White Dog Wavespell ~ from ego to spirit



White Dog Wavespell


Takes us from ego to spirit



Are we a playful puppy on the surface?


A wolf in sheep’s clothing?

wolves in sheep's clothing

Are we playing Red Riding hood skipping through the forest ?


Ripe for devouring…..

Ready for our next step on the learning ladder of love ?

Today if we choose we can hear our inner dog and set an intention

to heed it

to heal it

to honour it

and to let go of it dictating our day to day 

which is the nature of the beast in us all

after all

We may be a spiritual being having a human experience


this human being vehicle shares it’s software survival mechanisms with the mammal world

we have so much in common with man’s best friend

The Dog Mind

People say that a dog will love you unconditionally 

no matter how you treat it

or who you are

It doesn’t judge you…..

If you have ever worked with rescued animals you know that is not true at all

Animals who have been mistreated or experienced trauma

have huge behavioural issues

just like human beings do

We all have adapted our behaviour due to our life experience

we all make judgement values every day either consciously

or at deeper levels beyond our conscious awareness

and that is simply how it is

This is a survival programme

This dictates ~ literally ~ how we live every day

We make choices based on past choices

We avoid things that match situations that created discomfort in our past

We are drawn to people and experiences that have created nirvana for us in the past

even if that means it is not a good health/age appropriate/evolutionary step now

is that free will ?

freedom ?

Really ?

So much fear driven choice ~ like our conditioned and controlled society systems ….

that are heartless

which is why it is so beneficial and essential

to become great friends with our loyal White Dog now

and instead of shouting at it to stop barking at you when you are triggered and anxious….

because you have a match from a past trauma

drown it out at relax time 

with lots of alcohol

decide instead so listen to it

be with it

feel it


heal it through

understanding, compassion, 

for ourself

know ourself

what triggers us

what is seeking release

know what is giving rise to our response

and take personal responsibility for it

so we can become a clear channel

to go through the spiral

and reach the place of

Spirit at the end

If this is your Wavespell this is your life mission

and where you are in it is very significant :-)

If you have other family members and friends in it

You will see how they are creating with you in a deep way

Each day gives you the thirteen steps to heal all issues created in your birth tribe

All people on earth at this time have these issues in this way because….

that is the nature of this time

Balsamic Moon



We all have relationship wounding

and as you heal yours

and learn new ways to relate and co create

this ripples out 

across the planet

If this is your sign then this gives you the core essence of your script 

and your archetypal energy in this life

White Dog’s are different to the rest of the pack

They are loyal and have a huge capacity for love

Big Hearts


Extremely deep feeling people

who have often had to find ways to hide that

in order to survive….

Now it is time to take off those ego masks

blue wolf

to let go of feeling despairing of these patterns coming again

so many times


Now is the time to go beyond them

Beyond the labyrinth


by having the courage to…..

Face our fears

To speak the truth

of the heart



Here is my card of initiation today

to let go of what my inner dog seeks to release so I can speak from my heart

The Tower

Time for a 13 day spiral of deconstruction

Good Friday is the day of death 

of the ego

The human mind set

ready for rebirth on Sunday

which perfectly aligns with 

the day of alchemy in this Wavespell

Magical as always

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Red Earth Wavespell ~ the shift day

red moon1

Red Earth Wavespell 

Red Cosmic Moon 

The shift Day :-)

Please click on the links to take you to other websites to expand on the bare bones here :-)

Wow ~ what an amazing trip on this Red Earth Code which is one of my foundation stones in my Mayan Blueprint

I have been blown away with what I have engaged with in many different ways over the last few days

I love my life

I love my family and my friends

Deep gratitude for everyone who is creating with me

on my journey….

and theirs

I couldn’t do it without you :-)


I was hoping to do a blog yesterday but couldn’t manage it as not enough hours in the day ~ or energy 

as I have been working on deep stuff with my clients 

and that means me too

as all my connections have shared journey’s and that is what I love about what I do

Pure magic all around

Yesterday was Yellow Crystal Star and a galactic portal day 


so huge for getting to be crystal clear about who we really are

letting go of who our ego thinks we are 

and as a result being able to go forward with our star seeded mission :-)

I am blessed to be creating with people who are ready to get their hands dirty

and let go of being afraid of their own shadow

Take responsibility

Go to Gladiator School

Get jiggy wi it :-) 

and that is so refreshing because this is the time for

being the real deal :-)

Here is a very to the point video ~ This is not for the faint hearted so please bare in mind if you are going to watch it :-)

This is The Secret to everything

and once we realise how the emotional mind works ~

totally irrationally 



as a partner of the untrained ego that is 

on a mission to get whatever it “needs”

no matter how unhealthy

no matter how delusional

and it’s will be done

This is what happens when our shadow runs amok 

and it will ~ mutating shape shifting 

until the core issues are addressed

and the emotional stuff let go


We are in a whole different space

and only then


As a result of looking deeply at my own patterns I have gone back to my birth today and done my Mayan Castles

We have thirteen year cycles

that have a key energy that is evolving us

I have started this before but not in as much depth

This time I also put on key events 

I put on the Planetary 13 Year Cycles too

and got so many insights 

So many awakenings as a result

realising new knowledge

about how everything happens at the perfect time

People come onto planet Earth and leave planet Earth 

when they are scripted to

and although our ego may have big issues with this

especially if our ego is untouched and raw

full to bursting with emotion

unprocessed wounding

then the very nature of that space is


because huge parts of the ego’s past are still so painful

that it will not look 

does not want to feel to heal

apart from certain things that it knows about

and feels safe with

That is part of the ego’s remit

and it is simply doing

what an untrained ego does

even though it doesn’t really keep anyone “safe”

It keeps the ego safe is all

stuck in la la land

If you haven’t done this yet with your Mayan Castles and you know how to ~

I highly recommend that you do because the mind works on knowledge

and this is mind blowing stuff :-)

This is key to knowing thyself :-)

This is

The Book of Shadows

with times, dates and your divinity code

If you know your family and friends birthdates

factor them in

because they are scripted

in your sacred geometry :-)

If you are already doing this with this amazing tool of

The Wavespell

accessing Cosmic Codes

you will know truly for yourself

beyond any doubt


this amazing magical time of living

truly accessing all that is

has begun

and it is wild

and it is so worth

facing your demons

to access this for real

and it is the only way in

the entry price 


through the shadow

This is how the cosmos works

lift your own veil

All veils go

which is why it is essential 


emotionally evolve

to get off the karma wheel

and blow our potentiality sky high

by blowing our beliefs that keep us “safe”

into orbit

What we do in life echoes in eternity :-)

For those who are prepared to do what it takes 

to be free 

by walking through the valley of death

death of the ego self

through transformation

When we start to see how our birth tribe created the perfect crucible for all that we are here to transform


everything starts to make sense

The Planet has thirteen year cycles and we are in

Red Moon Cycle which started on July 26 2006

The Mayan Wavespell starts anew each year on July 26 and has 

Four Different Castles that alternate:

Red Moon ~ awakening

White Wizard ~ self empowerment

Blue Storm ~ catalyst of transformation

Yellow Seed ~ being authentic

I have a document for this on my Resources page

I also have a 13 Moons document too

The reason why the new year starts at this time is because unlike the Wavespell that spirals each year so is different

The Moons are fixed

The Moon is the Sacred Feminine Framework

It is the way of transformation

It is the emotional process

and it starts with the heart of the matter

in Leo


This is the labyrinth and the way to let 

The Goddess lead us :-)

Paradise awaits

Here on Earth

in everyday life

Getting the learning

Busting the cocoon

it is time now to access the mysteries

through our mysteries

I am adding resources daily to the pages

and the key is for you to follow your own cookie trail too

because you know where you need to go 

to find

your next step

on the cosmic cookie trail

Each path is different as each life experience is different

and there are car shares possible on the route to the rose 

The highway to heaven shares

the same by laws for all :-)

This is the Tantra pattern

In doing my Castles in depth I realised

I was born at the time of the last

Red Moon 13 Year Cycle

I came in on year 9 of it in 1965

It started on July 26 1954

and ended in 1967

It was a galactic activation portal of awakening

So it is being reactivated now and in July 26 this year we are in a Year 9 

which will be a biggie for me as it’s a match for my birth

Tomorrow we start a new Wave of White Dog

Unconditional love and finding our Tribe

Following our Sirius Tribe

The Dogons :-)

All of that is worth a cookie trail on Google :-)

Follow the shooting stars and see where you end up

On Saturday we go into Taurus

Get ready to take the bull by the horns

This is also the day of the challenge

Blue Lunar Monkey Day

When this energy is being channeled through 

the ego elephant in the room

it is a tricky little monkey


In shadow ~ It is the childish brat that doesn’t want to act responsibly

loves the blame game

stuck in denial

cloud cuckoo land

Peter Pan….

which reminds me

I went into Glastonbury today :-)

It was the anniversary of my first visit in the Gregorian Calendar

I felt sad as I was so enchanted when I first came

full of my own illusion and delusions

and now I see a different space

under the facade

I love living here….

Jo in Glastonbury

and I get tired of bull poo

It is really wearing

especially my own stuff coming up that I know isn’t real but it feels it :-)

exhausting even

to play these charades

and I know

that is why I came here

to clear my cache

and get real

clear out that clutter shelf in my evolution cupboard

It does get easier with practice

and the more you can laugh at yourself 

the easier the ride

tears come thick and fast

anger comes to the fore

instead of hiding in the people pleaser knicker drawer :-)


A truly authentic person starts to emerge 

beneath the grease paint

false smile

tension holder

with a sigh of relief and release

This is what the Taurus challenge brings

because we cannot be in intimacy

open hearted

if we are afraid to be honest

feeling not good enough

doubting ourself

being a childish manipulator

if we are playing the perfection role

that we learned to play because of circumstances as a child

My name from my Grandad was Gagan

something I got told off about at school by teachers who were eager to correct me

I decided today to google the meaning 

and here is the link I found

It means

Heavenly Sky 


My Grandad was a Leo and he died in my Year 11 of my Yellow Human Castle

My letting go year

My White Spectral Wind Year

He left the planet at the end of the planetary cycle of White Wizard

He was a White  Wizard ~ the same as my daughter

He was born in year 1 of White Wizard in 1915

So magical :-)

I always feel he is with me

especially in my garden as that is where we spent time together when I was a child

Here’s a lovely voice singing beautiful words 

about our beloved life here

I share it with love to you and yours

from my heart

with sincerity

Keep the faith of our humanity’s ability to create anew

by having faith in yourself

and your ability to love and accept yourself

for everything

because it is through this process

that you will achieve miracles

and be reborn

and when each one of us can do this

The world will see a new dawn


If you are ready to do the process

here is a workshop for that purpose 

available on two dates 

perfectly aligned 

with the Wavespell

Creating the dream with Isis Heart Alchemy in Glastonbury

Creating the dream with Isis Heart Alchemy in Yorkshire 07 June

and you can attend these online if you are in another location

Be free



Red Earth Wavespell ~ the magical day



Red Earth Wavespell

Day 7 ~ The day of magic

Blue Resonant Night

Please click on the links to take you to other websites

Today is the day of magic

This is the code of number 7

This is the energy of the Seer

This is Blue ~ death and transformation through the shadow

The West

Western Society is the shadow that has encroached on the ancient world that is in alignment

causing a transformation

Believe it or not it was meant to happen

It is forseen

The ancient people knew that the travellers of the West were bringing death to them and their ways

It is the nature of the cycle

Death and Rebirth

If you are a Blue Mayan sign then this is your essence

Death and rebirth

If you are a Blue Night 


this is your essence

shadow worker

and I offer you an alternative perspective today if you choose to see it :-)

You are here at the emergence of

shadow work in the mainstream


This is what is happening now ~ new understanding coming in about the way we relate

and how in patriarchal times

where the emphasis has been on the masculine aspect of self

and the ego part of self

outside focus

material worth

The time of the expansion of ego in the spiral of extreme

for our learning

it is very easy to see

what happens when we live from ego

and imbalanced masculine

as all the evidence is there

We have the fruit of ego labours


patterns of behaviour


on display 

unripe for the picking

lacking any nurturing potential




an absence of compassion

as there is no emotional caring

Compassionate connection code is not a match

for the egotist

all feelings are repressed ~ feelings aren’t professional

don’t let emotion get in the way of business conduct


We have lots of half baked

half cocked

spinning ego 

bull stories going around

with no integrity

as the people spinning them 

are as flaky as

the sugar coated cereals they are selling

out of ego need and greed


We simply do what we know

and reap what we sow

that is the truth of it :-)


We are all receiving our match in some way

because that is how the universe works on one level

Cause and effect

which is revealed in the simple alchemy process of cooking


Raw ingredients

Combined in a certain way

With the addition of a process

create something different

If we miss an ingredient out or do something slightly different….

the outcome is different


The true meaning of Karma

is code

is pattern

the reality checker

bringing us back to our path

and our heart’s desire all the time


Our Heart’s Desire

in plain code

is to be balanced

That is how our heart works at it’s fullest flow

at it’s optimum

Stuff comes in

from our external environment

and our internal environment

is processed and cleansed and cleared

and goes out the other side carrying the code to other parts of our body

Our body reveals our life’s process

and the magic of creation code

It is the philosopher’s stone

It is the Grail

It is the chalice

Our personal unique body holds

the secrets of our own mysteries


If we do not understand the basic principles of how our body works 

according to the latest knowledge on planet earth

even the bare bones of it

such as how our food is transformed into a resource

how organs process it

how our mind creates beliefs that determine the values we make, choices we take 

codes of relationship

and very basic principles of holistic health

that many separate aspects come together simultaneously

to create the well rounded healthy human being

which is why it is essential to create that holistic process….

as simply coming from one angle

mirrors the ego pattern 

and cannot create overall well being

it is impossible 

This is one of the huge

very common sense

aspects of the principle to

Know Thyself


If we do not know how to nourish ourselves 

How to nurture ourselves

How to create a sanctuary of a home

How to keep ourselves clean and our home clean

How to use nature’s gifts in balance

How to cook

How to relate to people in a balanced and respectful way…..

We are dis~empowered

child like

dependent on parental figures to empower us in the way of their choosing


if ego based

is not healthy or respectful


good for us

and this is something that in the UK we aren’t taught in education

Most homes from many generations have never done this as their parent’s didn’t know this

Then how do we know how to do it?

This is one of Western Societies delusions

and illusions about how most people live

Most people do not know how to take care of themselves and do not learn about it 

Doesn’t even cross their mind to learn about it

We are often told that many of today’s society issues are only present today

that in itself is untrue

The same issues around relationships are as old as the hills

Only acceptance of them and the revealing of them has changed as our ego issues have changed

My partner grew up in a very abusive home 

He had no knowledge of how to take care of himself on any level

He knew how to survive

He was bullied, beaten and emotionally traumatised every day of his life

When he became a parent how did he know how to parent?

When he became a parent with our children

he experienced a crisis point

he didn’t want to repeat past parenting patterns

at that point he decided to take action about his situation

This has been key to my knowing thyself journey and our families

I started to learn about psychology to understand what created emotional responses in me

and how I had been shaped by my life experience

This was at my Saturn Return when I first became a Mother

I am a very solution focused person and I realise now that the way I have 

experienced life so far has been instrumental to where I am now

Everything has had significance and value

When I worked in Travel and Tourism

I saw how sales worked

I saw manipulation process

I saw the business model

I saw the selling of dreams


how unaware that most people who went into a travel agency

are about how they are processed and packaged 

How people believed they were in a holiday bubble

where the reality of the place they were visiting 

had no impact on their holiday persona and expectations

Brits abroad :-)

This was eye opening


Eyes the window of the soul

Working from a different perspective of leisure I entered the world of bars, pubs, restaurants

and the corporate large model to the small ye old pubbie


This gave me great structures of discipline….

and how the manual for running the business in minutia 

actually could not be created in reality

because there weren’t enough hours in the day and I would not treat people like slaves

ultimately all models I ever experienced showed a truth

that if you followed the formula of what “should” happen

you couldn’t create a profit 

The two worlds didn’t match

and this is what is revealed as the same pattern

Who we think we are ~ ego

Who we really are ~ how we behave 


Most of the time our ego loves the fancy designer label

The ego stroke


not realising the true price of this acquisition ….

no matter which discount store we buy from

When we do not take responsibility and get real about what is happening in our day to day world

blame others

love drama

then huge atrocities can happen and do happen

look at history

It doesn’t happen overnight ~ it is incremental

If we aren’t prepared to look at ourselves

know ourselves

understand what makes us tick

recognise that we have a responsibility for everything happening to us

through our ways of behaving

then are we prepared to take what goes with that?

That is what is happening now

as part of the global trance dance

of transcendence 




co ~ dependence

Are we prepared to live in a world that is run by narcissists ?

How about sociopaths and pathological psychopaths whose behaviour runs unchecked

because the majority of our society is hiding under the bed

unwilling to challenge the 

ego elephant in the room?

Living the artificial dream

Here is a great film that focuses on these principles


It is time for each one of us to change the world

by taking personal responsibility

for our own process and learning

on a very practical level

to understand how we respond

what determines our response

Is our response creating 

an outcome that is honest, authentic and respectful ?

If we really believe that handing over

control to a group of people

who have 

untrained ego’s the size of a small country

to run our country :-)

Is a good idea ?

Given the evidence so far ????

That a group of elitist



patterned individuals

who have rarely had any experience with anyone outside of their social group 

rarely even had any sort of life experience in any sort of a practical grounded way

is going to bring heaven on earth

despite evidence of thousands of years to the contrary ?

Then we can see that code 


giving rise to this…..

unless changed….

will simply create more of the same

and this is core to creating change within each one of us

Animal Totems




codes like everything else

The Animal Totem of Blue Night is

The Bat


The energy signatures of everything are part of

The Matrix of our Universe

and follow rules of existence and engagement

once we start to really resonate with this

conscious awareness of patterns

it becomes clearer

why certain things appear in our circle of influence

at certain cycles

as we follow the same cycles too

It starts to make sense

that on the one hand it is really mundane

It is also paradoxical too

as what is happening to us on our process is all part of our soul evolution

which doesn’t make any sense to the ego way of thinking

It is often the opposite to what we know :-)

Spring code ~ a programme runs

Some aspects change each year and are not repeated ~ variables

otherwise everything would be the same every year

Some things remain fairly constant most of the time

for a range of time

There is a spectrum of potentiality

and our life is the same


The more we become aware

through life experience

of what happens at each Spring for example

the more we can come from a place of knowing 

and create choices based on that


The more we become aware of what happens

to the planets each Spring

The code of the Spring months Aries and Taurus

When the energies really rise

for example

The more we come from a place of knowing

and create choices based  on that

The more we know about what happens

to our personal planets

in our starchart ~ 

where the stars were at the time of our birth

to expand beyond simply knowing our Sun Sign

and how the Moon phases affect our emotional self 

for example

The more we come from a place of knowing

and create choices based on that



The more we know about our Mayan Sign

The planet’s thirteen year cycle

Our thirteen year cycle 

For example Blue Night is my higher self in the Mayan

It is connected to my

Taurus Moon of Isis

which is what is being revealed to me

as I integrate my shadow 

and lift my veil

I see myself without ego distortions

and as a result of this process

I connect to my own truth on the inside

and clear my conduit to the source

and can access 

the objective truth

The more I come from this place of knowing

about me

I create choices based on that

I recognise the signs more easily

I know when to wait

I know when to act

I know when to speak

I know when to be silent

I know how the intention I come with to each time and space


The more I know about my Great Work

The more I know about the Great Work

The more powerfully I can work

with this knowing :-)

Always learning

Always a work in progress



This is creating a harmony combination

of many worlds and ways

between old warring tribes of :

One God Christ Consciousness of Faith 

versus other multi Gods

Pagan Wheel

Goddess Culture




Creating a cosmic cookie cake of….

Being a true hearted clear Seer 

right the way through

like a stick of rock


We can start to see that our dreams and goals take on a new meaning

as we clear our conditioning

and ego bias

We shrug off the “shoulds”

See “resistance” in a new way…..

The road to our freedom

letting go of obeying our internal ego master

taking our power back from the inside out

opening the bars of our self imposed prison

and following the path of our heart’s desire

which in essence has very simple plans

to be the true gift of our authentic selves

living on the land

in harmony

by being harmony


If you are ready to work on a deeper level

with yourself

from a place of being real

and honest

shadow work

ready to follow the ancient heart path of the alchemist

ready to be clear about response

ready to be open to different perceptions

this workshop may be for you


Creating the dream with Isis Heart Alchemy






Red Earth Wavespell ~ the catalyst day

A supernova remnant believed to be the remains of a massive star that exploded over 300 years ago.

Red Earth Wavespell

Day three

The day of Alchemy

Blue Electric Storm


Another way to look at this

is the spiral that birthed this year

in the 13 year cycle on planet earth

We are on Year 8 of a 13 year cycle


Red Moon

Yellow Galactic Seed

which is on Day 8 of this Wavespell 

Last year this Wavespell began on

July 19 2013

So if you choose you can remember what you were doing then….

and are revisiting now

This energy is the catalyst now that is also the catalyst for the whole year

It was a Blue Resonant Storm Year in 2012

so we are working with this energy to catalyse us this year

to enable us to take off our ego masks



I always learn a lot when I go to visit my birth tribe and where I hail from.

I haven’t been to the place of my birth but the place where I raised my family and spent the longest time in one place as an adult.

As a fire sign I have been to many place to create my central pattern.

Lots of insights today about this and how I have changed…

and therefore changed my relationships.

This is another key secret on the mastery of centring path.


Remember that although our focus is on ourself

we are interacting on many levels and influencing the whole of the universe ~ as we are a part of the whole

~ whether we believe that to be true or not :-)

This is difficult to describe in many ways as it so much more than I can speak of as you know ~ I’ll give it a go :-)

There is a Universal Script that affects us all ~ everything

This script is filtered by each part of the universe in the way that part believes and receives

When we are seeking to heal ourselves holistically and live free from fear and all it’s creation codes

one of the primary secrets is

that our beliefs shape our relationship with the universe

and this belief system affects everything else


So this is key to creating well being and recovery from any illness or way of living that feels lacking/painful in some way

This is the process of alchemy

This is hidden in our shadow scripts until we are ready to lift the lid

and explore our personal Pandora’s box


Let’s say we believe we have to do something at a certain time

and our will is “hell bent” on getting that to happen

If it is not meant to happen at that time ~ it won’t  

and we will get lots of learning at that time about what it means to do that will pushing

Because in order for us to hold that belief we have certain behaviours that we use

Let’s say we believe that someone else

is responsible for our being healthy

and that the only way to be well

is down to what we put into ourselves

that is our scripted story of belief

The universe can only bring us what we believe to be true in accordance with it’s own objective structure

and it’s basis for that

is to evolve through our evolution following a plan

otherwise we wouldn’t have a seasonal script or a what a day is script etc

They are all cosmic programmes to give an analogy ~ script that are running

So if that is a core belief then how can we heal ourselves?

To understand that this is not a truth

only our truth at this moment ~ 

We go through a process of experiential learning

All learning experiences themselves go through a process ~ a spiral just like the Wavespell


So for me as a child I went through lots of experiences of health and ill health


how the society of that time deemed health was achieved



re~ achieved

when lost

and I went through a spiral

I went through my conditioning and education by society

When I reached adult hood I had lots of experience of the medical model

and how it felt to be on the receiving end of that


When I became a mother I was now in a second position of learning

What had I experienced and what did I feel was something I wanted to continue with my children?

I was brand new at motherhood

and so I felt that I was not able to feel comfortable with making informed opinion about many things

because I had not” done” motherhood before

So I went for a combination of approaches which often brought me to a place of high anxiety 

Trust my head and the medical model/science etc?

Trust my family and friends opinion?

Trust my gut and instincts ?

Over time I learned to balance what I was receiving as to information and what I knew from life experience and my patterns…

and my heart wisdom 


I started to see how this instinctual knowledge ~ our tribal lineage ~

is devalued in our consumer society

and how the system of health was operating a system designed to disempower the individual

to create a dependency on the so called “expert” and the corporate that was training that “expert” to be conditioned with that belief system

This came on the back of earlier experiential learning with my education of a similar format 

At 15  my  free spirit kicked in and started questioning ~ in a big way ~ what I was being

told about who I was and what my role was in society

This also happened to coincide with my going into new worlds of exploration with certain fungus families and conscious raising herbs :-)

Screen shot 2012-05-01 at 8.15.23 PM

So part of me ~ as a people pleaser ~ loves to conform and please and create harmony

Another part loves to rebel ~ anti establishment and busting conditioning cocoons

I love learning and had a huge appetite for it and am an open book for seeing different ways of being

and that has to be a match for me and my values

This can get me into deep water at times as I am often playing the fool

and seeing the positive whilst ignoring the darker aspects that are revealed later on

The universe brings me this as my learning path of course ~ my ego ticks me off or cheers me on in whatever way I am not meeting it’s emotional demands based on it’s old school ways of being :-)

It wants the quick fix after all because it is how it is designed to get what it needs now to survive

I have always spoken up….eventually

This has been very challenging ~

nearly getting struck off by my doctor for example

I have chosen to keep going with this although sometimes this has brought huge uncomfortable situations in life

All I can say on this is keep going with your truth telling part from the heart

because it is essential to not only your evolution but the entire universe’s :-)

Heart tree

Our ego ~ that creates our patterns on one level ~ our emotional mind ~ is operating an insanity code that does not create well being

Remember the universe does not judge

label or


and many paradoxes that are outside the field of what our mind knows and labels….

right or wrong

as Rumi quotes

As we work energetically and emotionally these paradoxes are revealed at the perfect time 

when we are ready and able to accommodate them through revealing our heart wisdom

by being it

Being the change we want to see

There is always a reason ~ we live in a causality framework ~ for everything~

only the ego denial denies that to avoid certain uncomfortable realities

and cause and effect that it does not like as to believe

 as that would mean ~ it hasn’t got any control over that ~ which of course is true ~ it hasn’t :-)

Everything happens for a reason and as an individual we may not be privy to that.

All that is happening in our universe is allowing learning to happen and so this creates a new way of being. 

To get to a place of living in harmony and being healthy we go through all the stages that lead up that ….

which involve living out of harmony and getting sick

so we understand what has created that place of being

Everything starts with a positive intention ~ look for a solution to sickness for example 

At the time this happened in the West there was lots of revolution 

As our consciousness as a whole was based on very literal control mechanisms then that gave rise to lots of that manifesting

Projecting of emotion and blaming 

Making other people responsible



Outside ~ In approach

Discomfort caused by others


Now we are at a place of realising that we create our reactions

We choose how we feel

We take responsibility for that

Very young children cannot deal with their emotional state

because they do not have the mechanisms in place to do that

and have to receive as they are dependent 

They feel what they feel

and they take on whatever is in their circle of influence ~

hence lots of inflammatory childhood manifestations of anger

with childhood dis ~eases 

So the medical model creates a fix ~ immunise ~ which then becomes ~ vaccinate .

Being proactive

Aha the ego has a cure to control this “dis ~ ease ” and later it becomes big business

In reality it is simply a mask ~ just like all other ego mechanisms  ~ 

This mask has it’s benefits but it isn’t addressing the core issue ~

the anger in our society because of how our society is relating to itself

each other

and the planet and all it’s resources and beings

We are now at a time of addressing this because we have had sufficient learning about the fix outside ourselves

and it is becoming known in all circles how are beliefs shape how we live our lives 

Through lots of experience with drugs and vaccines we are aware of how they do not create healing

when the core issue is suppressed.

They only deal with the symptoms.

We know talking about things over and over gives some release ~

brings the inside outside

and in whatever way we believe we do relationship of being heard ~

it works on some level


It doesn’t create a two way relationship on it’s own

with ourself and the universe

which is the essential process

If we are so stuck in our ego and it’s will be done…

then it is so

and we are held in our past and the nature of that is….

We cannot fully access our now

If we believe someone else has to take responsibility for our health and well ~being as an adult

then we cannot heal ourselves because we are giving that power to someone else ?

If we believe we catch an illness of someone ~

then other people have the power to make us sick

and the only way to avoid that is to avoid other people and immunise ?

If we believe that men are the masculine and only men can have authority ~

then only men can authorise and give permission ?

If we believe that we create our own reality with our beliefs ….

If these beliefs are resistant because of being controlled and manipulated in the past ~ they create resistance….

Resistance creates feelings of….

anger? despair? frustration? grief? 

That creates behaviour of….

Fighting ?

Trying to get control?


Acting defeated? 


When we decide to take our power back we own our emotional responses

and decide to understand

what has created that response

and be able to create a different one that comes as a result of new learning

This new learning comes when we let go of the old on all levels

That can only happen when we let go of living in our past

because our past feels safer than today

because it is our comfort zone

the paradox is that comfort zone is here to be changed and that is the nature of the universe

Our past learning doesn’t match today’s world 


When we are having a relationship with someone

and they are behaving in a way we do not like 

and this creates an emotional response in us

Here is a different way to see that if you choose

First of all connect with your feelings

What feelings are they triggering in you that feel uncomfortable?

As soon as you can focus on these feelings

as they are the most important aspect of this event to be given full attention and process

They are always triggered as a result of a past event(s)

The older we are, the more trauma we have experienced and the bigger the emotional response 

if we have done no conscious emotional alchemy process

This is what is commonly known as post traumatic disorder 

Every human being has this experience on some level

because we all experience trauma every day in some way ~ such is life in the western world

What I mean by that is

we get other people behaving in a way we do not like ~

it’s the end of times and this is happening exactly for that reason ~

to birth something new now.


I use EFT ~ tapping

Tapping works because it allows us to connect with all levels of our being using ancient wisdom tools

It only works on an emotional level when we connect to our emotions :-) 

Tap on this emotion and love and accept it if you can

When we are ready to heal event this the universe aligns us with the perfect vehicle for triggering it ~

at the perfect time

for us

for the other people involved ~ and there will be many ripples going out in this chain reaction

for the universal plan that we are all major players in


Remember that :-)

Be with how you feel ~ this is an essential part of the process ~

being present with your whole emotional self without judging or labelling if you can


Keep tapping on this place of being and the emotion will go down and you will have an energetic release ~

may be yawning, feeling tired, burping :-)

Then you will get insights as to what this is connected to ~ similar events from the past

The more you start to do this and the more your mind opens up to reveal this to you….

because you are ready to deal with it

Remember the pattern of evolution of a child continues …..

When we have the coping mechanisms to deal with things

then we are ready to deal with things

Most people don’t have these abilities or awareness

and so stick

to doing their coping mechanisms

which create a solution in some way

We all do this on some level 

It is how the integration process works

We live in a society that is led by avoidance and dishonesty processes

because they are the cornerstones underpinning it’s very existence

It is what it is because human consciousness is where it is


If we do not have people on different place of learning and evolution then we cannot have this process happening

The person who is playing the role of our trigger allows this to happen ~ this is the key relationship process is all and the more we use a personal alchemy process the more this is revealed to us

As we start to become experientially more response~ able ~ we know we are creating our response

The more we let go of  emotions from the past and so the volcano isn’t there any more

The more we do not react because there is no trigger in us

and this gives rise to the saying

When we change everything changes 

When a person does something to us that we do not like

We do not relate back in an emotionally charged way

and so there is a different interaction

This again is what many people do not realise

because they don’t yet understand

the emotional, energetic, vibrational nature of the universe

When we interact we others no matter what is coming out of our mouth ~ our script that is often dishonest

because it isn’t really the truth of what is in our heart

We are bringing all of us to the table :-)

All of our selves are there and so we get the causality of that

The only way to change that is to change that within us

and learn different ways of relating if we do not already know this relationship skills ~ honest , respectful, communication

Being balanced in our masculine and feminine


Everything happens for us at the perfect time and we have free will to relate and be in the universe at whatever level we choose 

We choose powerfully by choosing to know ourselves :-)

To evolve ourself

To strengthen our core and live in right relationship code and transform our ego

Light up our own catalytic convertor within

Be the lightening within

Be the thunder being of the Blue Storm

The more we release our resistance

The more we let go of our limitations

The more we take our pawn status to that of the Queen who can go anywhere as the liberated lady of the game of black and white 

Move from Queen of Ego….


                                                                                                                                           by being Alice 

and the embodiment of Elaine the Moon Goddess shown below 

painted by that illuminator painter again ….

 Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Following this cookie trail has revealed magical connections which are revealed if you look on the page link for Dante above. 

There is a photograph of him at the bottom , which was taken by …

Charles Lutwidge Dodgson


Lewis Carroll 



This can also be seen in tarot as

The Princess of Cups

Which just happens to be….

coincidentally :-)

The card of the day

for a leading Leo in my life

and this is dedicated to her

With love

for being such an inspiration in my life

The more we become aware of how the universe really works 

through understanding the aspect of it that is….


the more we can face our challenges in life with courage

Heart open

Ready to rock

Be the fool wholeheartedly














Red Earth Wavespell ~ the learning day




Red Earth Wavespell 

Please click on the links to take you to other websites

Yesterday we entered the Yellow Castle of flowering and expansion

and today we face our next step of learning

White Lunar Mirror Day

We see our






wild child 

universal aspect

Within every spiral the colours follow the same sequence to take us on a journey of development 

If we choose we can connect to these consciously and commune and create with the cosmos

that we are a part of

Within each castle are four spirals which hold the codes of consciousness of that castle



Which is also reflected in the Thoth Tarot deck ~ 

shown above  :-)

The Yellow Castle

is the South

It is the fourth step 

It is the expansion of the other three Castles

Where the process we started in the Red Castle

which in these 260 step spiral started in Halloweeen this time around



There are four Wavespells to this Castle of our seed flowering

So this first Wavespell is bringing the expansion of awakening

As it is Red Earth it is all about birth

our humanity

our clay bodies

our connection to the land

our feminine sacred connection

our base chakra

our birth tribe connection

and allowing ourselves to feel part of the earth rainbow

earth is also heart ~ swap the letters around <3

Heal ourselves and we heal the earth

is the key code 

not….the other way around <3

It is our personal wounding on the inside

that creates earth wounding behaviour on the outside :-)

That is where the focus lies to follow the ancient wisdom code

Dante Gabriel Rossetti: Beata Beatrix, ca 1864-70.

Beata Beatrix by Rosetti

All the wisdom codes are here right now

always have been in plain sight ~

the painting by Rosetti reveals the code of the dark and the light and becoming a clear channel

only ….

when the right time aligns then we get to see them and become them in a different way :-)

We connect to the heavens through healing our relationship with the earth

and being present in the now

in our bodies

happy to be there and not seeking to escape 

our personal experience in any way

because being ourselves is too painful

It is all about that process

That process within us and our inner

Tree of Life

If we do not focus on this inner working of personal alchemy 


nothing will change 

as it simply cannot

that is the true secret emerging at this time

All ancient myth and wisdom stories

bring this teaching coded within them

for the mystery process and enlightenment cycle

Aladdin for example

All the processes of creation ~ stars for example 

go through shared process

We have been going through the process of emotional and intellectual maturity 

on our planet 

this is taking us into new ways of being 

This code takes us from our centre ~ seeing how centred we are….

Red Magnetic Earth

into the energy of this earthly 13 year cycle 

Red Moon

Red Cosmic Moon


To fly high

first go deep

and go within for the treasure you seek

As we heal our rainbow light points and wheels

we cease to seek solace outside





This is one of my four castles and I began this thirteen cycle

on my birthday in 1983


when I was 18 = 9

I am a number 9 :-)

so every time this energy spiral comes around I am connecting to my castle

of awakening and connecting

All the patterns I created  back then I am working with now

and the choices I made then

and the choices I am making now….

I met my partner when I was 24 in my sixth year 

White Rhythmic Wind

The lovers card

Bringing masculine and feminine through my connection with him

which we are now integrating within each one of us to let go of our alter egos

in each other

We are in our 25th year this year




learning to reconnect every day in a new way

Family Constellation

I have three family members that I know of so far in this Wavespell

Two members it is their day today

I have friends who share this Wavespell too

This is another amazing way to use this divinity tool

To understand who is in our circle of influence and to see our connection in another magical way :-)

There is so much to explore and I connect to it intuitively

at the perfect time

by continually emptying my cup using Emotional Freedom Technique

so I can go forward on my evolution 

by transforming my past experience :-)

This is what has to happen to allow that process of movement

which is very personal and unique

We have our own cosmic cookie trail to follow

Being in the now

We access what is pertinent for us

Now :-)

The Process of EFT

The movements involved in the original EFT actually model the symbolic sacred ritual of 

genuflecture in many ways

this realisation fell out of my mouth in conversation :-)

Wow what a plop that was ….

The terminology I use for insight 

I find this often happening as this knowledge flows through me ~ I am simply a galactic conduit 

what is often called a channel or medium

in truth  this is what we all are I believe

and the more we allow this by being a clear vessel

the more this happens

this aspect in itself it totally worth healing our shadow :-)

Nothing new under the sun simply how we share it uniquely with our own creativity

This is one of the first pictures that stirred my heart in Glastonbury

and is so connected to the Avalon Myth:


I cannot find who it is painted by on google if anyone knows please say 

So this code is all about being grounded 

in our centre and feeling we belong to our tribe

Today we can see with intention

how we are doing that 

as it is the perfect day to see ourselves reflected back

How we are feeling triggered and ungrounded

What situations and people tip us off balance

What is the next step of our alchemical process

Tomorrow it is the alchemy day of Blue Electric Storm

I use a thirteen day Thoth spread

to connect me each day to the Mayan Wavespell

~ the universal cycle

The Thoth spread reveals where I am on the day I set my intention

Yesterday I began with The two of Cups ~ Love

Love being back in the North and seeing my family and friends

this is the most important things to me

I love people 

and am at last feeling able once more to express that love and gratitude

my life feels so magical even though there are big challenges arising

and this was also true at 18

Ego mind tends to forget all of our achievements and wonderful life episodes and

indeed often overshadows our memories of joy and bliss 

until we transform the dark clouds of rage and sorrow

then the rainbow comes again

through the alchemical fire process

of our vitriol


Today I have The Chariot

Holding my horses time

letting my heart wisdom lead instead of my head :-)

All is safe and well 

My first card led me to this amazing set of timely films about

Thoth and Alchemy

I am sharing them with you

All we need do to be guided is to ask….

and it is given :-)

Wishing you joy and love on your Red Earth Wave

and a little video about Earthing ~ I believe the first option holds the key if at all possible :-)



Yellow Seed Wavespell



Yellow Seed Wavespell

Please hover your mouse and click on the links to travel to other websites

Pic by Pawel Jonca

This transformative Wavespell is fast approaching

on March 23rd

and is one of two powerful energy signatures

that has ten portal days

These ten days allow us to go beyond any limit of mind and connect to what lies beyond

Some know this as the noosphere

Some the realm of Angels….

Other dimensions beyond our earthly realm of time and space

What I am learning is that each of these concurrent energetic codes

holds the key to being free

from our personal karma wheel

The more I go with this Wavespell Flow and work by intuitively connecting with it

the more is revealed to me

as I use it to clear my fear

the limit of our mind construct ~ the labyrinth

So I can evolve and grow and expand into more of

my star seeded mission




As a human being we are the same in many

aspects to all other plant life on earth

We follow the seasons

We are in tune with the cycles

our bodies follow

the passages of the planets

The more we raise our consciousness to this and be the process and the more powerful our soul transformation becomes

The ancient people who are still following their knowingness ~

know exactly how this works :-)

Those of us who were born into the Western World who had forgotten this wisdom

are now remembering it

as we reconnect to our sacred feminine



letting her be manifest within us is key


Each one of us has our own unique inner journey to do

to heal our hurt hearts

and learn how to

mother ourselves

nurture ourselves

heal our body and soul through

right relationship

Winter Solstice 2010 Caged Lantern dreamstime_3847365

It is the time for the thaw in the Northern Hemisphere

to shed our layers

let the sun warm our skin

let the language of love enter in

and remove all the thorny fences we have grown

to hide our rose garden

time to find the secret paths

pull away the dense unfettered growth of protection

and reveal our beautiful Eden space

that fecund

free space

full of fertile ground

ever lasting

ever ready to try again

to love again

to bear fruit from once fallow ground


I am writing this on the vernal equinox

Spring Returns in the Northern Hemisphere

Aries Sun ~ the Ram arrives full of youthful male energy 

Waning Scorpio Moon and day 11 in the Blue Monkey Wavespell

Day 11 is letting go of what no longer serves us

so we can be free and truly transparent as the divine child we really are

aware of the monkey mind that believes it is who we are….

and instead reveals where we are led by our head ….

and how we can

transform that now if we are ready to

bring ourselves into balance within


Time to awaken from our slumber


with Aries our hero and heroine’s

journey begins


Whatever our heart’s desire has been yearning for throughout

the month of Pisces dream time

we are ready to take up our challenge

to close that gap between where we are now and where we want to be

This takes action




self~ development

leaving old circles so we can enter new ones

As Einstein says

To find a solution for the challenge in the circle it was created is….


new learning

new energy circuit required

and most important

the healing of the heart

as the heart is the magnetic attractor that keeps

repeating old events for us to 

revisit and heal

once we become aware of our patterns we can see this


so today on Red Spectral Dragon Daystgeorge

Pic by Raphael 

We can learn to ride the snake

instead of being a dragon slayer

once we realise the potential beyond the veil

the magic all around

we understand a whole different way of life

and can access it

free from any co dependency

this takes time of course :-)



Here is my blog about The Mayan Wavespell

as a brief overview.

It is very complex the Tzolk’in

as you would expect ~ after all it is revealing

the divine matrix.

Just like learning to walk, learning a new language,

we learn slowly and take our first small steps

over time it comes easily

we reach a tipping point and then….

it is like second nature and the magic grows

Just like a new plant in the ground

It needs to go down and create strong roots before the top growth starts

by the third year the growth is substantial and sustained :-)

Each numerical day has a code like the tarot



Sacred Geometry

So what does the Yellow Seed Wavespell

code create ?


Day 1 ~ the initiate ~

the intention of allowing ourselves to be the true star seed that we are before we learned conditioning and conditioned behaviour ~ before our ego created our story of who it thinks we are rather than the true being. We can set an intention on this day to allow ourselves to really connect to this within us. I use Thoth Tarot and set a specific intention .

This is Yellow Magnetic Seed

Day 2 ~ the challenge ~

having heard our intention, the universe brings us a response to reveal our next step on our dream journey. This is beyond our veil, hidden and new learning should we choose to accept our mission.

This powerful day is the snake ~ Red Lunar Serpent.

This is all about relationship and loving the skin we are in

~ intimacy ~

which is the antithesis of all the indoctrination we are subject to in the western world :

Consumer greed, numbers count, build your list, sell  your soul

and manipulate rather than be honest

Spin doctor ~ 

which is death to the star seed and the maker of masks

Remember that in cosmic law if there are rich people

there have to be poor people to balance 

this is what we are moving away from.

For an elite to exist there has to be an underclass 

there is no other way for these extremities to exist

If you haven’t watched Hunger Games 1 and 2 yet they bring this message

and this is happening right here right now

We have to be the change we want to see and let go of living the ego artifice

Ironically these films have brought huge revenue for an elite few 

wolves in sheep's clothing

This Wavespell took place on the 12th of February and is the other powerful

Wavespell of ten portals

This combination is the cosmic union ~ the alchemical marriage day


The Alchemy Day is Day 3

White Electric Worldbridger Day

The death of worlds ~ the circles I spoke of at the start.


We let go of the old. 

We transform and heal our ego shadow so our ego matures

and understands it’s true role as part of our transformation team

rather than the sole leader 

If this is your personal Wavespell it is your

life journey

and your star seeded mission

to be the real deal

I am working on a lot of Mayan Signs and Starcodes still so have a two week wait on that if you want me to do yours.

It is a free service I offer.

As it is free I have to prioritise my paid work which is for energy coaching

as this is what keeps me in seeds

for another of my passion’s which is growing my own food

using ancient wisdom and energy therapies.

Check out my blog for that here:

Seed of sacred  living .wordpress.com 

It will soon be blossoming with the next steps :-)

If you are willing to wait please message me your time, date and place of birth.

If you wish to check out your own

here is a decoder:


Here is info about the Wavespell ~ look for your sign and the start of it is your Wavespell ~ click on it.

As always deep thanks to all the websites

I link to as they have paved the way for my learning.

If you wish to work with me please

reserve your space now.

I will need to do your info for your energy code and we can chat on tea

Free Consultation

Then we can create a plan for an  outcome you wish to create

I have lots of ways to work ~ all of them involve emotional transformation

and I use EFT as my primary transformational tool and share how to do that for you with you :-)

Love to your Spring sap rising 



Blue Monkey Wavespell ~ bigger picture




Blue Monkey Wavespell

Day 5

Blue Overtone Eagle

Please click on the links to explore websites that expand this information

Hover your mouse and find them hidden in the text :-)


Today I am writing this blog with the intention of sharing awareness of the bigger picture of

The Mayan Wavespell

and what it offers

I am sharing my journey with it

my recent adventures and what they reveal to me

as “a” way that I am travelling on my path

as an alchemist

and my bigger picture

If this speaks to you then my relationship with my universal circle of co creators 

is creating it’s core purpose

I didn’t know about any of this until I moved to Glastonbury

then the time was ripe in my cycle to start to weave with it and learn about it

and share it


(Picture : Glastonbury Tor ~ The Heart Chakra of the planet)

and I do that first and foremost for myself

This is the key to alchemy


following the Heart Path


It is the great turnaround in The Age Of Aquarius

we are transiting into

New Age

New Ways

Bringing the feminine in

within us

For us

and learning new ways to do that

which means letting go of the old and understanding that 

the key part of this process…

is to accept

There is no going back to old ways :-)

Aquarius is the eleventh sign in the zodiac

Meeting lots of Aquarius people now

My Ascendent is in Aquarius :-) 

Aquarius is all about emptying our cup

We are the cup holders of the Gods

We are the human avatar of our higher self

and we are here

at this time to dissolve 

into tears 


in the emotional evolution

empty our heart of our sorrow through feeling all our repressed emotions 

so we can be open to the christ consciousness


We receive this through the Sun

which literally has the language of light codes

in it


We connect and activate 

We co create with this language of light

at whatever level our inner grail is capable of

in each moment

This is the meaning of enlightenment

letting more light into us as a result of transforming what we perceive to be

our darkness :-)

The stuff of our shadow and our self created beliefs that we have about ourselves which was coded primarily when we were children

and has expanded every since

attracting our heart’s desire

to be free of feeling these heavy vibes

and emotions

This was created on purpose ~ we chose our birth tribe

to come and create new ways of relating in our world

at this 

end of times and beginning of new ones

Being balanced within

our masculine and feminine

and knowing how the creation process works

so we can create from a very powerful love space

that is free of emotional need

Part of my process has been….

and still is…

going through the black hole


and letting go of the old me

as in ~ my personality

my ego

I know that on the planet earth now

we cannot sustain old ways and so if you are still believing

that there is a magical “success” formula

a get rich scheme

a money way 

I am here to say that this is the old paradigm

It is the illusion

and the ego still holding on to 

how to define itself through the material.

Today the leading picture is all about the Triple Goddess

You can access the creator of it here ~ it is a free wallpaper

We are in waxing Leo Moon today in the UK.

This afternoon around 215 we go into

waxing Moon Virgo

We are on the cusp

Leo ~ the heart and the ego ~ trained/untrained

The child free and transparent

The child stuck in the wound, immature, having a rant

seeking to get it’s emotional needs met by others in the way it did as a child

trying to get unmet needs met now

with different intellectual awareness


the same emotional and energy body of the wounded child

This is a very crucial difference

Once we understand that

we realise that the intellectual knowing alone is not enough to create alchemical change

The key is the heart and through feeling

and letting go of all our mind’s conditions

all of them

letting our spirit bring what we need

and the painful shadow parts are the key

this is the butterfly process


Photo ~ India Alger in our back garden :-)

Only when we have felt all the

repressed child within us

do we truly let go on all levels

being the change

free to be us without any need to prove we are worthy

to have the old ways we lost 

back in our life

to prove we are worthy

to need to prove ourselves in ego land

is the code of ego land

nothing “wrong” with that

it is what it is

See the stories of how the celebrities have gone to “the top” to realise that this is 

an illusion

They had all the accolades, the wealth, the adoration

only to find that they still felt the same on the inside….


because the outside doesn’t change the inside

It is the other way around

When we go deeper 

When we understand what feeling we have learned to create through the pursuit of happiness

with an activity

a person

a role that we play

then we have the core essence our ego is seeking

the prima materia of the alchemist


when we look at the source of that seeking

we find

the seed of our transformation steps

garden first summer 030

Photo : India Alger our garden

I use EFT to assist me in transforming my ego 

I work as an energy coach assisting people who wish to do the same

To create the life of their dreams

and let go of their nightmares

and to understand their process :-)

I am of course a

Great Work in Process

like everyone

and as I transform I attract people who have shared experiences 

common ground

and together we weave new potentiality

In the Mayan this means….

In Lak’esh

I am another you :-)

Having the courage to be us is essential now

Virgo Full Moon brings the Sacred Feminine in

with the feminine aspect of the moon


Our Moon Sign is our feminine

the hidden part of us that is being revealed 


as we reveal our feminine 

bring it in

we allow ourselves to access our emotional layers

The Virgo through the Patriarchal archetype is repression of the feminine

being out of balance by leading purely by the head

stuck in the labyrinth of our intellect

stuck in old cycles

the inner critic

being perfect


being defined by structures that the ego mind

can surface scan ~

the lazy lizard who wants surface signs

to recognise and feel safe

without having to expose itself and go deeper

bare it’s belly

risk being uncomfortable

wearing it’s heart on it’s sleeve

being honest about it’s true nature

ready to risk rejection

knowing itself 

knowing what ego rejection really means

by having experienced it…

transformed it

and therefore letting go of 

taking it personally in one sense

the ego world does not “do” personal


true love

This is the reptilian brain that is a part of us

and allows us to survive

and not thrive

be reactive

be reliant 

be co dependent

which is the structure of  the aspects of our extreme patriarchal, corporate, consumer

sick ego based society

that we have learned very well 

taken to heart and are moving away from

paradoxically by going to the heart of the matter….

our heart

Heart tree

So how does The Mayan Wavespell

ancient tools such as astrology

work for us today as 

the modern Alchemist ?


First of all we learn how to relate to it and learn it in a different way

by learning the heart’s way

and learning to synchronise with the cycles

learn how to weave with the spirals

that when we are “working” ~ an ego artifice

we are simply connecting at the perfect time


We are conditioned to believe in the patriarch

the father

the male god

men have the answers

we learn through intellect

we get qualified

we get a job

we are successful by acquiring money and status symbols

Notice how you are still relating with this conditioning 

awareness and acceptance is the first step

Becoming aware of our pattern

our Starcode

our Mayan Sign

reveals our star seeded mission

Simply start by getting to know your energy pattern and see your wounding

as your mission


You transform this for yourself and others

To become a master alchemist is paradoxical to the patriarchy

school of success

We do it

for the love of it

for the love of life

for the love of our planet

doesn’t mean we have to starve….

and it certainly does not mean we are going to create monetary wealth because 


the cosmic code is bringing us into balance

and letting go of monetary wealth and unsustainable ego acquirement of stuff

that is ravaging planet earth

and bringing poverty

lack beliefs come from lack of self worth

Once you start to leave the labyrinth of your ego mind

you follow the cosmic cookie trail of your soul direction

and you enter the heart labyrinth

the rose


You connect to the Mayan Wavespell at the perfect time ~ many people have connected to me on their exact day ~ the Mayan Day only happens once every 260 days :-)

The may connect when it is their thirteen day energy spiral ~

our life mission wavespell which holds thirteen codes

for our personal evolution

Often it is a major time of planetary shift ~ two major Wavespells that have portal days

Red Serpent Wavespell

Yellow Seed Wavespell

They may be embarking on a new thirteen year cycle.

Each person has continual thirteen year cycles in different energies

in the same way that the planet does.

These take the form of four different energy codes that create

an evolutionary structure

of energy

To give an example

I now work intuitively to search for patterns for my cycles and my client’s, friend, family.

So that I can see a bigger picture emerging

I intuitively felt to connect to the

Shine Community Group in Hampshire

It is a 90 minute car journey from Glastonbury

When I went I  felt to create a workshop which just happened to be on the

Red Serpent Wavespell Day one of initiation

A coincidence :-)

This is one of the most powerful wavespells and all about relationship

letting the kundalini rise and clear any blocks as to how we relate

As an alchemist on my journey

I am initiating and creating my journey

in co creation with the universe

and my higher self

all of which are aspects of me

The key focus is me choosing to live my dream and becoming aware of how I do that

Why I do that

What I choose to keep

What I choose to change that is no longer serving me

My intent is always to open my heart


When we get the spiritual shove we know we have to go…..

no matter what our mind says

we are compelled into action :-)

When I looked up the address on Google Maps I saw the wow factor

The Burley Manor Hotel very closely resembled Langroyd Hall in Colne

Somewhere I lived in 1993


It was the last pub I ever ran and I moved into a whole new era ~ just before I became a mother

just after I went to India and bought a Tree of Life rug :-)

In 1993 The planet had started a cycle of thirteen years

Yellow Magnetic Seed

We are now in Red Moon 13 year cycle

and on year 8

which is

Yellow Galactic Seed

So we are integrating what began back then in whatever way we learned to relate and create an ego mask for example

covered ourselves

played a role

had an imbalanced way of relating

Here is a picture of Burley Manor Hotel in Burley


Do you see the similarities?

This is the magical structure being revealed

Once we are ready to see ourselves then we are in a place of 

weaving with the web…..

and only then

On Wednesday we went to the beach and relaxed 

welcoming the sun back

It is a challenging time now for us all

When we can feel good and simply be

is the key


that the best things in life are free

If we really want to get off this ego artifice….

we have to totally get off it

Living in the way of the Sacred Feminine involves being it :-)

Going with the flow

Being real and free

Reconnecting to our centre

Love to our bigger picture essence and creating it by

Living magical lives





White Mirror Wavespell ~ Day 10




White Mirror Wavespell

Day 10 ~ manifestation day

Blue Planetary Hand

Please click on the links to take you to other websites to expand your awareness

Hover your mouse to reveal them

All images here ~ I have endeavoured to find their source and share them respectfully with contact details for their creators . That is my intention ~ to share their creativity and not for any profit or gain .Please can you honour that too.

Today is the day of Manifestation.

This happens in every wavespell on day 10

If you are a number 10 in the Mayan this is your essence ~ to see how you manifest, what you manifest, what you create and how you create it.

In terms of using numbers as part of a process to understand how mathematics reveals the structure of the universe ~ and this is a huge subject that I am simply going to scrape the surface of here ~ this is the key to understanding the power and the magic of the Mayan Wavespell Calendar.

The Mayan Calendar is the labyrinth.

The Mayan Calendar is our way to finding the true source through the darkness and into more light

It is amazing

a miracle


playing the part of Ariadne

in these blogs I am sharing the thread of this :-)


This picture is by an  anonymous master ~ I cannot find any more info 

Here is the myth of Ariadne and Theseus ~ the labyrinth and the Minotaur

If we reduce this story to a simpler archetype ~

Taurus the Bull.

To live the Taurean energy of the ego we get lost in bullish*t ,

manipulation and ego.

We get intoxicated and out of balance with the earthly

pleasures and we lose sight of our higher spiritual nature ~ Isis.

This is our base nature and the labyrinth we get locked into ~ repeating patterns and stuck on Saturn’s Wheel

The money idols of materialism become our Gods

Taurine imbalance ~ too little creates issues of the heart

just been on this cookie trail with my cats and what is required for a healthy diet for them

Leo energy ~ my sun ~ courage and heart through transformed ego

Taurus Moon ~ my moon ~ grounded, earthy, knowingness from source

Anyone with Taurus North Node this is the key for the life mission ~ going beyond the material

Scorpio South Node ~ last life in Taurus and moving away from defining oneself through the base and mundane

Just been to a fabulous Dion Fortune Workshop with Ian Rees in Glastonbury which illustrated this really well

Ian spoke about her novel about this very subject ~ synchronistically 

The Novel is 

The Goat Foot God 

As we start to go deeper and understand The Mayan Wavespell’s ability to reveal

the intricate , complex  world of the universal heart

and how it creates

It can also be connected to

simply as a process

and as each step is integrated the deeper levels are revealed

Through becoming the process

The White Mirror Wavespell

holds the essence of refinement .

Working with the universal matrix to see ourselves.

When we are unaware….

and therefore this information is beyond our conscious awareness ….

we are creating on a mundane level

The codes are all there

They are hidden from our plain sight as we haven’t taken the blinkers off :-)

We are playing the game of life without knowing what the golden rules are

as a sleeping beauty.


This is John Dee’s Glyph ~ The Monas Cross

He was an advisor of Elizabeth The First. We are now coming full circle with Elizabeth The Second :-)

To know what the rules of enlightenment are

We have to enlighten ourselves

that is a pre~ requisite for playing the light game and going through the looking glass


One has to be ready and willing to work with one’s own shadow

To become very aware of one’s own patterns

This is the first step.


The initiate receives initiation through crisis

When it becomes to difficult to stay asleep.

Putting fingers in our ears , closing our eyes, scrunching our face up and singing a silly song at the top of our voice to drown out

the truth

that our universal soul sister is singing

the song of the siren

cannot be ignored any longer

It’s time to awaken and get on the guru gravy train

Our personal guru that is :-)

The Manchurian Candidate, the sleeping cell, the somnambulist is activated and 

ready for it’s personal mission impossible 

The Star Seeded Mission

The salmon swimming upstream against the cancer tide of collective unconsciousness

we are currently been swamped with


So today is a day of clear sight for the initiate who is becoming

an adept and is ready to weave the web in a new powerful way.

Today we see what is bringing us joy and love in the waxing

moon of Taurus


As we are still heavily in the code of patriarchal turnaround

this is still male focused in the majority

so we are still conditioned to use these codes that are imbalanced

The feminine code is very different and speaks

of working with the part of us that



is in the body

walking the talk

and being the change ~ embodiment 

doing it

feeling it

living it all the time


Being our Goddess self 

If we are still focused on the masculine way of being then

this cannot happen 

People seem to be very unaware of this so I am simply repeating this message


You cannot become something and manifest it into your life

if you are not being and doing the code that creates it 

This is what abracadabra means

This is the essence of saying positive affirmations, visualisation etc


there is a very big difference between saying something ~ talking the talk

and becoming it ~ walking the walk


To walk the walk we have to know ourself and look within and create transformation on all levels

Then it happens outside of us

It is the same way of creating as in all the virtual world games ~

which is why we have them manifest to show us

If you have just started to be aware that you

are playing the game of life ~

the initiate

then you will be at the beginner level of playing this game in a new way


Doesn’t matter how old you are, if you have degrees, phd’s and can recite the Bible page for page

indeed that can often create difficulties

That is beginner level energetically, emotionally and magically

This does not create the lead into gold or create heaven on earth for you or

the rest of the planet :-)

The True Secret ~ The Rose Path ~

The Heart Path



Is to do your own journey within

and play with all the jewels

in your personal cave


Are you ready to move from

initiate to adept to Master?

If today you are feeling glum about anything


insecure ~

there is gold in those feelings

It doesn’t matter what vehicle you choose on the outside to take you on the journey

the true vehicle is you and this outside chariot simply shows you you and how far you have progressed on your Tree of Life



Do you have strong roots and feel sure about yourself or do you blow your volcano every time you get squeezed by circumstance?

How emotionally stable are you?

To be a powerful person from the transformed ego space ~ coming from a heart place ~

takes courage and a lot of inner work

That is the only way to do it and it is a proactive process 


To be very connected to the collective realm of authentic light workers from all time requires being a certain way

Just reading a great “fictional ” work on this which is so key for me on my path

The Rose Labyrinth by Titania Hardie

Who has had a very similar life journey to me in some ways, at the same time :-)


has lived in Glastonbury

The book is partly set in Hampshire….

which just happens to be where I am working with a lovely

group of people at the moment 

sharing these frameworks ;-)

To let go of being out of balance with the patriarchal patterns encoded within us requires …..

letting go in all ways

allowing sensitivity, awareness of the sacred within us, opening to our third eye, clearing our chalice within of emotional overwhelm, letting anything we have repressed ~

our psychic ability, our knowingness to be revealed

All so called “heretics” have had their cross to bear and today are still being destroyed and crushed by the extreme egotists who want to hold onto the imbalance of power

As the feminine starts to re ~ emerge

to embody it within us we create the perfect energetic structure for it

The feminine embodies many things ~

the moon and the shadow being key codes


To feel good about ourselves means feeling good about all of ourselves

The masculine sun light is the main focus over the past bigger picture cycle

We focus on men ~ the male God, the Jesus , the male systems, the mind, the head……

in an out of balance way

This is ego land ~ outside, surface, control, micro managing ~ on an extreme level the narcissist

Ownership, making living beings

become objectified and bought and sold


Beauty and consciousness being reduced to a figure on a balance sheet

a trophy wife

a prized possession

caged bird

In this “fiction” book I found lots of links

which you can find on my other blogs about Alchemist’s of the past

and the cosmic cookie trail they have revealed and left in plain sight.


Melencolia by Albrecht Duhrer

The power number in the Magic Squares is 34

This is Gematria

Added together they create


Day 34 on the Gregorian Calendar is 03 February

The day Persephone leaves the Underworld

The day I chatted to two lovely Aquarian friends about creating Shine Communities

In the Mayan Calendar this was

Yellow Overtone Warrior

The Mayan Calendar day’s change

every year because they are a spiral

however the Mayan Moon calendar

remains the same

Each February 3rd will have a different flavour.

The Moon is Resonant Moon Day 25 ~ Resonant is 7

25 added together is 

yes you’ve guessed it ~ 7

and on this day it was also a galactic activation portal :-)

The Wavespell is Yellow Galactic Human

Day 5′s are all about finding our centre

When we do this 34 days in framework

on the

Mayan New Year starting July 26 

Day 34 this year is White Electric Wind

This is the Yellow Sun Wavespell

The Language of Light 

This was my blog about this Yellow Sun Wavespell last year ~ synchronistically Day 3 too and includes the Labyrinth by Kate Mosse ~ wow so magical

Another fabulous synchronistic event I have just come home to is….

Getty’s decision to release 35 million pictures for free use to address the issue I have just been blogging about ~ wow :-)

More here about this

Again I know it doesn’t address all the issues….

and it is a start 

An admission that the current systems in place are not working ~

which in one way is always going to be a toughie as the feminine will not be controlled :-)

Lilith in Leo time now is certainly bringing this to the fore

More from Tom Lescher on this here:

and on a fun note

Just a reminder that in Glastonbury the magic is so abundant it is even available off the shelf:


This Wavespell Magic simply gets more

inspiring every day 

and is limitless 


If you would like to know more about your personal Mayan information 

Your labyrinth process

and how to let go of being stuck in a groove that is no longer groovy

please contact me :-)

We can weave some magic together

White Mirror Wavespell

Flower Prayers

Day 6 of White Mirror Wavespell

~ Blue Rhythmic Night

Please click on the links to take you to other websites and resources :-)

Hover your mouse 

Today we are in lovers lane. The 6 represents The Lovers in Tarot and if we look at the number 6 it is also the individual glyph for the Yin and Yang.

The day 6 of any Wavespell is the day of seeing how balanced we are

in our masculine and feminine.

Today I am starting my story with an apology to

Tim Gainey of Hazysunimages.com.

The picture I am using today is his and I have used it in my blogs before without his permission.

I didn’t know that …..
and that is no excuse :-)

I am fairly new to the world of media and copyright in many respects and I don’t know what I don’t know.

I am learning.

When I am writing my blogs I intuitively look for pictures that generally take me on a cookie trail of discovery ~ pure magic.

My intention is to share anything I share in my blogs and in a way of right relationship.

If I can find a source I check out the artist and their wishes about their work.

I name them and their contact details too.

I give links direct to other websites who share similar information about the subject matter ~ with their unique perspective.

My reason for doing this ?

I am a work in progress learning about everything as I go on my life journey :-)

I am not an “expert” on anything.

I know what I know from my life experience and I share it is all <3

I made an assumption that if I could not find the artist it was ok to post the work and I have learned in this instance from Tim that it wasn’t.

I got a communication from WordPress telling me that a complaint had been filed about breach of copyright and Tim’s details.

So sincere apologies to Tim once again.

I have paid for the license to use his wonderful picture in my blog for 12 months:

Here is the info for it:

Prayer Girl created by Hazysunimages.com

Lots of other great pictures on their website.

Tim very generously has offered to help me learn about this new arena and it has brought lots of questions about how I make this work in a practical way too ~ the blogs I create are time sensitive and intuitive so …..

finding a way forward in “right relationship “

The magic in this story ~

When I first used this picture it was on 27/09/2013

It was an Electric Moon Day ~ feminine co creation

Blue Rhythmic Hand ~ my Mayan Sign but a different number.

It was today’s number :-)

Being in balance with masculine and feminine :-)
and shaping the way forward by going through transformational gateways.

The Wavespell it was in ~ and I was blogging about was White Wind Wavespell.

This Wavespell is all about truth telling and allowing spirit to come through us.

This one started on September 22 2013 ~ a master number for creating new structures <3

When I got the message it was yesterday ~ White Overtone Wind.

I immediately contacted Tim, apologised and explained and asked how I could rectify things in a way that worked for him.

This is the key now for all of us to be able to

go through the looking glass.

This is the paradox that is revealed in Alice in Wonderland :-)

We don’t know what we don’t know and…..

the majority of people learn not to admit that because it isn’t rewarded in ego land .

In ego land the meritocracy is to be rewarded for achievements that also involve competition.

In the real world beyond the veil ~ that is being revealed in science now with Quantum physics for example ~

there is no competition or need for reward.

This is the hell of our own making here on earth when we are off our heart path

and being led purely by our head.

Rather than admit we do not know we come up with an ego defence smoke screen ~

Blame, shame, pretend, argue, ~ paint roses different colours :-)

Create resistance :-)

Resistance is necessary for the tension

the strings to be held in the dance :-)

The more we let go of resisting…..

The more we can fly
and connect with the world beyond the human mind :-)

The Angelic realm ~ the dream world ~ the imagination place

of outer space

that we access from within <3

Love to you and your dreams <3

Love to you and your learning <3


Lets go through new doorways





Red Serpent Wavespell ~ Day 13 Cosmic


Red Serpent Wavespell 

Day 13


Red Cosmic Earth


Today is the shift day and the tail of

the serpent

In every Wavespell this is the moving

and shaking energy day to create something

new because of our process

Please click on the links to explore the websites



In this Wavespell we have ridden

the kundalini energy

and now ….

We are returned to the earth

Maybe more centred as a result

More grounded

aware of our essence and that we too are baked earth

Ashes to Ashes

Dust to Dust

Just like Anthony Gormley’s Terracotta figures

I visited this exhibition at The Yorkshire Sculpture Park

many moons ago

and it blew me away

how many people had created this vision

I love this place and have spent so many inspired happy hours there with my family

Today is a hard day for me as one of my family is very poorly

He has featured in this blog before 

Love for Arnold beaming out 

for a return to health

if it is meant to be


Took him to the vets today and he may not be coming home

If you have been reading the 13 day blog you will see that there have been lots of 

pictures and references to my childhood

and today when I was feeling sad and desperate really

sat with no answers for my beloved friend

and he was upset being there

there I saw my childhood friend Spidey in the window


on an umbrella

How bizarre for a vet’s to have such a thing on display

and again I saw the Spiders web and the connection to all things I wrote about 

on another day


It comforted me as I tapped on myself

in my mind in the waiting room

feeling the usual discomfort I feel in the Medical World

knowing that whatever I say will be challenged

if it is not their medical model

and clearing my cache as much as I can

so I do not come from a very emotional space

I have had so many clients who have been having a medical intervention….

have felt more traumatised from the lack of compassion from their caregivers

with no caring response

Birth experiences

Death experiences


and I know that the people who face illness and the majority of births in hospitals

in a working capacity

often have to turn their sensitivity down low to be there

otherwise they could not deal with their day to day

and all of this has to change if we are to create

more loving supportive relationships

and the more we become empowered to seek

our own answers this will happen naturally

When people speak of a calm spiritual approach and that no one 

“should ” upset others on their path when evolving 

ones who are walking their talk realise how this cannot happen

A key part of our path has to involve this process 

to let go of people pleasing and being co dependent

We are not realised saints in our human bodies which is why we are here :-)


As we waited Arnold settled in his box

He could feel me calm down

and I trusted that this time spent waiting was for that to happen

I allowed my anxiety to come up and be released as much as I could

and I contemplated different choices I could have ~ 

to be knowledgeable ~ often met with distrust/competitiveness

say nothing ~ feel disempowered and often annoyed at oneself later….

thing is whatever you say or do

the response is perfect for us at that moment according to our vibe and our next steps

regardless :-)

The more we become confident in that and ourselves we let go


trust in the process

our process

So I chose to be in the moment and be a bit of both ~ proactive and reactive

and noticed I was far more accepting of myself and others

This is a pattern for so many of these past events of taking myself and my loved ones to hospitals

at times of big interventions

and the choices I have made

each time

Each time now my intention is to be open

to new ways of relating

and also being in my centre

being grounded and firm

and able to bend with the breeze


Noticing how the medical model relationship thrives on having  

patients as people who please

rather than ask questions

and want to make an informed choice about their and their loved one’s health

I trust in my life process

there are lots of times when I do not like it and when I am afraid

I noticed today again that if I cannot create any solution ~

if my mind feels all is lost

I feel despairing

One of my main ego masks as a reforming people pleaser

is to create solutions

for others 

Which has many benefits of course


sometimes there are no solutions that we like

and are essential for our evolution


I have been afraid in many lives

My last life had Sagittarius energy

as this is my South Node

I am guessing this was my Sun Sign

My life is full of Sagi friends and relatives

To be a Sagi truth teller requires developing a way of being

That takes courage

I am still learning this art


whilst breaking apart

my heart is broken over and over

and reforms

Today Sagi moon went to Capricorn 

both of which can be a hard energy to work with without compassion

in search of truth


I know that in the end we all return to the

Great Mother

I know that life is often cruel as we are often cruel

I know that to be sensitive and loving walks hand in hand

with deep sorrow and grief

because that is the life package 

I fully understood that even more when I became a mother myself

Many moons ago I wouldn’t have thought to include my sad space

a blog such as this

I wouldn’t have been able to write it even

and now I know it is the core of my learning

and my teaching

Life is short

and immortality is long

as was said in Gladiator

What we do in this life….

echoes in eternity

So what do you want your relationships to be?

For they determine your life ?

I am a very emotional person

I do not want to change that

I want to honour it


be in balance with it 

so I can live in the world

instead of retreating from it

When someone close to me is unwell or leaves my life

I feel it deeply


I will grieve deeply

Here and Now

Free Flowing

It is what my eyes are for

the windows of my soul




as I believe this is the natural process

of loss

The more we love and accept all of our relationship dualities

the truth of life’s learning in all it’s forms

the more we truly live

from the heart


Today see what miracle unfolded for you ?

What wonder happened so your spirit was allowed the joy of deep emotion ?

It is what we are here for

to Love




To feel everything

It is what having a body is for 

Jo in Glastonbury

Love to your cosmic wild card today