanisms.

These coping mechanisms are often not healthy or logical ~ they are coming from an ego that is immature, afraid and does not have a logical overview so makes simple solutions. OCD is one example, emotional eating and instant fix ~ consuming patterns are allowing people to carry on in very unhealthy relationships and this is in alignment with the patriarchal pattern. There is no common sense evident ~ major clue to ego patterns of control ~ everything that is happening in the UK around not supporting people in community ~ an ancient fear control manipulation pattern with lots of sophisticated spin doctoring now :-)

A coping mechanism usually involves matching a pattern where the individual had an ecstatic experience or gained positive reinforcement as a child. This could be drug based, which is why people become addicts ~ to escape any pain. This is not resolving the core issue so more drugs have to be taken as the pain expands. As a natural part of the pain pattern the individual will be taking part in behaviour that matches the first wound so this in itself will create more pain.

One of my patterns is being a people pleasing high performing student and getting good grades which allowed others people in my circle to benefit ~ I enabled them with my performance. This of course is echoed in my blogs and how I create a lot of info and how I give to people I am in relationship with which can often be over sharing.


This way of behaving is not about “judgement” this is just simple natural outcome . This behaviour creates that outcome. If a person is dishonest then this does not create honesty. Telling lies is not “kind”. Murder is murder. There is no justification for behaving abusively or dishonestly or killing another being . It is killing for whatever reason. There are different perspectives as to causality and reactivity on the spectrum .Our human ego tries to reframe the behaviour to allow it to continue and sugar coats it in some way. Our own personal propaganda machine, which is reinforced by the cultural machine, that is wanting the individual to consume and keep this unhealthy way of co dependent relationship spinning . This is why it is essential that each individual recognise their story and code of co dependency to create a different way of relating and release it now.

Any sort of bullying or deceit creates an outcome and it is the way the universe works ~ simple laws . The universe always brings a match for the person and I know some people struggle with this but I offer you ~ look deeply and you will see how this happens in a very imbalance extreme patriarchy pattern that we are currently in.

My view:

If, for example, a vulnerable person gets abused it does not mean they have been “bad” in a past life and are getting their “just rewards” in this one or deserve it in any way. Anyone believing that model, I believe, has some unreleased relationship issues with something that has happened to them in this life around wanting others to be punished, feeling unjustified, powerless and angry. That is always true if a person has an emotional reaction to anything ~ personal stuff.  That is how our personal stuff is revealed ~ emotional intensity :-) What is getting on our nerves is key to Red Serpent Relationships and if not addressed it goes deeper into body issues especially spinal.

In our current world vulnerable people are being exploited by those who are power tripping and coming from a lack of consciousness awareness and that is how it is. Ignorance and lack of any awareness and compassion ~ that is the majority of human beings right now to extremis because of historical events.. It isn’t something I simply accept either ~ I do get angry about it and if I can I do something about it I do . I am currently in a lot of dialogue with various community systems around how they are not supporting me or the majority of people and how they could change. When I am not accepting I look at how this has happened to me in the past ~ pattern match ~ and what is still resonating . If I am in a rage position, often there is a lot of past relationship disempowerment and imbalance to shift and if that is not the case, then there is a pattern match of relationship that is hugely distorted happening . This is happening a lot now on the world stage because the shift to balance is happening. This is a year 10 on the planet in terms of the Mayan Calendar. This means we see what is manifest as a collective, around self~empowerment in relationship en masse. Mostly it is not a happily ever after story is it? It does have a lot in common with many of the fairy tales that reveal the code of relationship over generations.

We are all carrying the ancestral codes in our genes and these include geographical locations .

These are all past life patterns as well. This is what is revealed in our Astrology.

With the Full Moon in Aquarius we have just had we are seeing the bigger picture and this has been certainly true for me.

The level of self awareness around how I relate has been profound. Working with patterns and codes is key for me with Saturn in my first house and Lilith here too. 


Here is a crop circle that I tried to find with a friend but we didn’t :-)

Crop Circle 

The info on here is given as esoteric info but if you are ready look deeper ~ it is the process revealed . The Mayan 260 day calendar is an enlightenment process.

We went to two amazing sites on that day ~ they were exactly what we needed ~ deep feminine energy ~Avebury was one ~ here I am experiencing grounding energy ~ I literally felt I was held and deeply brought into my connection with the earth 



I initiated a search for a soulmate on a dating site at the Summer Solstice ~ totally ego uncomfort zone and not believing that this could be possible but knowing new learning coming in

 The key has been revealing pattern and code ~ in particular my past patterns and theirs and how we can create healing from that connection now.

What I have experienced has had a profound awareness as to my sharing of myself and as a result  I have become very focused on what I want to expand and what I want to release now to relate differently

There is no difference to the universe whether this is sexual/romantic/business etc

There is no difference ;-)

All about our interface and what Saturnian structure we form until around 30

This is key mastery 

Remember we are in Red Moon 13 Year cycle so this is about awakening to honesty and authenticity ~ who we really are not who our ego has designed for us. Time for those layers and masks to come off and often this means a lot of emotion needing release to allow loving acceptance of ourself. Every other person allows us to see a part of ourself seeking integration now ~ the core model of relating has been  two halves make a whole

This is happening quickly now ~ I have been mapping minutiae of code using the Moon degrees ~ when the contact comes in ~ what degree ~ what this creation code is

When it came in initially and what it is triggering

What expectations ~ Disney World Happy Ending Consume Code etc ?

One of the key factors is the four year cycle 

This is perfectly revealed for me now

and other combo’s too

For example I am experiencing a Saturn return of 29 years since I went to Greece and seeing and connecting with people and patterns of that time

What am I still doing that no longer serves me?

What is magical that I want more of?

What needs to change in me to allow this experience to manifest?

Oh my Goddess ~ really this level of micro study ~ really yes.

This is what it takes to know oneself and it is so worth it ;-) 

Or would you rather….

watch a soap opera, play a game, bury your head in the sand?

Your choice ~ all of it ~ everything in this whole universe

We have got joint custody of the divine child we are all co creating.

As I started writing this in my Taurus Moon ~ waning ~ letting go ~ this is the structure of manifesting, letting go of bulls*t and being ISIS energy ~ is is get it? Practical, grounded , sensual, feminine energy expressed and being love in action.

It is all there to be seen ~ the matrix ~ the veil is vanishing so get centred and core aware 


It was 4 degrees :

A man talking in his sleep.
A psychic faculty is dreamt into and sustained, leaving everything wide open for passive absorption. Going so deep in there, an altered state, that you become karmically thrown into the dilemma of translation between the worlds. Being used by astral forces, and learning to adapt. Indwelling a place reserved for those who are not ready to activate. But, oh, the dreams, the vapors. Remembrance. Recapitulation. Return. Longing for connection between the worlds, you may be able to take the underworld route through if disciplined attunement is fostered. Creative powers are dammed up and filtered through into naive wistfulness. You wait, hope, and are drawn back and back until the inner worlds have been heard and respected and the balance can be restored.

People believe still that a pattern can be changed and I offer this ~ we have codes and we chose the codes before incarnation

We have no choice around the universal pattern or the pattern we have once here

However the pattern we have is a distortion of the true code ~ and so if we choose to heal the distorted code ~ emotionally and energetically ~ the natural outcome and reframe is that we align with truth free of distortion

This takes courage

It takes discipline

It takes heart

It is possible for everyone and everyone and….

What is stopping that ?

Ourself ~ the ego 

That is it 

So go for it 

It is so magical 

It is Freedom

Fractals of potentiality ~ White Mirror Wavespell


White Mirror Wavespell

A 13 day process of potentiality 




All that is revealed in my world

is coming from my inner world


If I choose I can work powerfully now

with conscious intent 

Are you ready ?

It is a powerful time for seeing how we  relate

Seeing ourselves reflected back

especially with the

Venus in Virgo Retrograde

that began on the

Day out of time July 25

Red Solar Skywalker Day 

great article about this:

Darkstar Astrology

Venus in Virgo

This is my Venus placement so naturally huge for me right now 


Going back over all our relationships to see how we use our sacred fire

to create new worlds

literally with our children


our dreams of desire




The last 13 days have revealed our relationship issues 

around how we are doing

love in action

and how we actually do that 

which is very different

to how we think we do that

Day two of that wavespell

was a key magical day 

White Lunar Worldbridger 

it was on Saturday 18 July 

What was happening  for you ?

Red Serpent

is my Mothers Mayan Sign

so this is a key process for me in relation to my matriarchal line and family constellation

It is one of Pacal Votan’s clear Signs 

I spent my day in a domestic with my neighbour

and went for zero tolerance option

I will not be disrespected by another adult any more

who is behaving like a child


avoiding taking responsibility for how they relate 

being a victim 

and dragging every person in their radius into their drama for that very purpose of manipulation and energy vampirism 

This can of course only happen if the other allows that

How that is allowed is revealed as to the individual’s choice about relationship

and the level of love learning that we are all opening up to as a collective 

The ripples of my neighbour’s choices

and my choices 

are going out now

and creating new structures 

This is key for the


Full Blue Moon

coming up tomorrow morning at 1143 in the UK

click on the link on Aquarius for a great article

This moon represents the cup holder

of the God and Goddess


the human being

soul and human dance of destiny


The human being who as a planetary server 

is ready to see their bigger picture


most importantly

empty their cup of distortion

emotion overflowing 

to allow the cup to be refilled by the divine 

that they are

time to remove our mask husks

holding us back in the past wound of feeling unloved

Their is no opposite to love simply expressions of it

All is love

All leads to love

Our perspective on love is the key

To know love as loving life

and experiencing bliss

One has to be it 


How have you been

love in action in the past 13 days ?

This is Leo time 

The time of love 

The first picture today is Romeo and Juliet and others are also in this thread

Have you been lucky enough to feel the full intensity of this in your life?

It is one of the most powerful forces on earth

It is Divine

love in action

Heart to heart 

Kissing your lover and being in that ecstasy 

The play of Romeo and Juliet

the process of love overcoming all boundaries in the beginning of this tragedy

and yet ends tragically 

because of misunderstandings


lack of communication

Love is not logical

Love is a feeling that drives people to do things

Often against all mind restrictions

It is the power of the divine to move human beings 

To seek and create loving connection

with a passion that cannot be explained or quantified

Absence of love in life creates pain

Living in relationship without love is death

It is the root of all unhappiness in the world and yet…

people are still not getting that simple wisdom

If you are not feeling love now 

can you remember when you did ?

How different was that life experience ?

I choose love every time

and am an expert on living without it


I think that is true for the majority right now 


that is a choice 

that can be changed

Choose love 



I have been on a musical cookie trail today

If you love music this is a way to get in touch with love hurt

You may think you are ok….

Play some tunes from your past at key emotional times

See what happens

This one for me is huge because it is at a time when my heart felt broken

Truth was gone from my world 

I was betrayed and vulnerable and scared to death 

Still feeling it and letting it go

Everything I knew crumbled apart 

Had to so I could be here having this conversation with you and that is also the key to living our destiny because everything that has happened so far allows us to be love in action if we choose to transform that emotion

it becomes bliss

because of acceptance of our own personal journey 

I am so honoured in relationship now 

I am seeing myself reflected back and I am so humbled by this

I am asking forgiveness to everyone in my world since the beginning of it

Whatever I did or am doing that feels unloving

I am so sorry

Please forgive me 

I see you differently now


I see me differently now 


My Ascendent and Lilith are in Aquarius

It is my first house

I am a planetary server of community and new ways code

This can be extremely challenging at times

I am growing into it :-) 

As I empty out 

Knowing about our Astrology and Psychology 


really assists in the self awareness and understanding process



Is today’s planet

It is a mastery process

Work with our Moon shadow

and unlock the realms of the deep 


It is my Father’s Mayan Sign

It is my process of my patriarchal lineage 

and today I have beautiful men in my life

revealing this even more for me 


Mayan Matrix allows me to see this 

All of this downloading for me today

The father of my children is one of my biggest teachers

and a soul partner of many lives

We have been on a big journey

We are travelling different paths now 

I have been listening to some songs we first shared in our lives together

There is so much emotion being released about that part of me that feels wounded and lost from losing

my beloveds of a lifetime

many lifetimes

We had an incredible journey

We have two amazing children

I am truly sorry for anything I ever did

that caused you to feel that I did not love you

because I have always loved you

I know that our time to be in relationship together

had come to an end 

and that everything that happened had to happen for us to evolve

Love does not end 

It is what it is 

When we feel deeply it is the abyss and the salvation 

Remember what we are working with this whole 260 day cycle


Aries Sun and Libra Moon 

Here is a document detailing this here


Everything is showing up to allow new beginnings

Do you dare to accept the challenge?

Can you move the cube ?



Keep moving

Keep opening

Keep searching for the beloved

because it is scripted


action is required


get out of the comfort zone

as the new

is outside that old place of familiarity

reach for higher ground



Today is Magnetic Moon 5  ~ the heart of the matter

Inner Visions

Love to you all

from my heart to yours 

I love you

I am you

Tomorrow is the new learning ~

feel the catalyst

initiated at Summer Solstice

Blue Storm





The Blue Transformational Zone begins


Red Serpent Wavespell

Purifying the sacred fire within

This is the awakening 13 day process

in what is known in the

Mayan Framework 


The Blue Castle 

Red Serpent is the 5th Mayan Sign

More about that here:


It is the heart of the matter

The Asteroid belt bringing in new archetypes of the sacred feminine for the human being to integrate

and in the body

what is getting on our nerves being revealed often literally in this way 

10 portal days of intense human evolution beginning tomorrow


Since April the 4th ~ the beginning of this 260 day cycle

We have Initiated in Aries Sun

and Libra Moon

Aries ~ initiation of new beginnings in the Masculine code

Libra ~ balance in the feminine code 

Completed 52 days of awakening process in the Red Castle 

Awakened by Red Dragon 04 April 2015

This is the blog I wrote about that

What the Great Mother is bringing for our evolution


Then refined this awakening

in the White Castle 

Whatever level of relationship the individual has with their own process

some working consciously with the Quetzlcoatl process

that this Mayan 260 day evolution tool

focuses on

This was initiated with Red Skywalker

on May 26 2015


The human being who is ready to bring heaven to earth through themselves

by being the process

Being the change

Working consciously with awareness of their code

their patterns

their perspective of the world

Seeing that all emotional triggers

Hold the key to their personal transformation and freedom


That is

The Secret


letting light in

letting love in

Turning the first part of life experience around


Todays Wavespell is the 9th one


The process of it allows a different level of freedom to be gained for the individual

Who is willing to work on raising personal consciousness 

by looking at past issues around their first part of entry onto planet earth

In their birth family

In Glastonbury and “spiritual” circles

The focus is often on the esoteric

Terms like



People worrying about the latest boat to nirvana vehicle of consciousness

The latest diet

The gadget

The meditation programme 

The book that has the ancient wisdom that will be the way

and all of that has something to offer as to information about a process

and all of that is outside the human being

which is not the human being process

My offering is this :

The alchemical process for the human being is about that individual human being


Becoming very aware of what is their personal pain

and then working with that personal pain

to release it

and learn how to be empowered and able

to live life today in the way that their heart desires

Free of the past


The picture that starts the blog today

is a representation of the sacred fire

This Wavespell is about this process


The base chakra


The base chakra is at the base of the spine

It is the start of the human being’s tree of life 

The root of all ways of being around feeling ungrounded

Sagittarius is the 9th Sign 

The wounded healer 

and the current cycle the collective is in 

Saturn in Sagittarius which was also in 1985 to 1987 ~ just reading this article by Keen.com  is a revelation for me as to understanding my Saturnian learning ~ I went to Greece to live for a while in 1986 and so seeing what structures I created ~ unconsciously ~ at 21 that I am revisiting now ~ hurtful stuff as well as wow ~ and my life’s work 

with a brief  yet deep excursion

currently back into Saturn in Scorpio to work with our personal structure still seeking death and rebirth ~ this article illustrates this really well ~ time to get real about personal responsibility by vivacombusta.com 


All experiences since birth

before intellect

before language 

before logic

How that baby and child felt safe in their family or not

is the initiator code 


Heart does feeling




yellow human




Not…. think 


and the baby picks up all the Mother’s experience in the womb

all ancestral code

all past life code

Most people are missing this vital focus

on feelings


Most people are carrying around huge rage issues 

yet have learned so many mind tricks to suppress this

that massive denial programmes are running

that keep the individual “safe” from themselves



Manic episodes here and there

Red Mists

Sobbing at unexpected times and situations…

revealing a pressure cooker of emotional events and not coping human being

bubbling to the surface because the pressure has become to great to bear 


Unlocking this fire is key

transmuting it is essential


red overtone moon

Internal fire coming from rage is very destructive 

on all levels

eventually burning the body within





Destructive wild fire events outside the individual 

My offering on this if you choose:

Look back at what was happening for you around April 04 this year 

Look what then developed in the refining process around May 26

What is happening for you now?

How are you feeling ?

What emotions are flowing most of the time?

Do you let yourself feel?

Are you emotionally conscious

i.e are you able to understand what your emotions are

or have you learned to substitute intellectual words instead ?

You may be surprised just how many people do not have any emotional language 

When I start to work with people around these areas often they do not have emotional vocabulary

use “I think” rather than “I feel”

are in their head

will not go into the body because it is too painful 

Struggle to verbalise an emotional process when asked about an emotional event 

This is so key now

for human beings to start to shift the focus from thinking to feeling

to become balanced and integrated

Feeling safe to do so as and when

Most of humanity does not because it is too painful

and the lives most people are living as adult’s have expanded

to such a degree 

that to function in today’s world

means defence 

means protection

means hiding their vulnerability 

It is all perfectly understandable 


if we want our society

our community

our world to change

then this has to change 

each one of us has to change this

otherwise these things will not change


Most people do not realise this truth

each person having the courage to evolve is the process of human evolution

Stripping off the layers

Accessing heart 

Personal story being looked at 

Going within

Learning the tools to do that

Taking the small steps

From where we are

To where we want to be

All of us in this together

Integration on a personal level

to create integrity 

The ego does not feel comfortable about this to begin with

It takes discipline

It takes consistency 

It takes up space on the schedule that may be full to bursting


start anyway


Take 10 minutes a day to tap

instead of meditation

Be with the thoughts

instead of watching them float by

Feel their anxiety

Feel their message 

Allow the feelings

Release the feelings

All our inner child has ever wanted is to feel loved and respected 


Each adult person can give that to themselves now if they are willing to learn how to do it

Ask for support from your universal self 

It is given

It is what we are here for at this time

Be the process

This is what this Wavespell is for

To make this process conscious for all as and when

I use Emotional Freedom Technique and I share it with others

for each person to learn how to do this for themselves

Please click on this link for Resources to assist on this

Emotional Freedom Technique Resources

The only person who can access enlightenment and therefore total love

is each individual learning how to do that with their own tree of life

being their own healer

doing their personal journey

It is amazing

It is painful

It is tiring

It is about letting go of

needing to get high



take the edge off

need generally 

Transforming Co dependent Code

letting go of being a victim in any way

through giving power to anything outside of oneself 

This is not an easy path

This is The Heart Path

This is the Alchemist Path Within

Are you ready to totally love and accept all of yourself to be free?

Radical self responsibility ?

That is the code of truth

Free of co dependent distortions

that Great Mother is bringing now

We are in the last few days of

Red Solar Moon Year 

hkuyutrjpg copy

on July 26 a new code begins

White Planetary Wizard 

which is all about the process of being self~empowered

Letting go of ego and will power which is coming from a wounded inner child code

It is year 10 of this Red Moon cycle

which started on July 26 2006

The year of seeing what is manifest in our lives as a collective

As an individual

We are entering the perfect planetary codes to assist this:

Leo Zodiac energy begins on July 23rd ~ day 7 of this wave ~


pic by Susan Seddon Boulet 

Blue Resonant Monkey and a human evolution day ~ what is triggering our inner child that is resonating to be healed ?

Full Moon in Aquarius

July 31st at Aquarius 7 degrees

A woman burning a book of black magic.
Karma works by indirection. We draw to ourselves what we previously activated and as it comes back, we curse the reflection. Such gestures multiply. They gather force and momentum. And soon we have fixed ideas about what is pulling us back and what is carrying us forward. Before you know it, you have become partisan, taking up this side against this other side, swept up in the drama. And you even become sure in your mind that whole segments of existence are bad and terrible and must be renounced completely. Yet you are making a self-commentary in where your mind as led you, and there must come a point in the journey when the mind strips away its disguise and you know once again that all is of God, that all is toward the good, and nothing can ever harm you, unless you insist upon it.

Darkstar Astrology article 

New Moon in Leo on 14 August at 21 degrees

Darkstar Astrology Article


Venus Retrograde~ going back over old relationships 


Primavera ~ Botticelli 

July 25 ~ day out of time  ~ Darkstar Astrology article

40 days and nights of being in awareness of our personal hell remaining code

to create our personal heaven now :-) 

Sooner or later we have to go there it is how the process is designed

Here are some deeper self awareness questions if you choose to go there:

What have you created with your thoughts and beliefs

that are all on your world stage now ?

Does that structure feel good ?

~ notice what does and does not ~ key info as to expansion and release

What level of conscious awareness are you working on around this ?

Is that daily ? Weekly ? Monthly ?

What is your personal daily alchemical peace process ?

Where are you now….?

Where do you want to be?

Where were you in 2006 and what has changed that feels more heart centred ?

How much joy are you feeling every day?

How stressed ?

How much time is on maintaining a life ?

How much time really being able to live an inspiring life?

In spirit life ?

How many people are in your circle who you can really be yourself with?

Feel love with?

Feel open and honest with ?

Feel loved and accepted by ?

New Mayan Year Events and Tools 


I have an online workshop specifically crafted for working with this process


The ebook has time sensitive information working with the Mayan Wavespell


Astrological information

for you

for that day

as to tuning in for self enquiry 

You do not need to have any experience or understanding

of these frameworks to do the exercises as you have awareness of you

and your life events and how you are feeling 

If you are aware of Astrology and Mayan frameworks that is also a great place 

I design my ebooks to be open to all levels of understanding as much as I can 

If you are doing the transformation option

you also schedule a Skype session with me at a later date to work with this information and how you wish to transform your self and your life

There are different entry levels:

Initiation: Information ~ the intellectual process ~ for those wanting to engage at this level 

Information and transformation ~ the information and energy coaching on Skype with me to start the ball rolling for the uninitiated

and go further for the initiate and adept 

Three ~ the number of co creation and letting go of duality and co dependency codes 

One and one make three

Beyond the place of “wrong” and “right” there is a place

A garden of loving relationship

Return to Eden process


Each individual puts into the garden what they wish to share of themselves in relationship

No one has to be more

No one has to be less 

The Magical Heart Path


combines the three essential energies for alchemical transformation:

The Human Being Day

Friday 24 July

Where are we now and where do we want to be?

How to navigate the path from here to there

Integration Process


The Skywalker Day

Saturday 25 July 

Day out of time 

Stepping out of time literally

How to go beyond our current timeline 

What is holding us in the past


The Wizard Day ~ Sourceress Code



Being the shaman on all levels

Accessing the Moon Goddess within

Seeing our structure of magic

Weaving consciously with it 

Letting ourselves flow with the magic 

The Ebook is £10

The Ebook and Skype energy coaching workshop is £33

There are some concessionary places so please message me to book one

I will need to do your Mayan Sign and Astrology so please book early enough to allow this

I can only work with a small group of people because of the level of working so please bear this in mind

and it is a pre~ requisite that all people working in this way have an intention to be open and willing to do the work ;-) 

I am a fellow traveller with you on your journey 

The Magician’s assistant 

You are

The Magus working your Web 


Love to all the lovers

who are ready to let go

of their fight

and their struggle

and as a result of that personal process

Surrender truly

to divinity wisdom ways


access intimacy and deep love


Kate’s song:

It is in me 

Tune in 

Just done her Mayan for the first time ~ did not know any of this info before

She is a Leo 

She is a Red Solar Skywalker

She is day 9 of this Wavespell

A portal for human evolution

Magnetic Moon day 5 ~ is her feminine

She is getting to the heart of the matter by sharing her vibe and code

Thank you to a certain special someone for reconnecting me

at the perfect time to her and her message 



Solar Return Day ~ light returning


Happy Solar Return

Human Beings 

Code 9

in the

Human Being Wavespell

Yellow Solar Sun


Here is the process

Book of Thoth 4

Today is a very important day 

This process is a very important process

and it is happening 

right here right now

with or without the human beings conscious consent 

It is happening on all levels of coding

and depending on where each human being is on their personal process…

there is only a difference in perception

Mickey Mouse and Pluto are the language of light

Mickey the Magician

Pluto his inner dog 

and hold the process of enlightenment

as equally as any other sage or saint in history


this is overlooked by many a traveller on the yellow brick road looking for

TheWizard of Oz

Mixing their metaphors

and getting lost with too many signs

The famous duo are characters in various dramas

All part of turning a swamp into a very abundant place in the world

where vast fortune’s have been and still are unfolding

the new Disney offering

Inside Out 

is holding the key codes for the generation

who are really going to be working in a big way with

The Emotional Evolution

If you haven’t seen it yet I highly recommend

Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell

The Enlightenment Process is there

in plain sight …

if a person is ready to see it

and there is the paradox

If a person is still deep in denial 


it is possible to be intellectually aware of code and process…

It is channelled code beaming through us all as human beings

It is the creation matrix we are all part of

To work with the code consciously however…

To be an Alchemist

To be a Magician rather than simply a mystic


One has to become the conscious process and that means doing the process literally whatever it takes to get off the

Magic Roundabout 


Once the human being really starts to be it

life does become really engaging and one can see that it has been there all the time that everything is fine and all the props have been totally synchronised to play the game

sometimes one forgets though

and this could be happening now for many as the heat is turning up

to get people out of the

hot tub of hedonism

in order to do a reality check

and remember

the truth of the matter

which is….

human beings are at a point of maturity of the outside and yet …

are still stuck in teenage years inside

which is why most are still doing the same old as they did then

which is not good for the planet

good for consumerism though

which is a by product of hugely inflated ego and can never been satiated 

Hence all the sickness in the world 

Are you aware of what codes you are running ~ from your youth?

Your magical structure?

Your pleasure dome?

If you are around my age and from the UK

then there was a diverse range of music to plug into

and embed

the Age of Excess

and hedonistic pursuit in the 80’s that is awaiting transformation 


letting go of the addictions of putting something in to get a high

If you choose notice the imagery

the language

how it feels for you

what your personal relationship is

with some examples from your golden oldies

Here are some of mine:

and yes of course they have a connection for me and

totally plugged me in to what I am working with now

which is why they are here of course 



Knowing that this was a code I used to run around co~dependency

part of me that has been conditioned

Looking for love in all the “wrong” places

Message in a bottle 

and huge bombardment of this co dependent code

anywhere there is media

and dense population

so once aware that the puppet strings are being pulled is key

being with that feeling


letting go of any need for instant gratification

is key for

The Joy Junkie 


because it is a designer hit as pure as any heroin trip

and it is key to understanding of what is forming personal motivation

in the here and now

A junkie is someone seeking a high to avoid pain

A person in pain because everyday life is not loving

and it is not a pretty picture

and it does not create a pretty picture 

Here is a man who explains addiction very succinctly:

We all have our own poison on the path

and it is what has to be experienced by the alchemist

to know it up close and personal

how it feels to be living hell on earth

not least because once this process really kicks in

it often means the initiate is in the minority

ostracised and scapegoated by the tribe

because all those still in deep denial will do anything

to avoid someone who is not in that place anymore

because in that reflection…

they see an aspect of themself wanting to get clean of distortion code

and open more to love and intimacy and that scares the living daylights out of their ego because it means…

going off the comfort zone and new learning

but rather than say that

~ be honest ~

the person that is literally afraid of their own shadow

will do a smoke and mirrors diversion and go into destroy mode

Personal motivation here and now is revealed in:

All the stories we were attracted to as children

the films that set our heart on fire or scared us to death

the sexual attractions triggering lust and longing

the emotional drives that fuel the core programming

and discover

it is anything but the logical part of oneself driving 

The Blue Bus…

is calling us


This can be revealed if the individual is ready to enlighten themselves

about themselves

and let Pluto take centre stage

as well as Mickey 

This really started for me in 2001 and although I was learning psychology I hadn’t yet discovered any tools to use

so I cried a lot and did not do what I always did at void crisis times

find a replacement 

get bombed every night

I watched films and cried ~ like Mrs Doubtfire ~ hoping this was my ex’s motivation for leaving me and the children for another woman

I also watched Fight Club

realising I was addicted to Ikea

ok and Brad Pitt :-) 

Here are some of the quotes:

I nearly did not watch it because of the title but the fact Brad was in it tipped the balance 

Revolver is the same subject matter 

Twin Peaks 


Mulholland Drive



The Awakening takes part in The East ~ in the Mayan all the Red Codes

beginning with Red Dragon ~ the Great Mother


The Eastern consciousness

This is transformed in the West

in the Mayan blue codes


Is the Gateway of every Wavespell



is the

Gateway of the Mastery of enlightenment

code Yellow Sun

which is the end game position of the 260 day Mayan Wavespell synchronisation

process over and over eternally .

Yellow Cosmic Sun is the last Mayan Sign in this spiral 

So if

like me

 you have been feeling a tad 

ground down

over the past few years :-)


Because your face doesn’t fit

and you are not

everyone’s favourite party guest

because well… you don’t party any more

and you don’t do denial at the same level

as everyone else any more

and you aren’t

one of the love a light brigade

and you are so sick of the bulls*t that

you want to projectile vomit it back

into the void it came from

 and all of that behaviour

is not a typical expression of 

Grace as recognised by the “spiritual” circles

and I offer that it is exactly that 

It is contrary mary at full return

What is known in Alchemy as 

Right Relationship

In alignment with 


free of any ego distortion

which is the

Tree of Mercury 


matching the transition of awakening to power happening here and now

We have to be ground down, crushed and shat out time and time again

often going into the desert and being in despair

and keep on going…

All of our personal code is the language of light

only some of it doesn’t know that yet ;-) 

Madonna’s album

Ray of light

has some key vibes :-) 


If you are ready to work with your code in this way

please get in touch 

I am not a guru

I am a human being going through a process

It is not my process

It is an ancient process

I do not own anything

I have no copyright 

I am sharing a way that comes from the source 

It is old alchemy school with a modern splicing



it really is magic 

for this magical new year coming 

White Wizard Wavespell ~ Moon Goddess


This is so key to today ~ July 08 2015 ~ heading in to the new year now.
Today we have Aries Waning Moon at 10 degrees:

Roots of a tree entwined around the statue of a nude woman.
Bondage and freedom sometimes go hand in hand. The bondage is being true to pattern, predictable, caught in habits and tendencies perpetually left to grow like weeds. The freedom is that as you meet yourself starkly in the midst of these old, tired patterns of behavior, you come into touch with a quickening flame of self-recreation, stimulated and forced by being at the mercy of the relentless patterns. This impulse to make yourself over is fervently strong, courageous, ready, and willing. The old stuff dies hard. You are therefore engaged in a pitched battle of a protracted kind between retrogressive and progressive ideals, impulses, and desires. Both sides are so impassioned and sharply intent that this becomes a knockdown, dragout battle of wills. The atavistic backward-leaning will feels immune to change. The visionary forward-thrusting will feels moved by evolutionary forces never to give up. Eventually the future prevails over the past, but not before scars and multiple traumas mark the spot of fighting for your life against an implacable inward enemy who knows it will lose and fights all the harder accordingly.

To follow the heart path ~ transform the weeds ~ within all the struggle is the revealing of our own personal soul evolution ripe for the picking and ensures new beginnings ~ Go for the heart healing ~ it is sublime ~ sublimation process of the alchemist ~ walking the talk <3 Big love to all

Originally posted on flow with jo:


White Wizard Wavespell

The Moon Goddess returning to power process

This is the code of self empowerment

and the sign is Ix

I have just made the direct connection of this to the Moon Goddess:


who is a similar archetype to

Lilith, Iris and Eris 


who is the leading picture in this blog

This Wavespell is: 

Code 14 

The mastery code 

and the first of the

Seven Solar Seals 

the Seven Sisters of the Pleiades


The shamanic feminine returning

to full radiance and light through each human being ;-) 

at the time of the new 26000 year cycle

that began on December 21 2012

with the

Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere

foretold in the Indigenous myths

article about that here

The Aries New Moon

aligns with this tomorrow in the UK 

This is new beginnings time

very late in the sign and at 29 degrees

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Yellow Human ~ the challenge


Yellow Human Wavespell

Wavespell ~ Code 8 ~ Integrate


Day 2 ~ the new learning

Red Lunar Skywalker

What has always being getting in the way for my personal heaven on earth process ?

Not accessing the shadow that’s what ;-) 

Then once accessing ~ integrating it 


This is the Yellow

13 day process in the White Castle of refining

 of what came into conscious awareness in the period of 52 days commencing 04 April 2015 at the start of this 260 day cycle

What were you doing back then?

This is the time of the Jason Journey


The human being ready to engage in going for the heart’s desire

Se off in the earthly landscape to find

love and acceptance of oneself


That is the key to accessing all of eternity and source code.

To do this requires turning everything on it’s head and being open to new learning and new process

We are the love we seek

Ok great concept yes?

Read 444 books on self~help and still no wiser?

Looking for love in all the “wrong” places is key

to the personal history

That is the key


Wherever the individual has experienced personal hell on earth

Is also where heaven if found

Simple as that

All our resistance comes from ego will

Wanting to have it’s own way 

Coming from an unwise place

often the ignorance of youth who believes they know best


this is key 

Has to happen

This is the crucible 

This is the place where the initiate begins to learn


This is the essence of today

The Fool 

The Green Man 


How all human beings so far have created the world experienced by human’s today

A study in this yields great insights

A personal study in personal causation of the individual’s current experience 

reveals great worth


Each individual is an expert on themselves

an expert on everything that has been wow so far ~ write it down

An expert on everything that has been painful, boring , uncomfortable

Ignore, push down, repress, drown out


That is what the masses are doing


missing the point entirely

and that is ok as all is revealed for each individual at the perfect time 


of being a human being

The “bad” stuff reveals all the code and emotion ripe for release

the juicy stuff



just like rotting fruit holds the seeds for the new trees

so the human being is free to do something else now

having learned on all levels

how personal heel was created

There are some shared human codes in there that apply to all human beings too



photo by my friend Dave Collinson

appeared synchronistically on my timeline on Facebook this morning

as an echo at a place I visited yesterday ~ a sacred site ~ the exact words I spoke there

Favourite lines from Gladiator

Anyone who reads my blogs will be familiar with me quoting this.

Gladiator is one of my favourite films ~ not the violence ~ the role of the man, who does not want power and for that very reason is given it.

He does right relationship even though he has been made to fight and had everything taken from him.

What each human being does has a consequence in the here and now ~ that is karma ~ not with a judgemental meaning ~ simple do this and create that.

This is creating code in action.

Each action that we take has consequences for everyone and everything in planet earth .

Each human being is a powerful creator of outcomes and it is time to fully own that.

Be do have .


We cannot create new worlds

from old worlds now that is very evident and to be seen in planetary history


When each human being changes the inner world

the outer world changes

That is the process of our human evolution

That is the peace process

Peace begins with me 


Be the change in this way and get to see that heaven is here

right now

on earth

It is simply the personal hell story getting in the way for each individual unable to access it 

Get clear of that

Experience the miracle of life

The amazing beauty of all that is

Be the gift

See the gift 

Know that 

Every single being is right on the edge of that quantum leap now

all that is required is accessing their visionary self and trusting the process


Everything that each person has done is the key to changing their destiny 

and changing the world

In that order 

That is the missing link ;-) 

Get it?

Go for it?

The ecstasy is the natural essence from the agony

Vinegar into honey process


Love to you beautiful people 



Ready to become more aware?

Ready to work on transformation?

Whatever level you are at I have something to offer you and you are the expert on where you are at :-) 

Upcoming Event:

Come and connect to me at this event in Southampton soon and find out your codes ~ share the magical process

14 July 2015

The Mayan Calendar 

The Enlightenment Process

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Pakal color

Richard Taunton Sixth Form College Hill Lane, Southampton, SO15 5RL ROOM 407/08
£5 Entrance 50p Refreshments
Doors open at 7pm for a 7.30 start

Bring your intentions with you and  an open heart for new learning 

This energy is

White Spectral Wind Day

The letting go of anything untrue 

being able to speak our truth


access our spirit guidance more

Want to start straight away?

Emotional Balance Online Workshop

with two entry levels


Information level 1

Information and personal coaching with me level 2

Book here

It is truly a Cosmic time lovelies



Cosmic Moon  

Day 9 today 

hkuyutrjpg copy

Super portal code for completing old ways and opening to new 

accessing Goddess Energy within

As I am completing this blog

Aquarius at 28 degrees

A tapestry loom. On it is a half-finished tapestry.
Karmic process restricts the self, curbs the self, dictates what must happen to the self. A work upon yourself and, far more strongly, an outer plane self-discipline has been in progress a long time. It must be resumed, taken further, no matter what. Unfortunately, this often means imposing duties upon yourself presumptively. You just do what you have to do. But if the heart is not in it, work becomes mechanical. A dilemma faces you at recurrent cross-roads: to stay with what has been set up, or to introduce innovations. Any such innovations represent a huge issue. But without them, the inner core of self is short-changed and the outer mind takes over. You are being propelled by a greater destiny-current to honor all karmic agreements, and to enhance these by bringing into play a vitally engaged present-time attentive willingness to be surprised, meet things from another side, and realize that everything is just beginning now and needs to be met with real passion.

Ready to weave a new planetary picture?


Today’s Thoth Tarot

8 of disks reversed



exactly what this blog is about

what we do in life echoes in eternity

what we sow we reap

time to turn everything on it’s head

and for those of a similar age to me this is all about the

Uranus Pluto dance that began in 1966

This is what our generation is here to do 

Ties into the Solar Eclipse in 1999